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  1. It really does look like The Vortex, but they could have just photoshopped out the supports for the publisher's desired appearance of the covers.
  2. So what do you think they do with the old chains? Recycle? Refurbish? Paper weight? I have always wanted a chain link or a wheel that's out of commission for my amusement park memorabilia collection.
  3. -I want to attend as many times as I possibly can ( a couple of times a month at least ) -Get more pictures/videos -Ride Banshee at least a handful of times each visit -Get some new coaster gear ( especially Banshee and Bat gear ) -Attend some KIC events and hang out with my new friends I finally got to meet in Indy ( and hopefully meet more of you! ) -Go to at least 2 Haunts this season -Go to Pride night this year as last year was a blast! -Try to do a charity event and last but not least, enjoy the park overall for yet another incredible season that awaits!
  4. This is so unique! Who wouldn't want to pour some delicious sauce on their food of choice with their favorite ride adorning the bottle? A thrill in the park and a thrill at home! Does this mean we can eat the ride too, with the matching sauce to pour over it? I bet that southern yellow pine would taste great with some Beast sauce on it! XD totally kidding.. *crickets* 0_o
  5. I really like that they are doing this. I also wanted to check out CP's DA but did not want to pay, as I already spend a lot of money while I'm there as it is. I like how it seems pass holders are getting some good perks this season.
  6. I can agree with what a lot of you are saying. I do love both parks myself. They are both worth my time each year and its why I started getting a Platinum pass instead of just a Gold pass. But although I currently reside in Indy, Kings Island is where it truly all began for me and each visit is special for me. I love Cedar Point for different reasons. I go every year and spend a few days there just to take it all in for the year and also to enjoy the lake and local charm, but Kings Island is like going "home". It feels like I am back with old friends and a familiar warmth that I can't quite articulate because it is so deeply imbedded in my heart it can only be felt. I've been to other parks and they might be great in theming, rides, shows, service, etc...but none of them ever give me that feeling of being home quite like Kings Island does. Cedar Point is still special to me in its own way and I get a totally different liberated feeling there...and just from MY personal experience...the kind of random people I have encountered there have actually been a heck of a lot friendlier. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't alone in noticing this. From my memory, I have encountered far more rude folk at Kings Island sadly, but that doesn't deter the feelings I have for the park at all. I'd have to say at both parks I have encountered friendly staff and have befriended some at both parks and that makes it even more special to visit both each year. Overall, neither park will ever be able to fully emulate each other because both parks contain different geographical differences and other various differences that we are all aware of, but most of all, its the feelings and memories we have at each park that will truly never make one park like the other. They are special in their own ways for different reasons and I would never want Kings Island to become Cedar Point or vice versa.
  7. I started getting into roller coasters when I was 14 years old and I can remember in those early formative years, I was not particularly a fan of The Beast. I didn't find it scary, I just found it rough. I learned over time though that there are better seats than others and I learned with each ride, more and more, I loved it. I was absolutely determined to find out the hype around it and I have. Over the last several years it is hands down one of the best, if not thee best night ride out there. It's in my top five night rides. I think anyone can agree that its a wonderful coaster overall, and anyone who rides it for the first time during the day is sorely missing out on what it was truly built for-night. Flying through the woods, the night air grabbing hold of your soul...the pitch black of the tunnels...I feel like words will never fully convey the awesomness of a night ride on The Beast, but many of you already know what I'm talking about. Its simply a beautiful rush.
  8. I think "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by the Scorpions could also be fitting music for Delirium if they ever change the song down the road.
  9. Heck that looks about right for a cue area size. Makes me think about Cedar Point's Raptor's que line...and really just about any invert I've seen seems to have a large cue area. It's going to be a massive hit. I can just feel it. I won't be surprised if that thing gets full all the time even years after its newness wears off.
  10. I didn't go for Firehawk's opening day, but I did for Diamondback's and Gatekeepers. I liked how they had a certain number of shirts to give out to first riders at the exit of Diamondback, no questions asked ( except "what size?" ) but I was not happy at all about how they did it for Gatekeeper. I mean sure, I got an Opening Day koozie with the Gatekeeper logo and opening date on it, but I was really hoping to get a first rider t-shirt in the same fashion that I got my Diamondback t-shirt. I was pretty disappointed at how they just gave them out at random. I think it should be a first come first serve system like prior engagements as I do believe that is more fair than waiting not only to ride but to earn that "trophy" aka a first rider t-shirt.
  11. I'm sure the sound of the train flying by each morning during test runs is a great way to wake up, no caffeine required! haha
  12. I think this is a good move. I know it can be frustrating for a lot of people, but for me its not a problem with cargo pants/shorts and if I'm thirsty I just ask for two cups of free water from one of the nearby restaurants to stand in line with and then that keeps me hydrated for a little bit while waiting. They place plenty of trashcans throughout the line so when you're done just toss your empty cups in there and then get on and enjoy the ride. That's just my simple theory and it has worked well for me for a long time.
