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    Computers, technology, and, of course, thrill rides. I <3 Dollywood and Kings Island! (and of COURSE I like all the other parks I've been to!) Introduced to the dance-tastic world of Zumba in January 2015 - the rest is history. :)

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  1. I have Orientation tomorrow and Rides General Knowledge a week from tomorrow! I can't make it to my scheduled On-Ride Training day though, but since I plan to start in June, my training would be on another day.
  2. 3 days until Orientation!!! I hope it's not nearly as cold on Saturday as it is today.
  3. My friend Kaeli had her interview today and she got hired! She will be working in the "North Pie" of Planet Snoopy! On a side note: 6 days until my Orientation.
  4. If I want a great view (as I love seeing the track right in front of me in the inversions) I choose 1-1; 2-1 is my backup choice if I'm not in the mood to wait the extra time for 1-1. For airtime, 7-1 is my go-to row; if there is already someone waiting for 7-1 but 6-1 and/or 6-2 is open, I ride there instead. Occasionally I ride in the middle. 3-1 is a pretty good place to ride, as I found out this past Closing Day. Since my job involves test riding, I'll have plenty of times to experience and maybe find a "hidden gem" row/seat. Who knows...
  5. Since I had posted my uniform picture (also my new KIC profile picture) on my Instagram, a number of my classmates brought it up at lunch today, one of whom also loves Vortex. A lot of them hope to come visit me when they're at the Island this summer. It'll be so fun seeing so many friends! Speaking of friends, one of my friends, Kaeli, who graduated from my high school last year, applied for a position in Rides and got a phone call for an interview. She mentioned to the person on the phone that she knows me, so she has a chance of maybe ending up on my crew, if she is offered a position and if the WindSeeker/Vortex crew is one of the options! Kaeli's interview is this Sunday, the 12th, at 1 p.m. Fingers crossed that she gets the job!
  6. I had my Processing appointment this morning, bright and early at 9 a.m. I arrived 20 minutes early which paid off greatly; I recommend to my fellow associates that you arrive early to your appointments as well. It's always better to err on the side of early rather than late -- which I am sure many of us know from experience. I was in and out in about an hour. The most exciting part was obviously having my associate ID issued and my uniforms checked out, though my uniform shorts are apparently a bit snug (my belt hangs loosely even when it's buckled in the last hole!). I'll have to exchange them for the next size or two larger at Associate Services when I return for Orientation on the 18th (13 days!). When I got back to my car I looked at my uniforms, nametags and ID for a solid five minutes out of sheer excitement. It's so cool yet surreal for me to see a Kings Island nametag with my own name on it! That being said, I hope my fellow associates feel just as excited!
  7. That would be a great idea. So many of us are now KI associates! -BFF, making her first post at age 18, which she has been since approximately 22 minutes ago.
  8. Knowing me, it would be pretty obvious to say that I would most certainly re-ride Vortex again and again. And yes, I am one who is not bothered by its roughness. I like to say I'm "immune." And I'm also a person who believes once isn't enough, especially when she talks about riding the same ride that turned her upside down for the first time (along with the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth times) and which was also "love at first ride!" The backbone of my insanely high Vortex ride count (317 as of now) is marathons (during what I've called "booster trips" because during such KI trips my count is boosted!) which of course happened in the days of Kings Island's generous re-ride policy prior to mid-2015 (which I miss very much). My most notable "booster trip" was on October 14, 2012, when a huge storm was supposed to pass through the Kings Island area but it missed and instead went north. That wonderful circumstance resulted in nonexistent lines which allowed me to ride Vortex eighteen (18) times straight, which lasted through the little rain shower we did get, all the way to when the setting sun reappeared. That day was so special. Thanks to my stomach of steel, I didn't feel sick afterward. I do have yet to ride Vortex more than ten times in one day since I last did so in 2013 if I remember correctly. Hopefully that will change since I'll be working on Vortex's crew this season! I seem to have a way with Arrow coasters, especially loopers, as I so far have not ridden an Arrow I didn't like! Call me weird if you want to, because that is the truth. I am not a normal person.
  9. On my second ever ride on The Beast (which was around 2009 or so) the train was going through the second tunnel when I (who rode near the front) and another rider who rode near the back of the train started screaming back and forth between each other as if we were communicating entirely via screams. It was pretty interesting. And to answer the question (while taking the thread title quite literally), yes. As long as you yell or scream loud enough, the other riders will hear you in the tunnel.
  10. I'd love to do this! I may have to attend Wizard of Oz practice at my school on April 13th as it is just one week before our opening night, but either way I'll raise money for a good cause should I participate!
  11. Yay!!! Welcome to my crew!! I'm not the only new Vortex/WindSeeker crew member on here anymore!!
  12. Games accepts 15-year-olds as well.
  13. When I see/hear something that remotely reminds me of Kings Island and "Best Job Ever" gets stuck in my head. Also, I've found myself "practicing" things I'll likely be doing a lot on my #KIBestJob (thanks, WailsLikeABanshee ) -- in fact, just a few minutes ago after reading the 2017 2018 2019 thread I was saying, "Welcome back, WindSeekers; how was your flight?"
  14. Good luck Josh! Don't forget to relax, show your enthusiasm about the opportunity, and just be yourself! (And don't forget a good handshake and eye contact! )
  15. I second that. I've been hoping and praying for the last two seasons that Vortex itself (and not just its sign) can/will get new paint for its 30th anniversary! Last year, the bold orange on the trains made the track look yellow...