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  1. I also wouldn't mind a Dive with the inversions of a floorless. Imagine Hydra: The Revenge but with a dive
  2. I've heard the same thing as well. I wonder what makes RR and GS more ride-able than the others.
  3. I haven't but I've heard from countless enthusiasts that they're awful; however I also heard that Riddler's Revenge and Georgia Scorcher are both excellent rides so I don't know what to think of them.
  4. I think its a guilty hope of mine that they'll be improved and return. I'd ride this in a heartbeat
  5. It depends. Outlaw Run: 10.8 million Wildfire: 12 million Lighting Rod: 22 million but that was because of the extra cost of making it a launch coaster
  6. Realistically, Cedar Fair is going to want to go with someone who's reliable and has a pretty good track record. I want to rule out gerstlauer from this park just because I feel like they're coasters are geared toward smaller tier CF parks. For example, a Gerstlauer at Worlds of Fun would be more realistic than them getting a B&M at this point. I know everybody's thinking Mack but they're pretty expensive because they manufacture everything overseas. I don't think Cedar Fair would want to invest another 20 million dollar coaster at Kings Island after they poured all that money out for a giga. Much like how we got an affordable GCI after Banshee, I think we'll be getting an RMC to save some money. This also fits in with my theory that each major section the park get something in a specific order. Xbase/Area 72 got Firehawk in 2007, Rivertown got Diamondbackback in 2009, Action Zone got Banshee in 2014, Rivertown got Mystic Timbers in 2017, and now Area 72 will be getting Orion in 2020. If you follow this logic, Action Zone is the next section to get a coaster. If KI could fit a roller coaster in within the train ride with Mystic Timbers, they could make something work for Action Zone.
  7. @collin.klopfstein yes what Ding Dong said. PM me if you have questions. If you do it a certain way you can ride all the major rides in one day.
  8. Losers. Also by that definition is Apollo's Chariot not even a hyper? Technically Fury and Leviathan are hypers because gigas are from Intamin.
  9. Are you commuting or are you staying in a resort?
  10. Ground up hybrids are kinda dumb. RMC hybrids existed to fix old, crappy wooden coasters in need of help. I'd prefer a wood over a hybrid, especially with our already stellar collection of wooden coasters.
  11. A ground-up hybrid wouldn't really make sense considering rmc's never done that before, at that point you might as well get a T-Rex.
  12. I think we'll get RMC and another B&M for our next big coasters. I think we'll get an RMC similar to Goliath at SFGA except longer. Then possibly a floorless or dive after that. I think we're full on mid-range coasters with The Bat, AE, BLSC, and MT. What we really need are flats to be installed in between coaster additions
  13. I just watched this video and the creator said he opted KI since we only had 2 when the video was released. After Orion I still think we'll be due for one more B&M-whether that's a floorless to replace Vortex, a Dive/wing near Banshee, a resurrection of the standup model, or something else. I still think we'll get something from RMC and maybe another company but I don't think this is the last we've seen from B&M.
  14. Do you think there's any feasibility of CF buying this campsite? It would certainly increase out of park spending significantly.
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