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  1. I also went on Friday night. I had 2 people bail on me so I went by myself. The Beast was running great on Friday. After the long straightaway but before the 2nd tunnel it really picked up speed. Had a bunch of fun and tried out the iPhone 6 camera.
  2. Glad that you had a good time. I went to Holiday World for the first time earlier this year to ride The Voyage. That was all I rode that day. I ended up going back just recently with my ex and rode the other rides. The reason for going was to ride The Voyage at night, really wanted to see if it could stand up to The Beast. IMO it is a much better ride. At night it's amazing! It is now my fav night coaster by far. The Beast is great at night, The Voyage is on a totally different level.
  3. This is from my last trip. Argus on the iPhone 5s it works great and it's free to boot. The other one is from one of my Cedar Point trips.
  4. Headed out to the park on Thursday the 26th for a reward for getting through my first summer class. Walked over to Banshee and got in line. As soon as I entered the main line a gentlemen behind me asked to get by me as his kids were farther up in the line. I said there is no line jumping and grabbed the railing to not let him by. At that exact moment park security showed up and asked him to step outta line. I thought "Cool, that's that." I proceeded through the queue and right before the stairs another KI police officer asked me to step outta line. "Sure" I said. We walked out of the Fast Lane to the front of the queue. They had a couple of questions for me about what happened. Took my info down and let me on my way. The officer said I shouldn't of grabbed the railing and gotten ahold of park security. Duly noted I said. I also said thanks for everything that y'all do. The officer then took me through the Fast Lane and up to the station.so I wouldn't loose my spot. Big prop's goes out to everyone that keeps us acting normal and people safe at the park while we are having fun. Ended the night with a Beast night ride. The lightning bugs were out in force last night in the woods looked incredible.
  5. I own 10 shares of Cedar Fair. Bought it awhile ago. I own stock in companies that I like, I am in it for fun, not to make money. Cedar Fair Google Apple Steak N Shake IMAX Ford ATT Are the ones that I own.
  6. My second ever on ride photo. The first one was Magnum XL-200, man that was a long time ago.
  7. The station reminds me of Minecraft
  8. My friend and I used the hell outta our Platinum passes last year. 14 trips to KI and 4 trips to CP. The CP trips were for always 2 1/2 days. We added it up and bought tickets online and then bought parking it would have been around $1200 for us. The one perk that we used a bunch was the fry deal. Was cheap, $7 and was quick. We took food for lunch and dinner and always grabbed a water when we can. The food in the park at CP is darn good to me and it takes forever to run outta the park to get food and then come back in. At KI we don't have that problem. For this year 15 trips are in the book for KI, 5 for CP and 1 to KD. Should be a great summer. Will have to add everything up again and see how far ahead I come out this year.
  9. Will do! I will be blasting out on my twitter all day long. https://twitter.com/Wingless92 Should be a great time, looking forward to free food, Banshee, and friends. Plus, I'm getting paid tomorrow, woohoo!
  10. Red lights!!! From https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams
  11. I know there is a roll call thread over in the meetup section but for the people going to media day are all the KICentral members going to do anything? Just wondering. Would like to put some real names and faces with screen names. C'mon Thursday, man thats going to suck to leave my house at 2:30am, lol.
  12. I agree with this. Last year at CP it was clearly labeled what and where you got food discounts. I could never find it on KI website. Was it a HUGE deal, no, not at all, but it is useful. As for the 30min ERT compared to an hour at CP its a bigger park. Please don't take this the wrong way everyone. KI is a great park and they have some fantastic rides. But like NightlyBeast said it's like they get the short end of the stick and that shouldn't be the case. Hopefully KI will put out a list of exactly what and where the food discounts are this year. That and all the other deals that you get with your Platinum pass. It could of been me last year too. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, lol.
  13. I emailed Don right after I got the media day email. I asked "what happens if it rains" he replied "you get wet" lol. Perfect answer in my book.
  14. Glad that I got to renew my pass online. Major PITA to drive all the way over to KI just to get my pass processed from Indy. Things are really starting to come together though. It's the little details that make a coaster IMO. Getting pretty excited to ride it, is it media day yet?
  15. The tarps are great, unless its brutally humid out. I was at Cedar Point last year it was a steamer. As soon as the sun went down I thought it would cool off, nope, not one bit. Then as we were standing in line for MF the tarps were keeping all of the humidity under them and it was like a sauna. Again, not complaining just stating the obvious.
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