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  1. I haven't done the rides at the state fair in many many years. I did go to the fair last year with my girlfriend and her family and I remember seeing the "Skyscraper"/Speed ride and really wanting to give it a go since it didn't have much of a line to it ( it was during the day time ) since I haven't ever been on that type of ride before. I didn't get to ride it though, as my girlfriend's little sister's demo in one of the 4-H buildings was about to start and I had to go and support her achievement! Glad to hear they still get a solid line up of flats though. I didn't get to explore too much last year to see what sort of flat rides they had. I do remember riding the Wild Mouse coaster many years ago and it was a great little coaster. I also remember years ago they had some of my other favorite flat rides, a Zamperla Powersurge being one of them and a Disk'O. I miss them having these rides at the fair. Also glad that you had a nice time! thanks for the TR!
  2. Maybe they are going to move it inside the old TR:TR/Crypt building and give it some crazy dark ride make-over, since after all, a Huss of another breed used to reside in there anyways :P
  3. Oh i would too for sure. After a long day at the park, its really nice to unwind with some good entertainment that is exciting and thrilling in its own right that makes you feel like you're apart of the experience and not just a stander-by. I haven't been to CW in 6yrs and have been really wanting to go back up there, not only to go to the park, but to see my family as well. The park would just be a huge bonus since my family are pass holders. But I trust your judgement on the nighttime entertainment. I enjoy Luminosity. I especially loved when they had a nationally recognized DJ, DJ Shadow, the first year they had it ( when it was "powered by Pepsi" ). I think incorporating KI's fountain into some kind of nighttime show would be amazing and if done right, could pack a punch and leave a big impression on both the GP and enthusiasts alike.
  4. Make the fountains dance, have some of those laser projectors you see on CP's midway off to the side and inside the water with various design discs, maybe sync some kind of fountain show to the fireworks? I think that would be really cool and worth watching. Have a live DJ booth come out from the water in a dome type thing that projects light? I know that idea is a little far out there and would be really expensive, but its an idea and I think it would be a unique one. Of course with any of these ideas, a good sound system would be needed. Some new Peavey or Electro Voice monitors would do the trick! Just some ideas. Not that I would expect any of it to happen, but it never hurts to share the vision.
  5. If they actually made a limited edition soundtrack type deal, I would bye it. Very energizing music!
  6. Just natures way of saying hello. Haha. That's beautiful. I love lightning and storms. It makes me feel alive and truly part of this amazing planet. On a side note, I am grateful for the grounding beams on the attractions that reside in the park that are close enough to get struck that protect them.
  7. This seems to be the year of fires, derailings and cables snapping
  8. I've searched all over their website, and maybe I am missing something, but they do not appear to have an online market place. I would LOVE to have one of those sweet looking Thunderbird shirts! Might just have to wait until I am actually there to get one. Humph.
  9. I AM SO STOKED TO RIDE THIS!!!! And not to mention as an Indiana native, I am proud and happy to finally see something besides the Indy 500 to put my home state on the map. Thunderbird looks beautiful and as a friend instilled hope in me, I am seriously wanting there to be that beautiful B&M roar that i always hope for with each of their new installs. Count me in for next spring!
  10. Although the idea sounds nice, I can easily agree with the above statements. As a former Gold Pass holder, that whole parking thing was a nightmare. Now as a Platinum Pass holder, same thing applies...I am sure it would be an even bigger nightmare since all the Gold Pass holders would be wondering why they don't get THEIR own lot...and so on and so forth. Unless they can come up with a better system, I don't see any of the former parking methods being brought back.
  11. Line jumpers...it never ceases to amaze me how people think its alright to cut in front of a bunch of people to get to the front of a line. I normally am not ok with this, especially if I have been waiting for a long time. I have been snowed plenty of times in the past, I won't stand for it now. If you get out of line, too bad. Go back to the beginning. And if you really do have a group waiting for you...have them come back with you. It stinks, but it is far worse for those who have worked for their spot in line! Or parents who get angry with you when their kids are acting up and being rude and you say something to them for: bumping into you harshly, shoving, running in front of you...etc. The way I see it is, they're YOUR kids keep an eye on YOUR kids and teach them some manners while in a public place! If not I WILL!!! Not least to forget, the "macho" teenage boy who wants to start a fist fight in line and cause a scene because hes angry about how some other equally "macho" kid looked at him. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Last but not least, a personal peeve of mine is how people have looked at a certain family member of mine and have said cruel things about the big scar on her stomach. She sometimes wears a shorter shirt because its hot outside ( and she personally is not ashamed of the scar ) and its nothing out of the ordinary, but I have seen some very snotty young people stare, laugh and say crude things ( I can read lips very well ) and I have actually said something before because I will not tolerate the ignorance. If they only knew what she had gone through to have such a scar and still be alive today enjoying the park, they might not be so foolish to say anything. This goes for anyone with something different about them on the outside...I can't stand how ignorant and close minded the GP that goes to the park are and how obvious they make it. Otherwise, I generally tend to try very hard to ignore some of the annoying things people do. I am there to have fun and not have a conniption or cause a scene. But I will stand my ground if someone tries to step on my toes or anyone I am with.
