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  1. disco2000

    Kings Island is getting rid of a coaster!

    already being discussed elsewhere.... and and a few others...
  2. disco2000

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    I hate to see any attraction leave - maybe you never ride it, but 500,000-600,000 ride it and will now take up capacity on the rides you ride... Anytime an attraction leaves, it is one less attraction to spread the attendance around...especially if said demise is a knee-jerk reaction to a bad couple of quarters...
  3. disco2000

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    It confirms what has been stated on this forum...if you know where and what to look for...
  4. disco2000

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    I guess to a kid Flying Ace Aerial Chase is big and it does have a version of air in it's name
  5. disco2000

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    The article says Vortex is 20 years old and the media is never wrong
  6. Any takers... https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/coffin-challenge-six-flags-st-louis-will-award-prize-for/article_f8d8db68-dde7-5e17-a616-5c027384e144.html
  7. disco2000

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I think the Mac-N-Cheese at Winterfest debuted well opening weekend with fresh plentiful portions of mac-n-cheese. A couple weeks in, they changed the serving container size and I saw Chef Nate in there with a scale showing employees what size mac-n-cheese to serve and the quantity got a lot smaller. Quality started to suffer as well. It was still my go-to WF meal because it was different than what the park had all year. This year's rendition and the serving size container is even smaller than last year and they are scooping out the mac-n-cheese with an ice cream scooper and only one scoop of mac-n-cheese - if half of it sticks to the scooper, oh well you just got served even less. Quality and Quantity way down over last year.
  8. disco2000

    Haunt Expectations

    Nobody is missing anything - one ice cream scoop size of Mac n cheese - proportion way down from WF or even KD version...no wonder burrito side more popular!
  9. disco2000

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Since people are just throwing attractions out there for removal, let's add another option to the mix LOL...what about Timberwolf? It's demise was ill-fated and it's life wasn't as long as intended with the introduction of Riverbend and other facilities. It is one of it's own attractions. The air in that part is eerily quite since not many concerts happen these days. Air Supply was the first concert there. It's Big. It will get into pieces easier than another attraction. One can make an argument that KI has had 12 "show places" over the years...
  10. disco2000

    Timberwolf/ Congo Falls Poll

    It is used about as much as PBS for the Bengals but didn't cost as much to build or maintain Using the analogy of it's not used enough, should we tear down the stadium? Some people would say yes, although a few less today would say yes since the Bengals won yesterday
  11. disco2000

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    I agree with you - I simply pointed out CP because for being known as a roller coaster park, they do have more rides that children under 48" can ride than at KI... Plus KD has some cool mini-cars that kids actually drive that aren't on a metal guide track - like kids can actually drive them down the pretend city streets and run into curbs, parked cars, disobey traffic lights and stop signs, etc. just like their parents do Don't get me wrong, I am glad KI continues to win the award, but just like a top coaster award, this is a subjective award as well...
  12. disco2000

    Cedar Point Crowds

    A lot of CF parks have closed early this year with very little notice - CP wasn't the only one to close today with short notice...much more so than previous years. And yes this will prevent people from taking a chance if wet weather is predicted, but they want that to ensure that they have a valid claim for low attendance when making that claim on conf calls
  13. disco2000

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    You mean like how they took out the train and White Water Canyon to build Mystic Timbers If they wanted to save trees, they could have...
  14. disco2000

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    Oh I know CP won't win that award - for the same reason Disney doesn't Awards are subjective...and sometimes other thing$ influence selections...and this one is no exception...
  15. disco2000

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    Hmmm - but CP has 17 family rides and 14 kiddie rides (total of 31 rides) that children under 48" (that means not the 48" rides for those keeping score) can ride; while KI has 7 family rides and 20 kiddie rides (total of 27 rides) for that same height requirement...and CP Snoopy areas have more shade! But you are right, you can spend a whole day in KI Planet Snoopy because those lines are generally longer than Planet Snoopy lines in other CF parks