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  1. I'd be happy to see a new attraction placed in there. I mean its a nice spacious building...something good could go in there. I guess only time will tell. All I know is that I miss TR:TR and it would be cool to see something of that caliber be placed inside there ( I have my doubts, but then again after seeing the impressive theming of Banshee there is still hope )
  2. People in the Midwest are so "about themselves" that the idea of interacting with strangers sends them to near panic if not pure aggression! I am not saying this is true for everyone ( I will assume these people starting this "high five" business are Midwestern folk ) but hey. Nothing wrong with a little friendly harmless interaction. When you step away from the Midwest for awhile, you see that there are regions and places where people are far more friendly and strangers will talk to you and shoot the breeze or wave a hand or what have you. I just say, loosen up and have fun. If you are that afraid of germs I suggest you get a bubble. Unless that person wanting to high five specifically has something suspicious on their hands, I would not mind the friendly playful gesture that steps away from the stuffy Midwestern atmosphere.
  3. I chose SoB, HOWEVER, not because I found it to be a better ride than Banshee, because Banshee is an amazing ride that is very re-ride-able, but SoB holds a special place in my heart. It is the reminder of my early years of coaster riding and becoming an enthusiast. It was the first, and to date, the only ride that has ever made me feel nervous and unsure..because Sonny had a bad rep and that thrilled me for some very strange reason ( don't ask ). The layout wasn't exactly stellar and it was really only a one ride per visit thing for me, but it always left me smiling for some reason. I guess I am one of the handfuls of people who didn't find it all that bad. It was intense, it wasn't glass smooth and it wasn't even the best ride I had ever been on, but it certainly left an impact on me. As far as an actual better ride experience and fun factor though, Banshee is king between the two. Banshee just never gave me that "OMG WHAT AM I DOING" feeling that Sonny did.
  4. 5/11 ( Mother's Day ) I took my mom to the park for Mother's Day and since she only goes twice a year, as a treat, I bought her and I Fast Lane passes so she wouldn't have to stand and wait for so long and actually enjoy her day. I was nervous about getting her on Banshee since I wasn't sure if she would like it ( she wasn't fond of Raptor at CP and inverts in general are hit and miss ) but she loved Banshee! Got her on it four times. The day in general was really nice though. Weather was perfect, got to ride all the coasters and the flat rides we enjoy doing together. It was overall just a great day.
  5. I haven't taken a spin yet on DB with the new seat belts, but its comforting to know that they don't affect the ride experience at all. Sure its an extra step you now have to take, but oh well.
  6. I still would enjoy having one of these shirts. Are there any available still? And how may I order one if so?
  7. I rode it 8 times on Media day. Probably would have ridden more, but I was also enjoying Delirium and The Bat and seeing my friends. Overall though, I love Banshee. Incredible ride and a great addition to the park. I feel this ride was something the park really needed and was missing. I love Inverts though. They are one of my favorite kinds of coasters and this one is aces. I will say a funny trend I noticed was that all my guy friends seemed to enjoy the back of the train more and the ladies enjoyed being more towards the front of the train. I'm not saying this is entirely true for everyone, but just a little detail I picked up on. I know for myself, I enjoyed the first three rows and any row after that it sort of messed with me. I did ride in row 7 and enjoyed the forces, but the last 1/4 of the ride messed with me. Either way, I love Banshee. I am really grateful that we have such an amazing new coaster to enjoy for years to come. The pacing was perfect, the theming is top-notch and the ride delivered more than I could have dreamed of! I look forward to many more rides this season and beyond
  8. I see it one of two ways: the picture on the pass itself could be useful for immediate identification of the individual holding the pass, but then that could be null and void if you change drastically ( lose/gain weight, change hair style/color )-just depends on the person. Some people change and some people don't seem to age at all! And then my other thought is, I guess I personally like that my pass doesn't look like some high school or college ID card with my mug on it. I'm ok with only getting a quick glimpse of myself on the turnstile screen and going on about my day not having to see my face on my card lol Either way though, I really could care less seeing as long as my pass allows me into the parks, it serves its purpose.
  9. I bet that The Bat will be part of ERT since it is a "new" attraction. Just a guess though.
  10. Looks awesome! That's pretty much what I had in mind about what it would look like! That is definitely going to draw more eyes to the sign!
