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  1. Personally, I’d put a Congo Falls like ride in Rivertown-or if Congo Falls could be relocated that would be great too. Put it behind the Crypt building so the park can decide whether they want to keep the building or demolish it. If the Crype building isn’t going to be touched just yet, at least paint it Go-Away-Green so it blends in more with the trees. If the park does decide to put something in the building, I’d want an indoor drop ride to resemble a mine shaft. If they’re gonna tear it out, I’d still want the water ride to go where I have it next to The Beast and DB to allow for a new flat ride.
  2. I argue our park is too large for Gerstlauer. Unless they come up with a train to accommodate 28-32 passengers, which they’ve never done on an Infinity Coaster, I don’t see it happening. Love them or hate them, B&M has provided us with 3 reliable coasters and with their track being manufactured in the neighboring county, I don’t see them not returning.
  3. Not to speculate but I find it interesting that Pumpkin Eater is relocating from the original location along the path between Rivertown and Coney Mall to Action Zone. Could there maybe be plans for The Vortex plot that are beginning to take shape?
  4. This could be it for the ride, but then again Six Flags hasn’t been known for having the safest rides- heck they relocated their painful Intamin free-spin model to Canada. On a side note, I always found it problematic that the majority of the Six Flags parks bare the name “Six Flags.” When you hear of a ride breaking down at a Six Flags named park, it doesn’t really ensure a lot of confidence in the chain. Not that incidents should be anticipated, but at least with Cedar Fair or Herschend if something happens at one of their properties it’s not reflecting the entire chain like it does for Six. With regards to El Toro, I wouldn’t be surprised if the state shuts the ride down for an indefinite period of time.
  5. Someone on Reddit made some cool PT merch concepts
  6. I’ve worked at jobs where we were over staffed on certain days and people got sent home. It actually happens quite a lot with hourly jobs across the country. I understand it can be frustrating if you planned on working the whole day but as a business they have to staff people how they see fit
  7. I’m interested in Action Zone with Pumpkin Eater being relocated there and the presence of Cornered. I wonder what areas will be utilized to accommodate these haunts and what the reason was for relocating Pumpkin Eater.
  8. Likewise. I never understood how it’s become acceptable for grown adults to constantly pick on younger members on here. It’s embarrassing
  9. Not something you want to hear a CEO say, in my opinion. He’s not inaccurate as people have always dropped their children off at parks but using the words “cheap” and “daycare “ come off as condescending and and unprofessional.
  10. There’s still a lot of season left, we might see some new attractions for Haunt and Winterfest
  11. We’ve been taken care of ever since CF bought the park- we will be fine regardless of whether we get something new every other year or not
  12. Whether people like to believe it or not, families make the $$$. Even CP’s 2023 additions appeal more to the families and younger audience as opposed to something massively thrilling. I can see the waterpark and Planet Snoopy sections being touched next as well.
  13. I didn’t know it’s based off of a defunct ride!
  14. I wonder if 3 night of haunts will result in any further changes or additions.
  15. We added a second wave pool and volleyball courts.
  16. I stated that I want to go there someday. I don’t have anything against the park at all, in fact it seems very charming and fun. It just seems like a lot of their theming is quite repetitive. One of the rides that really stands out on is Mystery Mine which is themed to a haunted mineshaft which doesn’t really fit the Dollywood theme which I think is why it seems like the coolest concept. I look at our coasters and I just kinda like how the concepts have been executed a little better especially within the last three additions. In 2014 you have a roller coaster themed to a mythological spirit who literally whales whenever there’s a death. In 2017 you have a ride that takes riders into a shed where they encounter one of three types of beasts that strike at you. In 2020 the universe decided to yeet meteors at earth so we built and escape shuttle of sorts. Like I said, each park is different and I want to visit Dollywood someday but I wish in the future they would create rides that are always meant to be cheery. Again I am not the target demographic so take what I say with the great salt.
  17. I’ve never been to Dollywood and I’d love to go someday, but I can’t help but feel like it’s not used to it’s full potential. Do you need large coasters to make a park great? No, but I think more could be done. I know that’s saying a lot when they just added a great kid’s area but I just feel like something’s missing and I’m not sure what. Maybe it’s because I find their concept somewhat restrictive- they’re a Tennessee themed park with ties to Dolly Parton. Compare that to a park like ours were there’s more variety- we have a space themed area, we have an old rustic styled section, we have an international street, etc. Even though the theming isn’t always consistent, it’s still creative: we have a ride themed to a mythological creature of flight next to a jungle mine train. All of Dollywood’s rides are more or less themed to either Tennessee or the smokies with few exceptions. I know people really want us to get a Camp Snoopy and I’d all be for it, but I don’t necessarily want a restrictive concept. Planet Snoopy is a concept that’s open and non restrictive. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky.
  18. It seems like an odd addition when they have Firechaser Express. I’m not the target demographic but I’m sure people will like it fine.
  19. And that probably gives the park more guaranteed $$$ as opposed to an original concept. Like I said, I wouldn’t want the whole park flooded with chains, but if the park got more money out of it- I wouldn’t mind an extra chain or two.
  20. I thought about including Wendy’s because they’re from Ohio but their food isn’t as unique as the current offerings across the park
  21. I understand that, I guess I’m different. I enjoy going regardless of what’s added
  22. I always wondered if BLSC could handle spinning trains. That huge helix, the banked turn and the twists would certainly make trains spin.
  23. Not to sound crude but do you base your renewals on whether or not the park gets something new?
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