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  1. And you have to do more than Chef plate offerings, and tasting events to get that as well. Why does Dollywood and Knoebels get this award - they do not have chain places providing food around every corner. When KI gets more offerings like the French Quarter and Brewhouse and Coney and Smokehouse BBQ and moves away from the Skyline and LaRosa's type offerings and more of the meals are the quality of the Chef Plate and tasting events and Brewhouse and French Quarter and BBQ, then we will see KI make a serious run at that category.
  2. Chef's Plate changes to Game Day Grill and moves to Sunday: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/october/kings-island-foodie-news-introducing-game-day-grill
  3. I guess nobody saw the person walking around Timberwolf at open with plans in hand...
  4. How is this any different than the test seats with green and red lights? And one can know your weight before they leave the house, unlike knowing if you will fit in a test seat or not? I guess we should get rid of the guess your weight game as well...
  5. True with PTC trains, but what if they replaced the trains with ones that a manufacturer says could go backwards.... Remember once upon a time they said Winterfest would never come back either... Never is a long time and personnel and ownership and technology change...
  6. Fight causes reduction of hours moving forward. Not sure how long they were originally scheduled for, but now closing at 9pm. https://www.yahoo.com/news/teenagers-brawl-chaotic-six-flags-191600917.html
  7. It was already mentioned in another thread about a month ago lol.
  8. He didn't think the fake props given to him looked real enough, so he brought a real knife from home to increase the scare factor... https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/oh-cuyahoga/haunted-house-actor-accidentally-stabs-boy-in-foot-with-knife-at-cuyahoga-co-fairgrounds
  9. The report is saying unavailable. But how do you manually unlock a belt and not notice that the belt is not in front of the person? It sure does seem like the industry has had a disproportionate amount of deaths/injuries this year compared to prior years. Maybe not, but she does feel like it.
  10. Between an earlier close and less Haunt events, it is anyone's guess on if that last hour will be busy or not. I expect it will be busy until close and that "last hour" experience from the past will remain in the past.
  11. ^I know, which is even more concerning that the ride ops did not check that. Visually inspecting seatbelt on The Beast and Racer and Diamondback is one thing considering they ran many years without one, but for a ride that the seatbelt is the only restraint, that is ridiculous.
  12. WOW, that is unbelievable. Wonder if this will bring back physical checking of seatbelts at parks. Some of you may have noticed at KI, many of the rides are visual only for seatbelts. Some of the rides even announce the ride op will visually check seat belt and it is rider responsibility to check seatbelt and ride op checks the restraint.
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