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  1. Hopefully it meets the standards of Cirque Imagine!
  2. Sad to see another Togo stand up get torn out. But what comes up must come down at some point.
  3. I took a trip to Kings Island recently and I had the chance to watch Cirque Imagine, and it was astonishing!
  4. I am very glad to see a one of a kind coaster come to Holiday World! I plan on riding 'Thunderbird' next year. This will be a great addition, indeed.
  5. Kings Island is going to have the best season yet!
  6. Didn't they do this for Sleepy Hollow at FearFest?Yes they did, also with Massacre Manor when it was new.
  7. Is this free? Because if it is I might consider going to Banshee media day
  8. Banshee has come a long way! A baby is born right before our eyes!
  9. NEVER!! You can never get rid of me! I mean i tried to give this place a break not too long ago, and that did not work out
  10. here, and a very unknown forum DentSchoolhouseZone
  11. Correct, they make the most awesomeness coasters! true that YoungStud! And dont act like b and m coasters break down. They dont break down as much but still have down time.
  12. this is not called the Intamin Hater Page! Give Intamin some loving!
  13. New in the Gemini Midway is the Lake Erie Eagles new flying eagles ride. And new coaster called Pipe Scream a ride like Surf Dog!
  14. 'Slenderman' the intamin giga. First hill, second hill, 90 degree turn, third hill, over banked turn, fifth hill, over banked turn, sixth hill, seventh hill, underground turn, hill/turn, ninth hill, turn, tenth hill, trim brakes.
  15. With all these great ideas, I want to see some designs of your coasters! Hope to see some!
  16. New in 2018- New food choices, The Viking Fury is replaced with a new ship that now goes upside down and is called 'Vikings Revenge'. And the original ship is moved over to Rivertown called 'Viking Fury' WinterFest returns. Drop Tower gets new paint job similar to Kings Dominion's but Purple and blue. New in 2019- A second invert is installed after 'Banshee' and takes 'Invertigo's place and is called 'Loch Ness Monster'. It moves crossed the entrance and in front of Planet Snoopy. It reaches the height of 180 feet high. And is 5,100 feet long. 2020- Invertigo returns in X-Base. It is painted Orange and blue. A new indoor section in the park is installed with 2 roller coasters. And five flat rides, it is located in X-Base. The indoor section of the park is open year round, and Flight of Fear is open year round, too. New in 2022- Lapbars are installed onto Vortex. Italian Job is torn down and construction starts. Kings Island celebrates 50th anniversary. New in 2023- a new intamin Launch coaster. 2024- Soak City gets major attractions 6 New water slides. 2 New water coasters. A new lazy river. Water park is re themed to extreme beach kinda feel. Re named to Splash Zone.
  17. If i were to own Kings Island I would do this to the park New in 2015- 'Slenderman' a new Intamin giga coaster track is black and gray supports! Located in Action Zone. 315 feet tall New in 2016- 'Flying eagles' located in Coney Mall behind Icee stall New in 2017- 'Eagle' a record breaking wing coaster located in X-base. X-base becomes it's own area. 230 feet tall
  18. I couldn't find a topic like this so I decided to make it. So, what would you do to the park if it was under your management?
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