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  1. I tried out The Chicken Shack on media day and really enjoyed the chicken dipped in house sauce, and the fries. I'll most likely eat there again, but it's still tough to pass up on Hanks Burrito Shack, my favorite place to eat since it opened.
  2. Thanks in advance to Don and the rest of the folks at Kings Island for putting on this event for us. If it's anything like media day for Gatekeeper last year, or even Diamondback in 2009, it'll be a fun and memorable time. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone again and riding Banshee a few times! Does anyone know if there will be lockers available that day? See y'all soon!
  3. Aside from most of the Planet Snoopy rides, I avoid riding Invertigo and Firehawk. Invertigo just doesn't do anything for me. Firehawk is a bit uncomfortable and I'm constantly worrying about stuff falling out of my pockets - I'm not going to rent a locker for one ride.
  4. I'll be there opening day. I never used to like going on opening day because of the large crowds, but it's been fun doing these videos, so I'll be there for sure! It was cool to see these photos and get an idea of what we can expect to see next month.
  5. Thanks for sharing these great photos! I wish I would've taken advantage of the helicopter rides they offered several years ago. but I couldn't afford it.
  6. I was just at Coney Island's site to check out their hours of operation this summer and found this: "Check back soon for the 2103 operating calendar." I like to plan ahead, but......
  7. I receive the newsletter but found out about this via Facebook and registered using a link provided there. I hope this doesn't ruin my chances -- I really want to go!
  8. love them to so glad u joined KICentral

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