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  1. #whatsinthebaconator

  2. This user is on a permanent leave

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    2. stashua123


      Bye and will miss you.

    3. DBInternational


      Well phewy, I wondered why I hadn't seen your posts on the forums in a while. :/ Its a shame, I always enjoyed your posts.

    4. Banshee Back VII
  3. I did hear a Banshee!

  4. That's a nice profile pic you got there, Biscuit

  5. Did I hear a Banshee?

  6. Franklin and I go way back....

  7. Why have 1 profile pic when you can have 6?

  8. You like Crabby Patties don't you Squidward?

  9. Tok, look it up on the App Store if you have an iPad

  10. "I have a craving for baby!!"

  11. Being a train lover, I hate derailments

  12. You know what it is: Black and Orange, Black and Orange, Black and Orange

  13. Might have to get surgery Tuesday

  14. Death, Taxes and Fun: those are the 3 things that will never go away

    1. fanofFirehawk


      where'd the fun come from, I thought it was Taxes and Death are the too things that are certain in life.


    2. SonofBaconator


      I added fun. Ben Franklin would be proud

    3. TheCrypt


      If death takes your life, you no longer are entrapped in endless taxes, not are you capable of fun.

  15. "I am Iron Man, riding The Beast as fast as I can"

  16. "I have a lot of apologies to make"

  17. "They say your father was a great man, you must be whats left."

    1. fanofFirehawk


      hhmmm. I see someone has been catching up on their Epic Rap Battle of History. (Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney)

  18. Every time I'm on the train ride, I always seem to make it over the bridge

  19. "Fransisco.' That's fun to say! Fransisco"

    1. TheCrypt
    2. SonofBaconator
    3. VortexBFForever


      Elf!! :D I love that movie... *picks up phone* "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color..."

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