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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Since there a ton of posts about gigas on other threads, I decided to create a central topic just dedicated to the speculation of the giga coaster that most coaster enthusiasts believe we are going to get in the future. What we know: Cedar Fair has added 3 gigas to its parks since 2010 Each giga installed is taller than the last Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park without one What we can speculate: The conception of the coaster itself B&M is a likely candidate The old S.O.B station might be used ^If not in Action Zone then it could be put in X-Base^ Possibly a green color since KI has no coasters that color Like I said, this is just a speculation thread. "The more you know, the better you can speculate for what's ahead"
  2. SonofBaconator

    KI lets slip plans for 2019 exist on IG today?

    Get out
  3. SonofBaconator

    Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    *Just to be clear I love all of KI's coasters, but I'd like to see other people's perspectives and true views.* If one coaster had to bite the dust, which one would it be? This can be based on capacity, placement, or personal preference. I included all coasters on this thread to reduce bias. Please be mature and respect each other's opinions. This is meant to be a survey and a friendly discussion.
  4. SonofBaconator

    X-Base: The Ideal Build Out

    X-Base Expansion Plan This is my rendition for the most realistic change that can be made to X-Base should the park ever chose to expand it in the future. The current buildings and rides will stay, however there will be a significant amount of land added to the section to the left of Flight of Fear. This expansion would not only add more land to the section but it would also not make the area a dead end anymore. The new expansion would feature a permanent food vendor, extra rides, and yes, restrooms. There will be extra room for a coaster in the old Dinosaur's Alive area as well. The two pay to ride attractions, Slingshot and Xtreme Skyflyer would move to the new and improved X-Base as well as a witches' wheel to give it a more extraterrestrial feel. The que of Firehawk is enclosed now so guests can feel as if they're walking through an aviation training facility with tvs similar to Flight of Fear and air conditioning. The whole area will receive a cosmetic overhaul to where even the maintenance buildings will be disguised to look like military buildings. The park can use old props from the Top Gun ride as well as any other props from the Paramount days. The area will have a story focusing around Flight of Fear which will go something like this- "In 1996 an unidentified flying object entered Earth's atmosphere and landed within the ground of Kings Island. Department 47 was dispatched and soon encased the UFO in a building away from the public's eye. With the fear of another extraterrestrial encounter, the government turned the crash site into a secret, off the books military facility- X-Base. At X-Base new recruits will tour the facilities and ride multiple rides that would give one the sensations of a 0-100 mph launch, suspended flight, and many other unworldly sensations." I would go further and say that Firehawk is a prototype human propulsion system designed to mimic human flight.
  5. Cedar Point is really good with monitoring cell phone use in rides. Whenever I'm at work I can hear an operator telling people to put their phones away on a regular basis.
  6. SonofBaconator

    Flat ride package?

    I'd love an Enterprise, Top Scan, and even a Skywarp (even though its considered a coaster.) What would you like to see?
  7. SonofBaconator

    KICentral Interview July 4th and Beyond for 2018

    Thanks for indirectly mentioning the Giga speculation thread! I feel proud that I've caused so many arguments and anxiety
  8. No, from when I've seen they've been alternating trains. Jess will sit out and Digger and Blackjack will run, or Digger will sit out and Jess will be in etc.
  9. I've only been seeing them run two trains recently every time I've driven past it. On a lighter note, at least the Blackjack train is in operation.
  10. SonofBaconator

    Woman falls under Diamondback train

    A quote from the link @BoddaH1994 provided. "Kings Island officials told FOX 45 the woman likely wasn't paying attention and stepped into the wrong area, which is a place where maintenance workers can lay down and work under the ride."
  11. SonofBaconator

