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  1. 23 hours ago, RedSummit20 said:

    Were not further south like KD

    I’d hardly say KD is much further south than KI, probably the longitudinal equivalent of Lexington, Kentucky, who pretty much gets about the same weather we do up here. Having gone to Virginia in the cooler months, I say it’s not too different than what we encounter- some days can be pleasant, some days can be horrible. 

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  2. Now that Diamondback is off the board, I suggest Backlot Stunt Coaster or Woodstock Express. It would be cool if they painted Backlot’s track an actual color vs just having it be all dark. It would also be cool to see Woodstock Express get repainted back to Yellow from its Scooby Doo days, but unfortunately Yellow fades fast.

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  3. 55 minutes ago, Captain Nemo said:

    Also the park has moved on from it's show building aesthetics back when it was Paramount. Other than Diamondback, each new attraction has made it's corresponding area beautiful without many ugly sightlines. That building has DB right over the entrance to the cave, plus I think having it removed would allow WWC entrance to have some air to breathe and most importantly, open up the area for expansion.

    I still think a water ride would go nicely in that patch of grass next to Diamondback’s second hill.



    That would still allow the park to put something new where the building is and fill in some of that open land without having to tear into the woods.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Captain Nemo said:

    Even though I love and miss with a passion TRTR, it's time to pull that bandaid and just remove it. But... At the same time KI is in DESPERATE need of a thrilling dark ride and the building is there. 

    KI is lacking in the inversion department right now, only 3 coasters in the park have inversions so I'd love to see a thrill ride that includes inversions.

    I’m not sure what that building can hold that would accomplish this that isn’t what used to already be in there. 

    The DarKoaster building is 4 times the size of what we have. I argue unless they have another flat ride to put in that building, tear it down.

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  5. Wasn’t there a guy who was teaching people a trick on how to manipulate the restraints on a Hershey Park coaster to let them basically stand then got upset when he got kicked out of Carowinds for doing something similar?


    (Don’t manipulate restraints)

  6. 2 hours ago, Captain Nemo said:

    For safety reasons, on-ride photography of any kind is prohibited on all rides except the Eiffel Tower and the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad.

    I think Woodstock Whirlybirds, the Character Carousel and the Grand Carousel should be added. I don’t see the harm considering they don’t move super fast and people like to film their kids. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, brenthodge said:

    sone people are scared of what they don’t know LOL

    No, they just like what they like. Kinda condescending to say that people chose not to eat different things because they’re scared….maybe they like to food from chains because it’s familiar and maybe even comforting. I like to try new offerings, but I’m not going to think someone’s scared because they opted for cheese coneys over King Cobra sushi.

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  8. 2 hours ago, robintodd said:

    Places like Chic, Starbucks and Cinnebon are pretty much available everywhere.  

    At the very least they’re brands people know. Out of town guests who visit the park might see the places you mentioned and chose to go there because it’s something that they’re familiar with.

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  9. 44 minutes ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    Funny they put Blue Fire in the background of their 2023 logo lol. You would've thought they would've put Orion in the background with it being the first SS event since Orion opened...

    Cedar Fair uses coasters from other parks as well. I remember seeing a European Mack on KI’s app once.


  10. 3 hours ago, purdude86 said:

    Horse themed motorcycle style cars (like Steeplechase at Luna Park) are what I've always envisioned for a reimagining of the ride. Taking out the current theming and giving it a landscaped look like Sonofbaconator proposed would look great and with the horse style trains it would fit in well with both Rivertown and Coney Mall.

    Considering Zamperla has been working with CF recently, it would be cool to see if they could look into horse cars for BLSC. They gave Knott’s Pony Express which is similar to BLSC in some ways.

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  11. Forgive my crude Snapchat edit. I think if they ripped out the squad cars, containers, billboards, rocks, etc and planted arborvitaes throughout the course of the ride, it would be somewhat reminiscent of what the land used to look like pre 2005 and give off a Hagrid’s vibe where riders are wizzing past trees. Of course there would have to be changes to the tunnel and such but I think this would be loads better.


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  12. 11 minutes ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    Do we consider Sol Spin the new Skylab?

    That was honestly my first reaction when I saw the concept art- it’s quite similar to Skylab except for how you’re seated which I argue improves the rider’s experience. Witches Wheel at CP was fun but being in a small compartment made me feel sorta uneasy. I think a lot of GP who remember Skylab will compare it to Sol Spin, especially with where the ride is placed.

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  13. I put this in the ”Rumors” section because of past alterations to coasters. In 2014, the park rethemed Flight Deck to The Bat to tie in with Banshee and to bring back nostalgia for the original Bat. In 2019 The Beast trains were repainted to resemble their original color scheme; not a huge modification but still a visual change. In 2022 Racer was repainted back to its 1970s colors. In 2023 we see that Adventure Express is getting some work done thematically and Diamondback got a pretty significant paint job….

