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  1. I know a lot of people who think that, I myself used to, but I don’t think CF really does that anymore, if at all. People didn’t stop going to Cedar Point because Six Flags Great Adventure got a taller model. Cedar Point likes to add record breaking rides because it draws in business, but more often than not if the ride experience is great, people don’t care as much about the records after a while. Steel Vengeance broke a ton of records when it came out but even though some of those records have been broken, people will still ride it. All I’m saying is, I don’t think KI is bogged down by CP when it comes to deciding whether or not to add certain things to their park.
  2. I prefer the vest restraints myself. OTSRs hurt my head going through inversions- I will always wonder what Vortex would’ve been like with Vest Restraints
  3. IIRC, the ravine is about 30ft below at its deepest. I think a mini dive focused on inversions would be fun whenever Vortex gets eventually replaced:
  4. I do wonder if the demolition company is related to the SOB station considering Wolf Pack didn’t reopen this year
  5. Would you want to see seasonal overlays (Haunt & Winterfest) for some of our rides? If so which ones and in what way? I’ll give an example: Putting Halloween props along the BLSC route by the police cars, altering the billboards, altering the mid course launch scene, etc (just random examples I came up with)
  6. A lot of people tend to forget that most park was essentially themed to the greater Cincinnati area when it was built. The Coney section was the old Coney Island, Oktoberfest reflected the German heritage, and Rivertown represented what the area would’ve looked like in the 1800s. It was never really themed to the Wild West, yet people tend to throw it in that category for some reason; perhaps Diamondback? Sidenote, there’s a bit of irony in Diamondback and Copperhead Strike. Eastern Diamondback rattlesnakes are typically found in the Southeastern United States such as Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas where as Copperheads are found across the Midwest as well as the North and Southern parts of the US.
  7. My thoughts are that he might be trying to put in a shopping/night life district in that part of the area.
  8. So will the Wolfpack building be SBNO?
  9. Which is really a shame. It’s hard to run a resort properly when you run into staffing issues.
  10. I just want to hear what people have to say considering Kentucky Kingdom is under new ownership with Herschend and there are several avenues they an choose to go down.
  11. Could the potential LSMs travel up a partial part of the track ascending the hill like on Thunderbird?
  12. I argue you just need figures. There are a few of dark rides where the characters are static, maybe moving one or two body parts and a lot of it’s just lighting and projections. A lot of Disney’s smaller dark rides are actually quite simple when you think about it.
  13. It doesn’t offend me, I get the joke-I just know the internet and putting anything involving a political figure will always stir up something somewhere
  14. A few notes, you’re missing the kids area expansion which helped us win the Golden Ticket Awards for nearly 2 decades. Also WWC, Dinosaurs Alive, Phantom Theater and other large investments. Also I think you should remove the Biden sticker from the image- bringing politics into this doesn’t help further discussion and creates unnecessary arguments that don’t need to happen- no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on.
  15. I’m not opposed to coasters that double as flat rides: 4d freespins, and Skywarps. I’m not sure what happened to the skywarps to get them disliked from the community. On paper it looks like a fun ride
  16. I like the idea of German explorers tying into Adventure Express. It’s a shame the Skywarp model never really took off, you could’ve put one in the former Slingshot location and name it the Bavarian Pretzel.
  17. CP Shores can get pretty busy during the summer months which makes parking and traffic a hassle. Would you think it would be advantageous to add a second water park off property for locals who live in the Sandusky/Toledo/Cleveland area? It would be about the same size but would be located off the peninsula to ease up congestion. Thoughts?
  18. Personally, I think there are two kind of improvements: 1.) Improvements that come with new attractions: When Banshee was built, you saw some surrounding upgrades with Flight Deck being rebranded and repainted The Bat, Delirium being repainted, a nice seating area taking the spot of the water tower, and a nice patio area outside the Feathaus. When Orion was built you saw a whole rework of the surrounding area with extra theming being added around Flight of Fear, a new dining area, space theming, and painted buildings. These type of improvements are always nice because you know an area will be spruced up when a new attraction comes in. 2.) Off year improvements (off year meaning no new thrill ride): These are personally my favorite because they can happen at unexpected times if you’re a park goer. 2019 was my favorite year because it saw the return of the Antique Cars, the colored Beast trains, an upgraded International Street, a renovated glockenspiel, etc. 2022 was almost a continuation of 2019 with different upgrades to celebrate the park’s 50th like a freshly painted Drop Tower, new train theming, repainted Racer, repainted Eiffel Tower, repainted Flying Ace and so on. I personally hope that every off year we don’t get an attraction, the park should make improvements like what I mentioned. Diamondback should be hopefully getting repainted and I would love to see the Crypt building get painted to blend in more like what they did with the Killmart building. Stuff like that might not seem like a lot for some, but it really does go a long way and it shows guests that the park takes pride in what they do; it clearly shows with all the improvements made over the past few years.
  19. Personally, I’d put a Congo Falls like ride in Rivertown-or if Congo Falls could be relocated that would be great too. Put it behind the Crypt building so the park can decide whether they want to keep the building or demolish it. If the Crype building isn’t going to be touched just yet, at least paint it Go-Away-Green so it blends in more with the trees. If the park does decide to put something in the building, I’d want an indoor drop ride to resemble a mine shaft. If they’re gonna tear it out, I’d still want the water ride to go where I have it next to The Beast and DB to allow for a new flat ride.
  20. I argue our park is too large for Gerstlauer. Unless they come up with a train to accommodate 28-32 passengers, which they’ve never done on an Infinity Coaster, I don’t see it happening. Love them or hate them, B&M has provided us with 3 reliable coasters and with their track being manufactured in the neighboring county, I don’t see them not returning.
  21. Not to speculate but I find it interesting that Pumpkin Eater is relocating from the original location along the path between Rivertown and Coney Mall to Action Zone. Could there maybe be plans for The Vortex plot that are beginning to take shape?
  22. This could be it for the ride, but then again Six Flags hasn’t been known for having the safest rides- heck they relocated their painful Intamin free-spin model to Canada. On a side note, I always found it problematic that the majority of the Six Flags parks bare the name “Six Flags.” When you hear of a ride breaking down at a Six Flags named park, it doesn’t really ensure a lot of confidence in the chain. Not that incidents should be anticipated, but at least with Cedar Fair or Herschend if something happens at one of their properties it’s not reflecting the entire chain like it does for Six. With regards to El Toro, I wouldn’t be surprised if the state shuts the ride down for an indefinite period of time.
  23. Someone on Reddit made some cool PT merch concepts
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