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  1. I was there that day! I could hear that screech all the way from WindSeeker. Oh and another thing. I found out that it wasn't the brakes causing the screech. One of the trains had something that caused it. I could tell the problem was somewhere near the back, as the train was more than halfway on the brakes when the screech would occur. On the contrary, I thought the atmosphere in the station was quite positive. When the op said, "How was your ride?" a lot of people, probably more than half the train, were cheering. As of my visit on August 4th (or even earlier), there is no more screeching
  2. Good job, Sherlock. Thanks, Original. "To be or NOT to be!"....wait, that's William Shakespeare.
  3. That ride would offer both amazing air time, and impeccable head banging. And EVEN MORE positive G's on the loops!!! I mean, there's enough of them already...
  4. Here's a link to the part of "Wrong Way Up" where Vortex is featured. and Here's one of the part in "Extreme Heights" where Diamondback is featured Last but not least, the link to the part of "Splintering Speedsters" where Beast is featured Unless, Original, you want the full episodes, lol. but at least I posted the links of when our three rides are featured.
  5. Was home alone for most of the afternoon. In the meantime, I baked 22 DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies!! O ther than that, I just hung around here. I've been lurking around here for at least a year, but now I am able to make myself known.

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      Me too! I was scared to make a profile. Haha

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      I wanted to, but I didn't have an email yet until a few days ago. lol

