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  1. Sadly, the Conduct Card handed out on certain days does not mention smoking/vaping (although it is listed on the full list on their website).
  2. I think an unintended consequence of their new policy is guests just smoke or vape wherever they choose. In one visit I had guests in front of me in line either smoking or vaping in the queue and even on the rides themselves. I have literally seen a ride be a walk-on and once someone gets past the front of the line attendant, they light it up for the short walk from the ride entrance to the station... So what will be next to combat those that don't follow the rules, do they tighten up the metal detectors so that not even a vape stick can get past and prohibit anyone from entering with a vape stick, pack of cigs, and lighters and matches? Could be the next step. Many never thought the park would implement a smoke free policy either and here we are. We have many smokers on this forum that follow the rules and they are the ones being punished for others lack of common decency and lack of obeying of the rules that one should agree to follow when entering a business. Unfortunately, even when they had designated smoking areas within the park, you could always see or smell someone smoking outside of those areas, but now it appears to be worse as many do not want to hike it all the way to the front of the park.
  3. The stuff guests smoke and vape stinks too, especially in lines and on lift hills. Speaking of, how will they deal with the designated smoking area outside the gate and the no re-entry policy of Haunt...
  4. Oh you are right. The first article I saw made it sound like they were gone altogether. Either way, still surprised it happened so soon in Canada given how tight their restrictions have been compared to the US.
  5. Didn't think we would see Wonderland eliminate reservations so quickly!
  6. "That look you make when they start playing country music"
  7. What a crazy year...even if this were a good deed it doesn't make it right. https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-climbs-six-flags-roller-170219955.html
  8. I highly doubt it. Compliance in general at businesses dropped off as time went on even when masks were still mandated by the state or local government. That ship has sailed and will take a lot worse than what we went through before we will see government mandates again...best case all we will see are strong recommendations along with certain cities implementing mandates, but I do not see it at the state level at this point.
  9. If they are filled, it isn't very frequently since the restrictions were lifted. Ones that I have seen empty have remained empty each time I tried it. Many have looked like this for weeks. And some have been removed as well.
  10. Steel in 2014 (when Fury track would have been made) was around $650 per ton and was going for around $830 per ton when Orion track was being made in 2019...had Fury been announced for 2016 and thus track would have been built in 2015 it would have been $460/ton...just think it may have been Fury386 then! And right now steel is going for about $1,900 per ton. Moral of story - steel prices adjust substantially year to year based on supply/demand...
  11. So you Don't Waste Your Money (locals will know what the refers to LOL)
  12. And even sadder that folks think that same behavior doesn't apply to the parking lot....just another lot fight after close last night. It is happening everywhere unfortunately. I would like to think statistically it is less at KI than other places.
  13. I am not aware of any place in the park that only accepted cash, but many places did not accept the Google and Apple pay methods but apparently do now according to the website, although I haven't tried those types of payments to know for sure. But I saw many people paying for food with cash this week and the cashier was able to make change...
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