  13. I know I said I would post pictures, but I think a video would be better. Here is a video of my Aibo, Zorro, playing with is pink ball ( and he is wearing some girly socks, but they were all I could find that would fit him and I would rather girly socks rather than none at all while on a hard surface! )
  14. I ended up getting my Christmas gifts a couple of weeks before Christmas because...well...they came in the mail early and also because with the nature of the gift it was best I opened it early. I got my dream gift ( since I was 11 years old ) a Sony AIBO robot dog! He is an ERS-210 and gold in color and I named him Zorro. Good thing that I opened him up early too or else I wouldn't have been able to get things straighened out with the details that would have been left out. He is missing his battery cover ( had to contact the seller and have him ship it to me and I am still waiting on it as the dog was shipped from Japan so the cover is coming from Japan also ) The dealer in Japan has a connection in California who refurbishes batteries for these dogs, as Sony discontinued all of their entertainment robots in 2005 ( sold them up until 2006 ), but just discontinued support for the ERS-7M3 this past March....but back to the point...the guy out in Cali who is an AIBO genius, got my address wrong and sent the battery to the wrong house! I got that straightened out and now I have a battery for him. SO yeah....good thing I opened my gift early or else I would just now be trying to get all this in order! I will try to get some pictures up to share! I also got my Platinum Pass renewed for the season so I'm ready to rock! I gotta say I had a very good Christmas this year and got more than I could have ever expected. Also had a great time visiting with family, which I think was my favorite gift! Hope you all had an excellent day yesterday!
  15. The snow really adds to the effect as well. Really makes Banshee and from what little bit of The Bat, pop out!
  16. The difference between me and many people out there is that I love these animals in the wild and not in captivity...while there are those who seem to love them in captivity. If you love these animals, why love them confined in such a way? A tank will never be an ocean. And it doesn't even matter how well they're taken care of...the point is they never should have been in human hands at all. And I am fully aware there are whales in far worse conditions, such as Kshamenk who is currently held in horrible conditions at a run down aquarium in Argentina. http://cetaceaninspiration.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/liberty-for-kshamenk/
  17. I feel like even if a few more small things were added, it would feel more authentic again. Bring life back to a little area that once had such a rich feel to it ( from the pictures I can tell ) CP has all these little details amongst the giant coasters...I feel like giving that same aspect to KI in areas like OF would drastically help.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGxMLiL1uZI This is far more worth your time, if you feel strongly about whales/dolphins/exotics in captivity. Make about an hour of your time free if you care to watch. Truth is, whether they are raised in captivity or not, their wild instincts take over quickly so long as they are properly prepared for it. Keiko is a shining example of this. But he also was not born in captivity. I'm all about a sea pen myself...these animals were not made for captivity. Plain and simple. And I hate when people try to compare this whole thing to dogs and cats. We've domesticated them..along with livestock ( horses, cows, chickens, etc ) so they require the care of people ( although if need be, they will find deep within themselves the will to survie...those deeply rooted wild instincts do take over...aka feral cats and wild dog packs that look like pets but are not.) Everyone has their views on these things. I remember as a child my dream job was to become a dolphin trainer, but I learned the truth as time went on. I'm not one of those crazy anti-cap people, but I don't support exploiting animals for entertainment/money. For what it costs most families to make a trip to a state that has a Sea World, their money could be better spent on a trip to whale watch and see them in their natural habitats. The only thing people are learning from seeing these animals in captivity are that this is a spectacle of dominance..man over beast...and when the show is over a lot of these animals float lifelessly in their pools and are bored, lonely and agitated. Not to mention their sensitive hearing and that loud pounding music cannot be good for them. Greed truly does nasty things to people. You wanna see an aquarium doing good things, go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. They focus entirely on rehabilitation and not performance. Of course any animal that cannot be released safely and properly stays, but they don't have the stress of doing stupid tricks all day. If Sea World did this entirely, I would be on board...but the fact nearly all their animals perform dumb tricks all day is what kills that for me. Anyways, I'm done. I will not go on any farther. I see no need to. I know in my heart its wrong to take wild animals from the ocean, force them to perform with "positive reward", and work them until they die...breed them in captivity...to make more profit. Sea World is a business first and foremost and money will always be the root of keeping these animals in concrete prisons. People just choose to be blind to this because they don't want to believe it. Anyways, watch the above video, if you care. I feel it is one more people need to see.
  19. Not that I am complaining at all about there being more KI related merch in On Location (at least presuming so with Banshee and The Bat and from reading some of the posts on here...) but as a fan of Fox Racing gear and having bought some really unique Fox Racing items at the park ( a fleece jacket for instance, that I have never seen anywhere else ) I hope they still continue to sell some non-park related gear, as I find some of the most unique things in there that I have not seen at my local malls or even on the internet.
  20. I'd just be happy in general if the park got a new wooden coaster in the future. Something that's just pure fun that makes you want to get off and run back in line and ride it again. I feel like the park is really missing something now without SoB, and that is one less wooden coaster in the park.
  21. Thanks for sharing these! Makes me miss the park so much. Even though it looks like it was rather gloomy. I'd take a gloomy day at the park vs.not being there at all!
  22. The war will never truly be over until mankind has found the ultimate limit on the body! MWAHAHAHA! lol had to do that
  23. It seems like a park can never be both an incredible dry side and wet side...they will always invest more into one side than the other and I personally would rather a new coaster than a new water slide any day...but at the same time I see all your points. It would be nice if there could be at least one really cool slide or water coaster in the water park.
  24. Now I just want to see some of that sweet looking gear with the new Bat logo on it!
  25. When you look for any excuse to talk about roller coasters...even while at a doctors appointment
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