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  1. Six did that park no favors. That Superman drop ride incident pretty much killed their reputation in Kentucky. Bring in Herschend since they operate the Newport Aquarium in the same state as well as three other amusement parks in the south. Maybe the Fair Board would be more willing to work with a company that's reputable and has a solid track record.
  2. When deducing what could replace Vortex, maybe we should look into the eyes of the general public/non-enthusiasts. What type of attraction would give the park the best possible roi and be a hit with the general public?
  3. Paramount put the Action Theater in a bad location. You wouldn't even know it existed if you weren't a regular park goer. When it was open you'd have to walk to the back corner of the park to ride it. Its for this reason why I don't believe its returned yet. If it was in a location that saw heavy foot traffic I could see the need to bring it back; but it's not.
  4. There's always certain rides that people want at their park: coasters, high thrill flat rides, family flat rides, etc. The rides you don't see a lot of demand for, however, are water rides. You don't see the GP or even enthusiasts say, "we need a new water ride" very often; if at all. Recently we've seen some water rides come to parks across the US like the Snake River Expedition at CP, Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City, and even the delayed Aquaman Power Wave at Six Flags Over Texas, but this has been arguably the most we've seen in a long time. So what happened? Have they lost th
  5. Now that I'm rereading this, I'm starting to rethink my original statement. I've been on this huge platinum pass obsession for a while and I think a park like SFA would be a nice "supporting park." Much like how I'd want Adventureland to bridge the CF gap between Worlds of Fun and Valleyfair, Six Flags America would be a decent bridge between Dorney Park and Kings Dominion. The SFA property could be to Kings Dominion what Gilroy Gardens is to CGA. Imagine these scenarios: "Hey I live in DC, I can go to my local park but ai can also go to the park near Richmond and the park near Phil
  6. Six might want more than just Dorney for a park like Fiesta Texas. Cedar Fair would have to add an additional park to sweeten the deal.
  7. This is a what if scenario just for fun. Imagine Cedar Fair, Herschend, Sea World, and Six Flags got together to discuss trading some of their parks amongst one another. Think of it like trading in a sports league. Who do you got? Be realistic obviously. Example: Cedar Fair trades Michigan's Adventure and Dorney for the Great Escape and Six Flags America. (You get the idea)
  8. The only way I can see us getting a record breaking dive is if it breaks like one record. For example, I doubt we'd get the "world's tallest" or "worlds fastest." Maybe it would be possible to get the "longest" or "most inversions" To break records it would have to: Have a drop taller than 245ft Go faster than 80mph Be longer than 3,625ft Have more than 4 inversions
  9. I know the campground at CP doesn't allow tents. Maybe they're different because they don't have the space to accommodate.
  10. Take the Skyride to the train station. It might not be super fast but you won't be tired.
  11. I assume the building is most likely on the chopping block for a flat or something but I always wondered how a small, indoor-outdoor coaster like Mystery Mine would look.
  12. The only scene that isn't shown as much is the actual theater scene where the canon was -today its where the library is on Boo Blasters. This scene also had the audience members in the balcony and the it was always super dark so its hard to see on any video.
  13. From an enthusiast's point of view the discount thing its great for reasons like you mentioned: the park is dead, the rides are more geared to enthusiasts because of intensity, and so on. I, however, don't think being the discount park/chain is something companies should shoot for. I get the idea but I've always been one for quality over quality. I'd personally rather spend more money if the quality is going to be better. I wish Six Flags didn't see themselves as the discount chain and pushed to be more. In a way calling yourself a discount park/chain is just an excuse to not invest more in yo
  14. There are regions that have parks that directly compete with one another- CGA and SFDK in the bay area, SW and SF in San Antonio, and of course KD and BGW in eastern Virginia. If Zimmerman gave you the task of "overthrowing" BGW what would you do? I'll start. Honestly, I would try to get a B&M hyper if there's not a current clause preventing it. Hypers are loved by the GP and praised for their reliability and capacity. I know BGW has the 1st ever hyper by B&M but that debuted in 1999 which was over 20 years ago and is a bit dated in many ways. If KD got something with large
  15. One thing KI has an immediate advantage over CP is the presence of a stationary observation tower.
  16. Gotta be Spaghetti Bowls for me. I think someone should buy a clone of Dragon Challenge- whether it be just one side or both coasters.
  17. The patent by B&M looks to have standup trains with vest restraints. This would explain why they'd have to design a whole new coaster because I know vest restraints require some alterations. If this is accurate then surf coaster trains wouldn't be compatible with current stand-ups like Riddler's Revenge or Georgia Scorcher. If the trains are more comfortable to riders I wonder if we'll see one come to KI someday. Nothing massive, but something closer to King Cobra's original size. I always felt like King Cobra was removed at the right point before people really started to dislike it;
  18. I do, but look at other high attendance parks that have them: BGT, BGW immediately come to mind. They do make a model that features a transfer track allowing two stations; make them hold 3 car trains and the capacity would improve significantly. I know SRIIs have very poor capacity but I was thinking more along the lines of just adding a coaster. If there's a higher capacity filler coaster that fits in a compact plot of land I'm all for it.
  19. I still wouldn't count out the idea of a filler coaster e.g. a Sky Rocket II like Tempesto or Tigris to hold people over until something larger arrives. Yes enthusiasts don't care for them as much as regular guests do but they're compact, intense, and don't cost as much.
  20. I used to want a B&M flyer until I realized how complicated they are. I think there's a reason why there's been 8 made (11 total but 4 are clones). If someone gets one they'll have to anticipate downtime which is what most parks try to avoid. In my opinion, flyers aren't too different from inverts. At least Vekoma flyers have riders starting off above the track.
  21. The biggest perk of KI over CP from a visitor's standpoint is that KI can be tackled in 1-2 days and is easily accessible to season pass holders where they can go multiple times a month. Cedar Point is a park that you almost have to spend multiple days to get the full experience with the coasters, the water park, and the lake. Cedar Point is a park you need to plan for if you have a family or a group. You have to decide what resort you want to stay at, how many days, if you want fastlane plus, if you want to send the extra admission on the water park, etc. You don't know how long the line
  22. I watched El Toro Ryan's video on Superman Ultimate Flight and it made me rethink my desire for a B&M flyer. I don't know if they have improved their technique but they seem to be the most maintenance heavy designs B&M has to offer.
  23. If that's the case I'd want something like Valkyria. I don't care if it hits 200ft if it has more than 4 inversions and has good pacing
  24. Would it surpass Valravn or Yukon in some way or would it be closer to Sheikra or Griffon?
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