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  1. I excluded clones and coasters from minor parks.
  2. Steel Vengance plaza is insanely packed, especially when the train gates are down and everyone's like cattle in a pen.
  3. SonofBaconator

    Future multi launch coaster

    @BeastForever I'd say Mack before Premier Rides. Cedar Fair loves working with the same manufacturers throughout their parks so if Copperhead Strike is a success, I'm sure we'll see a Mack quiet frequently in the coming years.
  4. SonofBaconator

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    It baffles me the amount of attendance Kings Island gets every year in relation to other seasonal parks in the continent even though we don't truly have our own resort. When I interned for Cedar Point's campground this summer, you wouldn't believe the number of repeat customers that continued to stay at the resort simply because they accommodated Rvs. I strongly believe that if KI brought back their campground, more people would be willing to come and stay for a couple of days. Just a thought.
  5. There was never really a lot of foot traffic in that part of the park anyway so it might just look cramped at first. I think its better than having the area look so desolate.
  6. SonofBaconator

    Kentucky Kingdom

    I'm no legal expert but I still can't understand how a lawsuit is just now being field. Wouldn't the Fair Board see the plans for the ride before its even announced so they could approve it?
  7. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    If you look at the plans that @IndyGuy4KI provided, it looks like the old DA path will still lead under The Racer. This might just be for Field of Screams and not for a new ride entrance because it still crosses a maintenance road. Still interesting to look at. https://KICentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/KMAA-Plans.pdf
  8. I like how there's going to be billboards along the route like at Cedar Point. I wonder if they're going to be nostalgic posters, easter eggs, or clues to a bigger attraction to come soon.
  9. SonofBaconator

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    The location is less than suberb, I remember looking at old posters and advertisements boasting about their closeness to Washington D.C. which seemed like a stretch considering KD is 85 miles away form DC. I agree that Kings Dominion has become the the victim of poor location and inferiority to other amusement parks. Their greatest competition, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, is only an hour and a half away and is closer to huge populated areas Norfolk- not to mention its close proximity to major tourist spots like Jamestown and Virginia Beach.
  10. SonofBaconator

    Thoughts on how to Improve Kings Island

    Welcome to KIC, please refer to the thread below
  11. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    These were also built in a time when gigas just started to make a comeback. I305 was the first giga to be built in 10 years and its only five feet shorter than MF so I don't think it mattered to most people. Leviathan was the first B&M giga built so I doubt Cedar Fair and B&M were trying to break any records on what many consider to be a prototype. I think the success of Leviathan gave B&M the greenlight to work with Cedar Fair on other giga projects allowing them to be more creative and more liberal with their design like what we saw with the debut of Fury 325.
  12. SonofBaconator

    Kentucky Kingdom

    @gforce1994 Location, location, location
  13. SonofBaconator

    How often does WindSeeker break?

    I can't speak for other parks but I feel like our WindSeeker is one of the more reliable ones.
  14. SonofBaconator

    Kentucky Kingdom

    They didn't plan ahead and examine the potential hurdles that could have easily been avoided. This reminds me of when Discovery Kingdom added Vertical Velocity and completely went over the city's heighth regulations. They're trying to get on level with the big boys like KI, HW and other major parks but they're still on a level shared by smaller parks like Lake Compounce and so on. It seems like KK is trying to be an enthusiast park but still had a long way to go.
  15. SonofBaconator

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Seems like the whole 2019 addition was a disaster. They had poor marketing, poor concept art, and poor planning. This definable is a defining aspect of their businesses planning that certainly does't bode well for them.