  6. LOL!! That is my favorite part!!!
  7. I rode the very front seat a few weeks ago and it beat the crap out of me! I was seriously messed up the rest of the night. I had to walk over to first aid and get some ibuprofen for my head before I could start to enjoy myself again. Not sure if it was the seat I was in, or if it's just the ride (or myself) getting old, but dang did it hurt! I've been wondering...I don't see how Vortex hurts, even in the front or back seats! I could ride ANYWHERE on the train and not have a problem with it. It's a guess, but maybe you're tensing up too much during the ride. Back in '08 I was told that you should try to relax during the ride, because if you tense up, you will feel even worse. Also, focus on the advantages of the ride, like hang time during the corkscrews or savoring the positive G's of those loops. Just a thought. Unless it's the ride itself, which I kinda doubt it is.
  8. ^Yeah. But I've seen one two other times this year, so I'm used to it. The train on which it occurred was actually in my first profile pic! (I took it the same day, when I was in line.) No wonder it was empty
  9. Thats pretty cool! You were leaving just as we were getting there Wow.....I totally had no clue...
  10. I was there that day! Except I wasn't a member yet I was there from 3 in the afternoon to about 10:30 at night. (Rode Adventure Express during the fireworks!)
  11. Thanks! Man, the rendering time for yours must have taken hours! Yes....it took at least 1-2 hours, especially with rounding out the videos I don't want, and then putting them all in trip order...at least I enjoyed watching all of it when I was finished.
  12. I don't have Travel Channel at my house, but I was on vacation on July 22. Lucky for me the place I stayed had Travel Channel! I watched the entire episode. Vortex was the first featured, and i was like Woo Hoo! What surprised me was the "Splintering Speedsters" played after "Wrong Way Up" did, on the same night. So I saw 2 of our rides, Beast and Vortex, in one night. Didn't expect THAT to happen...
  13. Nice video! I once put together the best of all the videos I took on my digital camera in 2011, and the total time was 40 minutes. That is long compared to your 4.5 minute long video...
  14. ^I can't believe that actually happened to you!! I would actually be nervous if it happened to me....but now it's not likely. EDIT: oops double post sorry I thought my first one disappeared cause I clicked the Back button on my browser.
  15. ^Woah woah woah that actually happened????
  16. Haha...... You were there August 4th? You should of met some KIC-ers. KIC day rules! You wernt a member then though. Darn! Yeah I didn't get my email address until August 12, so I didn't have the option of becoming a member on or before August 4th anyway.
  17. I've listened to YYZ, and being The Vortex lover I am, I'd go with . Then again, not everyone loves Vortex as much as I do.
  18. Yes, yes I have. On September 26, 2010. Except it closed at 8, not 10. I was in row 2-1. On the contrary, I LOVED having a train to myself. Not once, but Twice!
  19. When I rode Zephyr on August 4th the op called it "WindSeeker Jr."
  20. On August 13th I was waiting in line for Vortex when they were running one of the trains empty due to a protein spill. A kid and her mother were behind me when the kid asked, "Why is the train empty?" The mother replied, "Because everyone fell out." At the same time I was thinking: "1. If anyone fell out the harnesses would be open, and 2. The seat belts are there. Plus, it wouldn't be safe if the train randomly unlocked, which it doesn't do."
  21. This is my first trip report, but not my first trip, so here goes... So I got to Kings Island at around 10:30, and took my usual shortcut to Diamondback once I entered the park. Along the way I was reminiscing my very first trip to KI back at the end of September of '07, especially feeling the mist and smelling the chlorine of the fountains as I ate LaRosa's Pizza When I got to Diamondback, the line was about 15 minutes (already!) I took Row 14 on the Brown Train. Now, I hadn't been on DB since May 24, and I had bypassed it on two trips I took in between May 24 and August 13. When that first drop came = Adrenaline Rush!!!! I felt so glad to ride it again. When I had gotten off, the line had grown quite a bit. I then decided one ride was enough, so I headed towards Coney Mall. Upon arrival, I knew I just had to ride my beloved favorite - Vortex! It was my first looping coaster and my first ride on it was on a Friday night in July of 2010. As of August 13, 2012, I have rode it a grand total of 90 times. The line for that had grown quite a bit since I looked at it from DB's lift hill. While I was on DB, the line was plenty short and the trains were only half to three quarters full. Now, the line went just outside the entrance with full trains (except a protein spill occurred on Train #1 just before I got in line, so they were running it empty) The wait was 20 minutes at the most. (now, before I get to my rides on Vortex, I like keeping track of even the train that I'm on. Plus I have a great memory, so don't be TOO surprised ) My first Vortex ride of the day was in row 1-2 on Train #3. Liked it as usual, except this time, it seemed as if my usual riding in the front had gotten a little "boring." But I didn't want to stop riding Vortex, and for me this was a problem. While I thought it out, I took a couple of rides on WindSeeker. WindSeeker, for me, is quite relaxing, coupled with the thrill of soaring 301 feet above the park. Did I mention I was also thinking about my Vortex "problem"? During those two rides on WS, which were in Seats 53 and 52, I knew I needed a change in pace, so I decided to try riding near/at the back on Vortex, and that's just what I did when I got off WS for the second time. Vortex again, 20 min wait again. Despite the wait, and spending only 3 hours at the park, I still opted to ride Vortex more than twice. This time, I got row 6-2, and it was on my favorite train, Train #2. (It's "lucky" in a way-but it's a long story!) In fact, the two rides I took after that were ALSO on Train #2 (SEE?!). This time, I loved it like I've usually loved it, with me being all laughing and smiling when I got off in the station. Next I rode in row 7-1, which was my favorite place in the back last summer. (6-2 is my favorite now). Scenario: I was at the head of the line in the part where an op was actually ASSIGNING SEATS, and I told her that 7-1 had no one waiting for it. She replied with a friendly "Oh okay! Go ahead." As i got on there was another scenario: I had just put my waist pack in the storage bin (I know waist packs are allowed on rides but sometimes I take them off) an was about to board when two people had taken my row, thinking no one was on there and i was one of the people exiting. I told the op checking the restraints and he kindly explained to the people in my seat that I was in line for that row and I was just putting my stuff away. They opened the air gates so the two people could go back in the queue while I took my seat and told them "Thank you". On the first drop, I was blown away (no pun intended) with the amount of airtime and literally was just pulled through the loops! It was crazy. Next spot on #2 (and my 90th Vortex ride eva!) was in 5-2, just one row behind the same spot where I had taken a night ride on August 4th (THAT ride was on Train #2!!! ) Loved it. Literally jumped off the train (I sometimes step on the side of the train and jump off just to cap off a one-of-a-kind ride ). At this point, I only had a half hour left before leaving, so I went to Action Zone and waited nearly 40 minutes for Invertigo (i hadn't ridden that in almost a year) When my turn came, I was in the 3rd car, going backwards first. Now, I gotta admit, I had a TOTAL BLAST on that thing! (I'm not even bothered by bumpiness) I was yelling the whole time, because like I said before, I had a blast!!! After leaving the park, I enjoyed a fresh Classic Chicken sandwich and a Mocha Frappe from McDonalds. It was a good 3 hours spent, despite the fact the it was crowded for a weekday (it's still the high season ). Diamondback: 1x YTD: 3x Overall total: 63x WindSeeker: 2x YTD: 7x Overall: 15x Vortex: 4x YTD: 15x!!!! Overall: 90x!! Invertigo: 1x YTD: 1x Overall: 5x
  22. I was also at KI on August 4th! I just didn't know it was a KIC day, and the fact that I wasn't a member yet...You were on WindSeeker for the fireworks? I was on Adventure Express at the same time. Nice report!
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