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  1. When people try to make accurate speculations of the future based off of past decision-making they tend to get dogged. I know I get dogged on here for believing the park will get another B&M and it personally doesn't bother me, it just annoys me that sometimes personal biases take place over logical thinking. For example the publicly obtained commencement papers that showed the 2020 project had B&M listed as a company but people still thought that was wrong. From a business standpoint every coaster we've gotten under Cedar Fair has been a good return on investment. These coasters have great capacity, are reliable, and are crowd pleasers. I understand it is desire to want something of greater intensity but the more specific or ride is the smaller the demographic becomes. I know this is a Fiesta Texas thread but there are similarities in my argument. Let's look at this new edition. Six Flags start to work with a company that everybody said was out of their budget range. They wanted a coaster that was reliable, appealing to a great number of guests, and had a unique factor that would keep people coming back for more. I understand that people think that B&Ms aren't as thrilling as other manufacturers but their products last a great long time which is what you want in this industry. I wonder if their decision to go with a B&M dive was influenced by their desire to over take Sea World or if they're just giving Fiesta Texas another 1st for the chain.
  2. I think they would look at other parks in the chain before putting another one in Ohio. They might look at parks like Carowinds, CGA, or Canada's Wonderland before ever considering KI. If they're trying to pull the gamer demographic, including another facility that arguably more people could access would hurt CP's location. CP sees themselves as a destination so I don't think they're going to try and pull people from across the country with this e sports complex just to build another one 4 hours away. That's not to say someone else might not try and do their own complex that's not under CF.
  3. Esports make a ton of money actually. So popular NFL owners have a stake in it. There's merch and everything.
  4. I was always told that an amusement park's main competitor is not other parks but rather electronic devices. This is a perfect way to attract the gamer demographic.
  5. I think something like this would suffice In a sense I feel like mini dives are the future. Regular dives are seen as one trick ponies which I understand- those long drawn out inversions get repetitive. Minis on the other hand, can do a lot more. The 6/7 across seating allows for the use of standard track so more resources can be put into the layout instead of making the spine wider. In my opinion minis can basically take the best of both worlds: the dive of a dive coaster and the layout of a traditional looping coaster. Yes I basically described a Gerstlauer dive coaster but I personally think a B&M version would sell better to larger parks.
  6. This is the route Six Flags should go honestly. This ride has an original name, no DC IP, and looks pretty cool. The theme almost reminds me of something you'd see at a Cedar Fair park. Yes its a dive and yes its a mini but its a perfect fit for this park in my eyes. This will be the only dive coaster in Texas which gives SFFT a unique edge. It definitely takes a coaster option away from Sea World San Antonio (not that they ever cared since there's two Batman clones but still.) I do have a few questions: Will this be cloned? Will Six Flags be working with B&M again? The last time they worked with them was 2012. Will we see more original IP coasters in lou of DC characters?
  7. Leviathan, GateKeeper, and Fury 325 work as front gate coasters because they are wedged in and become the 1st thing people see. KI already has a great skyline so having a giga where a bunch of trees used to be would look ugly IMO. Besides, I like how Orion is in the back. If it was in the front foot traffic would be somewhat limited to the front of the park. Orion keeps people going to the back left of the park. You need some balance. Imagine CP without Maverick and Steel Vengeance in the back to balance out the rides in the front.
  8. You should buy @KIghostguy 's book!
  9. Was the plan to keep "Levi" at WoF permanently? They only have one shed stall (granted they can build another.) What about our engines? Are they due for an overhaul?
  10. I'm just curious to hear the feedback
  11. In my opinion there should always be a "wet section" in the dry park. CP has all of its water rides in Frontiertown so once you get wet on one ride you can shoot over to the next one.
  12. From the front it doesn't look bad but from the side it looks super disproportionate. They must have painted the smokebox which was a step in the right direction in my opinion.
  13. #2 was basically a twin of ex Six Flags Mid America's #5, (see chapter 5). The Neverland Ranch was basically modeled after the Disney parks so they took it a step further with the train. There were a ton of modifications made that I don't care for. The headlamp and the domes were enormous and the smokebox looked ghastly. They took every unique Crown feature and made it a knockoff Disney locomotive. Before MJ After MJ Disney World's #4
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