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  1. I dont know if this has been posted elsewhere, but it looks like Kanonen was bought by Lost Island Waterpark, but rumor is that there are no plans to build in the near future and they may actually be trying to resell it. So, maybe?
  2. We went to Dorney for the first time this year....and it was awesome! Think it's my #2 for PA parks.
  3. Mine is non-verbal right now, you'd have an easier time asking a brick wall. Lol He'll be 3 in December. I just wasnt sure at what height they start requiring passes. There is an 8 year gap between the kids and I dont remember how things worked with the older little zombie.
  4. We are headed to Cedar Point right now. I was browsing through the website and noticed that they have pre-K passes. Does KI currently have one as well? Mini-zombie is 2 1/2 now and just hit 36"+ from a recent and massive growth spurt. At what age/height are passes required?
  5. The clues given point to thr antique cars and The Racer. So, my money is on both at the very least. I wouldn't be surprised if Witches Wheel was relocated to KI or if Coney Mall saw more improvements and refurbishment.
  6. This pmight go well with the ranch flavoured soda at Jungle Jims!
  7. Exactly, if I wasn't doing the low carb thing, I'd be all over some soft pretzels.
  8. Is it available elsewhere? I wish they would come up with a snack meal deal and/or better healthier options.
  9. The Vortex line ends at the top of the first set of stairs
  10. Luckily, we ate before we got here.......bUT it did take awhile to get our drinks.
  11. If I'm being good and totally avoiding no-no food, I have a difficult time even hitting 1000 calories in a day. Eating 2 - 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast, maybe a quest bar around lunch time (my 17 month old makes cooking when I'm home alone difficult), and having fish, chicken, turkey, or pork as the protien for dinner with broccoli or spinach or greenbeans...maybe some halo top ice cream for dessert. All of that is more than enough to keep me full all day. I think what makes it hard hitting daily calories on that is the lack of fat. Poultry, seafood, and pork are all pretty lean.
  12. It could also be cross contamination. If GF items are prepared in the same space as non- GF, I'd say that the risk is high. My macros are pretty limited being that they are set up for 1200 calories. One poorly planned meal can mess everything up. I've avoided that by almost completely cutting out red meat. But that also causese me to have a hard time hitting my macros and calorie count. As long as I hit my protein, or come close, I don't sweat it too much. I try not to eat out unless I'm prepared to go over for the day, and/or have been under for a few consecutive days. It's crazy where sugars and carbs are hidding. I've resorted to making a lot from scratch just to avoid hidden carbs and sugars.
  13. That's one thing I miss about going to CP. We would always hit up Pink's and Chicki's (?) and Pete's. Does KI have anything that is semi keto? The problem I always come into are hidden carbs and insane levels of fat, which is why I try to have KI trips as cheat days if I plan in eating at the he park.
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