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  1. I personally hate the Maverick restraints. By the time you are waiting to pull into the station, I feel like the push down from the bar might break my femur.
  2. I'm sure somebody has said this already, but, Canada's Wonderland got Behemoth in 2008 which is comparable to Diamondback. 4 years later, they got Leviathan. This is the big thing that sticks out to me with many Cedar Fair parks getting Millenium type rides.
  3. I would try to get my dad to make the trip but that's the day before the first day of school for me.
  4. Is it possible to jump to very first page of a topic? Want to read all of this but don't feel like pushing button 158 times
  5. Haven't been in 2 years. I miss Diamondback the most.
  6. Thank you. Although I love Kings Island I don't get down there enough since I'm from Michigan.
  7. Hi all I've been reading this website for a couple years and just now joined but I've heard from a couple sources that Kings Island can't build a 300 ft plus coaster because of a height restriction in Mason. Any feedback?
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