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  1. CHAINSAW!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  2. CHAINSAW will be waiting to for you......... CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Next year Rat if you need help just call for CHAINSAW and I will be there to help you. I had a little 12 year old punk think it would be funny to elbow me in the face... Jokes on him, his little white sweat shirt wasn't so white after he hit me.... Thank you make up for all the blood you put on my face that night. I had another guy hit me in the stomach because as he left slaughterhouse I scared his girlfriend and it made him mad ...... If you don't want to be scared then do not come, it's not that hard. I had countless tween boys and girls threaten to hit me or cuse me out..... Really you
  4. I would just like to take a minute and thank the people in Slaighterhouse and Grimm. This was the first year I have worked the Haunt and both places made me feel very welcomed. I will miss you all until next year and always remember .......... CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The only thing I can saw about the chainsaw at Slaughterhouse is ........... CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Was it you working on Saturday night the 16th at about 10? I remember my friend told the chainsaw guy about a joke she made to the guy holding the chicken, and she was told that she was the 45th person to make that joke! That was me that night and the chicken man does keep a running tally of the "chicken" jokes. And for the fake chainsaws... I like them for one reason.. Drunk morons that like to grab the end of the chainsaws while people are trying to scare other people. I had it happen twice Saturday. They are a hard sell to some people but others only need to hear the sound and see so
  7. Which guy was it???? Two different people were working the exit Friday.
  8. I made a lady cry in terror Saturday night while taking a break from the CHAINSAW by going through one of the rooms at slaughter house singing "just keep swimming" and made another person drop to the ground by doing a pop scare saying "pop tart"
  9. I would like to say that yes the chainsaws are pretty fake looking I was able to get a lot of runners with mine...... CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!
  10. CHAINSAW!!!!!!!! 👉Chainsaw
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