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  1. Nice writing! It was great to see you, if just for a short while! I imagine Vortex is missing you.
  2. Beast regular side is about an hour.
  3. I agree with Board to Death and CarnEvil, though Backwoods Bayou didn't seem to have too many people in there to scare me when I've been in there.
  4. The lady out front was great. Seemed like there were fewer scare actors to get you going through it as compared to other mazes. I can't be sure, I'm genuinely frightened going through these things and keep my head pretty low, trying to hide.
  5. Look on SlickDeals.net and search Dollywood. $40 tickets and $10 for parking. We used these last week. They are good for two days (first day's entrance being after 3 pm) The park was great. My kids rode the coasters (no Lightning Rod) over and over and my husband saw about every show. I did a little of everything, well, not everything, but a large variety of things. And yes, the cinnamon bread is amazing! And I'm certain they do parent swap.
  6. I wish they had an area where it snows!
  7. Years ago they showed horror type movies in that theatre during Haunt time, I believe. A nice place to watch a movie though I was incredibly scared of them and afterwards was terrified to get out of my seat and walk around!
  8. I got them at Aldi the other day too! They had both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
  9. At 10:00 this morning the middle lane was closed too.
  10. Hi, Magenta Lizard, I guess I drove past you at 8:59 this morning and saw about 15 cars waiting to get in. I had heard about that change but wondered if it was actually announced.
  11. Fried Oreos for me tonight! Can't go wrong with that!
  12. It took 35 minutes to place order at Chick-Fil-A and 42 minutes to get my food.
  13. I've moved 14 inches in the last ten minutes in the Chick-fil-A line, because the people in front of me gave up and left.
  14. 15 minutes for Boo Blasters
  15. Where's this Putz's you speak of, The Interpreter?
  16. When you have a hard time finding your dark colored vehicle in the parking lot because like every other vehicle in the lot, it has turned white.
  17. It is scary! Don't go alone!
  18. I wore my gloves mainly because I was cold and avoided touching things anyway except the rope and husband's shoulder. If I bumped into anything I screamed even though my husband said it was just the wall.
  19. I went last night. I got the tail end of the rope but mainly held onto my husband's shoulder. I'm a big scaredy cat. There was the occasional flashes of light and if I figured if I kept my eyes closed it would be a little less scary. If I had been at the front of the group I wouldn't know which way to go and would probably still be in there today.
  20. International Street LaRosas line is out the door, past its exit, past Cinnabon and ends at Graeters.
  21. I tried it. My taste buds didn't tell me that it tastes just like KI's blue ice cream. I sensed a hint of that flavor while eating it, but probanly wouldn't have thought of it if I wasn't thinking of it. It was, however, very good yogurt!
  22. I had to cut my grass too, but I plan to be there for the 7:00 show.
  23. It is very busy. Chicken Shack had both sides open. Diamondback's queue is full except for that area they don't always use near the lift hill.
  24. Ride ops today were telling everybody to make sure to get their free cups of water because it was a hot one.
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