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  1. ^It would be interesting to see a photo closer to 1970 - 10 years is a long time and it doesn't take that long for an entire field to become overgrown. A year or so of neglect could have caused it to be difficult to find. So either it wasn't overgrown but this story sounded better than saying "oh it is right here", or it was indeed overgrown. Without photographic evidence, all we have to go by are historical accounts.
  2. I am reminded of a quote that a Vice President of Cedar Fair has said and I have used it on the forum frequently as to why something may or may not be said from CF: "It is important to remember that Cedar Fair is a publicly traded company and that affects the type and timing of our communication." That simple statement says it all. They are countless of real world, everyday examples demonstrating this same technique in other businesses and industries. At the end of the day, they are not under any obligation to tell us when planning really started on anything and thus they control the n
  3. Kings Island is not hurting in that demographic, and the same cannot be said about the Planet Snoopy areas at the other CF parks that offer this pass. There are days at KI that waiting for a Planet Snoopy ride is longer than the wait at Banshee or Diamondback. The same cannot be said for Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, or Carowinds comparing their Planet Snoopy to their respective "big" rides. There are times you can literally see Planet Snoopy on a favorable weather weekend at CP go an hour between a kid riding a ride - it is unbelievable unless you experience it yourself. Given the atte
  4. Warren County is now red...will that bring back reservations or other restrictions?
  5. It hasn't been a "RelaxZone" since just before Fall Fest started... But a new one opened up in front of the Theatre.
  6. Sadly, I think as long as the number of new passes sold is greater than the number of passes not renewed each year, we will see this "overcapacity" trend continue. Has anyone forgot how large the crowds were during last years fall season at CP or KI for that matter? What fun is it to get an access pass for a certain time and STILL have over an hour wait? What fun is it to be at a park all day and get in 2 or 3 rides? After last years debacle, I decided I was done with CP for awhile - might try an early summer weekday, but with all the gold passes sold, I think even those light day
  7. Well considering there are no stairs on the lift hill of Millennium Force...it would be hard to walk down a set of stairs that do not exist...
  8. Not based on where the boards were placed. Clearly at and along the first drop.
  9. Actually ODOT has authority under ORC Chapter 5501-2-2-03 (A) - Restrictions on outdoor advertising adjacent to the interstate, federal aid primary, and national highway systems: all advertising devices erected or maintained within six hundred sixty feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way and visible from the main traveled way. The KI sign is 245 feet away from the nearest edge of the ODOT right-of-way. There is a lot more to that statute that would fill pages here that I am not going to copy it here, but there are zoning laws, sizes, etc. that all come into play, along with variances
  10. We knew that would happen - hopefully no takers so they eat the cost! It would be great if KI comes out and says "we have 7,600 feet of track to work with and will make and sell these as long as interest remains. Simply place an order." For those questioning the length of track...length of coaster was 3,800 but they have two rails thus double the footage... Now granted they probably didn't keep that much rail, but point being as long as KI has a supply available, price gougers like this will not be able to sell it.
  11. ^per cap spending is going up Too bad ride queue lines are not that socially distanced...
  12. Week of October 5th online...
  13. Who wants a piece of Vortex....
  14. It would be interesting to hear how successful these offerings are compared to the offerings of Grand Carnivale! Personally, I like the food booths of Grand Carnivale better than having these in existing food places - it added to the ambiance and "limited time only" feel they were going for. I am sure at this point in the season, staffing is a major reason why they are in existing food places, but I think having them forced into existing food places kinda takes away from the "limited time only" feel. Grilled Cheese and tomato soup just doesn't seem right at Juke Box Diner LOL. H
  15. ^^So much for it being a well kept secret lol
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