    Now regarding coasters, Backlot has always seemed to be the elephant in the room. When it was the Italian Job Stunt Track, the ride was completely themed to the films’s chase scene. Now with the rights gone, the ride just takes up a generic stunt coaster theme. I know there are those who would like to see it go but I argue it’s too popular of an attraction with families to be taken out. That being said, do you think the park will overhaul Backlot Stunt Coaster into something different or at least make modifications to it?

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  14. I wish Invertigo had vest styled restraints but I’m sure it’ll be taken down before they would ever get new trains for it. Having an invert with vest restraints right across from Invertigo sorta aged it more imo.

  15. 21 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    If the angle to the south is doable, they could make the entire parking lot a solar farm, and by partnering with the electrical supplier, pass some of that expense to them.  This would benefit patrons by having somewhat shaded parking, the park by being able to take advantage of net metering and tax breaks (I am not sure what it is for commercial users, but for residential users, it is a 30% credit to your tax bill), and the electric supplier by reducing the strain on the local grid.  It's not often that an open area the size of KI's lot in an urban area is open.

    Possible? Yes.

    Likely? Probably not in the foreseeable future.

    Disclaimer:  I have a solar array on my farm that provides 100% of my electricity needs.  My views could be biased .

    The Cincinnati Zoo did this in the early 2010s and it looks like they’re going to do it again



  16. 15 minutes ago, brenthodge said:

    I’d say “don’t post official pictures if you don’t want comments”

    Especially when it’s all of Enrique’s and Mercado. I’m not sure posting pictures of the same half painted building really generates excitement over, say, aggravation.

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  17. Double post: Concept Art is a double edged sword. If you do it, you may raise people’s expectations and not be able to deliver on what was drawn out. If you don’t do it, you can’t advertise your new product as effectively.

    I like the drawn concepts over the digital ones but I’m personally not a fan of the Adventure Port’s concept that features the pond because I don’t think they’ll be able to make the water that light blue but I’ve been wrong before. 

    Concept art isn’t false advertising because it’s a concept on a product that’s not finalized but things can get exaggerated at times and maybe that’s our fault as the consumers.

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  18. My argument for why we should get a Surf:

    1. Nostalgia sells. King cobra is in that sweet spot of being gone just long enough for older audiences to remember it and for younger audiences to get interested in it. The park has been appealing to people’s nostalgia a lot. They brought back the antique cars, they brought back a smaller version of the flying Eagles, they brought some of the train theming back, they brought some classical paint schemes back, they brought back the Phantom Theater in the form of show, and now they’re bringing back modern versions of two classic flat rides. Park goers have loved the return of these attractions so why not bring back another in a modern way?
    2. B&M. Not only is it manufactured right down the road, but park goers have become extremely fond of Orion, Banshee, and Diamondback since they’ve debuted. Their capacity is great and they’re reliable.
    3. If the trains flop, swap them out. If the trains end up not being a success, they could be swapped with floorless or even sit down trains. Not ideal or something that should be wanted with any ride….but most of B&M’s sit down trains are compatible with their sit down coasters (sit down, staggered, floorless). Like I said, not ideal but not a terrible worst case scenario
    4. It could help ease the loss of another KI coaster. Invertigo isn’t going to be around forever so replacing it (and Congo falls) with a brand new coaster would soften the blow. Even though Pipeline is a launched coaster doesn’t mean ours would have to be. It could be a nice to have a traditional L shaped chain lift coaster. Imagine it with a cobra roll which would not only be a play on the name but also pay homage to Invertigo.
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  19. With the ride being nearly 30 years old, would relocating it really be the best option? Wicked Twister was younger and they ripped that ride out. Dismantling transporting, and reassembling could add extra wear and tear on a ride as a whole. Considering they chose to demolish their other coasters, I don’t see them relocating any of their coasters to another park in the chain (unless it’s like kiddie coaster or something of that nature.)

  20. 30 minutes ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    People say that, but I haven't seen any legit source that backs that up. It's been 15+ years now since the last B&M at BGW was added. Plus, BGW doesn't have a wing coaster so it would be different. 

    KD has never got a ground up B&M ever in its existence so that would lead me to believe that there was some type of restriction. There are plenty of competing parks that have similar coasters: Fiesta Texas and Sea World San Antonio, have the same clone….heck KD and BGW both have arrow loopers. I don’t see any logic in Kings Dominion choosing not to go for a B&M, so there had to have been some type of exclusivity clause somewhere. 

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