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  1. I want a coaster to match, if not exceed, Vortex's inversion count. CF wouldn't give KI a six-inversion B&M dive coaster
  2. With signs being a multi-inverting coaster, what elements are you all looking for?
  3. If you want to see why people prefer CF over Six Flags, look at the pictures below. Both are B&M Floorless coasters built outside the main parts of their respective parks. The difference? Dominator actually had grass planted underneath it where as Scream! was just placed there. Also, KD is a mid tier CF park where as Scream! is at one of the top tier SF parks which goes to show you the quality CF wants to deliver that SF doesn't. If these two coasters don't contrast the two companies, I don't know what does. http://www.thecoasterguy.com/2015/03/17/six-flags-magic-mountain-trip-report-for-15-mar-2015/
  4. Vampires? I think that would be a cool concept to play on with the building being initially built to a coaster called The Bat.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but Vortex's station looks a little bigger than SOB's
  6. To be completely honest, I wouldn't mind if they turned the station into a haunted house just because of the Victorian architecture.
  7. The park has a sense of humor and loves to troll its fans
  8. That space is in the corner of the park so I'd imagine if it were ever removed, they would just block off that area entirely.
  9. I think its appropriate to bring this thread back up considering the recent news of Vortex's removal. I'm saying this because I think after Orion, The Vortex land will be the next area of focus. I wonder if the park has basically put this building on the back burner for future development and have just accepted it as a haunted house for now.
  10. With Vortex's removal, it makes me wonder about The Bat...
  11. @RedRacer76, Keep Cotten Eyed Joe (a must) Ghost Riders The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Add Cincinnati Ohio The Magnificent Seven Wagon Wheel
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