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  1. ^ that article also shows this! I wonder if and how many locations KI would have for this?
  2. Speaking of stats, The NHTSA reported that approximately 52 percent of all automobile accidents occur within a five-mile radius of my home and 69 percent of all car accidents occur within a ten-mile radius from my home, so I moved
  3. They are linked somewhere in these 116 pages of posts LOL. Edit - here is one I found quickly: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/cedar-fair-considering-capacity-limits-virtual-queuing-in-reopening-of-cedar-point-other-parks.html and from their Q1 conference call: But what I can say is that given the fact that most of the parks don't operate anywhere near theoretical capacity and only close to half, we can do numbers that are significantly less than theoretical capacity and still be at a very profitable level in terms of daily operations.
  4. Earlier in this thread, employees had said it was around that 65,000 number, so 20% of that would be 13,000 guests. They will have a demand for much more than that...based on previous articles Cedar Fair reps reported most parks run at 50% capacity during the summer, so a typical Wednesday at the park will now be half of what we used to see using that analogy. A lot of social distancing can occur with that number, except for at Orion
  5. This is an even more telling piece from that article: In response to a reporter’s question after Friday’s press conference, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said the parks will conduct temperature monitoring prior to entrance. DeWine said capacity would be capped at 20% to start, and work up to 50% later in the season.
  6. Actually, when restaurants were allowed to open, he specifically said he was not going to limit their capacity - it was up to each individual business to decide how best to accomplish social distancing requirements. So if a restaurant wanted to put up shower curtains or plexiglass around every table so they could fill their existing tables and run at 100% capacity, he would allow that. Some have done exactly that, some have removed tables so they are no closer than 6 feet, and yet others have not opened up indoor seating yet. He put the responsibility in the business hands that they have to develop their own plan, but they then have to comply with whatever their plan was. And that is how some restaurants were being scrutinized and looked at closer recently because they were not complying with their own plan. Day cares and weddings are I believe the only ones limited in capacity by a number. Maybe a few more, but it is not consistent across the sectors. Many were expecting he would limit capacity like other states did and he did not. I agree with you - masks will be horrible in the heat, but if that is the requirement Cedar Fair puts in, they will have to enforce it.
  7. So if Cedar Fair says they will require masks for guests, enforce social distancing, and limit attendance, why would the state close them for the last two but not the first? If that is the condition of their re-open plan submitted and approved by the state, then non-compliance can be a condition to close them as well. Many business sectors were allowed to open without a capacity limit. If Cedar Fair feels they can control it or enforce it within their park, then they would be better off to not make it a condition to re-open. There is a saying in business - under commit and over deliver.
  8. Mark Twain once said something like “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” as a reference to unfortunately laws have to exist because the few that are unreasonable, irresponsible, and lack common sense ruin it for the rest of us...and then even with the laws, they are still broken, bringing on a whole new set of further restrictions...
  9. Let's be real, it will be the "Karen's" of the world documenting it all and sending to the media and DeWine. The state doesn't have enough staff to hover over every business. Doesn't KI have some neighbors that are absolutely loving the silence they have enjoyed this summer....a pass would be a cheap investment to bring that silence back...
  10. Which was why I ended my post with: (or it will be business as usual...which is probably what will happen) But just because their attention will be elsewhere isn't an excuse to disobey whatever requirements KI has regarding opening up their park...
  11. Again, where did I say I wasn't going to go to the park? When the park opens, I want the park to stay open. Part of that will be people respecting and following the requirements set forth by the business in order to remain open. It really isn't that hard of a concept to understand, yet so many believe the requirements don't apply to them.
  12. I know that, but I said if the park makes masks a requirement, that is their choice as a business. I was simply using that as an example. But if their re-open plan to the Governor says masks will be required for guests and the state sees an overwhelming amount of people not complying with the businesses own plan, guess what happens...
  13. Where did I say I was staying home? I was pointing out that if people want to continue to go to the park, they better follow the requirements and not post to social media that if masks are required, they will "lose it" once inside. It really isn't that hard of concept - follow the rules and everything remains open. The government has and will shut places down for not following the requirements. I would like to enjoy my fun at the park as much as you, but sadly too many people feel the rules do not apply to them and ruin it for everyone...
  14. So your kids were perfect and you never had to ground them for doing something wrong? DeWine is the Governor of Ohio and controls lot's of things - Cedar Fair can win the battle but lose the war... Ask Elon Musk if he is getting a little more scrutiny based on his actions...or any other company that causes a regulatory agency to watch them with more scrutiny.
  15. When your little one in the future does something bad, do you extend their "leash" of freedom or watch over them with a little more scrutiny...
  16. Today should have been a wake up call to Cedar Fair. DeWine clearly took the high road, but was getting his point across in other ways by explaining how he was reopening up Ohio and mentioning that some sectors and businesses developed plans better than others...he did not go through that discussion on any other sector opening, and I believe it was intentional why he did that today. He didn't specifically state it, but I believe he felt that Cedar Fair did not put together a good faith effort that he was comfortable with. Cedar Fair simply put the bullseye on themselves and has to step up to the plate for the increased scrutiny certainly to come their way based on their recent actions. By coercing the authors of HB 665 to add an amendment to a Bill that had nothing to do with amusement parks and was more related to administrative sections of the Ohio Revised Code as it relates to county fairs was a cheap shot. Here is the executive HB analysis summary developed by the House as a talking points to the legal language in the revisions to ORC. You can see for yourself that this HB had nothing to do with amusement parks and in fact that amendment got added after this summary was put together by the House...all the good measures that bill was going to do now will not get passed unless the amendment is rescinded. Then to file a lawsuit that asks a judge to reopen amusement parks and water parks immediately and to prevent the Health Director from ever being able to close them again in the future takes the effort a little too far. Not only that, it would be hard pressed for a court to rule against forbidding the state from the ability to shut down an operation for anything from an e. coli outbreak, rat infestation, or some other serious health issue. Under that lawsuit, they could break EVERY restaurant health code and they could not be shut down under this. Then that would trickle down to every restaurant never being able to be shut down for serious health code violations as a precedence would be set. Because of these actions to undermine the Governor's authority, they will have to step up their enforcement or risk the heavy hammer coming down and shutting them down. They will have to enforce things historically they have done a poor job of. They will not be able to say one thing in their re-open plan and then not do it or enforce it. Their ride reports will have to be spotless for the state inspectors to approve. No more food employees texting with gloves on (yea it happens I have seen it and reported it to management as that is health code violation). The list goes on. Sometimes when you poke the sleeping bear... (or it will be business as usual...which is probably what will happen)
  17. Let's see them rescind the offer of passes good through 2021 and watch people be more mad than yesterday's lack of an announcement LOL. (they would be crazy to rescind the offer and I do not see them doing that)
  18. Since other chains are requiring masks, I think Cedar Fair will follow their example...
  19. The park especially hates it when it is an employee not authorized to speak on behalf of the park One would think that is in the employee manual or something LOL
  20. And the IN & KY Governor are now ticked Ohio parks are opening
  21. Well, Schlitterbahn may open first and is technically a Cedar Fair park!
  22. Specific Plan above and beyond amusement parks can open in two weeks.
  23. He is setting the stage for something...is he going to call them out?
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