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  1. Coasterstock 2018

    My last day of classes is May 4. I'm considering joining Great Ohio Coaster Club and making sure I won't be scheduled to work on May 18-19 (though it was cool meeting/seeing Coasterstock attendees enjoying Vortex when I was working there the morning of May 19 last year!). If things work out, this will be my first Coasterstock. -BFF, who's excited that Vortex is once again included in the 10:30-midnight ERT on Friday, May 17.
  2. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When you get a sore throat from all the cold, dry air, and imagine how much better you'll feel breathing in warm, humid air during those long summer days at work.
  3. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    I got to be the greeter at Mystic Timbers a few times during the last week of WinterFest. I was so surprised at how many guests thought it was open. A few even ran to the entrance saying, "There's no line!!" Well of course there's no line; it's closed! The evidence that Mystic Timbers wasn't operating was quite obvious: no thematic music, dark station, lack of a train in the station, not a single associate working in the station, and the lack of noise from the lift hill, sound effects, and FunTVs. But for some, all of that was apparently not enough. One of the reasons could be because guests are used to seeing a greeter at the entrance, as there's always a greeter at Mystic's entrance when it's open.
  4. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    I've been listening to "The Skater's Waltz" a lot lately. I had the privilege of hearing this very song as I skated my very first laps on Snowflake Lake back on December 18, and in my opinion it is absolutely perfect for International Street and of course the ice skating! I can't wait to hear it again next WinterFest! Words only underestimate how amazing it is to skate on Snowflake Lake while hearing "The Skater's Waltz" play from all directions from the surrounding International Street...
  5. The spin wheel for Fast Lane.

    I took a spin on the wheel by Diamondback on Opening Day last season. I got a pass for Mystic Timbers, immediately after which I enjoyed a fifteen-minute wait to take my first ride on Kings Island's newest coaster! I think it's a fairly good alternative for those who would rather not fork over $50+ for Fast Lane or $70+ for Fast Lane Plus...
  6. Best B&M Invert

    I really enjoy Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Out of the three B&M inverts I've ridden (Alpengeist, Raptor, and Banshee), it's my favorite!
  7. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    ^ I can't access it either, and I'm on my laptop.
  8. Official: WinterFest 2017

    ^I agree completely! Last night, when I rode Scrambler, Dodgem, and Zephyr, I appreciated my rides on them much more as I did not have to worry about deciding which of the many rides to ride next in my limited time before closing. I declared Zephyr my favorite ride on this trip. -BFF, who partook three times in Zephyr’s time to shine in an otherwise quiet Coney Mall/Elf Village.
  9. Favorite coaster at ki?

    My favorite rides on Vortex have happened in the very back at night! In other words, I also really enjoy 7-1 (and 7-2 for that matter). I also like the front if I want the coolest view, and sometimes I hop in the middle if I want something different (like extra hang time in the corkscrews!). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Vote Mystic Timbers #1 ride in USA Today Poll

    I'm voting as often as I can (which, according to the site, is every two hours and fifteen minutes). I don't want our new GCI to lose to a drop ride!
  11. Favorite coaster at ki?

    Uhhhh...I probably don’t have to say mine. All you must do is look at my username.
  12. Winterfest Playlist

    "Believe" - Josh Groban (from Polar Express) "Winter Wonderland" - Pentatonix (my favorite music group; I was sooooooo excited to hear one of their songs playing at the park!) "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" - Johnny Mathis "Where Are You Christmas?" - Faith Hill
  13. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    I second that. I thought Mantis was just okay, but I absolutely LOVED Shockwave!! I'm still sad that it closed two years ago... I'm personally indifferent to standup coasters in general. I enjoy them, but I do see how park-goers don't show as much interest in them anymore. -BFF, who will forever be grateful for enjoying three rides on Shockwave during her currently only trip to Kings Dominion on April 10, 2012...
  14. Winterfest Questions

    https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/winterfest/attractions and then click "Rides" in the white bar to see the rides that are open for WinterFest. You're welcome. (this is on the computer; the mobile site may be different to navigate)
  15. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    And I am glad Kings Island is also home to what is considered one of the best Arrow loopers (Vortex)! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk