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  1. It looks like details have started to appear on the King's Island Webpage. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/plan-a-visit/events-and-promotions/Coasting-for-Kids-4-4-12-39
  2. I was really impressed with the extended in-line roll. It almost feels like the coaster is going to stall out and you get the falling out sensation opposed to massive downward g's. I also like how it seems to sort of throw you off balance as it feels like it twists/rotates the "wrong" direction (I think it is opposite of the turnaround spiral and instead matches the subsequent carousel helix).
  3. I wonder if that new area behind Delirium is queue overflow for Banshee. I think the queue will extend beyond the entrance plaza quite frequently this season (Diamondback still spills out into Rivertown) and instead of awkwardly snaking around they can have that reserve area with additional queue railing.
  4. There is likely a photo credit in the first couple pages which might identify the coaster.
  5. From the photo in that video of CJ, it appears there are 4 track supports laying on the ground ready for installation.
  6. I believe the gift shop for Banshee is actually the first floor of the station and would thus not show in the station renderings.
  7. I think they are just getting all the work done around the station/queue so they can build the station and queue without having steel erectors in the way. Once the lift hill loop is installed the track construction work will all be taking place away from the station/queue.
  8. Thanks for the video Don. It looks much bigger with people in the frame for size reference. This is going to be one heck of a ride. I can't wait for the hill to start going vertical.
  9. Where is a pic of restraints? [youtube link] Cant view youtube at work :-(
  10. Channel 5 (WLWT) is teasing the blueprints for tonight's 11:00 newscast.
  11. Land clearing did begin in 1977, but the construction of the ride did not begin until this date in 1978. The name of the ride wasn't announced until February 6, 1979. They cleared the land for "ride speculated to be called Banshee" in September 2012, construction began in 2013 .... I guess we will get official confirmation of the name on February 6, 2014 if The Beast schedule holds.
  12. I signed up on March 6th for this years event --- this should give a frame of reference of when registration is open. I don't think it closed until a couple months later.
  13. All I remember is that they looked very similar to what I see on the DB trains. They may or may have not been identical though, I'm really not sure. But if what I saw is indeed destined for Kings Island, I think I can pretty much rule out the possibility of an invert. I have never seen an invert with trains that have anything that looks like what I saw. I would not expect trains to be in the process of delivery for the 2014 addition yet --- unless there is something odd/special about the trains and they want a prototype onsite for the announcement.
  14. The Bat --- B&M Invert. I think you might be onto something.
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