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  1. Totally agree. It should have been a wristband or lanyard that gets a hole punched when you completed a ride. So one front of the line per FL ride. Just think they could make more money because inevitably someone would just purchase another wristband/lanyard when they used up the first one LOL. Now we all know what will happen. On the busy Saturday when FastLane has been "sold out" we will see them selling these single use FastLane passes.
  2. Sorry for double post but it appears a vote happens next month https://local12.com/sports/content/deal-move-western-southern-open-tournament-mason-ohio-lindner-tennis-center-face-first-vote-charlotte-cincinnati-beemok#
  3. ^They had free lockers inside the VIP last year, so adding ones as a rental now would be an even bigger bait and switch insult to then charge for them.
  4. Gotta increase the per cap spending and these are quick ways to do it. They do have paper maps kinda...for the food locations as that increase per cap spending LOL
  5. The final lift hill today had it all working except for the heat at the crest of the hill. But maybe it didn't work the next cycle or tomorrow LOL.
  6. Today's version of VIP gets you not 2, but 1 cooler. Infused cooler water hasn't made an appearance lol.
  7. They have listened to your concerns since the EXIT ONLY signage wasn't enough to stop people, they posted these at eye level exit points (but doesn't solve your example of the places that are easier to bypass) that people will ignore as well...
  8. Orion is cycling, so that is a good sign.
  9. Of course opening year will make it look like it was a bad decision, but it will be the lines the following years that determine if this was a short-sided mistake. There are reasons for the decision. Either they felt like the close proximity to other rides and it wasn't needed or they couldn't get their hands on the 48 seater in time or any other reason. Or maybe this off-season the 48 seater shows up here and the 24 seater shows up in Planet Snoopy or another park LOL. I don't buy the prolonged economic slump theory though and I don't think financial reasons drove the decision for the 24 seater. Remember 2022 was a record year for Cedar Fair. And 20 and 21 were not the doom & gloom post covid that many thought it would be - for many indicators they were record setting components. Remember that during Winterfest 21 (and offseason 21/22) that Slingshot was being repainted with the idea that it would open in 2022 and for many years thereafter. Then Slingshot disappeared a few weeks into the 2022 operating schedule. So these rides were a "last minute" decision being made knowing that they more than recovered from the Covid year and the outlook was looking great for the parks.
  10. PSA - in addition to the usual rides being down, Orion will not be going today. Also more rides than normal seem to be going down making the waits for what is open longer.
  11. Yep, same with posting when are good days to go due to light crowds LOL - guess what those days soon become not light crowd days LOL. Or all the Prestige saying it is working at other parks with Prestige when the language says otherwise. We know the park is screwing over those with Prestige LOL and they will close that loophole up LOL. The list goes on and on of these "hacks" for the very reason you point out!
  12. I will go with June 19th for the rides to open.
  13. They still have time to weather it lol
  14. You should have said it was for speeding lol
  15. Whoever told you that must not read this thread and see people complaining about concrete stain, roof shingles, and the color of the sky not blue enough Tough crowd the internet is and someone won't be pleased...
  16. I think it was stained/painted. If it were cut out and replaced with colored concrete, the pigments are added to the concrete mix prior to placement so that the color goes all the way through. Here is the new break point between the two and you can clearly see the color is not all the way through the concrete...
  17. Don't look now but VIP is back to Kinzel cups for the cooler water.
  18. At least not as bad as Fabio's bird strike on Apollo's Chariot https://www.cp24.com/news/it-sort-of-exploded-on-us-bird-collides-with-leviathan-roller-coaster-splatters-canada-s-wonderland-guests-1.6404065?fbclid=IwAR0wELRXLwiYYnMTCrHF1KoiKESy773KUZlDnVmDLweCQI5BhU0su87RWZk
  19. Based on the guest outrage finding out it is the smaller ride, the park gonna demo the whole update and give us nothing outta spite
  20. Growing list of VIP amenities...has Prestige offered a growing list? Seem to be a shrinking list
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