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  1. @DustinTheNow we need that no limits concept
  2. Speaking of X-Base, what do you think about the legitimacy of adding a second path along the Blue Racer side?
  3. With the addition of this new coaster, it only makes me wonder if X-Base will be its own section or not. The area lack's restrooms and a permanent food vendor, excluding the Dippin Dots, but we might see those emerge come next season.
  4. I haven't been to the park this season but how different does it look going through the mcbr with the construction nearby?
  5. Yukon Striker is the same height as Valravn but it has a longer drop. I think KI could land the "longest drop" title if the ravine is about 15ft+ deep
  6. I agree. Look at the construction for this in relation to the land clearing on the other side of Flight of Fear. I'm no construction expert but even if this was related to the coaster it seems kind of "late". If this area was used for a coaster wouldn't the grass already be all torn up and reduced to dirt? This seems like a side project that could be in companion to the 2020 project.
  7. What would be the benefit of renaming Flight of Fear? Would the theming be changed? If the name changes and not the theming people would still call it Flight of Fear. Its one of the coolest names for a coaster in my opinion
  8. People who like to jump to conclusions. Speaking of colors, I think we can speculate the one color they won't be using- red.
  9. @LintemuthStudios while you're not wrong, I don't think Kings Island is next on the list to get a looping coaster- especially with other parks due for one like World's of Fun. After the 2020 coaster, I could realistically see us getting a new coaster for Planet Snoopy or just a smaller tier coaster like a wild mouse or even a spinning coaster. Also it's not completely out of the realm of possibilities to speculate something along the lines of Wonder Mountain's Guardian if the park decides it's worth it to modify the Crypt building.
  10. I feel like if the official height is under 300ft we'll be roasted by the amusement park community
  11. From my Instagram page: the_coaster_fan
  12. An indoor wildmouse would be cool but it would have to be pretty well themed like Mystery Mine to make it work.
  13. A lot of renderings and concepts show that the coaster will have a steep drop but is it possible to go 90°? Is there anything in the blue prints that would say that a 90° drop is out of the question?
  14. August. I've haven't been to the park yet this season but from what I heard there are no teasers or posters similar to what we saw with Diamondback, Banshee and Mystic Timbers' construction. It's almost like the park itself isn't acknowledging what's happening.
  15. Amusement Insiders just posted an analysis video of the layout and the concept shared on this site. He thinks we have a winner, as do I
  16. Proof? I don't think anything new will be coming to that building for at least 3-4 years
  17. Like what @Shaggy said there's no sign of electrical or plumbing which would suggest that it has nothing to do with the ride itself. Usually these two things are some of the first to consider when building any type of attraction, also remember that they can't congest that area too much as the transfer for Flight of Fear is right next to the area.
  18. A lot of people are forgetting Kings Dominion got a giga in 2010 before the rest of the high tier Cedar Fair parks got theirs. Its not necessarily about who's better.
  19. Also SOB and TRTR we're both extremely complex rides. When it comes to maintenance Diamondback, Banshee, and MT are fairly easy by comparison.
  20. They could afford other types of coasters though. Holiday world spent $22 million on Thunderbird where as CP payed $21 million for Maverick so I think the money's there for Holiday World's sake. I don't know if HW got the ROI they wanted or not but they got something to differentiate themselves from KI. HW might get another big coaster like a Dive or something that KI doesn't have which would certainly keep them competitive.
  21. Why is everyone sold on blue for the color? I'm still in the green party.
  22. With the 2020 project on everyone's mind, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to something different. Knott's Berry Farm has been updating and changing the theming and animation of their rides over the past couple of years and Cedar Point has it's fare share of theming and animation throughout the park. Kings Island was big on animation and theming at the beginning of the 70s as animation wasn't as big in the Midwest as it was out in other parts of the country. With that being said do you think we've gotten better at theming or worse?
  23. Regarding the land construction north of Racer, remember the doors to FOF's transfer track are also in close proximity so they wouldn't want to completely block that area off with expansion or a coaster.
  24. Hydra: The Revenge is an awesome looking coaster that is, in my opinion, extremely underrated. I wish we had more coasters like it across the country.
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