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  1. I came (mistake), i saw (the 20 minute wait to get in), i promptly turned around and went home. I will never make that mistakr again, bad thing is i knew better.
  2. I was wanting to see if it would be worth getting the platinum pass before i do it. If the kids area's in other parks are not as good or even close it might not be worth the drive or the purchase of the platinum.
  3. Looking at getting a platinum pass. My son is 4 years old and 42" tall. He loves KI's woodstock express. I'm looking at going to KD and CP maybe a few more. Are there kids area's/roller coasters as good as KI's? Want to make sure the platinum pass would benefit me.
  4. My first ride was awesome. In 2004 i took my sister in law on it. She had never done an inversion and i neglected to tell her (on purpose) there were any. As soon as we hit the first inversion I spent the rest of the ride keeping her head from boucing around. She did not pass out but she was so scared she could not hold her head up. In 2012 i took my niece on it. This was her 2nd ride after Woodstock Express. I informed her about the ride and she still wanted to do it. It was a repeat of my experience with my sister in law. Good Times.
  5. What are some spaces that are unused? SoB, The Crypt, thunder alley. Anything else? Possibly WindSeeker?
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