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  1. I think further clarification on what can be posted or not posted needs to be revised in light of the advancements in technology since the ToS were first developed. The ToS are clear that "Posting information that is not public record and could be damaging to the reputation, business and/or day to day operation of Kings Island or its affiliates is a violation of the terms of service. Any information posted claiming to be from an inside source or claiming to be confirmed, when not being released from Kings Island or Cedar Fair, must be posted along with the name of the source. Failure to do so is a violation of an individual user's terms of service." That seems clear, yet my interpretation of "recent" events on this site seems to say that things like Notice of Commencements and plans filed at the County can be linked and referenced and shown and discussed and not frowned upon, but photos or videos readily available and legally made are frowned upon? If O'Rourke Construction did not have a confidentiality clause in their contract and took a video of it and posted it that becomes public record - why is that frowned upon being posted and linked here? Same with any commercial company legally obtaining aerial photos? Kings Island never publicly announced that many of the shows are contracted out, yet members can discuss that and name the companies involved and that is accepted here. The list goes on and I believe the forum is inconsistent on enforcing the policy. I can understand any photos or information posted by an employee taken during hours the park is opened to the public is a no-no and can get the employee fired. I can understand anything obtained by trespassing is a no-no. A company doing work for Kings Island and Kings Island failing to put language in the contract regarding not mentioning that work until Kings Island public announces it and said company posts it on their social media channels should be fair game? Same with a company doing the design or construction of the next ride and lists it on their website before the announcement should be fair game (which we would hope doesn't happen as they should have confidentiality clauses in place to prevent that)? Is a member taking photos from a private plane fair game? If Google Maps or some other public domain commercial entity happens to post aerial photos should be fair game? Maybe a FAQ section giving examples of what can and cannot be posted regarding this topic would be of benefit and might prevent some of this discussion from taking place.
  2. Somebody posted it in another thread...
  3. Most would call it a "blend" of the best parts of Cirque Canadien that was at Wonderland and Origins that was at KI/KD with a NC/SC spin to it. In fact, one of KI Origins performers did his same act in this show last year... Carowinds stage is small and could barely pull off Cirque Imagine (and wasn't as large as the KI production because Carowinds could only fit one trampoline and the walls did not close in from the sides but rather pulled out from the set) and didn't have the room for Origins. Doesn't really have the room for this show either as those that have seen it can attest. The sway pole is so close to the ceiling that the performer cannot fully extend and they had to put pads on the HVAC ducts in case they missed it is that close...
  4. This is the second year of that show at Carowinds...
  5. And it is sad how one could markedly tell the difference in when the park took it back over....
  6. Keep in mind at the beginning of the season an outside entity ran and prepared food at juke box....just saying...
  7. Or he may still see the green paint specs left over from the demo...
  8. Or maybe Six Flags doesn't perform as extensive maintenance as Cedar Fair and this happens... https://www.nj.com//monmouth/2018/12/familys-christmas-card-features-moms-scary-six-flags-coaster-malfunction.html
  9. Apple wouldn't be investing in creating new Peanuts content if they didn't believe it wouldn't make them money... http://www.fox19.com/2018/12/14/apple-strikes-deal-produce-new-peanuts-content/
  10. Keep in mind that most of the entertainment for KI at Winterfest is contracted out to a third party...Maybe people are just coming in to get warm LOL, but the theater is consistently packed for that show...it's a Peanuts show and a lot do enjoy it but I can see how some that could live without Peanuts characters could be turned off by it... - and Shaggy I would think some of the Festhaus all new music review shows were worse than this one...especially some that only ran one season... Do keep in mind that part of the crowd for Sunday was to make up for the lousy weather and lack of attendance on Saturday... But yes, I do hope Winterfest is here to stay and doesn't see the exponential attendance drop off it had during its original run! It really is a great event that surpassed almost everyone's expectations!
  11. Nah - parents will treat this like they do during the season - this is a babysitting service and they will drop the Kiddo's off and parents will go to an adult party and pick their kids up on the way back home
  12. And ironically, Chester Park got into financial trouble and couldn't pay it's water bill so waterworks shut off their water and it was forced to close....now home to waterworks headquarters...
  13. Well...you are right as the article is from 2017 and has been posted before on this forum....
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