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  1. People talk about our reduced hours...meanwhile over at Six Flags over Texas they decided to close on Tuesdays in the summer, along with 7 and 8pm closes (a park that usually pulls 3million in attendance):
  2. Drink stand in Action Zone isn't open (so lets add another one there lol), nor are the usual normally closed stands. Alcohol stands are open for the 1% of guests today of legal age lol
  3. That will be part of the brews and tattoos festival later this year
  4. It was closed so much last year as well that people just come to expect it to not be running. But hey at least it isn't as bad as Kings Dominion's Eiffel Tower!
  5. Both trains only ran last Friday. On Saturday it went to one train, and Sunday the ride was closed with the temp gates blocking the entrance/exit way and did not open again until yesterday afternoon with one train...
  6. Until they decide to do something with the Tower Gardens space, that is probably the closest we get to a museum.
  7. Unfortunately to big corp, employees are just a number and replaceable....all the while touting their associates are their best asset....
  8. Only if you were there the first 2 hours of preview night
  9. Remember....same group that brought you the double grilled chicken sandwich and Nacho fries
  10. Yeah the newer ones like like printer cartridges LOL
  11. I doubt they would take the mini-Eiffel Towers out of the Gardens for this event? Maybe they have had a better than planned start to the year and added this last minute? Or maybe it was a placeholder that just go approved? Maybe they redirected funds from one event or department to another? It could be anything, but I would rather see them add events than take things away!
  12. They needed something to keep the chaperones in the park
  13. What about Slingshot that was painted in the off-season and didn't open again and was removed? Or repainting aerial chase over less than what 2-3 years? Same could be said about those, or countless other items. Sometimes stuff happens or situations change. Opening up Tower Gardens was a lot cheaper than those examples lol. But people demanded transparency from the KI Team and when finally provided with a proactive announcement they then complain when they get it LOL.... I assure you people would be here complaining Wednesday on the closure and that the KI Team should have made an announcement for a closure outside of the typical closure period LOL... I guess we will find out soon enough if this is ACE related or a teaser for an unannounced event...
  14. Has anyone else noticed they are repaving a portion of the Soak City lot.
  15. My friend earlier had less than that - 2 tiny chicken fingers and no hush puppy.
  16. Any pics of the Beagle Scout Acres (realizing autocorrect probably changed what you typed lol)
  17. Fine print don't matter when it is caveated with "subject to change without notice" LOL.
  18. Didn't they have a perk if you attended Passholder Preview and then other perks if you visited in April that were good for May? Or am I getting the parks mixed up LOL.
  19. My Prestige Pass friends that have attended every operating day have yet to see anything either and they should have these 3 now, unless they only give one LOL. Not that they said they plan on using them, but the marketed visit these dates and get this and so far nothing.
  20. Additional markings in the Preferred lot:
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