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  1. Thank you all for the replies on this. I wish we could find the footage from these. Even not in the “omnimax” format, they would be great to watch and re-live.
  2. I think possibly one was called 747 maybe for some reason that rings a bell after you said airplane. I’d love to find these somehow.
  3. I searched and could not find anything on the topic. But does anyone know if the old movies that used to play in the Omnimax style theater are available anywhere? I remember going in and sitting on the floor to watch it as a kid. There may have been multiple versions. This just popped into my mind today. Sorry if it’s been mentioned. But I searched and could not find anything.
  4. Darn it I don't want to tell her she was right. But only half right since it was only on the weekends or Wednesday's.
  5. By skip the line I meant use it like a fast pass.
  6. She is saying that at one time with a Gold Pass you could skip the line. I do not believe that was ever the case in park history. Can anyone advise us as to who is right?
  7. I read some of the pages last night and early this morning. I am not sure if I missed anything but has anyone thought about or mentioned that Dennis Speigel could be working the news crews instead of being wrong? Maybe he is just not telling what he really knows. It would seem that as long as he has been in this business he would know the difference between blue prints of a wing coaster and an inverted coaster. He could just be saying stuff and help keep things under wraps of what he really knows. Someone may say his reputation is on the line, but what reputation would he be more worried about? His public image or his image to the other theme parks that he is a consulatant to? It seems like he would want to keep their business and by completely diverting the public's attention by saying it is not what it actually is, then the theme parks would want to use him. Maybe. Im just throwing it out there.
  8. Sorry if this has been another topic elsewhere. I tried searching and could not find anything. Anyways, I've seen the funnel cake with blue ice cream. The other day I was there and this girl got a HUGE towering cup of ice cream topped with an ice cream cone on top. I think I heard someone call it an "Ice Cream Dome." Does anyone know any other "secret recipes" that you can order at the park?
  9. Any walk of shame I have had to do unintentionally because of my size. But my embarassing story, I did not really find it as embarassing as it was hilarious to me at the time and more so embarassing to my mother. I was probably 8 or so and my brother, mom, and dad went to KI. We wanted to ride "The Beastie" as a family and talked my mom into riding. She was not a big rider of anything. But my brother and I were in front and her and my dad were behind us. We get that first lift hill, The entire time my mom is screaming at the top of her lungs "Help me Jesus! Help me!!! Get me off of this thing!!! Oh lord Jesus help me!!!" My dad, my brother, and I were laughing so hard. It was definitely more embarassing for her because I told my sons about it and so now my 13 year old gets on rides screaming "Help me Jesus! Help me!!" My 8 year old asked her about it. She was mad at me for telling. LOL
  10. If designed right, probably not. I know the ride was moved and park shut down, but when KK had Chang, it was not that bad or painful. It was actually fun.
  11. I dont remember if it was something someone on here posted or if it was something someone from Kings Island posted (Maybe both) about the skyline (not the chili) looking so much different this season. I think it would be something big enough to give us that amazing skyline back. I know most people are saying Giga 300+ feet which would be great, but I'll go bold and say, How about the worlds largest stand up roller coaster? Paying respect to the King Cobra.
  12. I am currently too big to ride most of the rides at the park. Last year I was about 400 pounds (Not my biggest) but since then I have lost about 40 pounds and I am still too big for most, but my two visits this year so far, I have been able to fit more comfortably on the rides that I was tight on last year. I tried the test seat on Diamondback and was able to get my entire butt in the seat but still have to get rid of some inches around my stomach. But my goal is to be able to ride Diamondback by July 4. I did not have too much to go actually. But I do still have quite a bit of work to do for The Beast. Adventure Express was definately an easier fit for me this year. Its definitely a plus that Flight Deck has taken off the seatbelt restraints. I am continuing to work on it. I actually have a Facebook page dedicated to my weight loss where I talk about my primary motivation is fitting on rides again at Kings Island. Its called Stephen Transforming and my first "note" or blog on there is about the feelings of the walk of shame. I wish everyone the best of luck. We will ge there.
  13. Second time poster. I dont know if anyone ever said anything about this but in one of the before pictures the customer name was "X-Works" I did a google search which brought me to a thread at http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=48745&start=270 http://www.silverwoodthemepark.com/history.php ISC Systems Corporation is Gary Norton's company and used to be called Getronics. And X-Works has a connection with Getronics. So X-Works points to Gary Norton - the owner of Silverwood. SC could mean "standing coaster" or "sitting coaster" but the rumors I have heard all point to a stand up. One poster says that "X-Works" Is part of Sliverwood Theme Park. I do not have any other sources other than what the poster said. But Who knows.
  14. First time poster. Long time browser. I am a big guy too. Last year I bought my family season passes. I was only able to ride on very few rides. Surprisingly I was able to fit on some of the rides in Planet Snoopy better than the "adult" rides. I really had some hard times because my oldest son was wanting to ride rides, and as a family my wife would have to always ride with our youngest and I couldnt fit to ride with him. The last day of the season last year, I went to almost every ride in the park that I had been "shamed" from and forced myself into the Walk of Shame again just to see how close I was. Since then I have been working on trimming down as much as I can. I hope by April 27 I will be able to ride some of the things that I used to be able to ride. Its been a difficult journey but since then I have lost about 40 pounds, I still hope to lose a lot more,
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