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  1. Gold Star owns Tom+Chee...
  2. But Gold Star is at KI too...
  3. One has to wonder your age and years experience at parks? As Indyguy pointed out they have had these crowds in October since the Paramount Days. One could even argue that KI is down a little this year based on parking lot observations - years past parking would extend into the grass area south of Soak City by Western Row and they would have employees park elsewhere and open up employee lot to guests. I think that has only happened once this year. Cedar Point has routinely had the crowds in October. Old rumor was Cedar Point made more money in October than Kings Island did all year... probably not true but makes the point that CP gets busy... In many years Cedar Point would have a soft capacity close where they would let people in if a parking spot could be found. As silver pointed out, the gold pass sale this year at CP certainly tipped it past the capacity point they had to officially make notices, but they were certainly expecting it...in years past it wasn't uncommon to sit on the causeway for over an hour just to get to the parking toll and then drive around the lot for 30min just to find an open spot - and not a spot close just a spot to park to quit driving around the lot.... Do a search of this forum and you will find historical posts from long time park visitors of both parks talking about how busy these parks get in October... Rumor is October 2017 was a record attendance for KI...
  4. It was way more crowded last Sunday...
  5. One has to wonder when the "cheap" prices and "5 months free" giveaways that have caused this recent influx will turn the other way and people not renew because of crowds....then wait to see what they give away....
  6. This video is not at KI but at another Cedar Fair park.. I quoted your text since it was at Cedar Point... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-ODuxQCjV4
  7. Haunt isn't going on Sunday at KI. (except for the HallowTween part)...
  8. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-gives-sneak-peek-of-orion-construction
  9. If you enter the park before 6pm and leave and try to return after 6pm you will be denied entrance...
  10. You realize that is the tweet from last year and not today...
  11. True, but when a ride is removed one season without a replacement lined up, it means less capacity throughout the park as a whole to spread the people around. Granted Orion will be a people eater, but whatever capacity Vortex was doing per hour means that capacity will now be spread amongst the queues of the remaining rides and inherently increasing wait times, whether measurable or not.
  12. Meanwhile, the workers at Orion287 are glad that this announcement has meant the enthusiasts have finally taken a webcam break from watching them work and detailing every movement on this forum
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