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  1. But to be consistent with the theme, why would we expect a new roof. Heck based on the write up we should be expecting the place to look a little weathered and like it is off the beaten path LOL. Fresh new paint and roof doesn't exactly scream a century old port community, objects left by an ancient civilization, and at the foothills of overgrown mountains and hub for explorers searching for ruins of an ancient civilization.... Excerpts from the press release: The myths of an ancient civilization and its mighty city carved out of stone have lured travelers from around the globe to this bustling port community for more than a century. This recently discovered mechanism appears to be an immense sun disk created by an ancient civilization. Resting in the foothills of overgrown mountains and dense tropical terrain, Adventure Port is a hub for explorers searching for the ruins of an ancient civilization, its forbidden temple and mysterious wonders. If asked, the locals will tell tales of those who came before you and vanished. Did they unwittingly disturb ancient spirits and fall victim to an age-old curse?
  2. Then why did they paint it before the start of the 22 season but then not open it....
  3. Maybe poor choice of wording or deliberate, but in the passholder preview announcement they do say look at Diamondback (and not ride), but they do say ride the new Racer track...I guess we find out soon which it is LOL... Gold, Platinum and Prestige Passholder Preview Day also offers the first look at newly painted attractions like Diamondback, first rides on the south side of The Racer which received over 1,000 feet of track replacement work over the winter, new food items, games and merchandise.
  4. It has nothing to do about being outraged and needing to chill LOL - I am simply stating a simple fact. The fact is the park has a rule in place and creating a thread asking about it isn't going to change that policy regardless of whether guests want to do it or not. It is fine to create a thread complaining about the policy, but unless the complaints are also being directed towards guest services, the policy won't change. There are lots of things guests want to do in parks. Certain activities in a Haunt attraction and Ferris Wheel come to mind as something guests want to do in a theme park and got them arrested LOL... Plus, the argument could easily be made the other way that maybe these other parks should ban on-ride video as well....all it takes is one accident and we may see that happen. Since an argument can be made for either side, there is no right or wrong. It is a park decision unless state or local law supersedes. Look how many rides you cannot ride or even get in the queue with phones or keys in your pockets, even if they are zippered pockets. KI allows you to ride with stuff in pockets whether they are zippered or not so why not Universal...sadly as more incidents happen, we will probably see it come to KI at some point as well. Again, just because one allows it doesn't mean or require other parks to follow suit. Their park so their rules. As an example, some states allow smoking inside restaurants and Ohio does not. Same argument is made for that depending on what side of the smoking debate you are on.
  5. It is clearly defined. It says on-ride photography of any kind is prohibited on all rides except Eiffel Tower and the train. Once they try to qualify it and give exceptions such as strap on cameras or what not, then problems happen. A lot easier to enforce if it is all prohibited. Their park, their rules. Just because another park allows it doesn't mean they have to. You have a choice as a paying customer to agree to the rules or risk getting kicked out. If you don't like the rules, then don't visit. Visit the parks that let you video if that is your thing. Nobody is forcing you to visit KI.
  6. So they removed Skyline from International Street on the webpage, but it appears they didn't complete the edit to the entry on the website - OR - will there be a sit-down Skyline to "cool off inside" in Coney Mall?
  7. Coupled with that, an admin usually posts these types of things in the "Kings Island Central Newsroom" subforum and we inevitably then get posts in the main Kings Island subforum as well lol
  8. True, but they also said there would be a VIP lounge in Soak City with the expectation that it would be comparable and now it is just loosely called an area LOL. Many folks that purchased Prestige are non-riders (drivers for their kids and grandkids LOL) and thus looked at the drink offering as a reason to not purchase drink plan as they planned to spend most of the day in Prestige or close by. And I suspect some of these are the same ones that caused said bottled beverages to disappear as they were loading up the drinks in bags and handing to family members without said pass.
  9. Many didn't renew drink plan based on drink offering at the time of said Prestige pass purchase...
  10. Keep in mind that based on the current webpage, the indoor Skyline seems to be gone, at least at the location we are used to....so what replaces it if true...
  11. I suspect the meal plans played part in the demise of the dollar days.
  12. SpiritSong already confirmed it via their logo LOL so all that is left for them to announce are dates and acts LOL
  13. Last year though was Good Friday when a lot of people and students (and thus KI employees) would be off work (either holiday/spring break or vacation). But April 14th, the two local Districts Kings and Mason are not on Spring Break and do not have the 14th off, and most schools do not either. Staffing will be interesting... Wonder how many first timer employees will be working the preview day (one of the benefits of preview day is for training of staff)...
  14. Just remember at this time last year (offseason) that Slingshot was being re-painted for the 2022 season....so not all your reasons were necessarily true at the time they started the repaint...
  15. It's called crowd control (they hope LOL).... Only open until 7 will prevent the masses from showing up after work for only an hour or two. The crowd in recent years when only open until 7pm was a lot less than staying open another hour until 8pm.
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