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  1. What is wrong with people. It is simple really - if you do not like the policy of a business, then don't visit it - speak with not spending your hard earned money at the place, not by beating up a teenager doing their job. Let's make one wrong an even worse wrong... "It's a shame you have a 17-year-old working hard and he's doing the right thing and reminding people about the mask policy and the governor's orders, and they did not receive it well,” Lt. Steve Forman, told NBC News. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has mandated that people in the state wear masks in public to slow the spread of COVID-19. https://www.yahoo.com/news/couple-assaults-teen-sesame-place-235750890.html
  2. Well that is of course for a parking lot coaster that traverses the entire length of the lot. Take that Carowinds Or maybe the lot is finally getting a repave. Or maybe the marketing department is going out and painting random dots and adding stakes to see how KIC responds (cross-threading). Or maybe something else entirely.
  3. Wouldn't be the first time they made announcements at the park that were contrary to what they were doing. Earlier in the day Orion, Beast, Eiffel Tower, and Train employees (maybe others as well) were saying that they would cut those two lines early and not re-open after fireworks. One has to wonder if the large crowds played into them extending ride time after the fireworks.
  4. This will be interesting to see how this plays out moving forward.... https://www.wlwt.com/article/gov-mike-dewine-has-tested-positive-for-coronavirus/33535243#
  5. They still perform out by Zephyr...
  6. Imagine the headlines IF/when Warren County goes red...
  7. Looks like many in the industry over anticipated how many would return to parks... https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/disney-ceo-bob-chapek-says-234213554.html https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/attractions/2020/07/31/more-layoffs-at-universal-orlando-coronavirus-impacts https://miami.cbslocal.com/2020/08/04/another-round-layoffs-universal-orlando-resort/
  8. ^It was closed Sunday, but open today.
  9. Apparently FUNtv doesn't have much love for Orion either
  10. Land being seeded and strawed is not necessarily an indicator of how long a plot of land will sit vacant. Per stormwater regulations, any disturbed land that will be left idle for more than 21 days needs to be seeded and strawed, even if they plan on doing construction 25 days from now...contractors complain all the time about that timeframe on active sites and have been known to occasionally move some dirt around to "loophole" that regulation LOL. When they performed the seed and straw may be more of an indicator, except for when it isn't. If they did seed and straw within 2 days of them last disturbing the land, it may imply that it will be sitting idle for more than 21 days but less than a year, so 22 days from now they could begin construction... If they did seed and straw within 7 days of them last disturbing the land, it may imply that it will be sitting idle for more than 1 year. So the bigger question could be when was the last earth movement activities and how many days between it and seed and straw? But even then there are exclusions - is any of the soil considered stockpile or was any of this work near a stream as different time frames and intervals sitting idle come into play. Could seed and straw simply be the final "deliverable" of the demolition contract and the timeframe was accelerated so they could get off the site and get paid? TL:DR - More than likely it will be years, but seed and straw by itself is not an indicator. Any disturbed land sitting idle more than 21 days is required to be seeded and strawed.
  11. Someone's favorite reporter did a comparison... https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/battle-of-ohios-giga-coasters-orion-vs-millennium-force
  12. Park is "slammed" today relatively speaking compared to days other than opening weekend. Diamondback was almost a full queue with partial social distancing as an example. Despite the weather being cooler, the worse non-compliance of masks and social distancing I have experienced. Security is on top of what they see though, but they can't catch everything. They may need to go Disney route and no drinks in midways or queues...several people with empty cups in queues saying they are drinking. Your experience may vary.
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