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  1. For me personally, and I speak for no one but myself, I would rather them take their time on bringing in a new attraction rather than throw in some run of the mill kind of ride or experience ( a Larson Loop anyone? LOL ). I may be in the minority and I've stated it before, but I would absolutely love to see a new Vekoma sit down coaster in Vortex's place. Something that gives that classic looper feel but with today's technology. It probably may never happen in a Cedar Fair park, but a person can dream right? But I digress. My viewpoint is that I'm glad they're not just throwing stuff in just to say "here's something new". I'm sure we will get something amazing soon enough, but in due time. Again, just my own thought process.
  2. This season was definitely one for the books. I felt operations were really on it this season as well as the overall attention to detail and the little Easter eggs nodding to the past throughout. The concert series, the fireworks show. It was really something special this year for a lot of reasons. And as someone who attended a private event ( Pride Night ) I felt that they even went above and beyond for that as well. I'm excited to experience Haunt, Tricks & Treats Fest and Winterfest respectively to wrap up the remainder of the season to see what all they have and will do to finish out their 50th.
  3. Since the big part of my pass has been gifted to me, I am probably also going to add the dining plan to my pass as well. I know that with the prices of park food and with more regular visits planned for next season, I definitely think that will be a big money saver in the long run.
  4. Diamondback and now I feel that Banshee isn't too far behind. Those blue and bright fuchsia supports are really looking pretty dull these days.
  5. I went for the very first time in the early 90's and have vague memories. But for me personally its the 2000's as that's when I caught the coaster bug. My first visit as a teenager in 2003 with my mom is what did it for me and I haven't looked back since. The look of the park, the rides and the overall energy the park had during those years will forever hold something special to me in my heart and mind.
  6. I have already made plans to attend my first Haunt of the season this coming Friday and I am ready to get spooky!
  7. There was a brief moment when I considered the Prestige+ pass as I thought it sounded like a pretty good deal with some of the extra perks and such, but by the way things are going with this I can't help but feel sad for anyone who spent the extra money and aren't getting what they paid for. Granted yes, things could improve next season ( and I truly hope it does for those of you who purchased one ) I'm sure right now it doesn't feel too promising with the quick omittance of the variety bottled drinks, Lays snacks and by the sounds of it, charging cords from the lounge. I truly hope the park is really working on a realistic game plan to get these things back and also ensure this doesn't become a fruit infused watered down shell of a perk again and or remain as such.
  8. So as the title suggests, what are everyone's must have add-ons for their season passes, if any? I have typically never been one to get a lot of add-ons myself, but when the drink plan became an option I immediately had to have that as hydration is super important and having the option to drink whatever virtually whenever was a nice perk. This is one that I will always have by default. I also have had Fun Pix before as well, but its not one I have been getting every season. As a gift, my mother got the all season Fast Lane Plus for me for next season and I am incredibly excited to have that perk and make more visits to use the perk.
  9. I thought this might be a fun topic to start. Especially for those who frequent the park a lot. For those animal and nature lovers, I thought it might be fun to keep track of the baby geese and their growth through the season. My girlfriend and I had our evening made this past Sunday when we saw these little cuties. The mom even brought them up close for us to see. I love how the park leaves them be. They seem quite happy by the fountain and people seem to enjoy watching them. Feel free to share your KI goose updates here if you wish!
  10. I can’t say it was one of my personal favorites as I always compared the feeling of being in that ball to that of a bucking horse…and I’d know since I had horses for over 20 years. The launch of the ball was the only exciting part. But it still sucks to see it being removed, if that is actually what’s happening. I mean, obviously the towers are being taken down, but I mean removed as in not coming back either refurbished or replaced with an updated model. It will be interesting to see what the park says, if anything at all.
  11. It’s a shame that this seems to be a common trend just about anywhere you go anymore. People can’t seems to go places without some ridiculous scene having to be made. And working in the law enforcement/security sector I see too much of this on the daily. I wish humans could get it together.
  12. Definitely impressed with the work that they put into this classic. And it was so good to see the hype that still surrounds it after being a park staple for so many years. I enjoyed my ride today and can’t wait to get some night rights in the near future.
  13. For better or for worse, Vortex is missed even if only having remnants of the once great structure around. I still hold hopes for some kind of memorial for it whenever the space it occupied becomes something.
  14. This all sounds like a botched attempt and trying to salvage whatever they can to keep the appeal. Even though truly there is no appeal. And honestly inflatable obstacle courses are just gross. All I smell are dirty feet when I think about them.
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