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  1. I used pixlr and just picked random colors
  2. Could they at least paint the cars a different color?
  3. What are some takeaways you all have from this season (regular, fall, and winter when it comes time)?
  4. I’m gonna break each option down then say what I voted for: Vekoma Launch- we did start working with Vekoma again so it’s possible that KI would be interested in some of their bigger products. CP did this with Zamperla afterall. Mack Extreme Spinner- this would be something truly unique to KI and would keep the park competitive with Herschend (not sure Dollywood would add an extreme spinner if we got one). The only downside is that spinners aren’t for everyone. B&M Surf- this is what I personally want to replace Invertigo and Congo Falls given their close proximity to King Cobra (the park’s original standup.) While I wouldn’t mind seeing a Surf replace Vortex, I feel like replacing one replace Invertigo and Congo would kill 3 birds with one stone. Zamperla multi launch- this, like Vekoma, is a possibility considering they’ve already done two coaster projects for the chain already. I’d think CF would want us to trial Vekoma since CP is trialing Zamperla. Mack multi launch- I hear that Copperhead Strike underperformed at Carowinds. Of all the launched coasters on this list, the traditional Mack multi launch seems somewhat inferior by comparison. B&M dive- arguably the safest option on this list. CF has bought 3 of them in the past 8 years with them being GP pleasers. Ground up rmc- arguably not the safest option on this list. CF worked with RMC on 3 projects in one season and from rumors circulating in the community, the relationship hasn’t been great. Personally I think a ground up RMC would upset the balance of ridership at this current time but that’s just me. In terms of what should be the park’s next coaster- I think a high capacity Vekoma multi launch would be great. With how KI fits in the CF chain however, I know that they don’t like to take risks so it wouldn’t surprise me if we got something from Mack or B&M.
  5. Well that does promote brand consistency. How can you claim to be family friendly when you host scary events?
  6. So here’s my take: When it comes to Haunts, KI actually competes with some pretty big names like Dent, USS Nightmare, Land of Illusion, etc. These attractions are only open for a few weeks (Land of Illusion is a different story) so they pull out all the stops- if you want a good scare, check those out. Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of family friendly Halloween events to do in Greater Cincinnati at night; I think this is where KI comes in. If they can focus more on their night rides and atmosphere while offering the haunts as a side dish, they’re able to bring in a wider range of people. Sure this will upset those who enjoy a good scare, but as mentioned previously- you’re more than likely to go to actual haunted houses if that’s your thing. Knott’s kind of has the opposite problem. While I’m sure there are plenty of haunted houses in the LA area, their target market isn’t families. If you want a family friendly Halloween event to do at night, you’re going to Disneyland/California Adventure. When it comes to haunted parks, Knott’s has to compete with Universal so they’re going to pull out all the stops to stay competitive- KI has no amusement parks to compete with when it comes to fall events in general. TL;DR: Cincinnati has a competitive haunted house market but not a competitive family friendly Halloween market so they’re going to opt for the market they don’t have to put as much effort into attracting.
  7. This is what I think the land would look like vacant.
  8. This would be a cool family attraction that could go around Area 72.
  9. Firehawk’s funeral was more of a marketing ploy to hype what was to come down the road. KI didn’t give Vortex a funeral because they more than likely weren’t trying to draw attention to it considering that there wasn’t a replacement lined up for it.
  10. I don’t know why it’s so hard to make the event atmospheric. Playing fall music isn’t hard.
  11. I don’t see why the goals have to be mutually exclusive: make the mazes and scare zones for adults and older teens and make the pathways more family friendly.
  12. The fact that someone went out of their way to create a nearly identical burner account to discredit the park is beyond petty.
  13. Someone on here pointed out that the chaperone policy might make that difficult. If these people already have passes, they’re going to bring their little ones vs paying a babysitter.
  14. I think this is why I think they should relocate all scareactors to mazes/scare zones. With the number of monsters you take off the pathways, you could open up one or two more mazes or scare zones. In my opinion this would fix some issues with the event. I understand people miss being scared and having things be more adult oriented but with the way things appear to be heading with chaperone policies and more parents bringing their little ones, I think opening up more haunts at the expense of relocating scareactors would be a fair compromise for people who still go for the Haunt element.
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