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  1. Those things can be moved though. I wouldn't expect them to have it out when the park isn't open yet
  2. Since the glockenspiel is back and Viking Fury 325 is getting repainted I can only hope that they keep making these smaller improvements to Oktoberfest. They can do more to that area and I think they will. The park's 50th is coming up so I wouldn't be shocked if we didn't see it improved for the 2022 season.
  3. I always considered water parks an added bonus. When you go to Disney World you go for the dry main parks while the water parks are basically just something else to do while you're staying. The same can be said for Cedar Point- you can buy a ride and slide ticket package and hit the dry park one day and the water park the next. Since since Kings Island doesn't charge separate admission for their water park, they don't really need to add a whole lot to get people to come in. Once you buy a ticket you can go where ever you want. I'd aruge if there was a seperate admission price I'm sure they'd invest more into the water park and I doubt that'll ever happen.
  4. I know a lot of people want a Mack but I've heard that their launches aren't that intense. So if you want a coaster like Icon or Helix that's fine, you'll get awesome inversions, but the launches won't be anything special. For another launched coaster, I'm looking at what Vekoma is doing overseas and I'm honestly impressed. S&S or Premier would be another pick but Vekoma seems to be doing great do far in the new direction they're going.
  5. @bengalsguy23 I take it back. I do have one thing I wish would personally like improved. I wish the water park had a certain theme to it. There's water parks themed to the tropics, pirates, blizzards, etc. I'd chose to theme our water park to the great outdoors, similar to Great Wolf Lodge.
  6. I think those powerlines are the biggest thing holding the water park back from expansion. Other than that I agree a water coaster would be nice. You just have to wonder if the chain is going to invest more in their in-park water parks or not. KI doesn't really have any competition when it comes to waterparks except for maybe Coney Island. So to sum it up I'm personally happy with it but there's always room for improvement. It would be cool to see a water coaster, another lazy river, and other additions but that's up to the company to decide on whether to invest more or not.
  7. An edge over all the east coast parks by having an original 4d coaster. Not a big edge but something to set the park apart from others, albiet in a small way.
  8. If any of you are feeling KI withdrawals here's the Mystic Timbers' score
  9. Assuming it's original and not a Joker clone, it'll give the park a certain edge over other parks along the east coast. With that being said though, I don't think Cedar Fair has a need to clone the ride I think once the 4d freespin is installed, it'll be a one-and-done thing for the chain.
  10. I still think we need some flats in Rivertown- possibly on the land surrounding BLSC
  11. To add to this list in a way, I wonder what other coaster companies the chain will be working with. Could we see something from Vekoma, Premier Rides, or even S&S?
  12. In light of recent events, it might not be wise to open up Urgent Scare this season
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