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  1. I think the problem within a lot of clubs and even some fan sites lies in that there are members who feel they have something over everyone else and are therefore in the mindset that they are better than everyone else. That kind of mentality sparks fires and distaste, especially for those who may not be as well traveled or enlightened. I know for myself, I have had a passion and love for all things roller coaster/park related for 11 years of my life and have studied and absorbed as much information as I could over that period of time ( and still am ). I may still not know as much as some, but I am a student of my passion as ANYONE should be. I also know that even thought I may not have met any of you ( yet ) and have just joined GOCC for this year, I will say so far the expereince on this site and by way of hearing about how great GOCC is, I will find myself right at home with those who are like minded...and that is what matters most. I may not post nearly as much as some of you on here, but I DO care about what is being said and I feel compassionate about Kings Island and any other great park out there as all of you do. I think many people forget the main purpose is to have fun and share in that fun with like minded individuals, get together, make friends and make memories...not to come in like a know it all and act like not one elses feelings/opinions matter. What happened to friendly discussion? I feel this is expereinced everywhere in every corner of the world...and I will tell you as someone who was once very active in the equine world beyond my home barn-man oh man....don't get me started! Those people were rather rude and had that same shovenist attitude...and probably worse than anything I have ever seen on a coaster enthusiast site! Anywho, I guess my point is, join a club you feel positive about and just be yourself.
  2. Well its that time of year again when the park is closed for the season and we await the day the gates of fun open up to us again to enjoy our favorite things about Kings Island. In the meantime our minds are let loose to race in our dreams of Banshees and Bats and other things. I was already having dreams weeks ago about being there for Banshee's opening day and being amongst a giant crowd in awe of the beautiful new coaster as well as seeing The Bat in full flight with its new colors. Every one of my dreams occurs on a sunny day too...its rather pleasant but sad since I can't actually "be there" yet to experience it. So yeah, feel free to share your dreams as I know I'm not the only one who will be riding the rails in my sleep.
  3. Love all the old pictures! Makes me greatly miss the old days of the park, but thanks to people like you who are willing to share, those times will never be far off from our memories! Thank you for taking the time to upload and share! Love when people share their old park photos!
  4. I plan on attending media day, but I also made a promise to a friend of mine this past closing day that I would take her to ride it opening day, so that is gonna happen too. I would love to also ride it at night. I mean, who wouldn't wanna ride this beauty at night?
  5. I know this might be seen as a long shot, but its an idea I've had for awhile in lieu of Winterfest. I always thought it would be really cool if there was a specific part of the park that was dedicated to winter festivities-like Soak City has its own area- ( sledding/snow tubing/skiing/snow boarding/etc complete with ski-lift ) with the offerings of lessons and of course little shops to enjoy wintertime beverage favorites and pastries as well as actual lunch items. I know this is something that is highly unlikely, but an area of the park dedicated for winter activities would be really neat I think. build the hills and they will come! Haha. Give certain hills/slopes unique names and the gift shops could sell Kings Island themed items ( imagine having a Diamondback, Beast or Vortex sled or snowboard? or any other favorite ride themed equipment to go flying through the snow with?? ) This would allow the main part of the park to be left to what needs done without interuption, but the winterized half would allow the park to continue to operate for continued fun and entertainment throughout the year...at least until all the snow melts haha. Just my crazy thoughts.
  6. Really enjoying all these rendered pictures. Helps one get an idea of whats in store. I can't say enough how much I enjoy the orange and black...I truly feel that this will give this poor coaster some much needed attention because the current color scheme really never did anything for it. It was just...dull. I know it was meant to have jet fighter colors, but its more likely going to garner up more attention with the new colors and name. People will be more interested in what is has to offer.
  7. DJSkyFoxx

    The Bat

    "Top Bat Flight"
  8. I can't say which one I like more because I like both of them for different reasons. I like the Banshee logo because yes, I think its GREAT to see a female theme in a ride logo and I absolutely LOVE the colors. They not only pop, but there is also something soothing to the eye about them as well. It just says "I look like candy in the day, but I am the voice of the night" sort of thing. Really just a great overall selection of colors, details and "popping-ness". I like The Bat logo because orange and black just look soooo good together and I also just love bats in general. They're cool animals and I like how intense the way the lettering looks as well as the little bat features hidden in them. I know a lot of people prefer the old bat logo, and don't get me wrong...I like it too quite a lot...but since this isn't the "old" Bat, this new Bat logo fits the "new" Bat coaster just fine.
  9. I literally just joined GOCC I am looking forward to broadening myself as an enthusiast and am excited to be apart of this. I joined GOCC since it makes sense with me living in Indy and being a lot closer to what kinds of things they do.
