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  1. I'm going to Holiday World this Saturday. Not as part of Holiwood nights. Just on a regular ticket since this is a budget impromptu trip. My questions are do they have on ride photos and if so how much are they? Also I sort of love the "Keep calm and ride the Voyage" shirts. Anyone know the price on those?
  2. Today was amazing. Truly a first class event that made memories my family and I will cherish forever.. I told my son "one day 25 years from now you will be in this same line with your children and you will get to tell them about today"..
  3. Fingers crossed that those of us attending media day get the T-shirts as well. I will probably be there opening day but it wouldn't be till later on the day.
  4. Nope not a link like that someone had posted a link that was straight to the cam. It filled the screen with the link.
  5. Hey guys. I have a new tablet and my direct link to the Banshee cam was saved on my old tablet. Could someone give me a new direct web cam link? Thanks in advance.
  6. I will be there this Wednesday. Hopefully midweek the crowds are light. Although we like everyone else I'm sure are going for spring break.
  7. The lift hill music for The Beast is my ring tone..lol
  8. I went back and forth between Cedar Point and K.I. Last year and had no problems with my platinum passes. I only got gold this year as I plan to hit up a few parks not in the chain.
  9. My little sister is looking to get passes for her and her 5 children. In the ad it says buy now and no payments til April 1. Well will there be a Payment due at that time or the full amount? Since it says Payment and not Balance I was thinking maybe starting the 1st she would have her first of 6 payments due?? Thanks
  10. I do. And as I have told my son numerous times "that's part of it".
  11. You could only cancel your Membership after a 12 month period was up.
  12. Did anyone else get the email with a season pass questionnaire asking about wether you would be interested in a"Membership" to the park Vs a season pass? The difference would be that you would join a yearly membership that would be charged to your account every month and there were a few potential benefits that would be given at other buisiness during the off season. Such as free dessert at restaurants and discount movie tickets.. What are your thoughts to this?
  13. That was Kyle, I always loved how he hyped the crowd. But I can understand how it would have been annoying to someone "not in the mood". As for Diamond Backs crew this year, I thought they were really bad. Before this season I didn't even know what the term stacking meant. I saw Young Stud call it "Diamond Stack" ,and he was right. I have ridden it soo many times this year and they almost never got the train dispatched before the other was back. I have also seen where one of the ride op's would not send the train till everyone was yelling back at him loud enough, to the point that all three trains were just sitting..
  14. There is a ride op on The Beast crew named Kyle, he is by far the best ride op ever. He screams non stop sounding like King Leonitis. Has the whole platform excited with his Rick Flair like "Wooo's " and it just makes for an all around better experience. Then if you talk to him away from the ride he is the quietest most bashful guy. Hyping crowds is what he was born to do. He loves it as much as the station does.
  15. Man after the fact edits mess me up I re-read his post over and over trying to figure what you meant Terp.
  16. The all day lockers are not bad just $1 an hour I always get ones by Gatekeeper since I pass it coming in and going out. I believe the only way to use them is with a credit card/debit card. Also sky hawk has been closed most of this year. Not sure if its running now or not but I don't think it is. And when they say strict about bags in line they mean it. They will not let you into the ques for Mf, Ttd or Gatekeeper with loose articles.
  17. I use Google on my iPhone. Safari likes to crash on my phone. Does it run Flash?
  18. I use a browser on my iPhone called Puffin. It runs Flash it's just not all that stable. So I use Safari most of the time but if I "need" to see something on Flash I will use it..
  19. Cedar Points sky line while crossing the causeway in the morning as the sun rises behind it.
  20. I've never ridden a Galaxi... Yep. I'm young. Oh you just had to go and be thatguy didn't you...lol.
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