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  1. i cant find the info on the website, so does anyone know if you can get into haunt with a gold pass?
  2. When I first saw this I just thought they were trying to get some publicity out of the SoB's demolition. Maybe a reference to that Ghost Hunters show (which was crap) But a second look, and it really sounds like a teaser for something new. I know that's already been established, but its definitely not nothing.
  3. I would like a new wooden roller coaster yes, it does seem like wooden coasters are making a come back in the theme park industry. I believe that with Cedar Fair, we may just get a roller coaster, but the chances of a wooden coaster is 1-(insert how many kind of coasters there are here) now and I don't think any "Son of Beast 2.0" or "The Revenge of the Son of Beast" would come out from such company. Sorry stalin, your idea is beginning to stall, and it may become spam. Haha.. I forgot I changed my picture. I thought you were just calling me Stalin
  4. Is it completely insane to possibly have a.. sort of rebuild of Son of Beast, or really any wooden ride in the open space there? The only ones we have are beast and racer, and.. I dunno, I miss the SoB a lot. I don't know where I'm going with this, so can someone else finish my thought or me?
  5. I am gonna miss this ride, but Ive been missing it for 3 years so...
  6. I would love x-base and Action Zone to be combined, days of thunder removed, and over a few years add some flat rides and maybe a coaster. Not sure how much room is back there, but it seems like a cool idea. There was also the idea of that stage...
  7. I miss the Son of Beast chains..... ANYWAY. Drop Towers, click, whoosh. The voiceover on The Beast hills The whooshing in The Beast tunnels. Unfortunately, the annoying crackly voice on the speakers, I usually hear on Delirium. click clack of Flight decks chain.
  8. Which dude are you. If your the guy with the rattle, then you're a genius. You're probably a genius anyway, but not a genius that scared me. My face. It was like this -------> ! ! If you're talking about Freak Street I had the rattle. lol Thanks for the positive reviews. U scared my group at least five times last night.
  9. You guys... you said the Madame Fatales line will be long. Once it opened we took about 5 mins. to get in. Im still shaking from that maze. Its not so much that its scary, its that its so overwhelming you jump a every little thing. Nearly passed out at the end. I was so jumpy I didn't have time to see how well the maze was put together.
  10. Haunt lines go faster than rides. (at least as far as I've seen)
  11. Flight Deck. Several times we've just sat and rode it over and over again without getting out of the seat. Its a decent ride, and the line is short. But i don't think flight deck is even in my top 5 rides.
  12. (in case anyone is confused, i WAS kidding. Sometimes my sense of humor isnt caught.)
  13. Where was mine? Just kidding Where was mine? Im not Just Kidding.
  14. Pirate? imma say hello when I see you tomorrow (Shouldn't be too hard to see you during the day). Mind if I call you beerman? (is that a last name, or superhero name?
  15. Just wondering, why does the first post in every new topic have to be that someone has already posted it, or that it should be locked? I don't get the point. Its happened with every topic I've posted, and countless others I've read. I don't care how "helpful" your trying to be, but can't you just.... live with it? Anyway Diamondback. lol
  16. Which dude are you. If your the guy with the rattle, then you're a genius. You're probably a genius anyway, but not a genius that scared me. My face. It was like this -------> ! !
  17. There were tons of wasps on top of the Eiffel Tower, everywhere I looked. I couldn't even look out to see stuff there were so many of them. I stuck my face out the bars and my face was like this ----> WHY UP HERE.
  18. THAT WAS ME ^ My face was like this -----> Silly Kings Island. eyeballs don't cause fear
  19. I couldn't really see them fight, much less bleed. I tried to move closer to see what they were doing, and a bunch a people started whining. Then security told me it was a reserved spot. This was my face ---> of course The I turned around an one had a trash can and this was my face -------> wut.
