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  1. Would an S&S 4D Free Spin work at KI? I feel like it would work if we got it with a flat like we did back in '99 with Faceoff and Drop Zone.
  2. What changes do you guys expect to see in A72 besides what's already been hinted?
  3. Something I want Cedar Fair to start doing is looking at some of their parks and seeing if they can have railroads. Kings Dominion and Carowinds lost theirs and I honestly think its feasible to bring at least one of them back, if not both, in some capacity.
  4. Carowinds needs more character in general. Their more recent additions show promise with Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike but for a while everything had the name "Carolina" slapped in front of it
  5. Seeing this gives me hope https://twitter.com/BuschGardens/status/1222265600015323141?s=20
  6. Expect long wait times, breakdowns, and a fee to ride. I thought it woulda been cool to have DB be "The Big Red Machine"
  7. I personally don't see us getting anything ground breaking like Pantheon, Steel Vengeance, etc. We used to break height, length, and speed barriers back in the day but the only record breaker we've gotten recently has been Banshee. Orion makes it into the top 10 tallest drops but I don't think people would call it a record breaking coaster.
  8. This'll likely be merged with the current KD crypt thread but I'll bite. I feel like this is the first "teaser" or their new coaster. Who Dey Joe Burrow Coaster coming to KD 2021: Welcome to the Jungle
  9. It's been a while since I created a new chapter and I'm working on hamering a few out sometime soon. In the meantime check out this subreddit I created for Cincinnati transportation. It has some good content and we're always looking for new content and members! https://www.reddit.com/r/CincyTransportation/
  10. Could the removed drops ever return with the existing A72 enterance?
  11. Not to mention compact and tall. I always see them as clickbait on YouTube. "OMG LITERALLY THE TALLEST ROLLER COASTER EVER" "TOP 10 SCARIEST COASTERS IN THE WORLD" "WOULD YOU RIDE THIS FOR $1 MILLION?
  12. Hey some of us like dive coasters. I want one in Action Zone though.
  13. Why? It ties into Banshee's spooky theme. The other rides, with exception to Congo Falls are pretty neutral.
  14. When it was built for Coney Island it probably wasn't considered "kiddy" but since times have changed I consider it to be more of a kid's ride. Timber Mountain at KBF is a more aggressive log flume
  15. I never thought we'd be fortunate enough to have 3. Though I'm one of those who believe that parks should have at least 1 coaster from their company. A big park like KI, CP, CW, etc should have 3 or more B&Ms in their line-up to minimize downtime.
  16. If you live by the zoo, you lose the right to complain about elephant poo. That is all
  17. Personally I'd say Rivertown and Oktoberfest need some work. @Sixflags82 had a cool concept for Rivertown. I think Action Zone could be rethemed to the Dark Forest and have Oktoberfest be a sub-section. As always I added every section to avoid bias and get more accurate results
  18. I actually really like this! I like how you brought back The Beast lake and made the area more "wooded." I know we all want a new coaster to replace Vortex but I'd be fine if they left that land alone to regrow that foliage
  19. I come from the future. Vortex lives to be over 30 years and wooden coasters have evolved thanks to companies like GCI, RMC, and GG. Also make sure to get a lot of rides on the Antique cars because they'll be gone in 05
  20. It feel like all these removals makes it hard for them to compete with BGW. Its not their fault Paramount gave them unreliable rides but I'm sure it doesn't help their publicity when they keep removing rides. As an enthusiast I understand 100% why KD has been getting all these rides removed but from a GP perspective BGW looks more appealing to me.
  21. 5 year wise- I think we'll see a lot of improvements, like we saw in 2019 but each season. Some areas that I think need some love: Oktoberfest, The Crypt building, and the midway between Coney Mall and Rivertown
  22. Still that's kinda dumb of the employee to say that in my opinion.
  23. How deep was the valley that Vortex sat on? 100ft?
  24. Florida has been getting stacked with coasters lately.
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