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  1. You have the opportunity to change the trains on one coaster at KI. Which one do you chose and why? Per usual I add all current coasters to avoid bias. I'm not a gambling man but I think Racer will have the most votes
  2. If they get something from Mack I want it to be something like Helix
  3. Do you think they're overdue for another bigger attraction? Do you think that'll give the park record attendance like Thunderhawk did?
  4. I wonder if that'll encourage them to remove even more maintenance heavy rides in the coming years.
  5. I remember from Kinzel's book that CF has planned on building a park in Michigan before settling on purchasing MA. It makes me wonder why they invest so little into the park if they were planning on building one anyway. I still think they should get a ride like Tantrum.
  6. It seems like multiple members have voiced their complaints about the same general issue. Many people have went out of their way to address what's annoying them. It seems like the majority of members are called wrong while the individuals who are causing the complaints are not. We have members who contribute meaningful and accurate content to this site. Allowing other members to continuously talk about inaccurate information does@KIghostguy , @TombraiderTy, and other credible members a disservice. Immunity must be nice.
  7. I don't want Racer touched by RMC.
  8. Probably would have been closer to something like Steel Eel https://rcdb.com/532.htm
  9. Can you please cite your sources? I had to google it myself just to understand what you were talking about. https://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com/news/archives/april99/stories/041399_02.shtml
  10. They need something like Tantrum at Darien Lake. I feel like the park would do better if they got a modern coaster.
  11. The prototype model featured the corkscrew inversion, which was the one KI execs rode. After riding it they were sold. They planned to incorporate inversions into the ride but with it being so new and complex I'm sure they opted to not add them. I couldn't imagine the additional maintenance issues it would have had if it featured inversions.
  12. On one hand I can see them removing is because its compact and on the small side but thats also why I'd think they'd want to keep it.
  13. I'm not too familiar with the chain's flats as I am their coasters so I'm sure we'll see a lot of them leave but I wouldn't count out major coasters. Batwing is a given I think. I've personally wanted cream removed/relocated for a while. Its in an awkward part of the park and I heard it gets low ridership.
  14. https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36543-problematic-coasters-the-bat/&tab=comments#comment-868284
  15. Looks like an intense witches wheel
  16. That's true. I was thinking about how KI had recycled The Bat name and thought it might apply to a new ride
  17. I have a feeling the name "Vortex" might be used again
  18. I want to hear some theories of how the chain would be if they decided to not close down Geauga Lake and kept it operating with its roster of rides. How different would Cedar Fair have been from where it is now? If they didn't close it and relocate their rides, would it have suffered a similar fate years later?
  19. I've discussed this before but I'd rather see Congo Falls relocated as opposed to being removed. The ride itself however is 32 years old so relocating it might do more harm than good. If it gets removed one day, I'd like to see a similar ride pop up in Rivertown if possible. Congo Falls is a perfect example of a good ride that gets a bad tap because of its location. It might've worked when it was the Lion Country Safari but now its out of place.
  20. You should hear Raptor from off the peninsula
  21. Sorry this isn't more elaborate. The blue is Columbia Road slightly rerouted to allow for more Soak City real estate. the red are locations where new slides and water attractions can be added. Obviously there would be some powerlines that would need to be dealt with in order for any expansion to truly begin.
  22. We've come a long way since the Paramount years and under Cedar Fair's ownership the park has flourished bringing back a lot of lost character and charm all a while providing fun and thrills for everyone. With that being said, there's still some things that should be addressed before the decade ends. Here are some of mine.: Do something with the Crypt building- either put something new in it or tear it down (I kind of want Action Theater to return as well.) Boo Blasters- I'm hoping this will be updated before 2025 but I think guests would love to see something new take the 2010 ri
  23. 4d freespin+ Drop Tower+ slingshot= extreme vomiting
  24. Thanks Paramount. (From multiple sources on Kings Island' fan pages on Facebook)
  25. The key would be to enter markets where its difficult for traditional amusement parks to operate in- Seattle, Phoenix, Vegas, etc. An amusement park in a controlled climate would be opportune. Also some of these cities have high populations which would almost guarantee consistent attendance. For example, Phoenix has a metro population of nearly 5 million and has been growing for decades. The park is in a super hot climate which would justify an indoor park, especially given that all of their professional sports venues are enclosed. Covid has certainly made these types of speculations
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