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  1. Well It has only been 3 themes Hanna-Barbera Nickelodion Universe Planet Snoopy They have some pretty different type differences H-B (72' - 00') NU (01' - 09') PS (09' - today) So really the average time is around a good 10 to 15 years.
  2. Hey guys I've been wondering They've been playing the same short movie in the line of Flight of Fear since it opened I've had my mind on it all day so far to be wondering. Should they do a new video in HD? I for one say they should.
  3. Thank you very much TheCrypt I am so sorry about the blurry photos I am REALLY naturally shaking and I didn't have a Tripod I want to get one that moves so I can take pictures in the line without having to move the whole thing or carry it and worry about hitting people.
  4. Actually the second level and the frist level are both used for public. I believe they switch between each one or it's just for show but People where on the 2nd level today when I went (8-6-12
  5. This is my Trip to Kings Island in Mason/Kings Mill Ohio (Of course you already knew that) This was basically a Make or Bust. We left to head of taking 741 to Dixie and then heading out onto 75 until we got to SR 62 but the gages in the car broke. It was just a loose fuse. We head off once again. We get to the bottom of the street and to find my mom had lost her phone. We turn to head back I end up finding it on the floor and we were already heading back up to the house. Well crap man! Finally we head out to 75 and onto SR 62 to get back onto 741 to the rest of the way towards Kings Island. We get there around 5:35PM. And this is where my first picture comes in. I also got one more photo of Son of Beast that day. What we rode Diamondback X2 (I was on the green train I did a back to back thing where I got off. No one was in the row in front of me. So I grabbed a seat and too the 215ft drop again!) The Beast (The Beast showed it’s terror) WindSeeker (I didn’t seem like I was up there for the full time) Flight of Fear (It was pretty good. It seemed a little TOO fast for the launch we merely slammed our heads back going into the first loop) The Racers (I’ll be hurting tomorrow) Adventure Express (Didn’t last that long seemed really fast. Walk on) Delirium (Literally a walk on there was no one in the line) I got some photos of Diamondback, WindSeeker, Eiffel Tower, and Firehawk Along with the Flight of Fear Hangar sign.(I (I'm not kidding that is not the google version of the Diamondback that is popular this was actually mine) (Was a hard shot only had a limited amount of time the coaster was coming through the corkscrews when we where walking past) (I was prepared this time for The Racers but only the Red train was running ) Other than that we had a lot of fun! We left the park after the countdown from a Girl (I wasn’t listening to the name anyone else there on that day? And long enough to hear the name?) We were in the car and heading home once the fireworks where over. We dodged a LOT of traffic doing that. And this concludes my trip on August 6th 2012 to Kings Island Amusement Park! Hey guys want to see more from my trip on August 6th 2012? Click on the link below to view more pictures from my PhotoBucket! More Photos -CoasterOhio
  6. Went to Kings Island today!

  7. If they implimented a look it would no longer be concidered a Wooden Loop since the only way to support a loop is a steel frame.
  8. I managed to Snag a few pictures of SOB but nothing too close and personal. I'll post them soon but I don't have my camera at the moment.
  9. We thought about getting the Diamondback Shirt I Might post everything I got soon. (in a picture) But I gotta to a Trip-Report since I just got back (litterally) from KI
  10. I forgot I have the WindSeeker and Diamond back cup. and the Diamond back Key chain (Along with maps from '11 and '12) Today I'm getting one of those Penny compresser things dunno what I will get WindSeeker Diamond back or Dinosaurs.
  11. Seemed like a very good Trip! It's usually that Diamond back or Beast area that catches everyones attention bringing the other sides to a standstill waiting for walk ons to occure.
  12. Ohhh I hope I go to Kings Island today!

  13. (If there already is a post like this I am sorry I did search but I never found anything for it) What is this topic about? Basically show off your gear Could be anything maybe one of the Train sets for Diamond back or The Beast. Or maybe it coudl be one of the shirts you have. For me I have the 40th Anniversary T-shirt witch I wear mainly everytime I went this season. A Ride Warrior T-shirt. Natural High T-shirt. All the Ride Post Cards and a WindSeeker Key Chain. Now it's your turn to post your Items! (You don't have to post them all if there is a lot)
  14. I think the road next to Kings High School (and over by the Christmas store) would be an awesome view of it! I would think a good Area would be on SR 741 past the intersection of SR 62 on the hill. It's at least a good 5 to 10 miles away and you woudl need a clear cool day to get the picture. It's VERY far. I would post a picture but we never got a picture from that location yet.
  15. Umm Apparently the stuff they still got in the station that is for Halloween Haunt. They used it Last Year and their making use of it. and Apparently you don't get the point. This is a discussion of WHAT MIGHT COME in it's place. I'm saying it's possible that a new Coaster will get put there. Maybe even a Flat Side of some sorts.
  16. What I would think will go into Son of Beasts place Is another coaster Obviously. We all know that they are keeping the Station for Halloween Haunt 2012 and most liekly 2013 so what's the point of doing that. Or they might keep it as a HH attraction for a long time and add something into that place. Son of Beast looked to be a very fun ride. I never got to ride it. But hopefully in it's place Will go something just as exiting as the Coaster. Everyone wanted it gone. So glad they are getting rid of it.
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