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  1. Oddly enough the water tower never really bugged me but I guess its because I always hoped maybe they would do something with it. I guess in my mind I was imagining tranforming it into some cool looking fountain to make it look like the tower busted and water was leaking from it into a pool below. Seeing it go will be interesting though. Its going to look so empty this year with everything disappearing, but makes me excited to see what will be coming. I like how Jungle Jim seems to enjoy collecting random KI stuff.
  2. Totally ready for summer, roller coasters, concerts and all the great things that come with warm weather! ( Except for the bugs...)
  3. I've been dreaming about KI and CP a lot. In both of them, I am usually just walking around taking in the view. The sky is usually a grayish-blue or really sunny. In my Kings Island dreams like most of you, I dream about Son of Beast. I'm usually walking around and then I hear that magnificient roar of the chain dogs and I see a train ascending the lift. I start runing towards it to go ride it, but then I wake up For some reason I'm usually always riding MF, Rapor or TTD at CP, but I guess thats because those are my favs! Funny how the off season plays with our minds when we can't be on our coasters!
  4. I think that's half the enjoyment about roller coasters and or flat rides are their unique "personalities" they convey through their sounds they make. I love all of them! I will say I think Invetigo's cable lift mechanism almost reminds me of a nice purring sound and who can forget SoB's roaring chain dogs that demanded your attention from across the park? Oh and I love the Monster's multitude of sounds while gearing up. But back to the point...I won't be surprised the day poor Flight Deck meets the hacksaw. I love the spunky little suspended coaster and appreciate its historic significance as the last of its breed to be built, but I know ultimately historic value cannot always save a coaster from being dismantled *sigh*
  5. I hope they repaint the sign so it doesn't look so awkward and mismatched.
  6. If they were to ever add go-karts again I think it would be cool if they got two different tracks. Ill use my local Greatimes Fun Park here in Indy as an example. They have a decent sized and somewhat challenging track for everyone mature enough to drive but then they added a smaller "slick track" for drivers 16+ because the karts were faster and the track was far more trickier to drive. This track has since changed a bit, but I think that would be pretty cool if they did something like this if they were to ever add go-karts back into the park.
  7. I feel whether you love or hate this ride, The Vortex is an iconic coaster in the park and everyone who has been attending since it was built knows it. I for one am a fan of the ride. Sure it has given me some jarring experiences, but it has also given me some fantastic ones too. I more or less have countless memories on it too. I will miss this coaster whenever it is that it meets its demise, but for now I am not worried about it because it still stands and I know I will have more chances at getting more rides on it this upcoming season.
  8. So did anyone on here purchase a piece of track or a bolt when they were selling those off not too long ago? I bought a plaque with a piece of track on it. Its really nice. Sad in a way, but nice to have.
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