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  1. SonofBaconator

    Future changes to the shed?

    Can we please get Rick Rolled next season in the shed next season? My life would be complete if I was in the shed and they played
  2. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Also fits my Cedar Point/ Kings Island 20 years later theory Magnum XL-200- 1989/ Diamondback-2009 Raptor- 1994/ Banshee- 2014 Millennium Force- 2000/ Kings Island Giga-2020
  3. SonofBaconator

    Kentucky Kingdom

    The more that I think about it, the more I see Firehawk coming to Kentucky Kingdom. First refer to a comment I made on the "Kings Island Confirms Removal of Coaster" Thread In addition, Firehawk is a double used coaster so I'm sure a price could be negotiated that was suitable for both companies. The distance from KI to KK is literally under two hours away so shipping won't be as strenuous or costly as buying a brand new coaster and having it shipped. It will still be an old KI coaster so KK might draw in some Cincinnatians, and other KI fans that might feel nostalgic. Kentucky Kingdom gets a new, unique coaster, and Kings Island gets more land and loses all the maintenance issues Firehawk had over the years.
  4. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    Am I the only one who doesn't think that the demise of Firehawk and the reveal of "Kentucky Flyer" isn't a coincidence? Kentucky Kingdom released the name of their new attraction but didn't specify what exactly was coming to the park- in comparison Kings Island confirmed that a coaster was leaving but didn't say which one. This leads me to speculate that the announcements will go hand in hand where KI announces that Firehawk will leave then Kentucky Kingdom will make a full announcement for Kentucky Flyer. This is all based on a lot of "ifs" but there could be a lot of truth to it.
  5. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    That pretty much sums up my whole theory as to why I think its Firehawk. Vortex is way too iconic to be axed off without having enough time for guests to say goodbye.
  6. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    Theming can be replaced and reworked so that shouldn't dictate a coaster existence in the park. Top Gun didn't fit next to Banshee so they just rethemed it. Ricochet was renamed to Apple Zapple and themed to Candy Apple Grove. Vortex at CW is getting renamed to complement Frontier Canada. Need I go on? It surprises me how many people prioritize theming over ridership, safety, and reliability. If that were the case, Kings Island would just remove BLSC because it doesn't fit in with its theming, or KD would remove Intimidator 305 and Flight of Fear because it doesn't fit the Safari theme.
  7. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    If a giga takes over Firehawk, I hope they utilize all the land it sat on. Who knows, they might expand that area and have a giga further back.
  8. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    I beg to differ
  9. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    But that could also be used for a giga or any other coaster model, which is why I'm highly skeptical of Vortex being gone since it sits over a valley.
  10. SonofBaconator

    The Amusement Park Railroad Thread

    I'm wondering if they didn't light the fire correctly. Usually to start an oil/ propane burning locomotive you have to start a fire THEN slowly add fuel. Perhaps their was already fuel in the locomotive prior to lighting.
  11. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Don and other KI higher ups reading this thread
  12. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    If Vortex ever gets removed, I'd imagine it would be the last one to go. Its still extremely popular and has the best design of its kind. I'd imagine Corkscrew, Anaconda, Carolina Cyclone, etc would bite the dust before Vortex. Its still a reliable ride that has great capacity, despite being a little jerky. I personally think they'd try to address some of the issues people have with the ride before removing it entirely, like new trains for example
  13. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    Interesting, I personally never saw anyone back there hence my assumption of low attendance.
  14. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    However, dinos was a huge flop that saw low attendance every season; a lot of people were waiting for it to go. Whenever they get rid of a coaster its going to be dramatic. Firehawk never really developed a strong fanbase at KI like Vortex, Racer, Diamondback, Beast, etc and I think the park knows it. With that being said, I don't think people would miss Firehawk as much as much as they would Vortex or any of the other coasters in the park- hence why they waited until the Haunt season to announce its departure.
  15. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    They always put those tombstones around BLSC every haunt season because of the abundance of space so I'm 100% sure its placement has nothing to do with BLSC.