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  1. Kings Island is one of those parks that's extremely successful and historic throughout its existence. Its success can stem from it's perfect placement near big midwestern and southern cities like Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, and Louisville. As of 2019 these cities have a combined metro population of 12,583,076 people and are experiencing 5.5% growth. To top that off, with exception to the 2020 covid season, Kings Island regularly breaks over 3 million visitors a year as a seasonal park. 

    Concerning their rides, I don't believe there's a single defunct attraction that people don't miss (with maybe exceptions to SOB.) The park had many 1sts in the industry like with Racer, The Beast, the 1980s Bat, King Cobra, Vortex, and yes even Son of Beast. Even the park's modern coasters like Diamondback, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers are argued to be the best of their kind. Though we don't have a flat collection like Canada's Wonderland I still think Drop Tower, Delirium, WindSeeker and others are fun. The park itself is also constructed very well. Its extremely hard to get lost in and all the rides are easy to get to (maybe not The Bat). Our kids section was consistently ranked the best in the world for nearly two decades. Our water park is nice because its in its own area and not taking up in park space like you get at Canada's Wonderland, Kentucky Kingdom, or Kings Dominion. 

    With all of that said I really don't know what there is to criticize. Yes we don't have crazy intense coasters like the young enthusiasts want and that's fine by me. I'd rather have something smooth, comfortable, and reliable that I can ride while I age as opposed to super intense ones that experience downtime that I won't be able to ride when I get older. I hate that whole "you hate us because you ain't us" mentality but I think that applies to us. We have an awesome giga coaster, a great hyper, an awesome invert, a great collection of wooden coasters, awesome supporting coasters, a great kids area, I could go on. 


    The only thing I could see people criticizing fans for their unrealistically high expectations. For example I see people on Reddit posting about how we should have a dive, a wing, a flyer, a multi launch, and an RMC which I think is completely unnecessary. Other than that I think we're solid.

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  2. Its crazy to think that Yukon Striker will be 2 years old this summer. Under Cedar Fair, Canada's Wonderland has gotten a decent amount of coasters and in a lot of ways can be seen as Cedar Fair's testing ground. They were the 1st park to feature a hyper coaster with staggered trains, they were the 1st park to feature a B&M giga, the first triotech coaster, and the 1st B&M dive coaster with a vertical loop. While some people have considered these additions underwhelming in comparison to other additions across the chain, its evident that Cedar Fair likes to try out new things at this park. With that being said, what's the next coaster to come to Canada's Wonderland?

    I've heard a few ideas and speculations across the internet.

    • A coaster in the back of the park over their White Water Canyon
    • Something like a wing, flyer, or invert by B&M
    • A modern GCI
    • A launched coaster by Mack
    • RMC either WB or MCMB (which would be really difficult given Canada's laws on contracting the own citizens for construction)

    I would be fine with any of the options above. The unfortunate thing about this park is that outside of their B&Ms, they don't have a lot of good supporting coasters like you see at KI or CP. Time Warp, Flight Deck, Minebuster, Wild Beast, and The Bat are all candidates for the chopping block as far as I'm concerned. You could take down Flight Deck and Time Warp for a B&M invert. If they're not replacing an existing coaster I think a Mack multi-launch would be a good fit towards the back of the park. There have been some people arguing that if they put a coaster over White Water Canyon it would have to be tall since ON-400 (the highway) runs parallel to the back of the park. 

    What're some of your thoughts?

  3. Knott's thrives at being a true theme park so I don't think adding huge thrilling coasters like Magic Mountain does a lot for the park. On the other hand, just sticking with family rides also won't help; its a gray area. When I think of Knott's and what new thrilling coasters they could add, I can only think of one thing- smaller and compact. There are a handful of thrilling coasters that would fit this criteria like freespins and sky rockets. However SFDK has those two coasters in the bay area and SWSD has a sky rocket of its own.

    To be honest I don't know what coaster fits the Knott's mold. Some rides that come to mind are Sandy's Blasting Bronco or Timmy's Half-Pipe Havoc but those are Intamins and I don't know how Cedar Fair feels about working with them again. With that being said however, I think they're small enough to deserve a chance- unless of course Mack could make something similar.

  4. I keep thinking Sea World is going to file for bankruptcy. SEAS had 5 new coasters to be built for the 2020 season and they weren't small orders either. The purchasing of 5 big coasters in one year reminded me of what Six Flags did in the early 2000s and look what happened there. No one could have accounted for the pandemic but I believe SEAS still owes money on some of their coasters.

    I keep wondering what will happen to the Sea World chain. Will they try to sell off all of their parks? Will they try to sell the Sea World parks and hang on to Sesame Place and the Busch parks and just rebrand to "Busch?" Would Disney be interested in SWO? Would Cedar Fair be interested in some parks? What about Herschend? So many questions

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  5. On 8/23/2020 at 1:48 PM, purdude86 said:

    Think it looks great for the park. Would be a crowd pleaser for sure and as they don’t have a hyper/air time machine this style would be good for them. Looks kind of like a combination of Orion and Fury 

    Its crazy that 70% of their coasters feature inversions. A lot of their coasters are also pretty intense. Iron Gwazi has 12 airtime moments but I think they need a coaster that focuses on just airtime- no inversions. 

  6. If we're talking B&M:

    Look at the land Vortex occupies. I'm not an expert but I think putting a 200ft dive next to a 200ft hyper would look odd. I think something in the range of 150-170ft would work in that space. If the park would get a "dive" I argue it wouldn't be a large one that we've become accustomed to in North America but rather something like a traditional inversion heavy coaster with a holding break and a 90° drop.

