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    Roller Coasters-Blue Ice cream-Disney World-Invertigo-Great Wolf Lodge-Skyline Chili-Water Parks-The Beast :)
  1. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    I wouldn't want to move anything.
  2. Tomb Raider: The Ride

  3. Tomb Raider: The Ride

  4. Vortex vs. Diamondback

    Okay...... Just gotta ask: Vortex or Diamondback???
  5. The Kings Island Story

    I really like the idea about putting stuff about old KI rides there!!!
  6. Tomb Raider: The Ride

    Okay, so when I first started going to KI I never rode Tomb Raider and I was always wondering..... What is in that Tomb??? LOL If anyone could give me a little description or something I would be really happy!!! THANKS
  7. Old Kings Island :)

    I agree that Cedar Point takes better care of KI but I loved when Paramount owned it because all the rides were movie themed, which made them more fun than they are now.
  8. Old Kings Island :)

    Wow thanks for all the info!!!
  9. Old Kings Island :)

    How many of you liked KI when it was owned by Paramount??? I really did and I wanna know more about KI when Paramount owned it so if you have any info please tell me!!!! Thanks!!!
  10. WARNING Haunt Spoilers

    Ummmm Mysteria is lame lol
  11. Halloween Haunt 2011's Bloody Details

    My sister and I were at Wolf Pack and we were waiting to go in. The man at the entrance heard me call my sister by name so when when one of the wolves poked his head out, he said to him, "This is Natalie." Then he told another wolf and so forth. I think its fun when the actors call you by name, its more fun that way
  12. Getting stuck on Kings Island roller coasters.

    Never got stuck on any!!!
  13. Halloween Haunt Auditions!

    Congrats!!!! What haunt maze are you working at ?? Maybe I'll see you there!!!
  14. The Haunting Question

    Out of all the mazes, I got REALLY scared on Holiday Horror!!! I know, I know... it doesn't seem that scary but the actors kept jumping out of places and the costumes were so creepy and the music really adds to the mood!!!! Plus, theres a giant pysco easter bunny which is scary times 1000000!!! But my all time favorite is Slaughter House. Most people think its scary but I just love it. The actors are really good and the props are really cool. Really, you can't go wrong with any of the mazes!!! Enjoy and HAVE FUN!!!!