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  1. I know of at least one person that would happily disagree with you. Actually I can think of many, but that is the joy of it all, opinions vary. I personally think Banshee is far superior to Raptor, but again, an opinion. We all have them, and they vary greatly. When it comes to Vortex, age indeed does have something to do with it. Not the steel itself aging, but the technology. Just as KIBeast said in the quoted post, I don't expect a Banshee like ride from 35 year old technology. And as I said in another thread recently, Vortex delivers the ride it was expected to at the time, breathtaking and intense. Another opinion, I love it.
  2. Saturday at Coasterstock, while in line for DB I again heard the same old rumor. Young lady behind us in line, " We need to go get a last ride on Vortex, they're tearing it down after this season, because it's sinking" .
  3. It's no secret that I absolutely love Vortex. I can't really imagine the park without it. As others have mentioned, that first drop, riding in the back of the train is simply outstanding. The entire ride experience, for me anyway, is a thing of beauty. Breathtaking and intense, just the way it was expected to be in the era it was built. It pushed the limits of what a roller coaster could be, at that time. Many forget it held 3 records when it opened. You'd be hard pressed to find a more photogenic coaster anywhere. I hope for many more years to enjoy this classic Arrow.
  4. Absolutely wonderful and welcome return of the ambiance of I-street. Once again when you enter the park, it feels like you've entered some place truly special. It really does help separate you from the everyday doldrums. A huge thank you to the park, and all involved, for making this happen.
  5. 3 weeks, seems like forever. I pray 6 is my lucky #
  6. I'd just like to see some good flats. A top spin, screaming swings, hell a Tilt-a-whirl. A Paratrooper would be a bonus at this point. Even a Round-up, aka Haleys Comet. Flat installation is more rare than coasters at this point. The Mrs. would most likely accept a sur charge for a whip.
  7. It needs some love for sure. Would be awesome if GCI could be contracted to come and restore it. The track work RMC did, didn't last, obviously. I was greatly saddened with it's ride experience this year.
  8. Rode one of the 4D/Freespin coasters this year, Batman at SFFT. It was a different experience, rather disorienting. When we made it back to the station it felt like we came in from the wrong side to me. It's not a bad ride, definitely another kind of coaster. It seems odd to me that rcdb lists it as a wing coaster, instead of a new category. Side note, not listed on your magazine ad, is that they will gladly build you an Arrow inspired, S&S Mine Train Coaster as well. http://www.engineeringexcitement.com/product/mine-train/
  9. Just an example of why I cast my vote to malem.
  10. A front seat ride on Banshee, if not more than 3-4 trains is acceptable. You would have to pay me to ride Vortex in the front. I'll ride it all day in 7-1. Diamondback is a joy in the front, I'd wait 3-4 trains there as well. Same for Beast, or Racer. BLSC, front 2 rows, or I'll wait..... wait.....wait...
  11. The B&M restraints are far superior to Vekoma, comfort wise, IMO. And due to that comfort, the relatively short time you spend face down on the lift, and brakes, is a non issue, for me.
  12. TRTR, to Universal .
  13. Yes, it is. Avoiding a one word post. ;-)
  14. Ask the people that were riding Nitro at NJFTP last holiday season.