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  1. I just watched this video and the creator said he opted KI since we only had 2 when the video was released. After Orion I still think we'll be due for one more B&M-whether that's a floorless to replace Vortex, a Dive/wing near Banshee, a resurrection of the standup model, or something else. I still think we'll get something from RMC and maybe another company but I don't think this is the last we've seen from B&M.
  2. Do you think there's any feasibility of CF buying this campsite? It would certainly increase out of park spending significantly.
  3. Now we need flats to complement those attractions
  4. It would be cool if KI owned the camp ground and had courtesy shuttles to take guests too and from the park.
  5. With the coming of Orion, X-Base will be renamed Area 72 in 2020 paying homage to the year KI opened its gates. From the promo video it looks like they're will be a meteorite in front of Flight of Fear as well as a news van and a green vehicle of sorts. What else do you think Area 72 will bring?
  6. There's no other rendering of a coaster where most of the Racer was in the video. This was the only one that featured The Racer's trains
  7. It was a joke but I did make RMC throughout Cedar Fair if you wanna check it out
  8. I thought the same thing. I wouldn't be suprised if the FoF photo booth got overhauled or repurposed. I had a thought that Slingshot could move to Area 72 since it doesn't take up much space but I don't know where they'd put it.
  9. That seems like a strange thing to do. Why throwback something taken out over a decade ago? All its gonna do is get us excited for something that was just an easter egg.
  10. Okay I'm gonna go make another speculatuon thread that'll span years
  11. Crap @Thabto beat me to it. Please disregard this thread
  12. From @sixohdieselrage and @DiamondBanshee I know we're all hyped for Orion but I'm gonna leave this here
  13. I'm one of the few people who likes the entrance how it is. There's nothing cooler than walking into the park and having all of international Street open up. I think having a coaster right as you walk up to the gates takes away from the park's centerpiece which is the Eiffel Tower.
  14. The only issue I have is that it's not an enclosed environment like a slide or even a slide complex where you drop in a tube. All it takes is for one person to land the wrong way in smack their back or something worse. At my old pool where I used to lifeguard we had a man pass away after going into cardiac arrest because his body went to shock when he dove into the deep end.
  15. The diving attraction looks like fun, not often seen big chain waterparks. Usually parks opt for enclosed attractions lilke slides so this will certainly be different!
  16. I'm trying to remember if CF installed any coasters when F325 was built. Usually if a park installs a big B&M, the rest of the parks in the chain are lucky to get a coaster that same season- unless its something cheap like RMC or GCI. A raptor wouldn't be too far off but with Hydra in the same park its unlikely.
  17. People are arguing left and right Just want to see what members think. Things have gotten out of hand
  18. We'll always be behind as long as Steel Vengeance still stands. Its easily the best coaster built.
  19. I heard they were replacing the wench on Millennium Force as well which is going to take another chunk out of their wallet
  20. The cost to operate that ride is so darn high it makes you wonder if there was ever a good ROI.
  21. B&M King Cobra. I'd ride it.
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