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  1. If you purchased FunPix for the next year, the rest of the current year is free under the promotion...
  2. And Cedar Fair giving away 5 months of the gate "free" under the "Buy a pass for next year, get the rest of this year free" promotion isn't fair to everyone that had already purchased a pass for said year. Did anyone get a pro-rated 5 months refund...nope... I suspect we will see this trend continue - they gave away 5 months of gate and FunPix under that promotion, now trying out the FastLane, and next will be meal and drink plan and lockers...anything to push the attendance numbers up...until it ticks too many off and they don't renew...then the discounts become even more aggressive to lure new people in...interesting cycle...
  3. A guest cannot change the way the webcams face...
  4. Without getting into specifics and reasons why, when you view the KI webcams on the webpage, it is not being viewed via DDNS, IP, RTSP, Port Forwarding, VPN, P2P, or any other method most would view a camera at their home with....The KI feed is going through at least 3 different software/network platforms before the image is displayed on the webpage. Each one of those platforms, including the camera and recording device, has software. Upgrade one and it doesn't talk to the others nicely and...you guessed it...no feed to the website. Just because the webcams were not visible to the public doesn't mean they were not visible or not recordable to KI staff...it simply means there was a software issue with one of the software/server platforms from camera to website... And actually the top of the tower is climate controlled...ever notice the dripping of water onto you when standing on the top platform waiting for the elevator...that is from the AC unit above as it is climate controlled for the equipment inside...
  5. Cedar Fair early season pass sales for 2020 have increased more than 50%. For every season pass renewal, seven new season passes are being purchased. Gold passes for Cedar Point are probably a huge driver of that. Let's hope that they address this increased demand for 2020!
  6. I certainly think they should investigate that conversation before the issue arises or else we will see extensive giving away the gate like we have never seen if the number of non-renewals outnumbers the number of new passes... They gave away essentially 5 months of gate with the "buy a pass for next year and get in the rest of this year free" and they are having a great year....what would be the giveaway during a down year?
  7. Liability theories were posted long before you mentioned it, and they will continue after...
  8. So do people really think the park shut down the webcam: from a liability standpoint; or to give Channel 9 an exclusive with their 90's resolution quality chopper 9?; or it really is a software upgrade issue with unforeseen issues. Personally I think a helicopter flying around during the installation would be more of a liability than the webcam...
  9. No doubt the gold pass offering this year at Cedar Point had a role in the bump...I expect they had a record September/October given the attendance numbers experienced and chatter on social media about how busy the park was. And chain-wide second year of "buy a pass for next year get in the rest of this year free" drove attendance numbers up as well. Question to remain for 2020 will be can they figure out how to accommodate the increases in attendance on peak days so as to not deter people from renewing. I know many people that based on what they personally experienced at KI and CP in the fall have decided to skip renewal next year. That is to be expected every year, and hopefully CF tracks this and if they see an increase in this happening, do exit surveys to find out the root cause.
  10. Don't give them any ideas LOL Hopefully if they do offer this next year it doesn't overwhelm the park attendance like the introduction of Gold Pass to Cedar Point this year...I know they are two different things, but people go crazy with perceived free benefits!
  11. Yeah, because no other part of the construction carries liability issues On the flip side, in today's litigious society, wouldn't they want as much coverage as possible to try to push liability on to someone else...unless it is truly a software issue beyond their control...
  12. However, FunPix is not marketed or sold as limited to a particular park. They don't have a regular and platinum version like the meal plan... The other issue sounds like a software problem....hmmm...cross threading...hmmm
  13. But an OCIP can be self insured as well... I certainly agree with your other points!
  14. They would if they created an OCIP as many owners do during construction of a project... especially owners that are self insured... But we are digressing into an insurance education discussion..the point being made is the park has stated multiple times it is an internal software issue and people keep bringing up maybe insurance won't let them show them...the park is self insured so that would solely be their decision, not an insurance companies decision .. If that were the issue why wouldn't the park simply state that and not have 14 pages of conspiracy theories on an enthusiasts forum? We can handle the truth on this one - if they said for liability reasons they are shutting down the webams, most would accept that. As I stated earlier, the video coverage enthusiasts are obtaining from legal vantage points will be far better quality than the webcam and would be far more valuable if an accident where to occur than from this webcam...
  15. Not necessarily....a company can self insure on everything associated with their business...it is simply a matter of having enough in reserve funds and bonds/etc. to cover your activities and file such with the government... Fun fact...you can self insure your automobile liability insurance with enough funds and bonds..most don't because it is cost prohibitive but it can be done... Many contractors building things much taller and expensive than Orion are self insured...
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