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  1. Hopefully it meets the standards of Cirque Imagine!
  2. Sad to see another Togo stand up get torn out. But what comes up must come down at some point.
  3. I took a trip to Kings Island recently and I had the chance to watch Cirque Imagine, and it was astonishing!
  4. I am very glad to see a one of a kind coaster come to Holiday World! I plan on riding 'Thunderbird' next year. This will be a great addition, indeed.
  5. Kings Island is going to have the best season yet!
  6. Didn't they do this for Sleepy Hollow at FearFest?Yes they did, also with Massacre Manor when it was new.
  7. Is this free? Because if it is I might consider going to Banshee media day
  8. Banshee has come a long way! A baby is born right before our eyes!
  9. NEVER!! You can never get rid of me! I mean i tried to give this place a break not too long ago, and that did not work out
  10. here, and a very unknown forum DentSchoolhouseZone
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