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  1. The IF statement will come to fruition IF the passholders stay silent and simply let the park devalue the pass. What can they offer to take away the bait-n-switch feeling the prestige passholders are experiencing and expressing on social media? Does moving the VIP to the grassy area next to the Restroom across from Hanks constitute an improvement? Does providing fountain drinks next year constitute an improvement over the bottled beverages? Does.... Or...what can they offer that is above and beyond what was proposed when they purchased that folks will feel like they got their money's worth? Is it ERT for just Prestige holders? Extra BAF days?
  2. Well said. You could add, depending on the day, the variety of snacks offered. For a good stretch, all that was available was no-name jalapeno chips, a stark contrast from the variety of Frito-Lay offerings that was available when people made the decision to purchase said pass. Thankfully the Frito-Lay has returned in recent days. I know many that filled out the comment section on the website expressing many of your points and most only got back the standard response. Is the park really listening to the concerns or will they just continue to sell the Prestige Pass in quantity and thus further water down the experience.... Let's face it, most that bought the Prestige Pass are not the typical passholder that uses the pass 5 times or less. Most of them are the frequent visitors, so the amenities are going to be spread thin.
  3. I think they have realized that they sold way more Prestige than available preferred parking (even if expanded), so instead of expanding the lot, it is cheaper to just add some restrictive language LOL. So now everyone that bought said pass with preferred parking as their primary reason for purchasing will need to get there at gate opening on many days in order to receive said benefit (unless they require a reservation as Boddah was told).
  4. That is new language that wasn't there when the pass first came out....just like they have "watered" down the amenities in the VIP, now they are taking away a preferred parking benefit many assumed they would get with this pass...
  5. True, but up to this point, Preferred Parking for Prestige hasn't been offered as a "subject to availability" benefit and is shown as a benefit available to said passholder during any publicly operating day, although I am sure they would say it falls back to the general terms of a pass. But it has been marketed as a reason to purchase said pass and not as a "perk" subject to availability that the gold pass parking area was during the Paramount days....
  6. ^I get the sense a lot feel the same way. Without a significant improvement I do not see many renewing Prestige for 24 if next year brings frustrations of full preferred parking, overflowing VIP areas, infused water, and no-name snacks.
  7. Yep, it was never on main page. Only by email link which was then shared generously across social media lol, and now by that little link above the main page.
  8. For those interested, the VIP lounge is open with ice cold water that should remain cold in these temps lol.
  9. If only there was a thread about it...oh wait LOL https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45286-kings-island-web-cams-new-views/
  10. If they pay to be in the park, well then the park is making money on them being there... What is more strange is Chick Fil A in NFL stadiums....where most of the games are on a Sunday....
  11. It becomes the new Prestige VIP climate controlled lounge and @BeeastFarmervision of the passholders getting leftover Skyline becomes a reality
  12. I could see the national chains leaving first while keeping the local chains. At some point the economics may change that.
  13. ^Why would Skyline want to give up the indoor seating? Or is KI forcing it?
  14. So they are closing their doors at King's Dominion....Does that mean they will remain at Kings Dominion
  15. It has been done on coasters....CP even did it with Iron Dragon... https://coasterpedia.net/wiki/Virtual_reality_roller_coaster
  16. It gets hit several times a year, as it is basically a lightning rod LOL. Eiffel Tower gets hit as well, along with WindSeeker and the big steel coasters get hit on occasion as well. Most of the time the grounding works as intended, but sometimes lightning does its own thing. Sometimes it is even caught on camera LOL:
  17. Nothing to do with the Free Fall and has been discussed in a thread here somewhere - different manufacturer and different restraints. Drop Tower has a seat belt between the legs and that one didn't and is the main difference (well FreeFall also has seats that tilt forward which didn't help the situation). It would have been a different outcome had that ride had seat belts (and why a brand new ride didn't learn from the past and have them is crazy) AND had they not allowed the seat to be altered. In addition to the safety aspect of Drop Tower seat belt not allowing someone to slide thru, it would also prevent the ride from going with the restraint as high up as the Free Fall ride because the Drop Tower restraints will lock a lot higher, but if the seat belt doesn't lock, then no ride. The seat belt is a certain length for a reason. Your spy reports are wrong LOL. It ran until August 9th and was struck that night/next morning by lightning and fried some components that can only be obtained by Intamin and they had a long lead time that kept getting pushed and when it became obvious it wouldn't be here in time for final weekend, they went ahead and started winter prep for the ride early... It was down a bit for wind this year, as well as another lightning strike earlier in the summer (July 6th) that knocked it out a few days while the spare part was put in (thus why when it blew again a month later they didn't have a spare available as they were waiting on the part).
  18. And after you have the complete set, you will sell them on ebay for $11,000 (cross threading)
  19. ^The fine print does say subject to change at any time, but the last weekend to make a change (I know we still have Winterfest, but make the change then)? Not the first or last time we will see an offering for the meal plan change during some part of the season...
  20. In that case, you order it at night when it is dark and you can't see it.....oh wait (can't buy after 7pm for those not following along LOL)
  21. International Street LaRosa's. They are premade so no customization.
  22. It would be simple LOL. Just swing the Banshee cam that is looking at Orion and swing it back to Banshee LOL (might need to angle down a little and maybe to the right, but it probably was close)
  23. @BoddaH1994 People are starting to get Pass Perks for a one day VIP lounge - just your luck that will be what you get LOL
  24. Yep, this should have never got that far. Would hate to hear how much CF spent on this. Totally agree, for the overwhelming majority, passholders got a great deal out of this and certainly more than they legally would have been required to do given the Terms and Conditions.
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