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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Since there a ton of posts about gigas on other threads, I decided to create a central topic just dedicated to the speculation of the giga coaster that most coaster enthusiasts believe we are going to get in the future. What we know: Cedar Fair has added 3 gigas to its parks since 2010 Each giga installed is taller than the last Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park without one What we can speculate: The conception of the coaster itself B&M is a likely candidate The old S.O.B station might be used ^If not in Action Zone then it could be put in X-Base^ Possibly a green color since KI has no coasters that color Like I said, this is just a speculation thread. "The more you know, the better you can speculate for what's ahead"
  2. SonofBaconator

    Expanding Action Zone

    This has been discussed in other threads across the forums but does anyone think Action Zone will/should be expanded? The most obvious location for expansion would be the underused Timberwolf Amphitheater as well as Congo Falls and even Xtreme Skyflyer. The land is relatively flat and rides like Congo Falls and Xtreme Skyflyer could be relocated if need be. I think this would be a good location for some extra flat rides or possibly even a large scale attraction like a Dive or Wing coaster should the park ever decide to go that route.
  3. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Are two stations that hard a feat? I think B&M would be capable of making two stations on a coaster similar to Flight of Fear or Millennium Force.
  4. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    A better example could be Millennium Force since that is indeed a giga that has both a loading station and an unloading station. I was amazed at how fast loading was with that extra station.
  5. SonofBaconator

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    @upstop very good questions. It's so strange that over the past couple of days the threads have been talking a lot about Oktoberfest, and I think it's mainly due to the fact that older areas are getting love like International Street and Coney Mall.
  6. SonofBaconator

    Oktoberfest through the years

    In addition to this, I would take a page out of Verbolten's book retheme Adventure Express to the Black Forest to remain consistent with the German theme. I don't know how easy this would be, especially with the animated statues at the end of the ride but it would be an interesting change.
  7. SonofBaconator

    Expanding Action Zone

    Correction- it was called the woods by user @bkroz but its the same general idea as the Black Forest. This is his work below. I would follow this concept and expand upon it so both sections flow evenly.
  8. SonofBaconator

    Expanding Action Zone

    A KIC member once had the idea of merging Oktoberfest and Action Zone into one area called the Black Forest. I wouldn't mind this as long as its done right. Action Zone already has a creepy vibe going for it so it could adopt the Black Forest theme, but the German and European theming would have be consistent throughout both areas.
  9. SonofBaconator

    Face Your Fears (Flight of Fear 1996 commercial)

    Something tells me FoF will get increased ridership this season and next
  10. SonofBaconator

    Is surf dog considered a coaster?

    RCDB also considers The Voyage a wooden coaster even though its technically a hybrid in my book.
  11. Ever since Cedar Fair Entertainment Company bought the Paramount parks in the mid 2000s, it seems like they've been straying away from cloned rides. Initially we saw some rides share the same name: multiple Flight Decks, Vortexes, and so on. However, in the more recent years we've seen these names change to better reflect their parks with a few exceptions like Racer 75, Patriot, and BLSC. In terms of cloned rides, I can't recall a time Cedar Fair has built a ground up cloned coaster. With exceptions to WindSeeker, Delirious, and a few smaller rides, most of their flats have been somewhat original as well. With all this in mind, is it safe to say that Cedar Fair trying to avoid cloned rides, and if so why? Is there a certain standard that the company is trying to set? Do they not want to just mimic the practices of rival companies Six Flags and Sea World? Or is it something else?
  12. SonofBaconator

    Six Flags may want to buy SeaWorld

    When I see Cedar Fair in relation to Six Flags, I often ask myself- is less more? I've never been to a Six Flags park but given everything I've read and researched, it seems to be quantity over quality with the company. I feel like while Cedar Fair doesn't operate as many parks as Six Flags, they seem to put quality care into their parks. While parks like Valley Fair, Worlds of Fun, Dorney Park, and Michigan's Adventure haven't received new coasters in quite some time, I still feel like they're well taken care of.
  13. SonofBaconator

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    So everything changing in 2019 Return of the Antique Cars Improvements on The Racer Removal of Firehawk/ Mystery B&M project Huge International Street renovations 2019 seems like an awesome year to me
  14. SonofBaconator

    International street makeover

    The question is, will the shops change entirely or will the exteriors just be redecorated?
  15. SonofBaconator

    Dinos Alive and Xbase

    I actually asked CF officials during a pannel if they were ever considering adding a hotel. They said that they see Kings Island is more of a regional park; however based off of the additions and improvements the park has been receiving as of late I think that might be changing.
  16. SonofBaconator

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    This is a whole new level of KI Fanboy- doing a NL2 demolition
  17. SonofBaconator

    Oktoberfest through the years

    Moved and removed are two totally different things. As long as its in the park I still think it could turn a profit no matter where it is.
  18. SonofBaconator

    Renovation Predictions

    Not trying to sound rude, but I don't think that pond needs to be touched. Kings Island used to have a ton of ponds and lakes around the park and almost all of them were removed to accommodate a coaster. I would like to look at some actual scenery every now and then.
  19. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Its all about media coverage. Whenever Cedar Point gets a new coaster, its blasted across the US by the Today show or some other network.
  20. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    My theory is because a lot of people have season passes so they can ride the ride whenever they want and put it off until another day.
  21. SonofBaconator

    International street makeover

    This video was published in 2009. Doesn't matter if there's a fence or not, people will still do it.
  22. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    In terms of crowds I wonder how much a giga would draw on opening day in terms of enthusiast attendance. Does anyone know which opening day had the highest attendance?
  23. SonofBaconator

    Oktoberfest through the years

    My pitch for overhauling Oktoberfest to its former glory while adding a new twist to the once beloved section. Expand Oktoberfest to include Tower Gardens to add more space Remove Hank's Burrito Shack and replace it with something more "German" Have the area sell exclusively German food like giant pretzels, sausage, etc. Bring back the classic Spinning Keggers Bring back the old clock outside of the Festhaus Add German theming around the area like flags, possible FCC soccer banners because of their German roots Move Slingshot to X-Base to allow more room for another flat Remove the ladder game and shorten the Adventure Express que to allow for more room Oktoberfest has been arguably the most neglected of the original 5 sections that debuted when the park opened in 1972 so bringing the area back to its former glory would be a welcomed return- especially if its done for the park's 50th anniversary.
  24. SonofBaconator

    Renovation Predictions

    I'd be for the return of the "Bavarian Beetle" along with the Kegs. KI is one of the only main CF parks without a wildmouse.
  25. SonofBaconator

    Renovation Predictions

    In no particular order The Crypt building This is one of the biggest eyesores in the park and I'm sure park officials want to do something with it Boo Blasters At the rate we've been seeing old attractions rise form the grave, I wouldn't count out the possible return of the Phantom Theater- if not that, an improved dark ride experience with a similar theme Oktoberfest Hank's Burrito Shack in a German themed area, need I say more? Also on a more personal note I would like to see BLSC get rethemed but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon