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  1. I thought this might be a fun topic to start. Especially for those who frequent the park a lot. For those animal and nature lovers, I thought it might be fun to keep track of the baby geese and their growth through the season. My girlfriend and I had our evening made this past Sunday when we saw these little cuties. The mom even brought them up close for us to see. I love how the park leaves them be. They seem quite happy by the fountain and people seem to enjoy watching them. Feel free to share your KI goose updates here if you wish!
  2. I can’t say it was one of my personal favorites as I always compared the feeling of being in that ball to that of a bucking horse…and I’d know since I had horses for over 20 years. The launch of the ball was the only exciting part. But it still sucks to see it being removed, if that is actually what’s happening. I mean, obviously the towers are being taken down, but I mean removed as in not coming back either refurbished or replaced with an updated model. It will be interesting to see what the park says, if anything at all.
  3. It’s a shame that this seems to be a common trend just about anywhere you go anymore. People can’t seems to go places without some ridiculous scene having to be made. And working in the law enforcement/security sector I see too much of this on the daily. I wish humans could get it together.
  4. Definitely impressed with the work that they put into this classic. And it was so good to see the hype that still surrounds it after being a park staple for so many years. I enjoyed my ride today and can’t wait to get some night rights in the near future.
  5. For better or for worse, Vortex is missed even if only having remnants of the once great structure around. I still hold hopes for some kind of memorial for it whenever the space it occupied becomes something.
  6. This all sounds like a botched attempt and trying to salvage whatever they can to keep the appeal. Even though truly there is no appeal. And honestly inflatable obstacle courses are just gross. All I smell are dirty feet when I think about them.
  7. I’m glad that there will be life breathed back into Timberwolf. I think it’s a unique setting to hold a concert in. The audiophile in me wonders if they did any upgrades to the audio system/boards/mixers during the off season in preparation for this concert series.
  8. Makes me wonder what they might have had planned for that piece of track. Does anyone remember that section of track that was laying in the plot of land that it stood on that was there for a hot minute? I had this image in my head they were keeping it for a future theming piece for whatever takes Vortex’s spot. Probably a stretch. But it’s a nice thought that something might stand as a reminder of the past. And seeing as they did a memorial for SoB in the Banshee que, I feel it’s possible. But who knows.
  9. I also miss the loud roar of the lift motor/chain. It gave the ride a personality. But I suppose they did what they needed to do to prolong the lifespan and less wear and tear.
  10. Anyone else notice while waiting for the front/front half of The Bat that there is a new bull gear cog? The old one was solid but this one has openings through it. I thought this was interesting since as long as I can remember, the coaster has had a solid bull gear cog. It also seems like the lift motor is quieter than I remember. I distinctly remember the lift motor having a much louder presence in the station.
  11. Monster is absolutely one of my most favorite flat rides. I’m always a little nervous with each new season that there will be sad news of its departure. And I realize that day is inevitable. But I always try to grab a ride on it when I can and enjoy it while we still have it. It’s such a fascinating ride to watch operate too. So many crazy moving parts.
  12. Yesterday was rough for sure. My girlfriend and I decided to go for a little bit later in the day and it was crazy how many things were down when we got there around 5PM. People were line jumping like crazy. The whole park just felt like it was in disarray. I’m not angry with the park at all as it’s still early in the season, but I was upset with guest behavior.
  13. Imagine if a Son of Beast reboot actually were to happen. The storyline could be a fun one with him being gone since 2009, found in the wild and recaptured, coming back with an even greater ferocity to be free again after having a taste of it for the last 13 years ( tack on more years to that if a resurrection were to come to life ). This of course pertains to if they decided to use the old station for a resurrection or if they decide to use it for anything at all other than a haunt. I suppose only time will tell if it will always stand as a reminder of what was or if it will ever be home to something incredible.
  14. I’d really like to know what “ings Is” ? What are they? Are they great? Are they talented? Are they invisible? Are they happy or sad? The cliffhanger is bothersome.
  15. I’m sure pass holder day will be quite busy but I’m still looking forward to having the day to spend at the park
  16. Would be great to see more park documentaries done in a similar style as Closed for Storm.
  17. It's still surreal that it's gone. I look at the piece of track that I have and it still doesn't feel real even though it very much is the reality. It's exciting to think and discuss what the future holds for the space it occupied, but the sting of its absence is still felt. Another season of going to the park and not seeing the majestic old Arrow doing its acrobatics is still strange.
  18. My statement wasn't a negative one. So I'm not entirely clear on what you mean here.
  19. Moral of the story is we are happy that PAINT is the new attraction this year
  20. Yep. That is exactly what I am saying. And it would not be FL+, it would just be FL. So yep.
  21. Maybe, but I would honestly think they wouldn't waste the money on them then at that juncture.
  22. Unpopular opinion: If a coaster were to be placed on The Vortex plot, I would love to see a new Vekoma custom looper go there. Keep the classic feel but give an updated/smoother ride. Although I do not see CF working with Vekoma again or any time soon.
  23. And now cue Timon and Pumba bowling for buzzards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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