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  1. 11 minutes ago, terry wass said:

    i did puchase my gold pass today. So basically a no to pestige and down grade platinum as I went to CP once this year. However to the point of the thread I feel CF is pushing KI as the family park in Ohio and most amusement park publications are indicating a push that way as families spend more $$$ than young people looking for the next 300 foot coasters. So yes the next improvements are probably Planet Snoopy and Soak City and another dining establishment with indoor seating. Would love a water coaster in oak city. Not really surprised with the lack of anything new next season. I know every one on this site is in the  big coaster thrill group. just trying to be real about it.

    Whether people like to believe it or not, families make the $$$. Even CP’s 2023 additions appeal more to the families and younger audience as opposed to something massively thrilling. I can see the waterpark and Planet Snoopy sections being touched next as well.

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  2. 16 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    Since you admit you have never been to Dollywood, I encourage you give it a try before discounting it as simply a Tennesse themed park with ties to Dolly.  There is a lot of variety there and I think you will walk away with a much different opinion of that park.  Many people go in expecting to be flooded with Dolly stuff and walk away quite impressed with the park.  I wasn't overly excited on my first trip to Dollywood as a youngster and I was expecting to be flooded with country music and Dolly songs and sucky rides and walked away a fan of the park.  I make several visits every year.

    They don't just play Dolly songs LOL.  Heck with 9 to 5 playing at KI now, we hear more Dolly at KI than you do at Dollywood LOL:P 

    According to their website, Dollywood averages 2 Dolly songs per hour.  Outside of the Dolly Parton themed area Adventures in Imagination you really do not hear or see much Dolly related stuff.

    They have great themed areas with appropriate songs for the themed area. KI is getting better at that - who remembers pop music on I street LOL....

    Most will say their theming is better and more consistent throughout the park than at KI.  They do a lot of things right.  The coaster theming for example is better than anything CF does and they actually maintain it.  From the food (all original except for Dippin Dots LOL), to the theming, to the shows, to the atmosphere, they have a lot of things going right for them.  Sure they don't have a space theme, but they don't need it either.

    My neighbors just returned from a trip there and was the first time their teenage boys that are totally not country music fans went there.  They went in expecting the coasters to suck and to hear country music all day and not be as fun as KI and walked away saying that is their favorite overall park and plan to go again before school starts. 

    They do a lot of little things right that go a long way.  In the JukeBox Junction themed area, one would expect a 50s/60s diner and sure enough they do, unlike our Panda Express in FestHaus LOL. And their rides and names are appropriate for the area as well.  Now KI has certainly been moving more towards that and fixing some of the wrongs of Paramount, so there is hope at some point for something like a FestHaus to either be rebranded or the food offerings change.

    Personally, I was expecting more from this announcement than what was announced, but they have a target audience they are marketing to and feel this ride fits that market.  I was hoping for a hyper or giga, but even so they do have an underestimated/underappreciated coaster lineup.  They are a lot of fun.


    3 hours ago, Rustbucket said:

    We regularly go to 3 "home" parks since we moved to SC.  I consider Dollywood as one of the best parks to visit with a first class ride operations.  Honestly, I prefer Dollywood over Carowinds or SFOG.  Lighting Rod and Thunderhead are two of my favorite wooden coasters.  (Not sure about Lightning Rod being a complete wooden coaster though now.)  Great themed park with very good selection of dining options.  

    Do yourself a favor and visit Dollywood.  You will be impressed with the park. 

    I stated that I want to go there someday. I don’t have anything against the park at all, in fact it seems very charming and fun. It just seems like a lot of their theming is quite repetitive. One of the rides that really stands out on is Mystery Mine which is themed to a haunted mineshaft which doesn’t really fit the Dollywood theme which I think is why it seems like the coolest concept. 

    I look at our coasters and I just kinda like how the concepts have been executed a little better especially within the last three additions. In 2014 you have a roller coaster themed to a mythological spirit who literally whales whenever there’s a death. In 2017 you have a ride that takes riders into a shed where they encounter one of three types of beasts that strike at you. In 2020 the universe decided to yeet meteors at earth so we built and escape shuttle of sorts. 

    Like I said, each park is different and I want to visit Dollywood someday but I wish in the future they would create rides that are always meant to be cheery. Again I am not the target demographic so take what I say with the great salt.

  3. I’ve never been to Dollywood and I’d love to go someday, but I can’t help but feel like it’s not used to it’s full potential. Do you need large coasters to make a park great? No, but I think more could be done. I know that’s saying a lot when they just added a great kid’s area but I just feel like something’s missing and I’m not sure what. 

