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Status Updates posted by VortexBFForever

  1. 500 rides on Vortex...as of Opening Day 2018!

  2. To take or not to take my 500th ride on Vortex on October 29, 2017? That is the true question...especially since we're in Ohio, lol.

  3. My journey to 400 Vortex rides has begun...

  4. Only a matter of weeks until I take my 301st ride on Vortex...

  5. The 2016 season is sooooooooooooooooo close!!!!!

  6. Just because it's the offseason does not mean there is nothing to do! ;) Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it...

  7. It's summer...the possibilities are endless!!

  8. I /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">

  9. Cirque Imagine is my new favorite show at Kings Island.

  10. It's been four weeks since I was last at Kings Island. FOUR WEEKS!!!!!!

  11. Summer. Is. HERE!!!!!!!

  12. The off-season is finally over as of 4/17 (4/18 for some)

  13. Less than a month to go...

  14. 1.5 months left until we all can ride Banshee, The Bat, Vortex, WindSeeker, Diamondback and all the other rides at the wonderful Kings Island!

  15. I wish NBC had more live coverage of the Olympics...I'm getting tired of turning it on and seeing a different show. :(

  16. Ready (to wait) for Media Day...

  17. Almost to 3000 likes! :D

    1. CP&LERR Fan

      CP&LERR Fan

      Looks like your goal is accomplished :)

  18. Almost to 3000 likes! Sweet!

    1. VortexBFForever


      Whoops, didn't mean to post it here. Oh, well...I'll try again in the right place. ;)

  19. Two months down, four more to go!

  20. Christmas is getting closer....is it winter vacation yet?

  21. One month down, five more to go!

  22. Yesterday...it SNOWED! But only a little...

  23. It feels like April outside. Something tells me it won't stay that way for much longer...

  24. The number of likes I have right now is 2017. That's the year I'm graduating from high school!

  25. Can't believe the 2013 season is already over. :(

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