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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Especially when there's already vacant space. If you ever visit r/kingsisland you have people putting B&Ms in literally every green space
  2. IMO wing coasters have become saturated in our region; we have four within 5 hours of our own park. The only way a wing coaster works, again IMO, is if its gimmicky. A compact wing with a ton of near miss elements, like you see with X-Flight at Six Flags Great America, is the only type of wing coaster I would ever want to see at KI.
  3. I believe it was a city thing because CGA went through a ton of legal issues when Marriot tried to sell off their parks. I believe a company wanted to purchase their land for real estate which the city didn't want. I'm sure the California park was seen as baggage yo Six Flags where as the Chicago-Milwaukee park was more appealing
  4. I'm not for removing Timberwolf. Once something is gone, its hard to bring back. I'd rather them fix it up and make it work vs demolishing it. We don't need a coaster on every vacant piece of land. Most music venues are downtown over 20 miles away so there's enough distance for it to work. Its not like Dave Matthews would stop playing at Riverbend to go to Timberwolf. KI could host their own music festival and bring in people who are looking for their big break.
  5. I think it worked out. SFA already has the exact same coaster so it wouldn't have made sense to have two right by each other. Plus, they needed a high capacity coaster that had good uptime.
  6. Time will only tell how the 20s will be
  7. Please don't derail this thread. I feel like this park is transitioning in terms of how they operate. They're not really competing in any capacity
  8. A while ago a made a very bland poll asking members which park has the best B&M collection. I'm updating it and basically including parks that have three or more. Don't worry, I was planning on doing one for Intamin as well as other large manufacturers also.
  9. I wonder if this was planned pre covid or if this was something they cooked up during the 2020 season. It fits in line with the company's desire for more interactive, experience based attractions
  10. I'm honestly surprised more people haven't been talking about this. The park is called "Lost Island" https://wcfcourier.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/zoning-hearing-set-for-lost-island-theme-park/article_f7d2a416-fab6-5cf9-aa49-ff7ed99bb418.html
  11. I purposfully didn't include La Ronde since they have a coaster of a similar design. I doubt Magic Mountain will ever get a 4d coaster after Green Lantern's failure.
  12. Contradicting to this thread, I wanted to point out that there are 6 parks in the chain that have yet to receive a 4D freespin. Imagine being St. Louis fans waiting for years for their new coaster only to know it'll most likely be a 4d freespin.
  13. People miss it so of course they're going to continue to ask for it to come back. I'm sure people had a lot of fun memories when it ran backwards.
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