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  1. Who knows, it might be something like an escape room in the Chaos building
  2. Like I said, don't read too much into it
  3. This is a stretch so do with it what you will but could 2022 be the start of a construction year? I know it sounds dumb to tease construction a year before ground is broken, that's why its a stretch. The only reason I say this is because lately, the park has had coaster related construction start two years after a coaster is built: Banshee debuted in 2014 then two years later on 2016 there was land clearing for Mystic Timbers, Mystic Timbers debuted in 2017 with land clearing for Orion beginning in 2019, Orion debuted in 2020 and this poster is referring to 2022 meaning something coaster wise would debut in 2023. Like I said don't read too much into this, the numbers just seem to match up to what's been happening the past few years. I'm personally not getting my hopes up for anything coaster related since our 50th is next year so I'd rather focus on that than a construction project.
  4. Getting back to the topic, I feel like any park in the chain's "big four" could receive one. I'd even throw in Kings Dominion. Ironically, Kings Island is the one park I would think would be the least likely of the five parks I just listed to get one. We're missing that traditional looper and I feel like spinners aren't for everyone. Kings Dominion needs a stand out coaster which an extreme spinner definitely is. Carowinds is always in talks of getting something big but with them getting Copperhead Strike it would be unlikely that they would get something else from Mack so soon. Canada's Wonderland needs more support coasters and more launched coasters so I feel like one would fit there well. Cedar Point is always adding new, exciting, coasters so a record breaking spinner would certainly turn heads but I don't think they would be ready for one any time soon. In my opinion: Kings Dominion Canada's Wonderland Cedar Point Kings Island Carowinds If Cedar Fair decided to get an extreme spinner I think it should go to Kings Dominion. It could be a first for the east coast and could give people more of a reason to go to the park after they've removed so many attractions.
  5. Which park do you think would get the chain's 1st Mack Extreme Spinner?
  6. Kumba- Light Green track with Dark Green supports
  7. Speaking of theming older rides, look what Fiesta Texas did to Poltergeist
  8. I like Orion for the speed and I like Diamondback for the floater so I can't say I like one over the other.
  9. Define "right." I feel like their biggest issue is staffing which is a catch-22. You don't have as many staff on Thursdays therefore you can't have as many rides open but if you don't have a lot of rides open you're not bringing in a lot of people
  10. If Haunt would be extended to Thursday nights, would you have the same operating line-up that you'd have on the weekend or would rides and haunts be limited?
  11. No I completely agree. I prefer originality over IPs, I'm merely arguing that IPs can give an unfair advantage.
  12. I mean Planet Snoopy won Best Kids section for nearly 20 years. I believe they're focusing back on Planet Snoopy in the coming years. Orion is a completely different story. Read @KIghostguy's book and you'll understand. I don't understand the dated part. The park spent a ton of money renovating International Street, the Eiffel Tower is being repainted, they restored the glockenspiel at the Festhaus, brought back an antique car ride, I could go on. We did have a global wide pandemic that affected spending across the chain. The lack of shade part I can understand but the rest seems a bit exaggerated considering everything we've gotten under Cedar Fair.
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