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  1. 5 minutes ago, PatchesC said:

    Eh sometimes I enjoy originality over an IP theme. IPs have to meet higher expectations than an original theme. 

    Also I noticed quite a few of the other top 10 include the activities with admission vs a big upcharge to experience with Uni or Disney. 

    No I completely agree. I prefer originality over IPs, I'm merely arguing that IPs can give an unfair advantage.

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  2. 11 hours ago, super7 said:

    Planet Snoopy is run down.   Hardly and trees.   No quality dark ride. Poorly themed to the same handful of characters    It doesn’t deserve an award.  

    Orion was built for the 300 ft marketing but they only built 3/4 of a ride.  Not deserving. 

    Overall it’s not a very nice park.   It feels dated, total lack of shade.   Cedar Fair budget cuts are obvious this year.   It’s sliding back into the Paramount days. 

    I mean Planet Snoopy won Best Kids section for nearly 20 years. I believe they're focusing back on Planet Snoopy in the coming years.

    Orion is a completely different story. Read @KIghostguy's book and you'll understand.

    I don't understand the dated part. The park spent a ton of money renovating International Street, the Eiffel Tower is being repainted, they restored the glockenspiel at the Festhaus, brought back an antique car ride, I could go on. We did have a global wide pandemic that affected spending across the chain. The lack of shade part I can understand but the rest seems a bit exaggerated considering everything we've gotten under Cedar Fair.

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  3. 12 hours ago, coaster sally said:

    Halloween horror nights is an upcharge event and it didn't even win USA today's contest.


    I partially feel like there's a certain "weight" to that stuff. HHN is run by Universal, a movie company, so they have access to IP and certain cinematic elements at their disposal. Not that HHN isn't a good event, in fact I'm arguing the opposite... I feel like their event is guaranteed to be good.

    I mean look at this


    I don't know if their use of IPs gives them an unfair advantage or not.

  4. Taft/KECO, Paramount, and Cedar Fair have all been owners of KI. I'd like to get some of your opinions on some of the best and worst decisions made by each owner. Basically I want a best and worst for Taft/KECO, a best and worst for Paramount, and a best and worst for Cedar Fair.

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  5. The more operating days part is spot on. Thursday Haunts would help increase attendance. The main reason why extended seasons are hard is because of the rapid change in weather our region faces. KI doesn't have a ton of rides that can operate regardless of the season or weather. I feel like if the park had at least one more dark ride, more people would be willing to go because its an inside ride. Would that get us to 4 million? Not necessarily but it would help.

  6. On 8/22/2021 at 8:36 PM, DoomPlague said:

    I've been wondering about the weight of the different trains available. If the train is light enough, it won't wear on the track as much and theoretically you could let off on the trims. You would need to anyways since less weight means it loses speed more quickly. The Beast is heavily trimmed, so I wonder how well a lighter train would do without any trimming at all?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe MFs are lighter than PTCs so that would require less trims. Imagine riding The Beast on Millennium Flyers without trims, I would be in heaven

  7. 40 minutes ago, MDMC01 said:

    If B&M could do it, it would be cool to revive that concept. Anyone on here know how good/bad the capacity was for SFMM's Flashback?

    According to RCDB it had a capacity of 1,100 riders per hour, which if you want a comparison is 100 people per hour less than The Bat's capacity.

    In theory this capacity could be increased if you added more block zones before and after the station to allow more trains. I think if they could get rid of the pain people experienced it would be a cool, clonable concept that would be reminiscent of what Premier did with their Spaghetti Bowls.

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  8. 1 hour ago, CorkscrewMcPuke said:

    Given how little strain it puts on the tracks, I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. It's not practical to tear out a reliable, popular ride like that. One thing I can see them doing is restyling it. I don't think that would be too difficult with how compact it is.

    I always felt like if they kept it, pretty the area up and add some stuff surrounding it

  9. 1 hour ago, Winterfestguy said:

    Just my opinion but with three separate injury incidents (2004, 2016, and now 2021) unlikely to reopen for 2022 season as well and may even be destined for removal (all depending upon any lawsuits and/or trials)

    I could see them attempt to "modify" the coaster before they would think about removing it. Red Force has LSMs so that might be an option Cedar Point could explore. Something is going to have to change to this ride. I know there were cable issues in 04 and 16, and while the launch wasn't directly the cause of the 2021 incident, it might be a safe bet that the ride's intense acceleration and immediate declaration might compromise certain parts over time.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Browntggrr said:

    It would be interesting to see the breakdown of each entities' seasonal park vs. year round parks as well as the breakdown of each park that was not able, opened late or could not open 100% due to the pandemic. 

    I was going to say, Sea World and Six Flags have more year round properties and extended seasons than we do. 

    If Cedar Fair had a larger year round property they would get in more revenue.

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