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  1. Could we just call The Bat a "custom clone"?
  2. What's the significance of 44? I thought X-Base/Flight of Fear was Department 47
  3. I thought I'd expand this topic to include Millennium Flyer trains for The Beast and The Racer.
  4. I would prefer them from a comfortability standpoint. PTC trains aren't that comfortable to ride in; especially when going over airtime hills. In addition I love how much space you get when you're in a millennium flyer train.
  5. Diamondback- Dead or Alive: Bon Jovi *Instrumental guitar solo as the train dispatches* The Beast- Crazy Train: Ozzy Osbourne *The song yell's "ALL ABOARD" and the train dispatches as the laughing starts* Banshee- Don't Fear the Reaper: Blue Oyster Cult *The guitar starts playing as the train dispatches*
  6. http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/kings-island-2020-and-hersheypark-2020-track-update-2/
  7. $50/75+ a ticket? I might be too generous. The distance between CP and KI is 200 miles in 3.5 hours (assuming there's no traffic). Would be an interesting service to say the least, but I'm sure that would hurt CP's resorts which is why I wouldn't ever see this happening.
  8. @DustinTheNow could you draw a concept of a dual station Invertigo? I'm curious how it would look now
  9. I remember when people thought CW was getting a giga dive
  10. This would never happen but I would love a bus that shuttles you from CP to KI; mainly because I'm too lazy to drive four hours.
  11. Its nice to see Cedar Fair venture out to different properties in different areas of the country.
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