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  1. I still can't believe they planned on putting baboons in the same enclosure as the lions.
  2. Wow, scare-actors purposely jumping into moving vehicles and beating park property with hard pieces of metal....sounds about Paramount. Today we would call those "OHSA violations"
  3. It also sits fairly high above ground as well https://www.coaster101.com/2013/08/18/Banshee-construction-update-8-10-13/
  4. I have a cool one, so hear me out on this. Cincinnati, Ohio is home to the 1st professional and paid Fire Department. Why not retheme BLSC to a fire-fighter theme? Repaint all the trains red or have them all be tiny little fire trucks. Repaint the shipping containers next to the launch and the helix structure with a brick texture to look like a firehouse. Change the billboards to reflect Cincinnati highway signs. They cloud keep the fire scene and make it look like you're driving through the burning building (the inside of the tunnel could have red lights. Riders then escape the building
  5. Animals are a touchy subject (unless they're petting zoo animals.) I don't know how parks like BGT can calculate how much money their animals make them. Its not like with a coaster or a flat ride where they can count the ridership numbers to determine how the ride is doing.
  6. Outback is mainly an Australian term...having it said in an American park seems wrong. Backwoods or badlands would make more sense
  7. I think it would be awesome if Cedar Fair could purchase an additional crown and give KI a 3rd locomotive so they can operate during haunt and space out the boiler usage. I always kinda hoped Levi would make his way to KI if he didn't stay at WoF, (doubtful). I know having KI acquire a 3rd locomotive would be a longshot since they'd have to install a 3rd locomotive bay but it would be nice to be able to operate 2 locomotives and give the 3rd one a break. My argument is the train to station ratio should be 2:1. We have 2 stations so that ratio should be 3:2. Cedar Point operates 3 loc
  8. Compared to Six Flags and Sea World, I'd say Cedar Fair isn't too much in the hole but that's just an assumption
  9. Do you think they'd consider selling off their parks?
  10. This leaves some interesting questions regarding Cedar Fair: Would the chain indeed add new attractions to each of their parks every season or would they go back to mainly investing in their larger parks? Would they turn to cloned rides to lower spending or would they continue to pursue the practice of quality over quantity? Would they ever consider selling any of their smaller parks or closing them? Also some questions regarding the competing chains: Would Six Flags or Sea World Entertainment consider selling some parks? Could we see Six Flags or Sea World
  11. I'm about to argue for the addition of a cloned coaster so please bare with me... Why I KI Should Consider a Sky Rocket II In 2012 Premier Rides would debut their Sky Rocket II model. This coaster would be cloned eight times with some if its clones having different variations like switch stations, two car variants and three car variants. The current maximum capacity for these coasters are around 750 riders per hour which is theoretically lower than Invertigo's capacity; not a 1st choice for a park that sees over 3 million guests a season. So why am I arguing for something that's capa
  12. I just learned that RMC is located just under 20 minutes from Silverwood which is crazy. I thought it was much farther away.
  13. I think Soak City is underutilized during its respective off season. The park could host different events during the months that its not open. They could do the November idea like I mentioned earlier but they could also open themselves up to stuff in early spring before the park opens. The fact that its more detached from the park allows for them to be more independent and flexible when it comes to potentially hosting events.
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