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  1. EVERY ride will experience downtime. And a ride will go in waves. Diamondback got jealous when Orion was announced and experienced more than normal downtime that year lol. Orion has gone down a bit, as had Drop Tower and about every ride at some point in its life. KI works hard to get them open same day if they can. Sometimes it is a part they don't have sitting around like an extra Vortex lift chain or a part for Delirium and it is longer, but somet it is faster. Beast is open right now proving that just because they pull the trains off the track doesn't mean it is done for the day. They fixed it and opened it back up. You must just have bad luck... Our rides tend to have better uptime than our sister park up north...just saying...
  2. The slingshot towers are not present today in case I didn't make it clear three posts above lol.
  3. Just heard a teenage boy say he has taken the steps down from the top of Millennium Force lift hill (for those not familiar there aren't steps lol)
  4. The slingshot towers have not returned.
  5. There are way more sensors and e-stop points available now than there were employees stationed along the track lol. But yes they were essentially sensors lol.
  6. The ride did not have as many sensors when it opened.... Ir goes down for maybe 10min while maintenance resets it. Line clears and you get on faster than if it didn't go down. It isn't like it shuts down the rest of the day. Having maintenance reset it is part of the safety features to ensure the ride is not restarted prematurely. Sometimes they are close by and sometimes it takes a few minutes for them to get there. If you are so smart, then why don't you go work for the park and show them how it is done These are different than a car. A car isn't 7,361 feet long with sensors exposed to 24/7 elements. Reread what @Browntggrr posted about his experience with these types of sensors.... The downtimes have been getting less as the season goes on...so maybe you have just had bad luck timing..... Most of us would prefer a false fault and the small inconvenience of downtime than it missing a fault and the ride having an accident....
  7. You do realize Mason has lost several golf courses (including part of one directly across the interstate that had some holes turned into housing and other holes converted to a parking lot for a tennis tourney that is only two weeks out of the year) and parks over the years as the highest and best use of the land became houses, condos, and Kroger.... Warren County's rate of housing growth is more than triple that of most other Ohio counties, including five of the six other local jurisdictions. I know that Vaughn is growing leaps and bounds. Last time I was there it seemed like granite counter top stores were on every corner lol and the land is filling up fast. But anything is possible and if Vaughn commissioned a planning report and showed the highest and best use of the Wonderland property was condos and a developer could cough up the cash to make it attractive, sure, but it would be a very high number. But that could be said for any piece of property.... I still think Wonderland is safe. Not a comparison to what happened with CGA. Makes for a fun what if discussion we are having in the thread...
  8. CGA sits on a little over 100 acres; whereas Wonderland is on over 330 acres. Even if landlocked it has triple the space. With attractions reaching useful life at various points, there is simply more room at Wonderland since it has more land to start. Using that logic they should sell CP as it is locked as well. Or KI lol. Look at the charts posted in the thread - Wonderland is too much of a money maker to dispose of... CGA not so much.... It would be like P&G selling off Tide...
  9. Two different situations, but anything is possible. I think the likely scenario would be if the cost of doing business in another country became cost prohibitive.
  10. As expected, due to the weather, the park does have a decent crowd. Walking around the park, I think the wait times are probably 5-10min too high on the app right now for most rides, but an influx of FastLaners can easily cause the time shown to be accurate, so they sometimes account for that as well in the estimate.
  11. ^And yet in the past 10 years, people built $500,000 homes just off the fireworks launch site lol. Sure some have no interest, but others do!
  12. They will probably say your concept in the other thread is pretty cool and the park should do that! Not that the park would want to give up that real estate, but what if they did like we see popping up all over town and added a row of condos on top of your concept. Who wouldn't wanna live that close to the park!
  13. Since the announcement of this series this year, free parking after 5pm has been included with the concert ticket... But yes, it hasn't been marketed a lot (even not being an A-lister, a radio station usually picks up on it and arranges an opportunity to talk to the performer, give away tickets, etc.), no discounts for passholders, no discount for the park...it is almost like they want it to not be successful and the concert series is a distraction to take the scent off of a future attraction in the area...you know put all the Timberwolf is leaving rumors to rest, yet here we are before the first concert and even the naysayers here last year saying Timberwolf would not be removed and now leaning towards its possible removal....
  14. ^+1 above!!! As I mentioned earlier in the thread, the sensors are new to The Beast and additional ones and other items were added, so yes this is "ho-hum oops stuff breaks it's all new"....and it takes awhile for everything to settle out as @Browntggrr excellently explains based on his experiences with these sensors in a manufacturing setting, which would be easier than in a setting on a roller coaster exposed to 24/7 weather and operating conditions...
  15. Given the perfect weather forecasted, yes it will be a larger than normal crowd. Given that admission is not part of the concert series as past concerts were, I don't think the concert will have a significant impact on attendance. By last estimates, it appears it isn't even half sold.
  16. The wheel is simply replaced. They will not try to repair the wheel. The mechanism that holds the wheels in place probably just rotated around its axis that once a new wheel is put on it is back in alignment. Or they could replace that whole assembly. They inspect the rides/trains every day, so giving them Wednesday night until this morning is more than enough time to inspect the whole ride and make any fixes necessary. It isn't like they stop working when the park closes. We have seen maintenance completely change out an entire set of wheels from park close one night to park open the next day. You can see this sometimes in the beginning and end of season when the Diamondback wheels change colors overnight based on if they need softer or stiffer wheels based on temperature... We saw seatbelts show up overnight on Diamondback one year. One year we saw cameras for user POV on the seat in front of you show up on Banshee overnight and then after a few weeks they were removed overnight. They can get a lot done overnight. Then you throw on top of it the ride not running, and they can really move. I have not confirmed it is open yet, but the park would not re-open the ride if they were not confident that the ride is safe. It just isn't worth the risk.
  17. I said in an above post that if the damage was only confined to that one spot, it would be up and running in a couple of days.... But I think there are more issues than the pictures show and isn't open...
  18. I do not recall seeing as many people at CP wearing their anniversary gear as here. I can hear it now "Our 50th anniversary clothing sold so well, let's do 51st anniversary next year"
  19. John Materese did a report...I am sure someone will make the joke... https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/kings-islands-the-bat-closed-after-a-wheel-came-loose-while-in-motion-ride-formerly-known-as-top-gun
  20. Greg Brady said he preferred groovy
  21. The sensors were replaced on The Beast and additional programming happened. It is common for a ride to experience these "breakdowns" after that happens. They are not really breakdowns more than the sensors faulting and needing adjusted. It has been getting less and less as the season has progressed.
  22. Looks like something I see at Kroger making it fresh for everyone
  23. I don't think anyone here has said they think The Bat is done for the rest of this year because of this incident. Rather, they are saying they are concerned that with its age and frequent downtime and track needing to be replaced that this or next season may be its last. Unless the damage is more extensive than the one section, it will be repaired and running in a couple of days to a week. The last replaced segment earlier this month was down for two days to fix.
  24. De-railing due to an external object is much different than failure of a component of the ride itself as it approaches its useful life timeline...granted the wheel in question is not original, but could a failure of the track caused the wheel to come off or did the wheel cause the damage.... The Bat has had several issues this year and that certainly plays into the decision. This won't be the first stretch of tube track replaced just this month...
  25. "The rules don't apply to me. I don't care that it is posted EVERYWHERE. I am special." They probably give the police a one star review for being given a speeding ticket and not getting a warning
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