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  1. The webcams came back after Orion was done and disappeared when Eiffel Tower started getting repainted.
  2. True, but they said the redesign is coming in lower in the tunnel - that means they added a height difference, so unless the difference is negligible, the trim on the first hill could be be more pronounced unless they plan to trim it elsewhere like the "mid-course" trim next to Orion... I know the trims have been there from the beginning. I am fully aware the trim is needed and why it is needed. That isn't the point I was making. My comment was more in line with does this new parabolic design and newer reinforcements allow for elimination of the trim on the first hill and instead transfer that trim to the "mid-course" trim shed next to Orion or someplace else? Personally I would rather have it there than going down the first drop and feeling the noticeable trim slow down. They would be better off to shave height off the top of the first hill to eliminate the trim than to reprofile and add a height difference only to then have to add more trim to accommodate it. Having a trim on a first drop is a waste and just gives the feel of they didn't design it correctly (let the flaming begin LOL)... I love The Beast and personally I didn't believe it was as rough as everyone makes it out to be and I hope any improvements being made doesn't district from the character of the ride.
  3. Let's hope the re-profile of the first drop means even with a steeper drop they can eliminate the trim on the first drop! Or will the steeper drop mean more trim?
  4. Well look how long it took them to find "Charlie Brown" based on pass photos from the May fights and that would have been easier as it was daylight and tons of video of the incidents... I suspect they were part of a large crowd congregating in a midway...
  5. We are only hearing their side of the story at the moment.... I find it hard to believe that security never talked to them or got names from others in the crowd and that KI was able to figure out who they were just by looking at season pass pictures, especially considering it would have been dark and they were probably wearing hats or other items. Heck, I pass people all the time I know at the park but don't recognize them all bundled up, so a security guard was able to look at someone briefly and pick them out of thousands of pass pictures from that night ... Whether KI chooses to public comment or not is their choice, but for them to ban someone I think they have had to have good reason. We have seen them not ban for much worse offenses. And as someone else said, the videos the families chose to provide to the media showing them how much fun the kids have at KI didn't do them any favors of being rule followers...
  6. Many guests use the parking lot as a bathroom and trash can, so it is still on topic
  7. Nah, it's the expansion of Action Zone with a parking lot coaster
  8. As someone once said here (forget who but I think I remember LOL), if the park gives the public these kinds of shots and video early, then it takes away the incentive/motivation for some maverick to take it upon themselves to go send a drone up and get video. As we know it won't stop all as the park puts out great POVs, yet people still insist on getting their phones out anyway. But it may stop some.
  9. They were open Easter Sunday 4/20/14 as that was opening weekend of Banshee. Was not busy that day either.
  10. It is more than a chip of paint. This collectible kit includes a Limited Edition "Coaster Cutout" of Kings Island's Eiffel Tower, an authentic paint chip in a stand-up display, a certificate of authenticity signed by Kings Island's executive vice president and general manager Mike Koontz, and a limited edition postcard set. It's a collectible that some may want, like similar other memorabilia they sold like bolts of Son of Beast and track pieces of Vortex. By itself, the bolt wasn't that expensive. If the Eiffel Tower isn't your jam, then don't buy it LOL. Just like some passed on other memorabilia sold like The Vortex piece, but Vortex sold out quickly even at its price point. Some people want a piece of history and I think it is great the park is offering these things up for those that would like them.
  11. We are taking a page out of KD playbook and will have 8pm fireworks They are probably hoping the 8pm closings early on will keep the crowds down somewhat to give the associates time to learn the job. Enjoy the July 3rd midnight close LOL.
  12. Total speculation, but they probably released the schedule so early to try to move the needle on the long-time passholders that haven't renewed yet and squash some of the chatter about CF going into next year with the same schedule because after all, they made money and have had record per cap spending even with truncated schedules. I know many people, and have seen it going around social media too, that people were waiting to renew to see what "offering" they would have for 2022 - would it be more like pre-pandemic schedule or pandemic schedule. Glad to see KI returning to pre-pandemic schedule, although at least early on it appears Cedar Point is going to follow pandemic scheduling.
  13. ^You must have been standing in a bad place because the circular candy cane "mints" or whatever they are called were being tossed out. And kids were pulled into the "restricted white line area" for dancing and sing alongs during the stops.
  14. ^ It had more decorations than last year
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