  10. Wishful thinking, but it would be really cool if they remodeled the current Top Gun/Flight Deck cars to look like the old Bat cars. I know this won't happen as that would be a bigger undertaking than what is already ahead for its re-theming, but its a nice thought
  11. Diamondback in the front seat as always!
  12. Oh and also.. I really can't wait to get my hands on some sweet looking merch with that amazing logo on it!
  13. I am unbelievably happy about this right now. I read this on FB from the Great Ohio Coaster Club and I was smiling so hard! I really do feel like this coaster deserves some love and affection. It may not be the longest or even the most thrilling coaster, but it IS a solid ride and it is definitely a ton of fun. I feel like now it will truly get a little more appreciation from the GP and even we as enthusiasts. I can't wait to see what they do to it! Now The Bat and Banshee can be flying buddies in style!
  14. I had a great season as I hope everyone else did. I am glad I got to go as much as I did and I'd have to say I enjoyed all the new memories made. Yesterday and Pride Night were probably my two best riding days hands down and I came home completely satisfied. This will be a long 6 months waiting for opening day and for Banshee, but it will be exciting to see the progression made too and what other little goodies may be in store for us...even if they are minor aesthetic things.
  15. I feel rather silly asking this, but its an observation that has me bugged. I went for closing day yesterday and rode Vortex a few times. I noticed this ( and have noticed before ) that the little shed near the lift hill, which I will assume is the motor housing ( correct me if I am wrong ) had the doors open with a fan facing outward as if to draw out heat like an exhaust fan. I didn't feel it was particuarly hot out yesterday. It was a lot warmer than I had expected, but definitely not hot enough for me to think that would be necessary...then again I may not entirely know what is going on there? As I had mentioned I had seen this done before on really hot days...but wasn't 100% sure why. So here I am with my dumb question for the day
  16. At least the typical inverted coaster picture we see in nearly every Cedar Fair ad will now be a reality with the addition of Banshee...except the colors of the coaster might vary 5 years from now
  17. I actually just saw them perform at Ball State on the 28th of September and they put on one hell of a show! Not to mention I have all of their albums. They sound just as good live as they do on their albums and are super charismatic! But if they made a stop at KI for a Haunt some time, you bet I'd be there! That would just make a trip to KI that much more awesome!
  18. I hope to get a Snoopy bobblehead! I plan on going the last day and getting there early for ERT and to get in as much ride time before the season is out!
  19. I believe I had said something before in the nature of this, but if they were to bring back the go-karts I think two different tracks would be cool. One track would be multi-level and fairly long with different twists/turns/etc and have karts that go a decent speed while having a second track for 18+ with race type karts that go 40mph on a track designed for them. This was done at one of the local rec areas not far from me where a person could choose their challenge. Also, there is another place not far from me called Fasttimes that has the race styled carts that go 40mph and you have to be 18+ to drive those. If you are under 18 you can still drive, you just can't drive the race karts. That is of course, if they were to add go-karts back into the park. I could see this going over a lot better because at least there would be options and a bit more of a thrill. (I honestly enjoy going to Fasttimes myself and driving the race karts. Its a lot of fun going there with friends ) Or better yet...an all terrain go-kart course...imagine that! I own an all terrain kart and its a blast to take out and go off roading. So many possibilities..none of which I am sure will happen...but I like throwing out ideas.
  20. Vortex will also remain a favorite among younger guest too because I would assume with Banshee being an invert, the height restriction will be another factor in popularity, especially with families who have smaller children who want to ride a big coaster. I love the robot and I always will and I know I'll love the wailing woman too
  21. I feel like Diamondback also looks rather tired too soon for only being 4, nearly 5 years old. It already looks like it could use a touch up on pain and the seats already look rather worn out too in places. I guess with the heavy work its been doing for 4 years, wear and tear is normal but still...I guess its sad knowing I have been riding it since the very day it opened and to see it slowly look more and more tired makes me sad. I mean heck, Vortex is a 26 year old ride and looks better than poor Diamondback does as far as aged. Maybe that's just me, but that's my opinion.
  22. I've heard the only cure is to make as many visits to a park as possible and take as many "doses" of coaster as one can...follow this prescription and it will keep the symptoms to a minimal. The real problem starts during the off season! One may start to dream about roller coasters and believe they are really there! Oh wait..I have already started to dream about Banshee...
  23. That picture with the light from the sun breaking through the clouds with Diamondback is just...breathtaking!
  24. Thank you very much! I really didn't take too many pictures as I wish I would have, but it seemed most of the time I wanted to get coaster/sky pictures I was on a ride and I didn't want to disobey the rules of having my phone out. This was actually my first Pride Night, but I can believe you on that. I will agree with you that the RT pizza employees were super friendly and sweet and that made it slightly less painful for me to fork over $23 for some grub lol
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