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  1. Any updates on the status of Orion? Really hoping it'll be back up and running by Friday
  2. May have to consider this next season when renewing!
  3. I just wanted to add that I had my first Bat flight of the season yesterday and it was marvelous. Felt smooth and super speedy to me. Rode in the front car and enjoyed every second of it. Thankful we still have our little Arrow Suspended coaster and that the park takes such good care of her.
  4. After watching a few videos of this coaster, it definitely looks like a lot of fun. I still stand by my statement of it being a novelty experience but it definitely looks like a great time. I think the layout appears to be a more realistic chain of events that most riders can handle comfortably vs the longer and more intense layouts of stand-ups past. The airtime moments on this thing where folks literally come up off of their feet looks crazy fun.
  5. I never got to ride T2/3 or have yet to make my way to Kentucky Kingdom, but I honestly feel this isn't much of a loss. The one and only Vekoma SLC I have ridden was Canada's Wonderland's Top Gun/Flight Deck and it beat the heck out of me. I had gotten my ear cartilage pierced a few months prior to my visit and by the time the ride was over both ears were bleeding and I was in a lot of pain. I still have the on-ride video of the torment too. Mainly bought it so my little cousin would have the memory. And I know I am probably one of the few Vekoma fans, but the old SLCs are not it.
  6. My fiancé and I decided to give Grain and Grill a go as we were excited about trying it. The overall experience wasn't terrible but we both felt that there is room for improvement. I will give the wiggle room seeing as it's in its infancy still and has plenty of time to become great. We both got something different as we were feeling different tastes that day as well as wanting to be able to try stuff from each other's plate. I got the rosemary beef with perogies and naan. The fiancé got the chicken, brussels sprouts and focaccia bread. The Good: brussels sprouts were tasty and on point, full of flavor and honestly the star of the show Both the naan and focaccia bread were delicious and enjoyable Perogies were enjoyable, warm and comforting like little potato pillows The Mid: The beef wasn't terrible, just wish it had been a bit more tender and had a bit more flavor. There was a hint of flavor, but not enough for me to be like "wow" The Bad: The chicken was honestly disappointing. Not a ton of flavor and it was not cooked all the way through. This has been a theme amongst others that have had the chicken that we have noticed. Really hoping they will fix that issue and eventually go with chicken breast at some point with more seasoning. Overall, Grain and Grill is not a bad place. It left us with a lot to be desired, but again, it's in infancy stage so I will forgive it some. Just hoping as time goes on they can provide a more consistent experience.
  7. The socks are so cool and honestly I would rock a few of those, but $25 is a bit too steep. If they were $10, absolutely. Even $12 I could hack. Just not the price point of say a T-Shirt or plushie.
  8. DJSkyFoxx

    RMC teasing

    I still can't help but reference Johnny 5 from Short Circuit any time I hear/read this
  9. Great video! I was actually literally just thinking about this very thing the other day. I would really love to see another one of these monsters open up state side but I think the chances of that happening are pretty slim to none. But one can dream. If one made it to KI, that would truly be incredible. Something of this caliber on this side of the continent would really blow people's minds.
  10. It will be interesting to see if they decide to make any positive changes this year. It is still the beginning of the season and I try really hard to give some grace for new things, but seeing as they had a bit of a trial run with it near the middle end of last season and all off season to smooth out some of the bumps, its just a bit jarring and it appears to be an incredibly anemic offering for those that paid the extra bucks for what they felt were initially great benefits. As I've said before, I really feel bad for folks who got these passes in hopes of getting a great experience out of them but instead are being treated to things they could get literally anywhere else. And like most of you have said, if they do not make any concrete, realistic and money-worthy changes, I do not see most people wanting to renew this level of pass. And that's even if CF brings it back.
  11. Sounds like they are trying to retain some of the magic from last year and that makes me quite happy. It will be interesting to see how this one will be set up compared to last year and what the run time will be.
  12. When you think about it, the Festhaus is essentially a lounge anyways with climate control, TVs and live entertainment as well as food/drink. Granted food and drinks are not included with the experience and it can get a little crowded at times, its still essentially a lounge that no one had to pay extra for. Just a thought *shurgs* Also, it would have been cool had Cedar Fair done something like Hershey Park with a swag bag. Some magnets, a cup, some other kind of trinket inside a drawstring bag. Just something to show appreciation to the upgraded pass holders or even long time passholders.
  13. I've always wondered why ours had the bigger wheels since the two rides share similarities. And also, yes I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the Top Gun soundtrack blasting in the station before boarding. It always added that extra bit of fun before taking off. I never got to ride it when it still had all of its functioning theming/effects but I have seen old footage of its early days and it looked amazing. In all reality, some of those same effects could be put to use today if they wanted to even as The Bat. The fog in the station would be fitting, some strobe lights at night or even some cool LEDs. Lots of potential here.
  14. I reeeeeeally hope that Grain and Grill will be open this weekend. Anxious to try it out!
  15. I would really really like to think that whatever they are doing to it, they are doing whatever needs to be done to save it. Maybe I am a softy for these kinds of coasters, but I would really hate to see the world lose another Arrow Suspended. It's not only a great intermediate coaster for younger thrill seekers, but its a great ride overall for anyone. Its just a good all around fun ride. Albeit short, which I know anyone who has ridden it would agree that it still has so much energy left when slamming into the breaks. Its still a great coaster and would be a really sad loss. As much as I love newer coasters, the older ones just have so much character to them that the newer ones don't have. And I 100% agree that the Flight Deck era was truly the worst for it. Name, appearance and ride quality were all not the greatest. I was so glad when they decided to spruce it up with a better paint job and a throwback name to the original Bat.