  12. DJSkyFoxx


    Banshee's wail has just been scaring too many of the other rides
  13. I think I will nickname this coaster Smokey, because it seems this poor thing has been doing a lot of it as of late! Humor aside, I just hope no more of these kinds of incidents happen. I really hate the idea of any ride having to be removed because of whatever reason. Not saying this is a possibility yet, but if this continues to happen then who knows?
  14. That made my skin crawl reading that. Not only because it was absurdly pointless, but also because it seemed to make Kings Island come off as a dangerous place. The person who wrote the article didn't even explain what exactly went wrong with FoF and that it was nothing serious. Heck, the fact that Banshee stopped on the lift is nothing serious. No one was hurt and at least no one was stuck upside down in a loop. I can remember many a time when Invertigo stopped on its lift hill and that never made news! Coasters do get stopped on the lift sometimes...its not the end of the world...geesh.
  15. Seems like a nice line-up. I might actually have to give this a try. It seems like fun.
  16. Now I just wonder how crowded Kings Island is going to be today because of this catastrophe? I do feel really bad for the park though because this is all completely out of their hands. It sounds to me like they have been doing everything they can to keep guests happy and there are just some out there who are ungrateful to them for that effort! This reminds me of the time Kings Island lost power to most of the park in the late middle of the day back in 2010 on the 4th of July....they kept the park open...but it was disturbingly quiet even with all the people!
  17. Or if you are able, wear cargo shorts/pants so that way you do not have to worry about a bag at all or locker situations with certain rides ( such as above mentioned, Banshee and Firehawk ). If you are unable to wear cargo shorts/pants, your bag should be fine as above poster mentioned.
  18. I badly wish that I was going, but I hope those of you that are have a great time. I need to get up to CP asap. I know that I will be going up there in late summer for sure, but I would like to go sooner if I can as well. Anyways, have safe travels everyone and have a blast. I also would like to say thank you to those of you who invited me to ride along with you. That really meant a lot to me.
  19. Looks like Banshee scared the parts right off of Drop Tower!
  20. Either way it won't be the same coaster...whether it be a RMC make-over or a pile of rubble and memories.
  21. I guess the alien's don't pay any attention to the No Smoking signs!!!
  22. I've been debating whether or not I would like to attend the park this year, but I may just wait for next year, if, hopefully, the park makes the revenue it needs from this year to continue on. I am actually anxious to try out a Vekoma SLC with new trains and such to see if its possible to take a hang and banger and make it a clean cut decent ride. I suppose the waiting game is in order. I just know that from my own past experiences with SLC's, like those of you who have been on them, I know the pain they can bring. I remember the first time I rode one was at Canada's Wonderland(Top Gun/Flight Deck). It banged my head around so much my ears bled ( mind you I hadn't had my somewhat new cartilage ear piercings in both ears for very long ) and yeah, my cousins were freaking out about the blood on my ears. It was not pleasant. My little second cousin rode like a champ though. Embarrassingly I bought the CDRide! video mainly for him since I never get to see my family up there much, but the entire time I am wincing in pure agony! It will be amazing if a new styled train can make a mean old dog somewhat mannered again.
  23. Very sad indeed. I haven't gone there in a long time, but I remember when I went at the age of 17 and had a blast. It wasn't crowded at all and there was ample space for swimming/diving/etc. I can remember having to sign a waiver and also my mom having to write down her license plate number and vehicle description just in case one of us got hurt or...well...killed in that case. But yeah. I don't honestly remember anyone walking around checking to make sure people were following the rules. If they were, they were very discrete about it, but again, the place wasn't crowded at all either. I can remember jumping off the 40ft cliff and losing quite a bit of important stuff...haha. Most of all I will say that hurt a significant amount! I felt like I had crawled out of a car wreck! If you land wrong, it really could cost you your life.
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