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  1. I would hate for Vortex to leave even though we all no it's not going to within the next 10-20 yrs.
  2. There will probably be no new attractions for 2013 or they would probably have already announced it
  3. Haha @browntggrr it's really good and funny watch it!!
  4. I really like the way it stands, I don't think they should waste time and money on the entrance, when they could be building coasters.
  5. All it shows for me is a black cube.
  6. Yea I know, but I just never thought the ride had much point, because not many people liked it( I thought it was alright), if I remember right there was nothing wrong with KI's WS just all the others didn't properly work.
  7. I agree with the Rumor, They should tear down all WindSeekers,and put something else in it place.even though not much could fit there.
  8. Iv'e had one dream that I remember! I got on Inverdgo,my restraint was locked properly and it let go of the train. And I flew off during the cobra roll then woke up!
  9. But I don't think it would be a new ride, because they just built two this year Sparkler,and Mammoth.
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