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  1. I am not particularly a fan of the Six Flags brand. Don't get me wrong there's some parks in the chain that I would absolutely love to visit someday but the brand itself is problematic. The reason I singled Six Flags out is mainly because they are the most universally known amusement park chain. If you're an enthusiast you know about chains like Cedar Fair and Herschend but most GP know about Six Flags; and to an extent Sea World but I'll get back to that later. Here's the problem- no parks have proper brand identity. With the exception of 3 parks, 12 properties have the name "Six Flags"
  2. I argue the bare minimum was done to DA, but I don't believe it was ever meant to be necessarily permanent unless is was a huge success If it was its own park with its own gate, parking lot, etc I'd argue more would have been done- exhibits updating, a sitdown eatery, maybe a few small Dino themed rides.
  3. Invertigo should've been renamed Screaming Demon when it was repainted back in 2012
  4. I would love to see KI get a large scale log flume back. I feel like KCKC and Diamondback could have coexisted.
  5. Cavern of Terror-> Kenton's Cove BLSC-> Antique Cars AND the Eagles BBoBH-> Phantom Theater
  6. If I had a ton of money I would build a park of that nature on the Beach's property. I find high ropes, go karts, mini golf courses, etc too underwhelming to be placed inside a park like KI. That being said, however, I think all of what I said would work well as its own thing and make Warren County a multi day destination. Part of me was disappointed Cedar Fair never made a separate Dinosaurs Alive park. Imagine KI having a 3rd park off property where guests payed separate admission but there would be more put into it- sorta like what you would get at a resort.
  7. I'll start: We don't need anything from Rocky Mountain Construction
  8. I love Maverick honestly. Back row still gets me to this day.
  9. This is a general question and not one meant to bash or praise any manufacturer but what is the difference between intense and painful? For example I personally experience headbanging pain on Raptor and Rougarou but I would consider Maverick intense, which is a coaster I frequently enjoyed.
  10. How does one define intense? I always felt that that honor was given to I-305. If this thing is more intense than a low to the ground giga then wow
  11. People tend to lose their heads over these types of rumors
  12. If I was Cedar Fair and I was interested in acquiring BGW, I would push platinum passes where they could also hit up Dorney and Carowinds that are a few hours away. That or I would create a special pass for the Virginia parks that gets you access to just Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I still think just pushing Platinum passes would be the better route. In terms of diversification I think that if both Virginia Parks were under the ownership of Cedar Fair one of the parks would have to change. These two parks have competed with one another for decades trying to outdo each o
  13. Sorry but I don't want anything crossing over or coming near to The Beast's land. Orion has been the only coaster to come close and that's as far as I would like it to go. Personally whatever replaces Vortex, I hope they use the cleared land and nothing more. Vortex had a low angle lift hill which took up a lot of space where as most manufacturers nowadays incorporate steeper lift hills to save space.
  14. Here's a scenario- the amusement park industry has been deeply affected by Covid-19 forcing chains to look into mergers. What two chains would you merge together and why? This is purely hypothetical and not meant to be taken seriously- although I ask that you be realistic. I'll start- Herschend and Sea World Entertainment Herschend now operates 4 amusement parks in the southern US: Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, Wild Adventures, and Kentucky Kingdom. This chain is trying to grow. Now look at Sea World Entertainment who operates 6 parks: SEA Orlando/San Antonio/San Diego, Busch Tampa
  15. Instead of a double station, how about an unload station like you see on Millennium Force, BLSC, or Flight of Fear? The trains could unload in the unload station and the cars could stay vertical when entering the station to board passengers.
  16. An interesting trend- parks with Intamins are getting more B&Ms and parks with B&Ms are getting Intamins. Its a balance of sorts
  17. Some more stills of #12s old look Notable differences: larger stack, blue domes, blue headlamp brackets, and the name "Tecumseh"
  18. I honestly think the Paramount era has been the closest we've gotten to Six Flags
  19. I mean when you hire a company to build rides that break 300 and 400ft as well as 100mph, you're going to draw in crowds; that's pretty much a given. The issue is when those said rides suffer maintenance wise because of their innovations and people can't always ride them.
  20. I agree, that was super underwhelming. It would be cool to see them go all out one year. Paramount did a cool show where a soldier would come home for the holidays
  21. I could see an argument for that honestly. The most maintenance stricken coaster we ever had was SOB. I could not imagine what ops would be if we got an Intamin coaster. At Cedar Point it was pretty much a given that Dragster and Maverick would experience downtime with Wicked Twister and Millennium Force always being on the table. Love their rides, hate their downtime. RMC can be thrown in the same boat. Look how long Steel Vengeance was down to one train ops in 2018, look what's happening to Lightening Rod, I think even Twisted Timbers had some issues. The risk/reward ratio tips towards
  22. I believe I heard that correctly somewhere. The boilers have to be inspected every year- I know Disney World's are inspected by the state once a year and once by their own people. The train did operate during Fear Fest and Winterfest back in '05 if my memory serves correctly. The solution would be to not operate it on slow days, operate one locomotive for haunt and one for Winterfest (they did run one train for Winterfest back in '17), or simply spend thousands of dollars to aquire a 3rd 36" gauge steam locomotive and expand the railroad shed; the rail fan in me wants the ladder. I'
  23. I would love to see the train return for haunt. I wouldn't have the passengers disembark halfway through like they used to. I would have the train go past a ton of spooky scenes and live actors.
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