  20. FOR STARTERS, if you guys are super sensitive about spoiler, maybe don't read this. Ill try to avoid any, but I'm sure someone will complain if i don't warn you. A few weeks ago I went to Haunt, mostly because my cuz's birthday is soon, and he'd never been to ki. I had never done a haunt maze, or seen creepers ( the only other time I've been to haunt was last year, and i got stuck w/ the midgets all night). The weather was good, it was crowded, but not super crowded. The fog was AMAZING (don't know why everyone was complaining), and it looked even cooler with the full moon. In the few hours I was there we saw tons of monsters, (again don't know why people were complaining), and the mazes had decently small lines. The rides on the other hand were terrifying. MAZES (we only stayed till ten so we only did 3) Holiday Horror: (6/10) This was my first maze EVER. While not necessarily scary, it was REALLY fun and creative. All I'm gonna say is Valentines day. CornStalkers: (7/10) Not much to ruin for you here. There is corn, and they stalk you. But some of the actors were really creative for what they had. One stalker ran right through the line, and it scared most of us pretty good. My cousin was trying to annoy one of the scarecrows, so I told my cousin that that scarecrow was gonna creep up on him as soon as we walked away. THEN HE CREPT UP ON ME. Anyway, really good maze for what they have to work with. Mysteria: (2/10) Dudes in spandex. Thats it. Even worse it was the longest wait in line out of the three we did. figures. Scare Zones: Freak Street: (7/10) Really good. One of the guys REALLY got us. They really went the extra mile in this, and the extra fog was really cool to. Grimm BLVD: (7/10) I didn't get what exactly was scary about it but it was a bit creepy. Blood Drums was great, and the scare actors. One creeper in a gas mask had a staring contest with my cousin. Their faces were about 2 inches apart, and it went for about a minute. It was pretty awesome. Nightmare Alley: (1/10) didn't know it was a scare zone until we left. whatever international street is: (???) We were there from 6-6:30, and at 10. I never see monsters there, but in videos there are always tons of them. Just not sure what to put. Overall really fun. Im going the 13th, and I'm planning on doing more now that i know what to expect. Expect more from me then.
  21. I think thats the sour trash smell. Ive smelled it next to zephyr, in Planet Snoopy, potato works. Its nasty.
  22. Sort of on that topic, a few weeks ago, after we came out of holiday horror, i saw two girls sharing a joint. How could they have gotten drugs into the park with all that security? It just kinda bothers me. I don't know why.
  23. 2 smells I associate with Kings Island: 1. awesome wood coaster smell. (Beast was may first and all time favorite coaster) 2. and unfortunately the sour smell of the trash.
  24. MAN. How am I oblivious to this? everyone seemed pretty cool when I went. In fact, I usually like the fact that everyone is a little louder and "obnoxious" as some of you call it. Its one thing to joke around, its another to go to haunt to beat people up.
  25. Well considering he stated the amount of complaints from prior "spoilers", I would assume there are spoilers to be given away. Maybe you should take a look at the other haunt posts and it isn't hard to find where other people have gotten upset at things people have given away. I rarely post on here because of the way some of the people act towards other users. It's ironic that a site dedicated to a park designed to have fun can be filled with such negativity. I'm sure I will get plenty of witty repsonses, but I see it ALL the time on here. Someone posts in the normal Haunt threads and get called out for giving away spoilers. Yet, when someone makes a designated spoiler post, their intentions are questioned? Seriously....As for the topic on hand, I went to Haunt last night. I'll be cool and give some spoilers away to those who can't make it this year. I userstand that you can't exactly spoil when it comes to the scares. However, a lot of people can't go and would love to just know the details of the mazes and the general set up. Madame Fatale's haunt was actually pretty cool! The que line goes through the whole cave entrance and wraps around to the side of the building. The beginning of the cave is just decorated with some mannequins dressed in assorted clothes. The first chamber or what not has a live actor posing as one of the statues. There was also another girl sitting at the feast table that is located in this room as well. She didn't move so I'm not sure if she was real or not! Major props to the actors who can sit still for so long. The next area is where they divide you into two lines and also take your picture. You then enter right there by going down a short set of stairs. The whole maze is themed really well. The whole thing is very dark and has a lot of wax elements involved. The makeup and costumes were awesome on everyone. A lot of the scares came from actors who look like wax figures and you can't tell if they're real until they get you. There was also someone in there who called himself the "friendly executioner" who didn't add any scares at all. At the end, there's one guy who pops out of some sort of crate and he looks like he is completely covered in wax. He was probably my favorite actor in the maze. It's hard for me to describe this one because it was so dark, but the props were EXTREMELY detailed and they were EVERYWHERE. The whole thing only lasted about 5 minutes or so but was filled with a ton of props and actors and was easily the best maze of the night. As for the other new areas, it was all a huge disappointment. "Nightmare Alley" now begins right when you enter the park to the left right before the old Paramount Theatre. There's a sign there to let you know what it is. As stated by some other people, there's a lot of inflatable eye balls of different sizes hanging from the trees. I have no idea what is supposed to be scary about this. There were never any actors in there and it lacked fog. It was basically an empty walkway with blow up eye balls randomly hanging from the surrounding trees. I'm not sure if "Grimm Blvd" was actually going into Action Zone or if it was considered the pathway right off of there, going past Delirium towards Coney Maul. Again, there were random eyeballs hanging along the trees going towards Coney Maul. At one point there was someone dressed up in a Santa costume who was just standing around every time we saw