  11. Well this is already going to prove to be a verrrrrrry interesting season...Banshee, Bat, new show, and now Diamondback seat belt rumors...mmmm... The seat belt won't affect me at all as I am a smaller person. I guess it will just be sort of frustrating to have something else to fumble with while getting seated ( if this rumor is indeed fact ). I have always enjoyed just sitting down and pulling back the lap-bar. Wah-lah! Its refreshing in a way I guess. Either way it won't affect my opinion of Diamondback. I still love it. If this really is true, I would love to see a cute logo of a Diamondback rattle snake sitting in a seat fastening his seat belt as a visual reminder when sitting down
  12. I cannot wait to attend this again this year! I had a blast last year going for my first time. It was nice to be able to walk around the park with my girl without fear of being judged. I honestly could care less anyways what people think, but I will say that the atmosphere was totally different and far more relaxed, open and fun than any other time I have been at the park. Plus I absolutely loved the short lines and being able to grab two night rides on The Beast! I feel like this will be a great opportunity to grab a bunch of rides on Banshee too.
  13. Already had the Banshee twist last year at the haunt and it was very very good. The blueberry and vanilla flavors compliment each other very well and of course the color scheme is awesome!
  14. My biggest issue with water rides is that I am always carrying a cell phone or two and my car keys and I just don't want to pay to put my stuff in a locker for one ride or two. Because of that, I don't make it a habit to ride water rides, but generally on a really hot day I find it refreshing to take a ride on either WWC or Congo Falls. I know that you generally can walk off either wet or dry depending, but if anything I find the nice breeze over the water to be a nice effect.
  15. That's pretty cool! Seemed like the junior invert was really kind of a passing phase since Vekoma has a few installations in various parks, including KI. Its nice to see another company take the initiative to bring back the idea for families and to bring something to smaller parks who otherwise wouldn't have the space for a full fledged invert ( I'd also say funds, but yeah...I can imagine these aren't exactly cheap! )
  16. I can hear the Village People playing in my mind when I look at this picture...lol I feel like they are ready to break out into "Y M C A!"
  17. Ok so this doesn't have anything to do with the Haunt attractions themselves, but merchandise. I will never forget the year I went to a Haunt and I saw someone with a really awesome Cedar Point HalloWeekends shirt that had lights on it and it lit up in different colors/patterns. It was amazing! I think it would be nice if the park got some cool merch like that this year or some time in the future because you could definitely count me in for buying a shirt or a hoodie that lights up! I don't think anyone would argue some fresh new Haunt themed merch!
  18. I am sure someday there will be changes made to said buildings and structures. Action Theater could still be something great again if they find the right flim(s) to show there that the whole family can enjoy together as a break from the summer heat. I also hope someday they transform the old TR:TR into something else someday with a nice flat ride of sorts to occupy the space or something of that nature, but only time will tell. These things will eventually have their time and place to make way for something else, whatever that may be. Until then that leaves room for future discussions eh?
  19. Heck, if they added water under Invertigo, I know that one is a real pocket yanker for change! I have seen so much money ( even a cell phone or two ) fall from guests while riding.
  20. OEL display of sorts maybe? Like most of you have said, something that shows color graphics? Maybe on the caliber of that you see before you enter the causeway at Cedar Point? I think it would be pretty cool to see something like that. But also like some of you have mentioned, the laws in place may be an issue.
  21. I've never had any unusually disgusting trips to the bathroom at the park in all honesty. I mean they're public bathrooms so they can only be so clean, but I have never found them to be exceptionally gross. I guess maybe my standards are different than others? I have seen some nasty bathrooms in my day...and I'd say just about every Speedway gas station's toilet have been some of the grossest I have ever witnessed and don't even get me started on how disgusting school bathrooms are. So I will give a nod to the staff at Kings Island for doing a pretty good job at keeping up with the influx of guests and bathroom needs. I would use one of the park's bathrooms over most public facilities any day!
  22. Its great to see Action Zone getting some much needed TLC. This part of the park has been looking pretty grim the last 5 years so its great to see that the area is receiving new paint and of course a new attraction ( and a lovely nod to the past with The Bat ) I'm getting more and more excited to go to the park this year! Action Zone will really be full of ACTION once again!
  23. If they wanted a DJ booth in that space, I'd be happy to oblige a position in there
  24. Didn't they auction off some of The Bat heads though? I could have sworn I'd seen one on eBay years ago. That of course isn't the actual train, but decoration.
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