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  1. I think "The Beast" name ought to be left alone, it is an iconic ride and no more sequels need to come off of its legacy. If the park wanted to it could rename everything after this ride, lets say Flight of Fear is now The Beast Within or Firehawk is now Flight of The Beast. Making sequels is just confusing to people who aren't coaster fans. The other day at work, one of the girls said "Yea I loved The Beast but did you know they tore it down". Took me twenty minutes to get her to understand that she never rode Son of Beast and that is the one that went down.
  2. Since everyone is expressing their hopes of what this might be, I will put my two cents worth. I too am hoping for a Giga coaster. The two elements I always cling to are speed and hills. I enjoyed Wild Eagle at Dollywood but when I rode it once, I didn't have that feeling of "Oh my God I have to do this over and over". I get that have to do it over and over feeling with Diamondback and The Beast, but for what I'll call specialty rollercoasters I don't get that feeling, like Firehawk, Mantis, or Raptor. So My hopes (my opinion) is for Speed and Hills.
  3. Out of fun was just looking up the many different meanings for "Banshee" and it has many Old World Meanings behind it also, With Celtic and Scottish origins, that would be a great name for a ride that could be connected to Oktoberfest. But it has some evil figures it has been associated with in modern times, I remember a movie , Scream of the Banshee, whose scream could split your bones and then steal your soul. So if this could be a name considered for this mystery project I am curious to how it will be used..
  4. I remember as a kid I thought the name "Screamin Demon" was the coolest name for a coaster and along with the logo for the ride just topped it. Would love to see that name return. The other name I love is "Griffon" , there is something that makes that name seem so powerful that is works great for a massive coaster..
  5. With both being sister parks, we are always going to find the good and bad of both parks. When it comes to rides I have many favorites at Kings Dominion that I do wish Kings Island had. For instance, an inverted swinging ship, a launch coaster like Volcano, a giga coaster, the old style stand up (Shockwave), they have a great Wild Mouse coaster, still have the antique cars, still have the flying eagles, and their log flume feels like a rustic woods flume not themed to cartoons. I have to admit when it comes to placing rides I think Kings Dominion in the latter years has no concept on where to put rides, "Oh we get Dominator, lets just throw it in the parking lot", what does bobsledding and the congo have in common when it comes to Avalanche. Then on top of that lets throw Flight of Fear, 305, and Backlot into the Congo also. When Waterworks was built it was very small compared to its layout now, was very condensed but when they needed to add more it got spread out so far that it is a workout just going to different attractions. Now I do love Kings Dominion even though Kings Island is my home park but when it comes to food I think Kings Island has to have that hands down, and friendlier staff. Rides I have to give to the Dominion, and a cleaner and better landscaped park. My biggest issue will always be Kings Dominion still has a campground next door which is why I spend more time there, I am so sick of having to shuttle family back and forth to Kings Island from 6 miles away, when we can all use bikes at Kings Dominion..
  6. I could see a stage being set next to Drop Tower where the shirt shop is now. That might work for a luminosity show, but an end to a night of fun at Kings Island has and always will be the fireworks, the fountains, and the music....Now thats entertainment.
  7. The music made the ride and the music made it the intense fun thrill it was,,,
  8. I can remember eating there alot when it was the Bier Garden. I wouldn't want to eat because I wanted to ride and could see the Bayern Curve just across the way. Boy when that thirty minutes of letting my food digest was up, I was off and running, straight to the Bayern.
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