    Rows chained off on Mystic

    I see this a lot on Corkscrew and Iron Dragon at Cedar Point but those both are low attendance rides. Mystic Timbers is only one year old so I don't think it's ridership has lowered to that of Corkscrew or Iron Dragon. Meditate on this I will.
  12. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I end up using the highlight tool on PowerPoint, like what I did for Firehawk
  13. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    @Hawaiian Coasters 325 I do not mean to ridicule your concepts but you should take a page out of @Thrill_Biscuit 's book instead of just using windows paint
  14. Oh no, I'm not trying to say its the fault of the operators at all, the fault is 100% on the individual with the phone. I'm just saying that if the operators were joking around on the PA instead of giving instructions on loose articles, the fault could be on them. There have been a few times when I've gone to parks where the associates don't even ask riders to secure loose articles and instead joke around on the mic. After an op/associate says to secure loose articles, the riders should be responsible if their items fall out of their pockets.
  15. I think ride ops need to do a better job of reminding guests about loose articles instead of joking around over the PA system like what @BoddaH1994 says. The guest with the phone is the one at fault but if the ride associates were joking and messing around, the blame could be shifted to the park.
  16. SonofBaconator

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    SOB terping the Terp
  17. SonofBaconator

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    Its a Terp thing
  18. SonofBaconator

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    This is probably my favorite concept
  19. SonofBaconator

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    Its been rumored that something will be done to the Crypt building in the future. What are your ideas? I'm no architect but I personally think it could be utilized for an indoor/outdoor ride similar to Mystery Mine with a cool backstory.
  20. I've been going to this zoo for 20 years and this investment is heavily needed. The elephant reserve always felt so tiny to house 4 full grown elephants. Only time will tell what the Elephant building will house next. The rhino reserve also needed some attention. The White Lions exhibit was really old and needed to be replaced as did wildlife canyon, especially since the Sumatran rhinos are gone. I really like the initiative that the zoo is taking where people will get to interact with animals more and see them be animals. Despite their good intentions, Zoos have always gotten a bad rap for keeping wild animals captive in small enclosures so giving the larger animals more room to roam is certainly a huge step towards better conservation efforts.
  21. SonofBaconator

    Action Zone

    It started off as just an empty area with trees and grass. Not even an original section, this area first debuted as Lion Country Safari with a monorail that you rode past many wild animals. Then it became Wild Animal Habitat, featuring the two new roller coasters: Screamin' Demon and King Kobra. In '87, Screamin' Demon left to make room for Amazon Falls which was later renamed Congo Falls under Paramont's ownership. With the addition of Top Gun in 1993 and the subtraction of Wild Habitat, Paramont's Kings Island renamed the area Adventure Village. And then came Xtreme Skyflyer in 95 fallowed by XS Raceway in 96. Paramount later renamed the section, Action Zone in '99 which mimicked a movie set featuring a coaster and a flat ride: Faceoff and Drop Zone: Stunt Tower. The abundance of land left over from Wild Habitat provided Kings Island with many opportunities for a new attraction. In 2000, Son of Beast debuted being the tallest, fastest, and only looping coaster in the world. In 2003 Delerium replaced King Cobra. Now under new ownership, Cedar Fair has done their best to change the Paramount factor of the park . With the renaming of all the movie themed attractions, they focused their attention on Rivertown by adding Diamondback in 2009 which was also the last year Son of Beast ran until it was later dismantled in 2012. So we have been seeing many changes in Action Zone under Cedar Fair. First, the renaming of all the rides. In 2012, Invertigo got a new look, and Son of Beast and Thunder Alley were torn down for "park expansion." In the offseason, the water tower was sold to Jungle Jim's. With the reveal on our new record-breaking B&M Invert, Banshee, we are starting to see the Paramount in Kings Island die off. With all the changes over the years, what should we expect from this historical section in years to come?
  22. SonofBaconator

    Official looking men between The Racers

    As far as I know, the only CF coaster they've touched is the late Rebel Yell. I'd say Cedar Fair has a stronger relationship with GCI at the moment as they've been the go-to for wooden coasters for over a decade now
  23. SonofBaconator

    Official looking men between The Racers

    Rmc can add topper track and I wouldn't care since it would still be considered wooden. What Racer really needs is a gci or a gravity group retrack which wouldn't be an issue considering how iconic the ride is to the industry.
  24. SonofBaconator

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Or they wanted to make sure their child was looked at by medical professionals.
  25. SonofBaconator

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    RMC Giga? Its far fetched but I honestly like listening to this guy. Subscribe to his channel as he always has something good. https://youtu.be/C0_3m2Rhk5I