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  1. It has been running the past week or so with just the red and blue going and the white train dismantled. It has been down the last couple of days though....
  2. What about this one in KI's very own app LOL
  3. According to Jim, a park employee over on the passholder Facebook page, he says you get two this year and two next year with the Prestige.
  4. Exactly - It seems reasonable that one shouldn't expect these benefits at a park not participating in the Prestige Program, but should expect benefits at a park that does have the Prestige Program... Otherwise there should have been zero references to contact the park you visiting regarding applicable benefits if the only benefit was parking and entry into a visiting park like a platinum pass, along with 15% off purchases.
  5. But they did caveat it with "Prestige + Passholder benefits may vary by park. Contact the park you are planning to visit for any questions regarding applicable benefits." Which I think most would interpret that as you are eligible for any benefits a specific park is offering if they are part of the Prestige Program. If it was only specific to the home park, then this caveat should not have been there AT ALL....
  6. Yeah, we know the "while supplies last" language is coming...or else they will either significantly reduce the number of preferred spaces sold each day (not likely) or they will expand the preferred by a lot and the VIP lounge. I personally know enough people that have purchased Prestige that if they all were at the park the same day, the VIP lounge would be over capacity...
  7. It keeps changing and seems to be getting more restrictive. Didn't some of the original language say it included the VIP lounge at CP and now it doesn't? I know some of the other perks were assumed by the caveat that said contact the park you are visiting to determine their benefits, but I thought the lounge was specifically mentioned. And the backpedaling, if happening, is potentially ticking off some of the most loyal and highest per cap spending guests! I know many that upgraded to Prestige that have every season long add-on and has far exceeded the average per cap number CF announced.
  8. It happens way more at KI than people would like to believe LOL....
  9. Remember when Kings Island use to have a Singles Only line...oh wait different kind of single LOL
  10. Yep, it seemed like every time I would walk past it, parents are telling their kids to hop on it for a picture, despite the no climbing signs...
  11. Shows, like roller coasters, have people that like different things. For the roller coaster you hate, it is someone's favorite. Same with the shows. Ed Alonso had a great following. Cirque had a great following. This show had a great following. Some people are huge fans of all 3. Others are only fans of one or two of them. Variety is great, not only in the ride offerings, but the shows. It is great to see KI get back to more unique type shows in each venue. Who remembers when it seemed like every show in every venue was some sort of all new musical review show, usually to a pre-recorded music track....
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