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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Even in 1979 prior to social media, a death at an amusement park would have made the news. I suspect someone is telling tales or mixing up the Eiffel Tower incident with The Beast.
  2. Yep, there were many days The Beast line would be cut off well before park close and every queue was open and line was out past Larosa's when an employee would stand at the end of the line informing guests the line was closed... One has to wonder if Fast Lanes will be cut off when the regular line does or will that be open until it's line is "full" which at CP for some rides could be quite early...
  3. Wow - Disney passes implementation across two parks is worse than Cedar Fair lol...cross-threading with people's experiences with platinum passes... although the issues have been getting better every year.
  4. ^Not true - historically it would appear they had an allocation for the fall purchases and then another allocation for those wishing to purchase in the spring as the park was opening up. Last year they allowed Fast Lane purchases after March 2020. There were 2 different windows that opened up after that time on KI's website. I know 12 people that purchased all season Fast Lane on KI's website on July 7, 2020...I know this because I saw the window open again and texted my friends that wanted them and I went back and looked at the date of the text. One immediately jumped in their ca
  5. I understand that there are two types of Fast Lane season passes (park specific and platinum), but I am trying to warn people to read the fine print because based on the crowd restrictions, all of the Cedar Fair platinum pass season long Fast Lane allocation has been sold out (since early July) and until crowd restrictions are lifted, the only season long Fast Lane passes that will be sold are park specific and even with that KI has sold all of those too as has CP. Once Cedar Point opened last year, the platinum pass season long Fast Lane allocation was sold out chain wide and the $850 pa
  6. Also keep in mind we are in a different time right now and as of now all the platinum pass season pass fastlanes are sold out. If capacity restrictions are lifted across the chain then we may see more open up. Read the fine print as well because at the end of last year Cedar Point was still selling season pass fastlane, but it was clearly marked in small print that it was only valid at Cedar Point even with a platinum pass. For parks that didn't open for the regular season, I would expect they would start the season selling Fast Lane for their respective park only regardless of the
  7. ^Actually, Canada's Wonderland had the covid screening tents up most of the summer and filled the wave pool and tested rides in anticipation of opening...but never got government approval... If KI were going to do a winter event, why would they have removed all the screening tents...and the social distancing markers (all the entrance ones and ones for shows were removed before park closed on the last day...), etc....
  8. ^Since in all likelihood it would be a scaled back version of what they offered at Winterfest, I could see them simply call the event something else like taste of the season or something so that people recognize it is not the Winterfest experience, similar to how KI and CP are not doing Haunt, but instead doing Fall Fest... plus they are stringing lights....
  9. ^It would be interesting to see a photo closer to 1970 - 10 years is a long time and it doesn't take that long for an entire field to become overgrown. A year or so of neglect could have caused it to be difficult to find. So either it wasn't overgrown but this story sounded better than saying "oh it is right here", or it was indeed overgrown. Without photographic evidence, all we have to go by are historical accounts.
  10. I am reminded of a quote that a Vice President of Cedar Fair has said and I have used it on the forum frequently as to why something may or may not be said from CF: "It is important to remember that Cedar Fair is a publicly traded company and that affects the type and timing of our communication." That simple statement says it all. They are countless of real world, everyday examples demonstrating this same technique in other businesses and industries. At the end of the day, they are not under any obligation to tell us when planning really started on anything and thus they control the n
  11. Kings Island is not hurting in that demographic, and the same cannot be said about the Planet Snoopy areas at the other CF parks that offer this pass. There are days at KI that waiting for a Planet Snoopy ride is longer than the wait at Banshee or Diamondback. The same cannot be said for Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, or Carowinds comparing their Planet Snoopy to their respective "big" rides. There are times you can literally see Planet Snoopy on a favorable weather weekend at CP go an hour between a kid riding a ride - it is unbelievable unless you experience it yourself. Given the atte
  12. Warren County is now red...will that bring back reservations or other restrictions?
  13. It hasn't been a "RelaxZone" since just before Fall Fest started... But a new one opened up in front of the Theatre.
  14. Sadly, I think as long as the number of new passes sold is greater than the number of passes not renewed each year, we will see this "overcapacity" trend continue. Has anyone forgot how large the crowds were during last years fall season at CP or KI for that matter? What fun is it to get an access pass for a certain time and STILL have over an hour wait? What fun is it to be at a park all day and get in 2 or 3 rides? After last years debacle, I decided I was done with CP for awhile - might try an early summer weekday, but with all the gold passes sold, I think even those light day
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