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  1. I've heard some ethusiasts say that Diamondback and KCKC could have coexisted had they kept it instead of TR, hopefully this picture will make them think otherwise
  2. This is completely awesome that someone from years ago can give their own information! Please keep it up
  3. I think we've all been having too many Member Berries
  4. I've noticed that. Hopefully the green coaches will be repainted for the next season. Little known fact, I asked a KI engineer why the Lew Brown appears to run more days than the Kenny Van Meter. He said that the blue engine was built first so when they built the green engine, they learned from their mistakes. Mind you this was via email years ago, but it's still interesting nonetheless.
  5. I don't think a park can have both and have equal ridership. I've never been to either park but I've heard KD's and Magic Mountain's floorless coasters dominate ridership vs their arrow loopers.
  6. I literally just repeated the original Vortex layout in the form of a B&M
  7. Vortex is the more well received of the existing Arrow Loopers. I know people really don't like Viper and Anaconda but a lot of people still praise Vortex.
  8. If that building isn't going to be torn town in the future for something else, I hope they find a regular season use for it. I feel like it's too big of a building to be used for just a haunt attraction IMO.
  9. It's been eons since my last chapter, but no worries I'm working on Chapter 2 as we speak! In the meantime, here's an extremely rare sight that I've never seen in person
  10. I wouldn't want MCBRs, I'd want a fast ride from start to finish with no let up
  11. I'd love to see something added to Rivertown and keep all the water rides in close proximity to one another. There are days when I'll ride RFYLCB and WWC back to back because I'm already wet. I always thought Congo had low ridership because of it's location. I feel like more people would be willing to ride it if it was closer to other wet rides.
  12. Anyone notice all the stakes along the course of the train ride?
  13. I think there needs to be more visits from supervisors and more instructions on how to act. The majority of these associates are in high school and college so you can't expect them to be 100% professional. I guess not a lot of people are that upset about it because I've been hearing the $22 million dollar train spiel for a couple of years now
  14. I found this online, and the channel did correct itself in the comments about Intamin. They are speculating 2019 but I think that is way too soon. I'd say the normal gap for a new coaster is 3-5 years depending on the cost
  15. I almost always where my Iron Manatee shirt to the park once and the Mystic Timbers ride associate told everyone to wave at "the guy in the Iron Manatee shirt" as we pulled out of the station.