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  1. Thanks Paramount. (From multiple sources on Kings Island' fan pages on Facebook)
  2. The key would be to enter markets where its difficult for traditional amusement parks to operate in- Seattle, Phoenix, Vegas, etc. An amusement park in a controlled climate would be opportune. Also some of these cities have high populations which would almost guarantee consistent attendance. For example, Phoenix has a metro population of nearly 5 million and has been growing for decades. The city is in a super hot climate which would justify an indoor park, especially given that all of their professional sports venues are enclosed. Covid has certainly made these types of speculations
  3. KI fans go nuts when they see flags on trees or spray paint on grass- Don knows how easy it is to troll them.
  4. I mean in a construction film they called it Frontierland. I'm assuming they changed it to diversify themselves from Disney and maybe even Cedar Point. Almost the whole park was more or less themed to Cincinnati when it was completed.
  5. I was reading up on the Nickelodeon Universe in New Jersey just outside of NYC. They feature 5 coasters which is extremely impressive when you look at their stats and where they're placed. That got me thinking, should park chains enter this race? I argue yes. Operating an indoor park could have the many benefits such as: Year round operations Can remain open during rain, snow, etc Could incorporate a resort/waterpark There's certain cities in America that I think could benefit from an indoor amusement park: Seattle, Phoenix, Vegas, and Houston come to mind. T
  6. Why are quoting speculations from 2017?
  7. There are some good parks that are in dull areas (ex: Six Flags New England) and there are some dull parks in awesome areas (ex: Elitch Gardens). What would you consider to be the best park/region combo?
  8. They could do a show scene by the old western town where the train would stop
  9. In my humble opinion, Intamin does better at year-round parks. Like I mentioned above, its less if a blow to a year round park when a ride goes down vs a seasonal park. Unfortunately Intamin isn't necessarily known for their uptime since they're one of the few companies that likes to innovate and take risks. I'd love for KI to have something like Pantheon or Maverick, but our park has had some problematic rides in its past that people still mention from time to time. I'd hate to get something epic only to have maintenance issues. Intamins are like muscle cars, they're fun to ride bu
  10. I gotcha. Topper track is comprised of a thinner rail with wood planks underneath where I-box is just pure steel. What are the chances they'd switch LR to I-Box? They could go from the world's 1st and only launched wooden coaster to the 1st and only launched hybrid.
  11. Recently, Lightning Rod has been down for about a month and is going to get looked at by RMC. RMC has had their fare share of issues in the recent years with Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengeance. In all honesty I haven't heard of any issues with RMC, aside from the New Texas Giant incident, until the mid to late 2010s. Do you blame the manufacturer for these issues or the parks who might over ask?
  12. I would just completely take it off of my product list and refuse to build it if anybody was asking me to. I know they want to keep business but if they're not comfortable building a certain type of coaster no amount of money should sway their decision.
  13. "Lightning Strikes Twice" Is that something we should read into?
  14. Do you think it would have been better as a rideable attraction where you would just ride by different haunted scenes? I've heard they stopped operating the train during Haunt in favor on Winterfest because of the amount of hours each locomotive's boiler had. If I'm wrong could someone please correct me.
  15. For those of you who don't know, Defunctland is a Youtube series that focuses on defunct rides and attractions. They have already done Son of Beast and Tomb Raider: The Ride. With our park having no shortage of defunct attractions, which one would you like to see a documentary on?
  16. Again I think its mainly comfort. I believe@BoddaH1994 once said riding in a Millennium Flyer train was comparable to sitting on a couch and he was spot on. You have much more elbow room and the lap bars are very comfortable. When I ride Mystic Timbers I feel like I'm lounging. Even though I love both coasters, the PTC trains on Racer and The Beast aren't super comfortable- you feel boxed in and the lap bars can really hurt at times.
  17. The main problem I personally have with Intamin is that they over promise- especially with their capacity numbers. I've enjoyed every Intamin coaster I've ever ridden but I'd never want one at KI from an operations and maintenance standpoint. Yes they've become more reliable than in years past but they've left a bad taste in Cedar Fair's mouth. I believe Dick Kinzel mentioned that he regretted installing TTD. Its all about ROI. Universal hired Intamin because they wanted a multi launch ride that featured a rapid switch track double drop tracks and 12 trains. They got this but also receive
  18. Millennium Flyer trains are traditionally more comfortable than PTCs. Going back to the original discussion, RMC doesn't need to tough any of our coasters. I trust GCI because they'd be able to maintain the original integrity of our wooden coasters. Unless RMC is building us something ground up like Zadra or Untamed I don't want them coming near the park.
  19. Most coasters have track where lighting can be placed within like the previously mentioned Monster and Hangtime. Why we don't have it? @BoddaH1994 said it perfectly. Also lighting on coasters has come a long way. It was only recently we started to see this type of elaborate lighting be incorporated into a coaster. I always thought it would be cool to have chaser lights on Racer
  20. I want Levi to look like it originally did Also that might not necessarily match with the coaches so they might just keep it how it is
  21. I thought it was increased weight but yeah if it would damage the track I wouldn't want to risk it. I just hate how boxed in you feel on a PTC compared to a MF. The restraints aren't as comfortable either https://www.philadelphiatoboggancoastersinc.com/ https://twitter.com/kingsislandpr/status/1091050951283261440
  22. I want to try and take a rational approach on this. What I'm about to list is in no particular order. Current Attractions See if I can relocate Congo Falls to Rivertown to replace the Crypt building- if its not feasible cost wise I'd keep it where it is until Invertigo's service life is up. I'd retheme Backlot Stunt Coaster. (See my idea here) Bring theming back to the railroad Experiment with Millennium Flyers for Racer and The Beast Try to bring theming to ques for rides like Diamondback, and The Bat Repaint Drop Tower to orange, blue, and purple
  23. I could see both honestly. That's kinda why I wish KI got a Skyrocket II, because that would be a coaster KK couldn't claim. In a perfect world KI would get both a 4D Freespin and a Skyrocket but I don't think the park wants that many low capacity coasters and I don't blame them.
  24. My favorite look on any crown (minus the huge tanks in the tender)
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