    Going back to the wing model, while I think having one would be fun, it would be illogical for the park to get one. There are four wing coasters within a five hour radius of the area so it wouldn't make sense for us to get one. The best move would be for Cedar Fair to send one to Kings Dominion who would benefit from one way more than us.

    A flyer is plausible but I think Cedar Point would want one and have it break several records. They are arguably the most maintenance heavy B&Ms so I think KI would actively try to avoid that.

    Surf Coaster is another plausibility but the prototype coaster hasn't been built yet.

    Then there's the floorless. Yes I refer back to this a lot and I understand the arguments against it. The main reason I keep bringing it up is because of another coaster we got in 2014- Banshee. Before Banshee when was the last inverted coaster built in North America? The answer is 2006 when Worlds of Fun debuted Patriot. Now when was the last floorless built in North America? The answer is 2005 with Hydra the Revenge at Dorney Park. So I do believe its possible KI could add one. Will they do it? I have no clue, however I wouldn't count out the possibility.


    In terms of other manufacturers...

    The main one aside from B&M is of course Mack. I have no problem with getting a Mack, no problem at all. Something like Helix would be great. I'm just more concerned with the price tag. Macks are just as expensive as B&M but their track is manufactured in Germany. At least with B&M Cedar Fair can spend more on the actual ride as opposed to shipping since their track comes from literally the next county.

    Intamin is a no go given their past with CF. I'm sure they may reconsider in the future but that's a long shot for a company that has caused the chain significant issues.

    The same can be said for RMC. The manufacturer is currently retracking parts of Lightening Rod at Dollywood and unfortunately Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers did not start of well during their opening seasons. I'm not sure how comfortable Cedar Fair would be working with them at the moment.

    S&S can finally be another manufacturer we can throw in there since Kings Dominion is getting their 4d freespin. I have heard mixed reviews about Steel Curtain at Kennywood so I don't know if Cedar Fair would go to them so build a similar coaster.

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  7. 1 hour ago, coaster sally said:

    but what if a gp'er sees that ride and wants to ride it and gets to the park and is stuck with BLSC?

    There's been a ton of Kings Island advertisements in years past that feature Dominator from KD and Silver Bullet from Knott's Berry Farm. They're not advertising the specific coaster per se rather they're advertising the park

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  8. 3 minutes ago, TTD-120-420 said:

    I would like to see parks take a more innovative approach to cool down guests during those hot summer months (or all the time in Florida). More indoor queues, large misting fans that aren't moldy/disgusting scattered all over the park pathways, etc...


  9. Companies that I think will come out of this pandemic the least wounded are Disney and Universal. Cedar Fair, Herschend and I daresay Six Flags will survive but I think there will have to result in some liquidation of expensive and old attractions. Sea World on the other hand is a whole different story. The company is in some debt from all of their coaster installations this past year so it'll be interesting to see if they file for bankruptcy or not

  10. I have 3 personal things I want to return

    • Phantom Theater
    • The Keggers
    • King Cobra

    I know people will think I'm nuts for wanting KC to come back but I like to keep an open mind. The Surf Coaster is coming out so it might prove to be a comfortable alternative to the stand up model. I don't want anything huge, just something close to KC's stats. Georgia Scorcher is a pretty small stand-up and apparently people love it.

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  11. I thought this was an interesting video and he brings up some good points. Cedar Fair has been cutting off some manufacturers that have been giving their respective parks problems such as Intamin and by the looks of it RMC.

    There really hasn't been a hint or a leak that RMC is going to work with Cedar Fair in the near future. I'm not saying it'll never happen again, heck they could have something in the works now, but it doesn't seem super promising at this point and time. Outside of Canada's Wonderland there's not an immediate need to convert any wooden coasters. I imagine Cedar Fair is looking to see how Iron Gwazi does before wanting to work with RMC again. 

    I'm not saying Cedar Fair has quit on RMC but it seems like they're more comfortable with other manufacturers even going so far as to work with Mack who ships their track overseas. 

    It'll be interesting to see what the future holds in terms of Cedar Fair's relationship with RMC

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  12. On 1/11/2014 at 3:58 PM, TOPGUN1993 said:

    Photo #11 - kentons cove keelboat canal 1987 (Note The Beast line)


    I often wondered how things would be different if Paramount decided to leave KCKC alone and built TRTR somewhere else. If CF would have purchased the park with KCKC still operating would it be removed for Diamondback? Would Diamondback look the same? Would Mystic have ever been built?

    It seems despite the poor placement of TRTR it left an abundance of land for the park down the road allowing them to build a hyper coaster and a good sized GCI

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  13. Credit to @KIghostguy for pointing this out to me and of course BGWFans.com for sharing on their twitter.

    No "official" word from the park but its on their Fun Card passes so I consider it credible.


    If this is legit then it's a definite game changer for Kings Dominion. I don't believe BGW would operate the same way BGT does in its winter months but only time will tell. Seeing how BGW will operate in the winter months is something I'll look forward to.

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  14. ^The idea looks good on paper but I have a few nitpicks that would require some change.

    • The station elevation- I don't know what's the tallest B&M station it but if its built over SoB's old station it would have to be pretty high
    • The station is right near Banshee's- maybe this is just me but it would be too condensed in that corner.
    • Demolishing Timberwolf- I'm torn on this
    • Its too similar to GateKeeper- a wing coaster running up to the front of the park in Ohio. Multiply that by two and it seems repetitive

    Full disclosure I'd love something compact like X-Flight but with Thunderbird in the next state, GateKeeper up north and even Wild Eagle to the south it just seems too saturated at this point in time. 

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