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  1. ncp546

    The Bat

    Wow that is insane! Is the actual bathead from the ride? Thanks for sharing!
  2. ncp546

    The Bat

    Thanks for the warm welcoming. This is a great community! Hey no worries, ill change my pro pic! Ill defiantly check out the link!
  3. ncp546

    The Bat

    You should defiantly post a picture!
  4. ncp546

    The Bat

    So hey this is my first thread on this site. Let me say i dont belong to Kings Island, I belong to six flags great america, but i really want to go to Kings Island! Anyways, The Bat. The Bat sparked my interest because i love old rides that are no longer there, but still show signs of still being there. For instance. i heard there is a footer in Vortex's line that used to hold the bats support. The station is still The Bats. Not sure if there is more because ive never been there, but if there is feel free to say and leave a picture of a spotting of The Bat. Anyways to my point. Does anyone have any of The Bat memorabilia? Anything?! For instance "i survived The Bat" button or shirt or anything! Pleases leave a picture and a little discrition on it. I would love to see! Thanks everyone!
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