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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. All jokes aside I think this will definitely push them to compete more
  2. I could see that as a possibility, especially if SIX decides to cut some parks to alleviate lost revenue coming out of the pandemic. Those two parks would definitely fit in with Herschend. I'm curious if Herschend would ever make a jump towards bigger parks like SEAS if the opportunity ever presented itself.
  3. Herschend has been mostly seen as the smaller chain in the industry operating just three theme parks in addition to resorts, aquariums and other attractions. Though they are smaller compared to chains like Cedar Fair, Six Flags, and Sea World, they seem to have a strong presence in the southern market. This presence will be even greater with the addition of Kentucky Kingdom. Lets look at what Herschend has been doing to their amusement parks these past few years: Expanded Dollywood in 2019 with Wildwood Grove Added a total of 6 coasters to their 3 parks in the 2010s In
  4. Theming has been solid at KI for the past 10 years. It started with Banshee and only progressed with Mystic Timbers and Orion. If you could apply this new theming practice to older coasters, which one would you chose? I left out the Planet Snoopy coasters. I also didn't include Flight of Fear because they did a good job tying it in with Orion and I personally think its been perfect for 25 years.
  5. I don't want a big wheel for the reasons @IndyGuy4KI said. The Eiffel Tower is our centerpiece and looks great at night. I'd rather see Racer feature color changing lights underneath the support structure
  6. I still think Cedar Fair should try and acquire Adventureland to bridge the gap between VF and WoF to sell more platinum passes. Relocating an SLC would make sense but would CF want to do that? I know if Kinzel was still in charge that would be a possibility but under current management I feel like Flight Deck would be scrapped or sold before they'd relocate it.
  7. I cannot speak since I have not been there, but I know people who have. All joking aside, from what I've been told its not anything like Dollywood and SDC. It opened in '96 so it's about to turn 25 years old- the whole park is basically the same age as Flight of Fear. They started out as a petting zoo and grew. Herschend bought them in 2007. The park kinda like Michigan's Adventure where they installed a lot of their "thrill" rides before they got bought be a larger chain. They have a ton of carnival-esque rides and outdated coasters with 3 Vekomas and other smaller kiddy style
  8. I am not opposing a Mack, I've mentioned numerous times how awesome Helix looks, but would people notice two launched coasters next to each other or would that even matter? As long as its reliable and has multiple inversions, I'm all for one; maybe with orange track and blue supports though.
  9. People mention dives a lot too. I've said this before but a 6 row-mini dive with 5-6 inversions would be out of this world. https://images.app.goo.gl/QwaxDy5Dk7gAhwNF9
  10. I feel like having a tall dive machine next to a tall hyper would be repetitive. I think the max height I would want to go is 170ft which is 60ft shorter than Diamondback. Heck they could go the Orion route and have the drop go further than the height. I just want those lost inversions made up and have a decent ride duration.
  11. Complaints against floorless coasters come from enthusiasts who have the luxury of traveling to multiple parks. The same can be said for hypers, inverts and dives. Not many GP go to other parks.
  12. Please no. The ride is a coaster icon and I would hate to see it converted
  13. I think if the park opens up in 2022 it'll get high attendance like it did pre-covid. Remember its not just Canada's Wonderland that's affected, several other entertainment venues have been affected. Look at the Toronto Blue Jays... I wouldn't think Cedar Fair would give up on the park that easily, especially considering how they lead the chain in seasonal attendance. The best they can do is prep for 2022 and go from there.
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