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  1. That stuff I'm fine with. In 2018 CP built up a rivalry between Maverick and Steel Vengeance and it was fun to see the associates make playful jabs about the opposing ride When an associate is bashing the park's newest ride around guests however, it looks bad. The park didn't pay millions of dollars on a coaster to have it be negatively reviewed by it associates; especially around guests during work hours. If you have employees talking ill about the park around your guests, how do you think the guests will react?
  2. It baffles me how some employees blatantly criticize the company they work for while on the job. Most companies will fire employees if they talk ill about their company or product.
  3. Jeez, do you like anything at KI or do you just like to crap on everything about the park?
  4. Two RMC's don't make one park better than another. Two RMCs certainly improve a park's line-up but KI is still the superior park. I've talked about KI not underestimating KK and from what @BeeastFarmer has convinced me, they seem pretty responsive to what other competing parks are doing
  5. The height of the coaster wars? I'd say it came out during the end. Top Thill Dragster hit the 400ft mark and Kingda Ka beat that just a few years later. There's no way KI could've added anything that massive, or really added anything else that would give KI an advantage over othet parks. Son of Beast and Flight of Fear were our coaster wars entries. You have to remember that we were a Paramount park so the chain had to make rides to promote their movies. Out of left field? Perhaps, but I wouldn't say PKI was as concerned about the coaster wars to begin with. We got 3 pretty significant flat rides between 1999-2003 if you want to fact check me.
  6. This is a tri state, you're gonna be hearing a lot from Indiana as well as Ohio and Kentucky.
  7. I also came up with the idea of low maintenance dark rides. Disney Land Disney World are known for their dark rides and themed attractions but if you really look at some of them, they don't require a ton of maintenance. Look at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland. Yes there's a lot of detail and moving figures but a lot of the detail was painted and or projected and that actual figures don't move like traditional animatronics. You'll occasionally see an arm move but for the most part the props are stationary in are fixated on a moving object. For example if you look at Piglet in the wind seen you just see that he's fixated on the broom but the broom is spitting 360° to give it more animation. I think a park-like Kings Island could mimic this and really hit home with it. Yes they did have to use their own IP, but other than that the rest of the ride seems very simple. Now I know that The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride isn't necessarily the most popular attraction at the Disney parks and doesn't have as much elaborate animation that you would see in say the Haunted Mansion but gets the job done. What I'm saying is I think that dark rides can be done in a way where there still effort put in but doesn't wreak havoc for the maintenance team who has to service it on a daily basis. Boo Blasters is very similar in terms of animation to TMAOWTP but you can still see a noticable difference when it comes to the small things. Also sound, timing, and light projection go a long way. There is a lot of attractions at Universal Studios Horror Nights where there's sound and lighting affects that go off instead of a scareactor jumping out. The same can be said for dark rides- adding additional audio and lighting can really enhance the mood of a ride
  8. I don't think it's right to say which coaster it better. Its the same as comparing to Beast and Mystic. I get comparing coasters between different parks like Millenium Force and Fury 325 but I don't know if it works out for coasters in the same park. You might have a coaster you might prefer or like more than another but I don't think when it comes to comparing coasters like Orion and Diamondback or no coaster is truly better than another. My two cents.
  9. Orion has a top speed of 91 mph where Diamondback's top speed is 80 mph. So in theory, Diamondback is longer in terms of ride duration since its 11mph slower than Orion. I think that's what @Driver8rws meant to say. Faster rides will, for the most part, naturally have a shorter ride duration than others. Orion will blast through its 5,321ft of track at 91 mph faster than it takes Diamondback to complete its 5,282 ft of track at 80 mph. Personally, I don't agree a ride is immediatly deemed better because of how long the ride time is.
  10. I think it'll be interesting to see how people compare the two. I haven't ridden Orion yet and I've been on Millennium Force more times than I can count so going off of that I think its safe to say Orion is superior in terms of theming
  11. If you were to compare it to another coaster that gave a similar experience, what would it be? Is it even comparable?
  12. Canada's Wonderland in 2019: Hold my Syrup
  13. Fanboys: Cedar Fair doesn't know how to do theming Kings Island in 2017: Hold my Blue Ice Cream Carowinds in 2019: Hold my Jam Kings Island in 2020: Hold my Blue Ice Cream again
  14. That's true, but I personally don't think it deserves 14th place
  15. If anyone's good at No limits 2, try and make a GateKeeper type coaster but as a flyer. Pulled from the other Vortex thread, I'm sure this shot might be easy to use as a backdrop for any desired coaster concept
  16. Here's the link: https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-roller-coaster-2020/Diamondback-kings-island
  17. Here's a side by side by side comparison of all the B&M gigas
  18. A lot of potential for this spot, whatever is coming down the road I personally want it to be big. In theory, you could fit a 200fter in that spot but the jury's out on the possibility of that happening. Personally I'd like to see the following elements come to KI: a Sea Serpent, a zero-g stall, and a banana roll. Ironically the aforementioned elements can be found on Steel Curtain which is an S&S coaster that hits 200ft in height. I know I've been adamant about the park getting a B&M floorless coaster for quite some time but I also think it would be fitting if S&S came in given their history with Arrow. Plus we could a decent chunk of inversions out of it. (Screenshotted from Ohio Valley Coasters)
  19. @TombRaiderFTW I think I've mentioned this once or twice but I would like that whole midway between Vortex's land and Backlot Stunt Coaster be to be turned into a little mini Frontier City to extend Rivertown. The entrance could therefore be along that pathway. I'd also like to see BLSC's enterance reworked so that plaza could be dozed to add a flat but that's a dream of mine
  20. After seeing the pictures of the cleared land, I can't even begin to imagine what's running through the park's head. I'm sure covid-19 pushed back future spending for a lot of parks and I doubt Kings Island has ordered anything prior to the virus spreading. I think if they can save as much money as possible when it comes to a potential coaster they'll do it. As big of a park as we are I personally don't see us spending Banshee type money if they can help it but maybe im wrong. I think it's safe to say that if they do indeed replace it with a coaster it will be themed very well.
  21. I think the river theme would work honestly. I don't know if the Bengals really warrant a coaster at this time. The Reds on the other hand would've been in interesting idea. My biggest "what-if" would be if Diamondback were to be themed to "The Big Red Machine" but the snake theme is more original and unique. I still miss the Reds HoF Bar and Grille
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