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  1. Between an earlier close and less Haunt events, it is anyone's guess on if that last hour will be busy or not. I expect it will be busy until close and that "last hour" experience from the past will remain in the past.
  2. ^I know, which is even more concerning that the ride ops did not check that. Visually inspecting seatbelt on The Beast and Racer and Diamondback is one thing considering they ran many years without one, but for a ride that the seatbelt is the only restraint, that is ridiculous.
  3. WOW, that is unbelievable. Wonder if this will bring back physical checking of seatbelts at parks. Some of you may have noticed at KI, many of the rides are visual only for seatbelts. Some of the rides even announce the ride op will visually check seat belt and it is rider responsibility to check seatbelt and ride op checks the restraint.
  4. At best the article is ambiguous as to who stated the name at the time of the incident and that first paragraph could be journalistic editing to get to the point quickly, but I suspect the name was released by the police first and not CP. The CP tweet and at least the partial press release in the article simply says a guest entered a restricted area and passed away and does not provide a name: Cedar Point released the following statement about the accident: At approximately 5 p.m., a guest entered a restricted, fenced area of the Raptor roller coaster and was struck by the ride. Park safety officials responded immediately to the situation. Unfortunately the guest has passed away. Local authorities are on the scene conducting an investigation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time. So unless you can find something official from the park with the victim's name in it, or a news video where a park spokesperson mentions the victim by name and the timeline would match up to show they mentioned the name first instead of the police, I believe it was the Sandusky police that released the name first, as is customary in high profile/interest stories of a death. Fox8, who did the story you referenced, did a follow-up story the next day with more details on the victim and that article states: Police in Sandusky said 45-year-old James Young of East Canton died after jumping a fence to retrieve some of his belongings. They had fallen while Young was riding the Raptor roller coaster.
  5. Sorry for the double-post, but it was the Sandusky Police department that released this victim's name not Cedar Point, and death records are public records, unlike injury records, so the media has access to death records and most police departments will release the deceased name after next of kin was notified. Plus the 2015 incident was a lot more clear-cut.
  6. Here is some interesting information obtained at the FOIA website: The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) generally provides that any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or information except to the extent the records are protected from disclosure by any of nine exemptions contained in the law or by one of three special law enforcement record exclusions. The FOIA applies only to federal agencies and does not create a right of access to records held by Congress, the courts, or by state or local government agencies. So people throw around FOIA inaccurately, just as people do with HIPAA (or as most call it HIPPA lol) But of course many states have passed their own comparable act, in Ohio it is called the Ohio Open Records Law: ....regulates and sets requirements for the disclosure of certain public records of certain public bodies in the state..... Key Definitions: "Public record" means records kept by any public office, including, but not limited to, state, county, city, village, township, and school district units, and records pertaining to the delivery of educational services by an alternative school in this state kept by the nonprofit or for-profit entity operating the alternative school pursuant to section 3313.533 of the Revised Code..... any other body which is created by state or local authority or which is primarily funded by or through state or local authority. Many private colleges and universities in Ohio and other states, for example, has successfully defended their opinion that they do not have to comply with Open Records Requests as they are a private entity and the police force is not funded with tax payer dollars. Whether we agree with that or not is irrelevant. It is up to a court of law to determine the intent of this language and how/if it is applied to a private police force. And until enough court decisions and/or Ohio Legislatures introduce bills to modify the Open Records Request law language, private entities like Cedar Fair and others will continue to lawyer up and defend their stance that they do not need to comply with an Open Records Request.
  7. ^and even with the GP "backlash", I expect that the place will still be slammed like it normally is for Haunt...
  8. I wouldn't add it to Oktoberfest/German themed areas either...
  9. At least they learned and will have Haunt at night LOL. I was half expecting Haunt from 4pm to 7pm
  10. Hey, they did give us an extra hour compared to recent Sundays in Sept/October LOL. Plus our Haunt event doesn't happen on Sundays...
  11. The child payment is not considered taxable income. They only have to pay back if their tax filing status changes - like this year they made more than the previous and it bumped them to the next tax bracket, divorce, that sort of thing. From my observations, not many were deterred by long lines and made several visits. I believe we will hear at the end of year results call that the number of times a pass was used per person will be up this year over pre-pandemic numbers. The bigger question that plays into your concern is when the stimulus/child credit dries up, will these same families then purchase a pass or will they decide to spend their money elsewhere based on their experiences this year. Many of us have predicted that the short term gains CF tends to employ will come back to bite them long term. One of these days we will be right LOL.
