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  1. NoChickens


    Sadly, you're probably right. The economy is ramping up, and an unscrupulous investor may see an opportunity.
  2. NoChickens

    Which coaster gets the RMC axe?

    Pin is easy, it was first. And it didn't have assist from terrain. And I don't understand why first can even be debated?
  3. NoChickens

    Decoding 2019/2020

    Only if you let it. Life is full of ebb and flow. I've found myself exited about getting a Big Mac, but had to bail on the line because I had to get to work on time. Expectation vs reality is something we all have to deal with. In my experience expectation is always a +%10 over reality, but I'm an optimist, lol
  4. NoChickens

    Which coaster gets the RMC axe?

    You mean like no one? Vortex should truly already have one of those seemingly coveted plaques from ACE. When it opened in 1987, it held 3 records. It was the tallest drop, steepest drop, and most inversions. There was a time when people rode roller coasters for the thrill they provided. A roller coaster was defined by the intensity of the experience, not by the virtual "ride" from YouTube on your couch. I'll take a ride on Vortex over Fury325 any time the choice is given. Maverick? a discussion will be had.
  5. NoChickens

    Decoding 2019/2020

    attraction or distraction, fine line. Mustang Sally!
  6. NoChickens

    Which coaster gets the RMC axe?

    I respectfully disagree. Any removal costs someone memories, or a coaster they personally love. In this case, both for me.
  7. NoChickens

    Question about Beast's entrance?

    Sigh, 4 row PTC's, buzz bars, no head rests.....at least the helix is still there.
  8. NoChickens

    Banshee gift shop arcade games?

    First guess, merchandise sales didn't justify staffing costs.
  9. NoChickens

    The Flat Ride Speculation Thread

    Same wordage, not the same ride.
  10. NoChickens

    The Flat Ride Speculation Thread

    A Top Spin, not a Giant version, just a Top Spin, suspended version preferably. Set it behind the International Showplace, beside DB's brake run. Theming should be easy enough, go to KD, take some pictures, copy the ride cycle and call it ..."The Crypt".
  11. NoChickens

    Dress code in the park

    I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. Until the park polices YouTube, and any other video posting site, and asks for videos to be taken down, this will continue. Ride op's don't really have the ability, or the authority needed to catch/stop this. Remove the forum, the problem goes away. If you can't get those "likes" there is no reason to take the video
  12. NoChickens

    Underutilized Plots of Land

    ^^^^ We do not. ;-)
  13. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180124006300/en/Flags-Great-Adventure-World’s-Solar-Powered-Theme-Park
  14. NoChickens

    The Vortex Poll

    Parts are not an issue, S&S~ Sansei supplies parts for Arrow coasters.
  15. NoChickens

    Fast Lane Idea (suggestion)

    ^ You mean like almost every other amusement park? The current system is a joke. This is an area that SIX, and Herschend excel compared to CF. I completely understand, and even endorse, the sale of these time saving tools, but there has to be some kind of limit as to their use. At Dollywood this year, we were issued a wristband. It had little tabs that were good for a pass on a given ride, and a few "wild card" tabs good for any ride. It seems Herschend, and SIX have both found ways to both increase profit, and throttle demand on the most popular attractions.