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  1. I didn't make this, just found it online.
  2. Its a weird subject for me. When I interned at CP in 2018, I didn't see anything Cleveland related; (though I only went in a few gift shops so I can't say my assessment's accurate. I figured CP was trying to appeal to people from all regions, being a destination park and all, which is why I didn't see anything. Though I do remember them having a friendly contest with Six Flags Great America during the 2016 World Series between the Cubs and the Indians. I do see some sports connections at other parks that are pretty subliminal. For example you have Raging Bull at the Illinois Six Flag Park which reminds me the Chicago Bulls, and then you have Fury 325 at Carowinds which has a similar color scheme and mascot to the Charlotte Hornets. I honestly think the the lack of success Cincinnati teams have been having has limited the amount of exposure at Kings Island. For example if the Reds, Bengals, or FCC had won their respective championships I'd imagine Kings Island would want to hop on the wagon. Personally, I'd want to see some FCC recognition in Oktoberfest since they're a German based team while the Reds and Bengals could get Rivertown and Coney Mall. Nothing huge but something for people to notice while they're in the park.
  3. We all know KI partners with local sports teams through social media and special events, but could there be more? We had the Reds HoF resturant, (which is since been removed), and some Bengals arcade decor but that's about it. Do you want more or are you fine with no sports recognition?
  4. @DustinTheNow might be able to show what Fury would be like without the helix. I'd imagine it would take away a couple 100 feet and make it closer to 5,000ft vs 6,000ft
  5. Imagine Fury without the final helix. How much length do you lose? How much would that improve/ ruin, the coaster? I feel like we could have easily could have added some length to the end but it might have compromised the pacing of the ride. I've heard from riders on Fury that the helix is kind of pointless aside from the near-miss element with one of the supports.
  6. We don't need every record. In fact we have quite a few I'm proud of: most wooden track, longest invert, longest wooden coaster, tallest/fastest/longest coaster with a splashdown, 1st LIM coaster, etc.
  7. I think you'll see something for the park's 50th. I'd imagine AE will get rethemed or brought back to its former glory. I still want some theming to Action Zone as well. Heck I would love it if AZ would merge with OF to make one big Oktoberfest/dark forest.
  8. Aside from Orion, I'm curious to see the improvements made to the park for 2020. The 2019 season was by far my favorite because of all the little improvements the park made in addition to KMAA.
  9. With the off-season approaching I thought it would be nice for people to grade the coasters they've ridden. These can be KI coasters or a coaster from any park Criteria A perfect score is 20/20 Experience: 0-6 Layout: 0-5 Capacity: 0-4 Theming: 0-3 Restraints:0-2 Example: Diamondback Experience: 5 Layout: 5 Capacity: 3 Theming: 2 Restraints:2 Total Score: 17/20 or 85% Have fun!
  10. Well the blue ones went to BGT and were painted yellow in the 90s. I can't remember if the orange/red ones went to Dry Gulch and were converted I believe. No clue where they are now.
  11. I always wished KD would bring back their railroad. A lot of character was lost when the ride got removed. CF owning this locomotive gives me hope that it might return to KD one day.
  12. I want a coaster to match, if not exceed, Vortex's inversion count. CF wouldn't give KI a six-inversion B&M dive coaster
  13. With signs being a multi-inverting coaster, what elements are you all looking for?
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