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  1. I really hope Viper at SFMM makes the cut. That coaster is on the top of my bucket list and I still have never ventured to the west coast!
  2. Where do I even start?!? Like with most coaster-related matters, I have multiple favorites, so here are my favorite Vortex moments: September 30, 2007 - my first ever Kings Island visit. As soon as I laid eyes on Vortex I wouldn't stop watching it for a solid 15 minutes. It looked so cool, yet I was too scared to ride it. I promised myself I would eventually ride it with my saying, "Someday I'm going to ride this...just not today." July 23, 2010 - after enjoying familiar favorites Diamondback and Troika, I felt just adventurous enough to take the first of many steps into Vortex's que
  3. I like to say that this is WindSeeker's taking its first fall without Vortex extra hard. After all, WindSeeker was paired with Vortex from its debut all the way through last year. Also, I was one of the lucky ones. It was cold, but the view was excellent.
  4. My vote would be for either a Mack multi-launch (I honestly have never ridden one but I have heard nothing but good comments on Copperhead Strike) or next-gen Vekoma looper since they really improved their design and have come a long way since their using Arrow's track design. I hope Vortex's successor isn't a B&M especially since we just got our third, but if it ends up being one then I won't complain about it since it would be better than having nothing in that spot at all. As long as it has inversions and at least one element that interacts with the midway in some way (like Vortex'
  5. ^ Express was my original favorite night ride, and is in my opinion the most underrated night ride in the park. It feels totally different from its daytime experience!
  6. This weekend also happened to be Columbus Day weekend, which is notorious for being one of the busiest, if not the busiest weekend of Cedar Point's season. I always avoid that weekend like the plague, and usually go the weekend after Labor Day or any other Sunday in September. I'm glad you at least got a few rides in even though the day was far from ideal.
  7. That's what I always did while riding Vortex! People always say to keep your head back on rides with OTSRs, but from my experience, it is best to hold your head forward. I actually tried riding while holding my head back and it did not work as well! Now if only everyone else knew so that headbanging complaints would substantially decrease...
  8. One of my favorite memories was my getting to ride Vortex's last public train with six 1987 crew members on Closing Day last year. I had always thought about what it would be like to meet just ONE person from Vortex's original crew, and I met SIX! Needless to say, I was star-struck. Working at Vortex and WindSeeker for three years was a big highlight. It was my dream to operate Vortex and be the one saying "All Clear," and that dream came true in July 2017. And of course, I can't forget my first Vortex ride in 2010. I remember feeling so proud of myself for experiencing my first six
  9. I am also very happy for @Vortex1987! Thanks @IceePiratefor stepping in to help! I know the feeling of desperately hoping to get a piece of my favorite ride (and yes, I bought one too )!
  10. The golden hour of what would turn out to be an extremely foggy October 18, 2019.
  11. Vortex's final Haunt is underway on October 26, 2019. Also peep Orion behind 3-Point Challenge's New Era Hats sign.
  12. Following up on @JCJTheHurricane’s post, I can attest that the app isn’t always accurate but we ride ops try to approximate the best we can. I too wonder how the app works for wait times. I have lately been timing my waits and noting how long the line is, while also including factors like cleaning time. I have been fortunate to experience very few ride downtimes while noting such lines, so hopefully the notes I take will provide a fairly accurate reference of wait time under current protocols. My personal testament to the app not always being accurate comes from last October, when o
  13. I was wondering what a "pork lion" tastes like too
  14. From my experience, Invertigo and Banshee are noticeably more intense/have more positive G's. Orion is not very intense outside of its helix, a.k.a. "Orion's Belt," where you will likely gray out to some extent.
  15. Cedar Fair themselves coined the term giga, so they have the authority to modify that definition as needed. As of 2020, they define a giga coaster as any coaster with a height or drop of at least 300 feet, the latter of which Orion has. If Orion is not a giga, then that means Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood (168 ft tall; 228-ft second drop) is not a hyper. I have not heard anyone question whether Phantom's Revenge is a hyper.
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