  16. I am hopeful that she will fly again. Hard to tell what's true and what isn't since the park has not released any sort of official statement, but I truly am hopeful she will be back up and running soon. I've heard rumors of track work being done and waiting for the fabricated pieces to arrive, but who knows. It's all just speculation at this point. As for Drop Tower and Delirium, I would like to think that whatever is going on with them is something that will be resolved soon. I would like to think that if they were not planning on reopening them soon they would have just left the seat covers on both rides, but who knows. Action Zone is significantly less "active" with three rides down.
  17. These are neat little pins. I don't know how many folks collect them anymore, but they're neat little throwback-esque type items.
  18. And I have seen this argument many times on here that it would affect the good kids. Yes, that would really suck for them, but imagine how all the good kids feel about it at WoF. Now they can no longer attend the park without an adult figure because it got dangerously out of hand. But its a necessary precaution. Nothing is fool-proof, but effort has to be made before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. That is the reality we are living in today. Folks need to remember that today's world does not operate the same as it did 20-30+ years ago. And in the line of work I do, I see it daily among other things the GP doesn't see or experience. I take safety incredibly serious. And the truth of the matter is that in any case where an umbrella policy is put into action, there will be some hurt feelings by non-offenders, but it is in place to assist in prevention and ultimately create a safer environment. Until something better can come into play here, this might be what needs to occur.
  19. As someone who has also ducked through the turnstiles I will at least make sure I am not cutting in front of anyone when I've done it in the past. I hate to sound like one of those people who thinks more rules are the answer, but I really think its time to lay down the bottom line to get things in some kind of order/compliance. If people want to line cut, let it be known they will be escorted from the park. Period. Zero tolerance. Might sound harsh but since it has gotten so out of hand, showing folks that the park takes it seriously might make folks think twice about cutting in line. That, along with a chaperone policy I think would help weed out a lot of the issues the park has been dealing with. It all might sound very locked down, but truthfully at this rate I feel it might be for the best. None of us pay the kind of money we do each season to put up with ridiculous behavior from others. The park should be a fun, safe and enjoyable space for all and those who can't follow the rules will reap what they sow. Also, I noticed on Saturday that they were incredibly verbal and far more strict about phones. I heard them mention multiple times during the pre-spiel before dispatching trains about not having phones out on the rides. And Sunday, a woman sitting in the bench seat on the carousel took out her phone to take a picture of her child sitting sitting atop one of the horses and the ride ops stopped the ride before it could even really get going. They spoke to her about not having her phone out while the ride was in motion, allowed her to snap a picture while the ride was stopped and then restarted the ride.
  20. When my group and I were headed to Orion, we saw what appeared to be one person attempting to distract the line attendant so the others in the group could walk through the FL line. My group and I all have all season/all parks FL so we were trying to walk towards that line-up and saw this happening. The line attendant finally caught on to what was happening and had them re-route to the regular line. The disrespect is in abundance out there. I felt bad because the line attendant was trying to give good customer service but was being duped.
  21. I rode it Sunday and although I found it to be smoother, I still think it would have been even more so had I ridden it when it was warmer. It was pretty chilly out on Sunday so it definitely felt a bit more rigid. Still fun though and I will re-ride again.
  22. Best ride I've EVER had on MT was Pride Night of last year. It ran so fast I could not even begin to keep up with it's transitions. I wasn't the only one who noticed it either. I ride MT the most out of all the coasters in the park as it is my favorite in the park and I have had some pretty incredible rides on it the last few years but that ride experience in particular will always stand out as the most insane one I've had to date. As far as opening weekend went, I had a lot of fun. I noticed a lot of the things other folks on here are saying as well, but it didn't stop me from having a good time. If I had but one complaint the entire time it was the incredibly lackluster food I received Saturday at Jukebox. I ordered a patty melt and the bun was a charcoal briquette and the burgers were insanely greasy. I realize that they were busy and again, opening weekend/new staff,etc, however I was really dissatisfied with the way my order came out. I am hoping that won't be a repeat occurrence. Ride-ops were super friendly and accommodating which I always appreciate as I always like to politely ask for certain seats when possible on certain coasters and they 99.9% of the time always grant my request which is awesome. Just be kind to folks. It goes a long way. I always try to treat everyone with kindness since without the staff we literally would not have a park. I felt the merch game really stepped up this season. Loved seeing all the new stuff and the wider variety for all tastes available. Overall, good weekend. I know it was already asked, but does anyone have any idea what could possibly be going on with The Bat, Delirium and Drop Tower? I know Drop Tower was down for the count due to a lightening strike last season but I was surprised to still see it down still. Seats uncovered and all. And I was wondering if possibly Delirium was now awaiting a part from Germany since I've noticed it goes down every few years because of a part it requires from overseas. And I was curious about The Bat since it's usually a fairly reliable coaster.
  23. The only reason I do not feel WF needs to open earlier in the day is because IMO, the lights are what make the atmosphere and going earlier in the day kind of defeats that purpose. We see plenty of daytime hours during regular/fall season. WF is to be enjoyed at nighttime for the lights. If for whatever reason there were to be extended hours into the daytime I feel there would need to be incentives for that as others above have stated, things have gotten a bit stale and there needs to be some new/updated experiences. I love WF, just wish to see some new fresh experiences or updated ones. One thing I would enjoy seeing would be adding some ice bumper boats. Maybe have X amount of hours for ice skating and X amount of hours for bumper boats. Or split the fountain in half and do one side for skates and the other half for boats like they do downtown Cincinnati.
  24. I will still stand firm in my vote for a new Vekoma and I feel one of their new gen multi-loopers would be a great tribute for The Vortex plot.
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