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  1. So did this communication say Coasterstock social media updates by participants could only be posted on official KI channels and not on KIC lol Normally we see a KIC group photo of those that attended Coasterstock, and people are quick to post a tidbit from Mike during the Q&A so that they can be the first to announce it here LOL. I was expecting to see someone post about Diamondback is on his list for a repaint, as well as a revamp/refresh of Boo Blasters, etc. along with the behind the scenes/photo opportunity pictures. Normally one of the younger members are quick to post this stuff LOL or others provide a link to their twitter with pictures or maybe a video of the Q&A. Instead, nothing. Like the event didn't even happen LOL There was not one post here about Coasterstock during the actual event.
  2. The Kings Mill Landing, unless that name is already slated for something else
  3. Considering Boddah has helped Rozzi's in the past and his connections, it isn't an opinion, but a fact. I guess under one definition they did all work, just the fireworks and soundtrack and fountain and lighting were all out of sync... But that is the nice thing about the general public - most had no idea and didn't care. Like the first season of the new fountains and half the time it wasn't working probably and most didn't notice. Considering you brought up a 17 day old post, did you move on lol. Plus another show hasn't happened yet, so saying they have moved on is a little premature. I mean they did move on in that they are going to an even bigger show, but tey haven't had the opportunity to figure out and test why it happened and let's hope that it goes off as planned on the 28th with Greg Brady in attendance lol. In fact, at Coasterstock, Mike said they are still working on the programming for the big spectacular, so likely at this late date something will be wrong with the time code for something.
  4. I can already here the marketing spin in August lol - "Based on the popularity of Phantom Theater Encore, new for 2023, Boo Blasters will be reimagined into an all new Phantom Theater experience"
  5. If past history is any indication, one of the items will be off-sync LOL. Let's hope not this bad LOL:
  6. Where is @King Ding Dong with one of his memes LOL
  7. Greg Brady will be attempting to throw footballs thru that opening And if he is successful, the 50 foot platform opens for the 50th anniversary
  8. Longer than one would expect for an 8pm Wednesday with all the rain in the forecast that has yet to happen LOL. Orion and Diamondback are in the 15-20min range and Beast in the 35min range.
  9. One does not walk away from the new Beast feeling like it was an out of control Beast....
  10. Each park operates re-entry differently. But KI currently is can re-scan.
  11. On most days, the $199 will be the better option - park admission and Fast Lane Plus Included. The $449 you need to pay to get in or have a pass, and only get 6 hours of "Fast Lane" (ie personal tour guide).
  12. I hate to see any ride removed without a replacement because that means more people in other lines, even if the ride removed is a lower capacity ride. Even if it wasn't a ride I cared for, it means the displaced riders go somewhere else, like your favorite ride. Now granted this one is really low capacity and probably cannot be measured, but the idea is the same.
  13. Just shows that slapping a new coat of paint on it doesn't mean it will be around for years to come...
  14. One would think this temporary fence/barricade would stop people or make the realize the ride is down, but nope about 4 groups per hour would walk around them or jump them to start down the queue. I have some pics of that in action, but decided not to post in case they are members here LOL.
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