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  1. If Kentucky Kingdom does in fact get this rumored B&M hyper in the coming years, that might encourage a giga at KI.
  2. I feel like Vortex would dominate Dominator Puns
  3. I always wondered if there was any KI, KK competition that would take the Kentucky market away from KI.
  4. I've never ridden Dominator so I can't vouch for it but I've ridden Firehawk dozens of times and I wouldn't like to see it go. Even if it has capacity issues in relation to it's ride length, it's still a fun and unique ride.
  5. Well it was there pre-cf for two seasons. Before that, it was all woods and automobiles. A lot of people favored the antique cars to the present day BLSC
  6. Also, there will always be heat expelling from the smoke stack whenever a locomotive is in operation, whether it's sitting still or moving. The "puffing" you're referring to is when the engineer pulls back on the throttle allowing steam to go through the cylinders and eventually into the smoke stack. To stop the "puffing" the engineer will push against the throttle so that no steam is pushed through the pistons and the train will just coast, (similar to taking your foot off of the gas in your car.) If I know locomotives correctly, and I do, I expect the engineers normally push the throttle all the way in and let the train coast into the station then open it back up slightly if needed to reach the water tower and the wheelchair ramp.
  7. They have ride videos, or at least they used to, on Sheikra. They would show random clips throughout the course of the coaster then showed the parks with the guests.
  8. Well would you have rather gotten the Vekoma SLC?
  9. Greg Shied was asked why Mystic Timbers didn't have any inversions on the ride. He said that with the experience the park has had on inverting wooden coasters, they wanted to stick with the classic look.
  10. Another thing to consider is that Vortex was featured on Insane Coaster Wars. I think that's a pretty impressive feat considering that a nearly 30 year old coaster from a defunct company held its own against 3 modern B&Ms, even if it didn't win.
  11. Phantom Theater used to be a Fearfest attraction. They took out half of the cars to out space between riders and would change the music to something more scary. Also, if I recall correctly, they had scare-actors placed throughout the course of the ride. https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24647-history-of-the-haunt/
  12. The Lagoon amusement park built Cannibal themselves so I don't think that's a viable option https://rcdb.com/11579.htm
  13. If it means anything, the ridership on a lot the coasters has gone down if you look at the picture above. Maybe a fresh coat of paint might attract riders back!
  14. I'm thinking a low to the ground 70 mph launched reaching a max of 100ft . What are you thinking of?
  15. It was designed as a platform for a pumpkin patch during Hawlofest and it was just used as a platform for haunt. Unless they are bringing Tombstone Terrortory back, which I highly doubt since MT occupies the area, the platform has no apparent use that I can think of outside if theming.