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  1. Do you think they'd consider selling off their parks?
  2. This leaves some interesting questions regarding Cedar Fair: Would the chain indeed add new attractions to each of their parks every season or would they go back to mainly investing in their larger parks? Would they turn to cloned rides to lower spending or would they continue to pursue the practice of quality over quantity? Would they ever consider selling any of their smaller parks or closing them? Also some questions regarding the competing chains: Would Six Flags or Sea World Entertainment consider selling some parks? Could we see Six Flags or Sea World
  3. I'm about to argue for the addition of a cloned coaster so please bare with me... Why I KI Should Consider a Sky Rocket II In 2012 Premier Rides would debut their Sky Rocket II model. This coaster would be cloned eight times with some if its clones having different variations like switch stations, two car variants and three car variants. The current maximum capacity for these coasters are around 750 riders per hour which is theoretically lower than Invertigo's capacity; not a 1st choice for a park that sees over 3 million guests a season. So why am I arguing for something that's capa
  4. I just learned that RMC is located just under 20 minutes from Silverwood which is crazy. I thought it was much farther away.
  5. I think Soak City is underutilized during its respective off season. The park could host different events during the months that its not open. They could do the November idea like I mentioned earlier but they could also open themselves up to stuff in early spring before the park opens. The fact that its more detached from the park allows for them to be more independent and flexible when it comes to potentially hosting events.
  6. They hosted the children's Halloween event in Soak City for a few seasons and it seemed to work out just fine
  7. I've had this idea in my head for a while so hear me out. Also this does not apply to the Covid-19, just whenever things get back to normal. Imagine a November fall festival that takes place between Haunt and Winterfest. This event would be located in Soak City so the park could make the transition from Haunt to Winterfest and would be open on Saturdays and Sundays. There would be food stands/trucks, music, Peanuts meet & greets, beer, games, and even college and pro football on various TV screens. The train ride could also be open and would just make a loop from the Soak City station
  8. My attempt to give the locomotives a more "accurate" look with my limited editing skills
  9. I believe all these attractions feature some of those names though.
  10. In Disney's eyes, they're making money from another park just to use their IP. They're already making good strides with their Avengers campus out in California. I'm sure if that becomes a success Disney will want to duplicate that for Orlando. For now though I think they're happy to collect money from another park where they don't have to do any work.
  11. That might not be entirely true. "Universal Studios had already secured the rights to Marvel for its Orlando theme parks, and Disney CEO Bob Iger at the time acknowledged that Universal retained those rights as long as they continued to pay royalty checks to Marvel. And there's no sign of Universal giving up that golden ticket." https://www.tampabay.com/fun/heres-why-walt-disney-world-will-likely-never-get-a-marvel-theme-park-20190614/#:~:text=Universal Studios had already secured,giving up that golden ticket.
  12. I don't see why they would... Both companies are in competing markets. So it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to work together in any capacity
  13. A dinosaurs ride I believe. Voyage to the Iron Reef had since been replaced by Bear-y Tales which is an old Knott's IP. I figure they have to keep things fresh and update them when people get bored since they have to compete with higher budget parks like Disney and Universal.
  14. I can't imagine Boo Blasters cost a large amount of money when it debuted. If anything I assume it was the least expensive renovation since all they needed to do was remove the Scooby Doo theming replace the ghosts and the audio to something simple. I'd love to see it updated but I don't know if its an immediate priority at this point. If anything I think they'd have Triotech screen the whole ride experience like what they did for Knott's.
  15. I'm glad this is being discussed I have a question that can be discussed or not. Why is the minimum age requirement 13 instead of say 15 or 16? No disrespect to the younger members on here but that's something that I was always kinda confused about.
  16. Zadra cost Energylandia $16,404,915.90 which is pretty darn affordable for the ride it puts out. I daresay if KI payed RMC that same amount for something similar to Zadra, they'd be able to get more out of it since Zadra's cost probably had shipping and all that extra contracting factored in. I hope the CF not having a good relationship with RMC thing is just a rumor because I'd kill for something like Zadra. I'm wondering if KI would never opt for something like that though because GP would immediately think its like Son if Beast
  17. There have been a handful of individuals who think KI should get an Intamin. Not trying to sound rude to those who want one but I'd like to see them intellectually and logically explain why Cedar Fair would buy from Intamin again taking into account the broken relationship they have with them, the reliability issues, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on repairs and maintenance.
  18. I have an honest question- why hasn't there ever been a Marcie costume? Its not like its just a KI thing, there isn't a Marcie costume for any of the Cedar Fair parks to my knowledge. Its not like she isn't popular since she's appeared in almost every Peanuts special that's come out. Heck we even got to see Pigpen for the Peanuts Celebration.
  19. Low capacity would be fine if it was placed in Planet Snoopy. I always thought the park should get rid of the stage and the barnyard and replace them with either a small GG woodie or a wild mouse.
  20. Agreed. I'd say the distance between parks has to be a minimum of 4 hours away. KI and CP, Carowinds and KD, Worlds of Fun and Valley Fair, CGA and Knotts are all a significant distance away from one another with the shortest distance being 4 hours between KI and CP. Instead of Holiday World, Cedar Fair would probably want Six Flags Great America. Instead of Kentucky Kingdom Cedar Fair would probably want Dollywood. Not that they'd ever have a shot at acquiring either park but the point is that they don't really overlap. Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom are both in overlapping mar
  21. Something I've been given a lot of thought to these past few days. Throughout 2020 the general theme has been to socially distance. Hopefully when a proven vaccine becomes available people are going to want to go out and travel and experience their 1st real freedom in over a year; assuming things get back to normal in 2021 hopefully. Acquiring a smaller park might encourage more travel. I already talked about how Adventureland would be a good test park for this since its in between Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair which could encourage more people to travel between parks. The 1st season they
  22. The only way that park could get significant investments is if the tourism industry in the Muskegon area grew. Nevertheless I think them not getting a new thrill coaster hasn't exactly helped boost attendance.
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