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  1. Magnum XL 200 was the first type of hyper coaster but over the years manufactures have tweaked the designs. Look up Nitro @ six flags or Superman @ six flags or just look up hyper coasters. I understand your response but hyper coasters have changed in the 2000's.

  2. I was on a couple of the other Cedar Fair Park websites and I realized something. Kings Island is the only park that changed the style of their cars. Like how each train is just one color. But in places like Canada's Wonderland and Kings Dominion have the same blue, red and white car stile to each train. Your feedback?

  3. No its not. It has the same design as a hyper coaster. There is a difference in track design. Giga coasters have like a triangle shaped track while hyper coasters don't. For example look at Millenium Force then Look at Leviathan.

  4. People are always saying, "I wish that Kings Island's kiddie land was still Nickelodeon themed." What about you guys? Which Kiddie land do you prefer: Hannah Barbera, Nick Universe or Planet Snoopy?

  5. We all know that the crypt is gone but I realized something. The other parks that still have crypts are all outdoor. Is it maybe that because potential riders can see what they are going to ride might increase their chance on wanting to ride it? Do you think if Kings Island might keep the ride and demolished the building?

  6. I do agree, i love KI the way it is now but thew don't seem to appreciate their history besides world records. Its like out with the old and in with the new.

  7. Lots of people I know what Cedar Fair to bring back some of the old Ki from 1972. Personally, I want some of the old railroad scenery to be put back somewhere along the train tracks. Others want to ride in the old antique cars or soar in the flying Eagles. What is your take?

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  8. I could see them doing that. But i don't think it will be a Giga though. Like how they put another Hyper coaster in Canada's Wonderland after they put in the Behemoth.

  9. It would look kinda tacky bc there are already three tower rides. They should put some landscaping in and make some scenery for the neighboring rides like Diamondback and The Miami Valley Railroad

  10. I have been to Kings Island for many years but when I was tall enough to ride the thrill rides, I was scared to death. Now I have grown up a lot and have enjoyed all the thrills Kings Island has to offer. But a couple of my friends hate to ride rides. So my question is: can people still have fun without riding anything?

  11. Well Cedar Fair Entertainment Company is named after Cedar Point isn't it because the only reason the place is called Cedar Point is because of all the Cedar trees it once had.

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