him. There were also some people in extremely tall demonic costumes who were roaming around Action Zone. There was also someone going around on stilts in Action Zone. My guess is that most of these actors left the scare zones and were just going and getting people in Action Zone. It would make sense if they were doing this because there are three mazes in that area, so there were always a lot of people walking through there. Either way, it doesn't make sense to have maybe 1 single actor (if that) just standing around in the new scarezones. There were tombstombs set up all down International Street but we never saw a single actor in there all night. "Freak Street" is the former Nightmare Alley, leading the entrance towards Holiday Horror. The theming is way better over in this area. There are see through fabric walls hung up, hiding some of the Snoopy area. They have the carousel running in the background with skeletons riding on the seats. The carnival props were really awesome and they have a giant Jack in the Box prop that scares at random times. But, with all of this said, we saw only 1 person walking around and he wasn't even scaring anyone. I miss the Worksite when the dudes would chase people through there with chainsaws and actually scared people. We went through CarnEvil first. We would have totally skipped this one had it not had such a short line. We waited about 5 minutes to go into this one. I truly don't remember if we went through this one last year, but this year 3D glasses are an upcharge of $1. I understand that they normally go through so many pairs of 3D glasses. However, when you have a maze that has been in the park for so many years and was founded on being a 3D maze, it's ridiculous to now expect people to pay an upcharge for something that's been around forever. I didn't notice a single thing different about this maze from years before. I don't think they will ever change it. I remember when this one used to be in the Festhaus and they still use the same props. There is a room of mirrors, a spinning tunnel, the polka dot room with a badly camoflauged actor, and an assortment of carival-themed rooms. (Think popcorn, balloons, cotton candy and of course clowns). I liked this one years ago for the novelty, however, now it has complely run dry. If you've been through this one before, it's the same as always. It's actually worse, unless you plan on paying $1 for the 3D glasses to experience it the way it's supposed to. Madame Fatale was the second maze we went through, but I already discussed that one. Cut Throat Cove was up next. They moved the entrance over to where the former exit was by the Sling Shot. There's a large skull head prop over by the entrance, which I believe was used in years prior at the front of the park. This one was a little improved from years before. First off, it was nice that they changed the flow of the maze, so at least it feels somewhat different. This one is a pretty short walkthrough, but is themed nicely. There are a lot of wooden elements and the idea is that you're walking through a ship. There's a lot of cargo boxes used as hiding places and one area where a guy tries to sell you one of his prostitutes who are all laying on a bed lol. The actors were a lot better this year than before. No longer do you see the $5 Walmart pirate masks. This time, they simply wear costumes and makeup and it works a lot better. It could have used a few more scares but it is one of the shortest mazes there. If you absolutely hated this one before, chances are you will still hate it. But, if the line's short it's a fun maze to walk through since they at least changed it a little bit. The fourth maze we went through was Slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse continues to be one of the consistently good mazes. From the outside of the building to the whole inside, the theming is really awesome. If you've never been through this one, imagine a very dark maze with a lot of blood and gore. You go through different rooms of the slaughterhouse such as the kitchen and even end up in the pig pen areas where they supposedly keep the animals. There's also a room with body bags hanging everywhere that you have to make your way through. I've always really liked this one besides the first year when the fog was way too overwhelming. I'm not sure of the exact name of it, but there's a part in the maze where it has the blow up wall that you have to push your way through. (I don't know how else to describe that lol) Missing from years prior is the guy with the chainsaw waiting at the exit. Instead, they have a guy sitting in a chair who has a hidden prop that shoots air and is loud to scare you while you're exiting. It definitely doesn't have the same effect, however, I can understand why they wanted to change it up for those of us who knew to expect him. We went through Wolf Pack next. I didn't notice anything different from years before, but I do enjoy this one. This one is located up on the former Son of Beast loading station. The theming is really nice in this one. Some rooms are themed to look like you're walking outside, with vines and leaves covering the walls and werewolves hiding within them. Then, there are other rooms which are somewhat industrial. For example, the last room has a ton of bicycles hanging up on the walls and strobe lights going while the actors are crawling around on the floor beneath you. I didn't notice any extremely cheesy wolf masks like I had in the years prior which is a huge plus. They also take your picture in the line for this one. They have it set up in the SOB line right after the underpass going towards Flight Deck. Club Blood is located right next to this one, so we went there next. To me, this one is always really awesome. This one is themed like a nightclub that has been infested with vampires. Upon entering, you walk down an alleyway that's filled with actors and cool props such as a motorcycle that turns on in the dark and scares the hell out of people. Once you go down the alleyway, you enter the club. You're greeted by a guy talking on a microphone and a lot of dancing girls and loud club music. From there, the rooms all get darker and there's a lot of scares and blood as you venture through different areas of the club. Maybe we just happened to miss it, but I didn't see the "strobe hallway" where the guy is running at you in the strobe light. I always liked that part of the maze. At one point, two of the actors didn't even attempt to scare us, instead they just start chatting it up and high-fiving