    Maybe it’s because I find their concept somewhat restrictive- they’re a Tennessee themed park with ties to Dolly Parton. Compare that to a park like ours were there’s more variety- we have a space themed area, we have an old rustic styled section, we have an international street, etc. Even though the theming isn’t always consistent, it’s still creative: we have a ride themed to a mythological creature of flight next to a jungle mine train. All of Dollywood’s rides are more or less themed to either Tennessee or the smokies with few exceptions.

    I know people really want us to get a Camp Snoopy and I’d all be for it, but I don’t necessarily want a restrictive concept. Planet Snoopy is a concept that’s open and non restrictive. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky.

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  4. 1 hour ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    By a chance encounter, I met one of the franchise owners that has a location in the park. I’m not sure how meal plans and stuff work with their arrangement, but, at least as of our conversation a few years ago, they paid Kings Island a rent plus a percentage of sales.

    And that probably gives the park more guaranteed $$$ as opposed to an original concept. Like I said, I wouldn’t want the whole park flooded with chains, but if the park got more money out of it- I wouldn’t mind an extra chain or two.

  5. 17 minutes ago, MrSourNinja said:

    True. There are also no new documents online on the county site and not much in the way of physical markings. We will see what happens, but I'd really like something new to make it worth renewing my pass next year.

    Not to sound crude but do you base your renewals on whether or not the park gets something new?

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  6. 36 minutes ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    Obviously still have popular Cincy things like Larosas and Skyline to pay homage to the city, but I think things like subway, chick fil a, panda express, etc could be replaced.

    Those believe those restaurants pay to have their spaces in the park. I don’t know how much the park makes off of them but I know they get something if I’m not mistaken 

  7. 1 minute ago, brenthodge said:

    The location is the only drawback. It’s just a shame that that end has been so poorly planned and developed over the years. Really wish WindSeeker had gone there in the turn around and they had opened up that whole end years ago. Even doing the restaurant straight at the end. It’s just a wasted cluster of stuff back there. 

    If Phantom theater does not come back in the form of a full-blown dark ride, I wouldn’t mind seeing the 4d theater house an attraction such as that. I’m not saying put a full dark ride in that building but if the park were to hire a company to create a 4d experience themed around the Phantom theater I think it would go over well. The building is kind of off the beaten path so I think the outside could easily be rethemed to look like an old abandoned theater. 

    It wouldn’t have to be one show either, like most 4d theaters they could have multiple shows focusing on different things.

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  8. I have some that could just be pickup locations and not full blown restaurants- remember these are existing local brands:

    • Taste of Belgium: local and can be found in a few sports venues
    • Wings and Rings: again local and headquartered not too far from KI
    • Frisch’s: local Cincinnati chain with a lot of history
    • Montgomery Inn- again a local brand

    Like I said, these are just some ideas to hit my head. I certainly wouldn’t want all of these in the park at the same time because I love our food options already.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Browntggrr said:

    Knowing CF has distanced themselves from Intamin coasters for 10+ years who made modifications?  Intamin?  Someone else?  Were there even modifications to the launch/ brake run made?

    Thinking back to SoB getting modified- If it was someone else other than Intamin what assurances are there that the modifications are safe?

    Definitely more questions than answers.

    I still believe TTD will be removed, but if CF can find a way to safely & consistently operate TTD, than we all benefit.

    I’m not sure I’d be going back to the manufacturer who designed the ride for modifications when the relationship has been more than distant.

    When you have the second tallest and 3rd fastest roller coaster it the world, it draws a lot of attention when there’s a malfunction or an incident; I believe Kinzel regretted having the ride built in the 1st place. The problem with huge record breaking attractions is that they come at the cost of maintenance. If you look at Red Force, it has LSM launches as opposed to the hydraulic system TDD and KK have. 

    The current technology has become somewhat obsolete and I think more people would rather it replaced with something more reliable than just having it SBNO or having it run but experience heavy downtime.


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  10. If they find a way to reopen it, I wouldn’t have a huge announcement on it as that would possibly draw attention to the latest incident. Instead I’d add it back onto the website and relabel it on the map for next season and leave it at that. @BoddaH1994 might have a better response to that but from a PR standpoint I feel like a quiet reopen would be preferred as opposed to a full blown announcement that they got it back up and running.

  11. 9 minutes ago, DoomPlague said:

    I'm not for a chaperone policy, except as a last resort, but there is nothing wrong with saying that teens cause trouble.

    It should also be noted that as minors, their legal guardians are responsible for their actions.


    Parents can be held legally responsible for their minor children’s actions in both civil and criminal court. 

    Source- from a California law group

    A chaperone policy is, in a sense, making the parents/chaperone’s more accountable for the minor’s actions, hopefully discouraging any wrongful behavior from continuing.

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