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    Computers, technology, and, of course, thrill rides. I <3 Dollywood and Kings Island! (and of COURSE I like all the other parks I've been to!) Introduced to the dance-tastic world of Zumba in January 2015 - the rest is history. :)

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  1. @IndyGuy4KI Me too! I love hearing about interesting things [fellow] ride ops do. While discussing the purpose of spieling is a legitimate topic, it's already derailed this thread three times and I am getting tired of it. -BFF, a ride op whose crew does/says interesting things on occasion while focusing 100% on the guests' safety. Really though, it is indeed possible to include genuinely interesting things (NOT including incorrect names/stats) here and there all while focusing on safety first. I don't see a need for an entire firestorm... Back on topic, I rode the Butterscotch (yellow) train on Mysty yesterday, so I was greeted with "Welcome back, Butterscotch train! How was your ride?" I love how the trains have different nicknames. In fact, back in 2012, one op on Diamondback said to the Red train, "Welcome back, Apple Train! How was your ride?"
  2. @BoddaH1994, I do agree with your post. When I spiel, I like to insert a cool fact about Vortex here and there, including how it is the first coaster in the world to go upside down six times, and how it was the world's tallest coaster when it opened in 1987. I also like to use the ride's stats, sometimes saying things like "Enjoy your view from 148 feet in the air before plunging 138 feet into six inversions at speeds of up to 55 mph." Sometimes I feel up to doing something interactive with riders, including the "How loud can you be?" and "Everybody clap your hands!" if I think the riders may be up to do it. I don't do it to every single train though, because then it would only get annoying. But the first thing I say to oncoming riders is where to put/secure their loose articles and a polite reminder that their seatbelts should be buckled (and shoes should be on their feet) to ride, and when a train arrives I do ask how the ride went; after they respond, I always say "When the train comes to a complete stop, you may unbuckle your seatbelt, pull down and push up on your restraint, and exit to your left. Have a wonderful day here at Kings Island!" Occasionally, if there is a holdup and it's taking us extra long to dispatch a train, one of us tells a joke to keep the station atmosphere up. But that doesn't happen very often so don't fret.
  3. Great report and I am glad you enjoyed your rides on Vortex! I was working the Open shift there on the 8th so you may have seen me (unless I was at WindSeeker).
  4. Glad you had a great time, @Rallyomalley! I did work Op-2 on the WindSeeker fireworks cycle last night and I had fun chatting with you! I'm so glad I helped make your #KIBestDay even more special!! As for current wait times, there are no lines at all. Even Mysty is only a five minute wait at most. Today's an amazing day to visit the dry park!
  5. Sometimes while I check bars on WindSeeker or Vortex, a rider will ask "Has anyone died on here?" Of course I say no, as WindSeeker and Vortex are both perfectly safe.
  6. Vortex ran two trains all day today and still sustained a walk on wait most of the day. It's safe to say the park was dead today with all the crazy weather, at least at WindSeeker and Vortex!
  7. Whenever I work Dual on Vortex, I have lately been waving to the riders on the arriving train. Some wave back; others smile or nod while some don't notice/respond at all. But the response on each train is different. This morning, I got several trains that each had less than ten riders to wave, while on this past Saturday a full train would pass and not one person would wave back. But for the most part, the riders usually enjoy the greeting!
  8. I have not (yet) seen any of the ghosts/spirits that are known to lurk at Kings Island, but if I ever have such an experience I will post about it.
  9. Before my fireworks ride on WindSeeker got underway, the gentleman next to whom I was seated claimed that when the original Bat was there (where Vortex is), 14 people were killed when two trains crashed into each other and the third flew off the track. I found it to be barely believable and he said "Go look it up on Google; it's there." So I searched about it on Google, and I found...it's just a rumor and the original Bat had no injuries or fatalities in its three-four seasons of operation. Go search for yourself if you wish. It was crazy that he thought that the original Bat closed because of this rumor. But no, it was closed because of maintenance/design issues!!!! Also, several riders on Vortex were telling me it was haunted. Yes, Kings Island is haunted, but Vortex particularly isn't...
  10. I know from experience that one can be admitted to the park even minutes before closing. On Closing Day last year, I was able to enter the park just five minutes before closing and snag the last train of the season on Vortex. Then the Renewed Passholder ERT came after that so my three night rides on Diamondback were a bonus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I am glad I had the privilege of checking your restraint on Vortex for your "zen ride!" I always love when I see friends (or in this case, fellow KICers!) while I am at work. A few friends from my high school actually visited on Wednesday night and they got to see me working Dual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What has Kings Island done? Given me (and others here) a job! My job at Vortex has been quite the ride (pun intended) so far and it's been a neat experience! And, in the days prior to mid-2015, let guests stay on a ride for as many cycles as they wanted (if no one was in line) without having to exit. Still miss those days...but I understand why the current policy is in effect. Plus, I have many a fond memory of my numerous Vortex marathons (and other ride marathons too!) to look back on! So thanks Kings Island for many memories made so far and the many more still to be made!! And we can't forget how KI commemorates its history, from retheming Flight Deck to The Bat as an homage to the original Bat, to repainting all of Vortex's station and giving it cool new signs for its 30th anniversary, and featuring The Beast and its legendary history in numerous articles (as well as Racer in a few cases). I love how Kings Island gives its older, historical and iconic rides their fair share of attention as well as the newer rides.
  13. While checking restraints on Vortex earlier tonight, one rider asked "Is this the ride with the shed?" (referring to Mysty's shed) I didn't quite expect to be asked that, as I was wondered how this question had come to be as I politely answered saying that Mystic Timbers is the ride with The Shed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I'm currently the only person waiting in Tennessee Tornado's station!
  15. Mystery Mine is ten minutes still. I guess I am putting the pass to fairly good use after all.