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  1. Did anyone purchase a one day digital photo pass on Saturday, May 30th? I bought it after my first ride on Banshee (ERT ride). Throughout the day, employees at the photo kiosks mentioned that the system was having difficulty uploading/downloading pictures to the site. I checked the website all day to view my pictures, but pictures were not showing up. Before we left the park that evening, I checked with guest services, and they also acknowledged that the service provider was having technical difficulties. They said it would hopefully be up and running in an hour. It's Sunday and I am still not seeing pictures online. I called guest services and they said that I should give it until Monday and check again. Anyone else having problems? I think I want a refund, but at the same time, I REALLY want my pictures! Any advice?
  2. My purse becomes full of receipts and smells like Congo Falls...
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