their friends who we were walking through with our group. Other than that, this one is pretty solid. It would be nice to maybe see some sort of change to this one in coming years but it still holds it's novelty. Massacre Manor is in the same boat as CarnEvil. This one has had 5,000,000 name changes but is almost always the same. They do a slight re-theme with some of the pictures inside, but other than that, nothing is different. You're essentially walking through different rooms of a house, supposedly haunted by a girl whom you see on many pictures hanging throughout the maze. You walk down different hallways, going through a kitchen and even a bedroom. The props are basically all the same, with someone "hovering" on a bed, the person at the end shooting sparks everywhere and the person who pops out of the closet. It's not so much that this maze is bad, because it's not. But, how many years are they planning on having this same maze? I knew excatly where all of the actors would be waiting. Again, if it weren't for the short lines, we would have probably skipped this one. I don't think this one will ever change besides maybe it's name. CornStalkers is where the old Paramont Story walkthrough was. Forgive me if this area has a new name, as I don't attend the park besides during the Halloween Haunt time. You enter near the gates by the Eifle Tower and exit near the restrooms at the Coney Maul entrance. This one is obviously outdoors so it stays pretty dark throughout. There are actors scattered throughout, most of them in camoflauged outfits meant to blend in with the surroundings. Most of the scares are simply actors hiding behind props and buildings. There was one guy who came running out of nowhere and really got the group good towards the end of the maze. There's also someone attached to bungie cords who leaps at you before being pulled right back up to his little hiding spot. As far as theming and whatnot, this one is basically the same as previous years. There's a lot of hay elements for the scarecrows to blend into. The best part was one of the actors referred to a group of three girls as "the three stooges" and proceeded to chase them out the exit. That was a nice finish to an otherwise mediocre walkthrough. Mysteria sucks. I'm going to be a little hypocritical here, but they changed this maze for the worse. Although it was the same maze for many years before, at least Death Row / The Asylum / Maze of Madness actually was scary. A maze where you can get lost in it that's filled with strobe lights and psychotic people is much more scary than a maze filled with neon lights and random people in spandex suits. There is absoultely NOTHING scary about this one. You walk through the area, which is still equipped with the cages, while there will be random people in spandex leaning up against the cages. Most of them don't even try to scare you, they just look at you. This one is a 0/10. The awesome thing about Death Row was the actual maze aspect of it. While, it was always the same theme, you could actually get lost in it which made it exciting each time. This time, it's a simple walk through that's well lit and filled with revealing spandex costumes. Tombstone TerrorTory was the last one we decided to walk through. This one is absolutely horrible. You wait in line for a train to ride you 20 seconds down the road just to get off and wait in another line. Now, luckily the crowd was thin so we actually only had to wait for the train for 10 minutes and had to wait in line for about 5 minues. For those of you who know nothing about this one, I'll go into a little more detail. The train conductor starts telling you a story about seeing a little girl in a blue dress who haunts the park. About 20 seconds later, you see someone running along side of the train and supposedly hijacks it. This is a new element from years before, where the train would simply break down without explanation and you're told you have to walk back. This time, you see someone run up as the train is already braking, and they yell into the microphone "THIS IS MY TRAIN NOW EVERYONE OFF!" and then that's it. You get off while everyone pushes to get out the gate and walks to the next line. For some reason, the person running the front of the line was breaking us up into different lines and then telling us to form a single file line while we're all grouped in like a can of sardines and can't even move. It made absolutely no sense. They kept telling people to stand in different areas (in a small space) until we were all packed together, at which point we're told to form a single file line. This one is beyond awful. They send people in as groups of like 20+. Unless you're at the very front of the group, you see every single scare happen right in front of you. Most of the actors were just popping in and out every 5 seconds when they had already been seen by the people who weren't in the very front. Really really really really really really bad. I wasn't scared one single time and considered it to be an absolute failure. Just skip this one, seriously. Not worth it. If you go on a busy night you will be wasting the time waiting for the train and in line opposed to waiting in line for 2 good mazes. This one is another 0/10. The only other haunt-related thing we did was Boo Blasters. There were about 3 actors who were camoflauged and hidden in the nooks and corners of the building. This one had no line and was a nice break for your feet after walking around for hours. It's cool that they keep it open and put a few actors in it, even if there aren't many. The rain started getting too heavy so we decided to skip Holiday Horror (horrible last year) and Urgent Scare which progressivly has gotten worse over the years. Maybe someone else can let us know how that one is this year. Well, there you have it. Hopefully, for those of you who can't make it this year but have gone in the past, this write up gives you a nice idea of how Kings Island has mapped out Haunt this year. As I stated, it's hard to spoil the scares, but obviously you're referring to the overall theme and design of the mazes. Thank you for making this spoiler thread, as I would have received multiple negative and witty comments for giving away too many details in any other Haunt thread. If anyone has any questions regarding any of the mazes, feel free to ask! I can't believe you actually posted SPOILERS on a topic for SPOILERS! And without being rude! You should post more. Ignore what people say, It doesn't matter.
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