  12. Let me hit that JustAnswer ad and see if it tells me Dane can make them go away
  13. True, but despite the long Fast Lane lines at Cedar Point, issues, anecdotal accounts of parks being busier than in the past (since CF claims attendance is down despite park goer observations); other issues at parks, etc. CF execs said on the conference call that guest satisfaction surveys are high and in some cases record highs ("We have also witnessed this firsthand at Knott's Berry Farm where we achieved some of our highest customer satisfaction scores...") CF said they made more money the 10 weeks leading into Labor Day 2021 than they did for the same period pre-pandemic 2019 and this is despite less operating hours, higher labor rates, majority of passholders were rollovers without much "new" pass revenue, and supposedly a 20% reduction in attendance. Who would have thought the per caps spending would have jumped so much. If true, it then shows that they can make money with less attendance. Most here would say that the offerings of the parks this year were less than previous years (discounting 2020 for obvious reasons), yet on the parameters that CF looks at, attendance is the only one that is down chainwide, most likely due to CW late opening and restrictions and less operating days. Sadly it appears that we are in the minority in this thinking regarding a degraded experience. If people are willing to pay $250 for a FL+ on Saturdays at CP and still experience hour plus waits, then clearly the price of the admission to get in is deemed too low by the majority of guest that attend so they just accept that the longer lines come with cheaper entry... Social Media exploded this year with people saying CP is too busy this year and it is the last time they attend, blah blah blah...and watch come October we will hear the same overcrowding complaints we have heard the past several years. As long as the crowds and per cap increases continue, why invest they say...
  14. To be fair, I think the weather every Thursday that year rained and sucked. But a lot has changed since then as well. Overall park clientele has changed as have the "normal" working hours of a lot people. Because so many do not work the traditional "9 to 5" job anymore and many have flex-time, work from home, etc., there is a demand for events that traditionally/historically would only be weekend type events. Sure the teen population still has school the next day, but they would be up past closing time regardless LOL. And more so than the last attempt, many high schools now operate more like a college campus, so if students lined up study halls or online college credit plus courses first thing, many do not need to be at school right when school starts. I think this is why we are seeing Cedar Point expand their HalloWeekends operating calendar onto Thursdays and 10pm closes on Sunday. I think Cedar Point will do very well with their Thursday and Sunday evening additions. Other Haunt attractions do very well on a Thursday. Dent Schoolhouse can seem just as busy on a Thursday as a Saturday, and I believe they added more Thursdays into the operating calendar this year than years past. While I certainly agree with you on the "do it right or don't do it", I do think that with proper manage the expectations going in, there is a demand for Thursday Haunt. Open the 5 big rides that people wanna ride and all Haunt attractions open, and people will come.
  15. And to go along with this, as long as the park continues to win this meaningless fan popularity contest, why invest in improving the product? If the park going guests think highly enough of it as it is right now that they "stuff the ballots" for KI to win this, then "why fix what ain't broke"... As pointed out, we get a "new" maze being a corn field theme on its 14th year under 3 different names and as many locations...a lot less expensive to do that they create something new every two years. This year we get Haunt like it's a 2019 watered down event and win a popularity contest as best Halloween attraction by the people that will actually attend the event (compared to a ranking that could be done by non-biased "industry experts"). Easy to see why the powers that be provide very little budget for the event. Haunt Saturdays tend to already be very well attended, so spending X amount more will not bring in enough guests to justify the additional expenditure (if the park could even handle much more).... What incentive is there to put any more effort and budget into it? As long as the guests continue to come and vote to make it the #1 Haunt event, we will continue down this path...
  16. Yes, except on a computer it comes up from the bottom and always seems to pop up just as you are getting ready to click next page and then you get the full ad LOL
  17. Anyone else getting the annoying ad pop-up that takes up half the screen LOL?
  18. I know many people that don't even rank Orion as a top 3 coaster within KI itself and most I talk to rank Diamondback above Orion, so this ranking isn't a shock to me...
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