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  1. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for a long time now and I finally have something to ask and talk about! (I'm super shy and quiet until you get to know me... then I don't shut up!) We (me, my daughter [10yo], my boyfriend, and his two sons [10yo and 13yo]) are planning a SoCal trip for the last week of September (23-30). We will be doing four days at Disney, one at Knott's, and one at Universal. We all know Disney parks pretty well and my daughter and I have been to DL/DCA before so we're comfortable with planning our days at those parks. She and I have also been to Universal Hollywood, but it was more of a "Something to do" day as opposed to a "Let's ride rides!" day and none of us have been to Knott's; that means we are not sure about planning those two parks. My boyfriend and I have looked at Fast Lane for Knott's and Front of Line for Universal, but we just don't know if those would even be necessary for late September. Our Knott's visit will be Sunday the 24th and Universal will be a weekday (we're not sure which yet). I have searched and read threads here to try to help us decide about FL and FoL, but either no one has asked about fall/autumn months or I've completely overlooked it. If we can save money by not needing to buy those, then that will help tremendously with budgeting the trip. I know some of you are familiar with the SoCal parks (excluding Disney!) and I am hoping you will share your thoughts about crowds in late September and whether or not we should bother with Fast Lane and Front of Line. Thanks in advance!
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