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  1. disco2000

    Park closes at 5:00 today (7/20/18)

    ^Oh the irony in that. That is classic! Love it! Thanks for posting LOL
  2. iPod Touch can connect to park wifi to FB live your POV ride As for now your Pet Rock is allowed lol. Actually until they figure it out, similar to KD, unless you have your phone out going into the line or they see it out in the line it can probably be in your pocket. I guess we will need to see if anyone at CP reports back how they are actually enforcing. I believe right now it is self policing like most the other rules...
  3. Too bad on the Twisted Timbers incident the dude got his cell phone back and walked away before anyone got his name, etc...hard for him to be held personally liable...
  4. disco2000

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    And the Big Red Machine was before cell phones so we don't have to worry about them on this ride Butterfly collars and bell bottoms optional, disco music required LOL
  5. And an iPod touch would be allowed why? I know/hope your comment is being sarcastic because the SV sign specifically says no cell phones...so if you take your SIM card out of your mobile device is it no longer a phone?
  6. Oh it will get there...give them time...they are also trying to enforce something similar at KD Twisted Timbers... Let's face it we all knew this was a possibility thanks to a few people not following the rules. And if violations still occur, metal detectors at rides will be next...
  7. I also believe the "no loose article" policy is resulting in the unintended consequences phenomenon. In addition to the reasons above, there are numbers of people that based on comments they read on social media have decided to not visit the parks due to the locker rental policy... Here is a fun fact showing the phenomenon of unintended consequences of implementing something intended to fix a problem. In Ohio there have been more deaths/accidents attributed to texting while driving since the law went into effect banning driving while texting. Why is that - before the law, people would text with both arms on top of the steering wheel texting up there where they had peripheral vision around them - so they were still distracted driving but had some benefit of peripheral vision. Now that the law is in effect, people are now texting with the phone in their lap so other drivers and police cannot see their phone. Once they did that the peripheral vision is now no longer the road...Something to think about!
  8. Well I was being a little sarcastic (I think), but not too far off. Earlier in the day while waiting for a break at the front of the line to ask questions I heard the security guard there at the time tell a group of teen girls "go hang your bags on the fence nobody will steal them while I'm here". When nobody was at the entrance I mentioned to the security guard and the ride op that their sister park KI would never allow that and in fact I have seen several times at KI where kids have tried to hide their bags and then watch security take them up to lost and found lol. They just shook their heads that KI would do that. Nobody I talked to saw the problem with that. One of them told me just their presence was a deterrent from someone stealing a bag. What ride does KI have a security guard at the entrance all day on a typical weekday? Granted I wasn't at the ride all day, but at the times I rode or went by, it was the guard telling people to hang them on the fence not the ride op. The poor kid working the lockers looked like the Maytag repair man lol (see if anyone gets that).
  9. While at Kings Dominion to see friends thought I would share a big difference between KI and KD regarding bags. Take a look at this picture - although they have lockers, KD is encouraging folks to just put their bags on the entry fence and they are nice enough to provide a security guard to watch over the bags lol. Would never see this at KI...When I asked a security guard they were like its just simple southern hospitality. It has been that way all year with bags BTW... Since the cell phone incident they are watching more - if you go into line with one out they will generally stop you. If you are on the top platform past separator and pull phone out they will come to you and make you put it in a zippered pocket or leave line...not real consistent yet in enforcement but better than nothing and probably a sign of things to come...
  10. disco2000

    Interesting Things Ride-Ops Do

    I hate the "screaming that she rode it earlier part" every time I hear it. It never works.... Just because you were speeding on the I71 and didn't get caught doesn't mean you won't get caught next time lol. I bet that mindset works well when an officer pulls her over - well I sped here last time and didn't get a ticket...
  11. disco2000

    Interesting Things Ride-Ops Do

    But to be devil's advocate and to remain considerate of all guests...where is the line drawn...and at what point...would two people of same sex doing the same thing not bring out a complaint to a park employee nearby or guest services from someone thinking that was wrong? It has and has got heated. And please let's not let this get political because that is not my intent at all. I am just bringing up actual situations that have happened to try to justify employee response and park procedure. Now granted, which ones are enforced and which ones aren't are always a topic of debate on these forums...
  12. disco2000

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    That was simply coincidence LOL as tomorrow (WED) is a no show day and the theatre staff before they leave for the day changes the show times if needed for the next day (this prevents someone from having to go in on WED just to change the sign lol)... So when you leave the park Friday night you will notice the Saturday 4 show times are already listed...and Saturday night the times are changed for the next day so that someone doesn't have to be there before park open to change on Sunday...
  13. disco2000

    KI tickets

    It shows on park WiFi as now through 8/19....um correct that now through 8/26....guess CF attendance continues to underperform?...
  14. disco2000

    KI tickets

    Regardless of the promotion title, the price being shown is the same online at $39.99 whether you are in the park (as I am now) or Columbus or elsewhere...However the Everyone Pays Kids Price promotion is valid thru 9/3 whereas the other $39.99 offer is valid thru 8/19...
  15. disco2000

    Banshee gift shop converted to arcade

    Not all year...but the switch over happened within the past two weeks.