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  1. ^lets hope they can control crowds and socal distancing better than their fellow water park in Texas! https://www.yahoo.com/news/hundreds-line-houston-area-waterpark-172847936.html
  2. I was knocking the article - it is one of the most recent articles available and almost more was wrong than right - there was no info in that article more accurate than anything else already posted here lol I come across a lot of articles but after I read them I don't post here because they have bad information and/or are wrong. Just because someone wrote an article doesn't make it accurate. Posting bad info and misleading thread titles doesn't help ones reputation score and credibility around here lol
  3. That article isn't even an hour old and it has at least several errors. Beach was being sold and hadn't planned on opening before covid happened as I don't believe they had a buyer. DisneyWorld has a re-open date of July 11th. Six flags isn't considering temperature checks, they ARE doing temperature checks. Article says "Legoland is ready to reopen even earlier, preparing to receive visitors by May 1." Are we not already past May 1 and they are not open. Legoland is under Universal heading...I thought Merlin owned Legoland. Kinda hard to put any credibility into that article... I bet @Gordon Bombay and @Joshua and @Snowball among others loves seeing articles like this!
  4. July 1 opening was speculation by "expert" Dennis Speigel...nobody within Cedar Fair has gone on record with a date. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/expert-kings-island-may-open-on-july-1st
  5. I would think the most restrictive guidelines would dictate Carowinds opening - so whichever state has the most restrictions probably controls it. Or they completely block half the park off and evac on Fury before it crosses state line
  6. One could argue that a museum or zoo could open first because it would be a lot easier to control crowds with a reservation system and a defined path for visitors to follow to see the exhibits and attractions. An amusement park like KI would be a little harder to implement - most will want to go to Orion, and developing a defined path of rides to ride in a particular order would be difficult to manage. What if you don't want to ride some of the rides on the defined path LOL. The Cincinnati Zoo specifically requested The Enquirer to ask DeWine when zoos can reopen but his office did not make anyone available to comment for their story. He is a big media guy and believes in Freedom of the Press, so that coupled with his response on "Meet the Press" should indicate he is not close to making a decision. A DeWine spokesman said zoos are also considered large venue gatherings, akin to baseball games. DeWine has said such gatherings – where it can be hard to prevent people from congregating – will be among the last to resume. I suspect it will be some time before we hear anything from the Governor's office. I am thinking around Father's Day so he can evaluate if we see a spike in cases that may pop up from venues that have re-opened and got people going in and out of these places and get past the "magic number" of 14 days (as in most states required a self-quarantine of 14 days). I think if he is pressured for a response he will say they are not opening this year, so maybe giving him time to evaluate the science of the re-openings may afford him the opportunity to announce a day they can open. Now whether they decide to open or not at that date is another story. Much past July 4th, CF may decide it isn't worth the cost and effort.
  7. And if they are not able to open, I am sure rides are like other pieces of machinery (cars, HVAC, etc.) and that it is good to run them periodically so that sensors and valves and hoses and other components do not rot away. It really is surprising how quickly components can go bad after just a year of neglect or not being used. I have an older tablet that I hadn't used in about 6 months and it won't turn on even plugged in or take a charge now - light stays red after days of being plugged in. Find anyone with an older vehicle that was running fine and they let it sit a year - if it even starts, dash lights usually start coming on just from simple neglect of letting them sit a year unused.
  8. Butler County Fair the lastest fair to cancel in Ohio. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/butler-county/butler-county-fair-cancelled-over-health-concerns
  9. Hopefully it will be better than the test run at Carowinds last year...it was only at one place and you could only order a whole pizza, even though it said you could get meal plan items? And in true CF fashion, you couldn't order a drink or a drink refill on the app. They still cannot figure out how to allow that to happen LOL. Gotta love going to a kiosk or online ordering and scanning your meal plan, yet still have to see a person at the register to get your drink refill. I can assure you that will still be the process. And you could only make one order at a time.
  10. Well some districts are considering Saturdays... https://kfiam640.iheart.com/content/2020-05-13-schools-considering-saturday-classes-to-make-up-for-lost-time/
  11. Based on molecule size. It is why it can't stop a fart but is fairly effective against a shart (kinda like a sneeze lol) A topic for chemistry class you can ask lol. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8275855/amp/Professor-answers-question-jeans-stop-fart-mask-prevent-coronavirus.html
  12. Based on his interview on "Meet the Press" and his demeanor and approach during his press conferences, I'm thinking DeWine is going to wait until closer to Father's Day to decide on the rest of the openings so that he can see what happens around the country and in Ohio with things opening up. Since the "magic number" seems to be 14 days (as in places have used 14 days for self-quarantine purposes), I think he wants to let science guide his decision, so let the current places be open for more than 14 days to allow a cycle of people to go out and then re-evaluate in about a month. I just think he would have said an announcement would be soon if it were any closer.
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