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  1. And that's how they get ya! I've been probably 10 times so far this year, 9 fast passes and 1 really rainy day.
  2. I hope so, but it's a weird situation. On one hand I want them to build the best ride I've ever ridden, but on the other hand, I don't want to have to wait 6 hours everytime I want to ride it. First world problems.
  3. I don't think that is the issue though. I think KI would like to attract people that normally may not come to the park.
  4. Gatekeeper is the longest, fastest, has the longest drop and most inversions of any wing coaster. So I'd say they used the bigger badder faster formula. I know that you know what you're talking about Terp, I just disagree with your assessment.
  5. I don't think what they're building is a gentle flat. Could be, I don't know. I think it's a roller coaster that will neglect small children. If it's an invert, it won't be the same size and speed of Invertigo. It will be bigger, badder, faster. If it's a looper, it won't be less than Vortex. It will be bigger badder faster. If it's a hyper/giga, it will be bigger and faster than DB. The idea that bigger badder faster is a negative and not the business plan seems incorrect. It doesn't have to be 327ft and do 101mph, but whatever it is will most likely be bigger and badder than whatever is in it's category.
  6. So what happens to the families with smaller children? Does the entire demographic get neglected and the crowds--along with their money--go elsewhere? Yes Crypt. That is exactly what I'm saying. By building a giga, they will probably need to remove all of Planet Snoopy rides effectively neglecting everyone with small kids and driving them into the arms of traveling carnivals and circuses who will be be the only ones around to provide any rides for people with small kids. Families with teen, pre teen, and growth disorder children will rejoice.
  7. By your logic, that means Planet Snoopy shouldn't exist. Amusement parks need to cater to ALL demographics. As overrated as Cedar Point is, it has pretty much everything under one roof, even having as many as THREE areas for the little kids. As for the thrill seekers' business plan being the only plan worth doing, need people be, once again, reminded of Worlds of Adventure? I don't think that is my logic. Planet Snoopy is feeding thrill seekers desires. Whether it's the kids or the parent wanting to thrill their kids, KI is providing thrills for thrill seekers. Planet Snoopy is great. The rides get a little more thrilling until they are ready to ride the big rides, effectively moving on to "bigger, badder, faster." A swing set is thrilling, too, but then you ride Zephyr, then you ride WindSeeker. It's a progression. KI is where you go for "bigger, badder, faster."
  8. Kings Island is a family-oriented park. It's not in the business of always pleasing the thrill junkies who need a bigger, badder, faster coaster to provide their rush for them. If they had been listening to you, don't you think they would have had a full-circuit invert, a floorless, and a giga long before now? Don't you think they would have replaced King Cobra with another world-class standup coaster within a couple of years after removing it? Don't you think they would have built a custom flying coaster, instead of giving us a leftover from Geauga Lake? It took them 20 years....TWENTY YEARS....just to get a steel hyper coaster. I stand by my thoughts. KI doesn't need a giga. Not now anyway. Sorry my opinion is ruining the party for everyone. But you can use the same logic and ask how many loops are enough, corkscrews, rolls .. then what? You act like your dealing with junkies. "... need ... to provide their rush for them." The majority of people go to amusement parks for thrills whether its's height, speed, rolls, whatever. Bigger, badder, faster is the lure. Nobody advertises the world's most average loop, or hits speeds of up to 55mph, or drops 138ft. It's precisely these things that bring people, other than the people who will already be there, into the park. I don't know what they're building, but a giga seems to me would attract the most attention. And adding a giga won't make KI any less of a family oriented park. Some families like gigas.
  9. Secondson wrote: In my ever-so-humble but outspoken opinion, the only reason a giga exists is for the sake of feeding the thrill enthusiasts' desire for ever-increasing height and speed. But then after they've had their fill and get bored, they crave more...something even higher and faster. At what point does it become enough? Read my previous post. At what height and speed would a coaster need to be for it to satisfy you? And what happens when you get bored with it, but there are no other higher and faster coasters left to conquer? That's not only why gigas exist, it's the reason amusement parks exist. You act like feeding thrill seekers desires is a bad thing. It's actually the business plan. If you aren't seeking thrills, why go to KI? You can go to the community park and ride the slide and go swimming in the community pool. Feeding thrill seekers desires is what KI is. That's why we don't have 6 Racers. How high is high enough? How fast is fast enough? I'm not sure, but we'll let them know when they get there.
  10. I am glad we are starting to see some movement outside the original area. I see several flags around the new triangular footer as well. The footers are getting bigger and the area is expanding. I think I like where this is heading.
  11. If the answer is "no" could it be because the Ford 300 hasnt been out since the early 60's? Or because the Maverick ceased in the 70's? The Zephyr? Ford made a 500. The previsouly discussed Mustang? The Focus of this Probe has really made me an Explorer. Maybe King's Island could have a special queue for people on a budget - called the Econo line? Thanks for that one, Hank. That is hilarious! But it would be a Popular idea for those who maybe can't afFORD it. I think the Ford reference might be referring to how Fords are notorius for leaking oil. Therefore, we're getting an Intamin.
  12. If the answer is "no" could it be because the Ford 300 hasnt been out since the early 60's? Or because the Maverick ceased in the 70's? The Zephyr? Ford made a 500. The previsouly discussed Mustang? The Focus of this Probe has really made me an Explorer.
  13. I retract this statement. Having become aware of new details, I can no longer standbythis. Back to the think tank to hatch an updated hypothesis. What are these new details that have caused you to change what was once a seemingly assured mind?
  14. I think it makes sense if KI was building a giga to consider Intamin. I would think that would be a pretty sure way to make sure it differs from Diamondback. I know several of you guys aren't Intamin fans, but if the concern is to not just build a bigger DB and a completely different feel, I think Intamin could deliver. I've never ridden Intimidator 305, but it looks like it gives a completely different ride than Leviathan or DB.
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