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  1. Does anyone think KI is hinting in the Orion teaser posters that FoF, and Invertigo are also being retired soon?
  2. Seems like channel 5 disagrees with Vortex's removal, too. https://www.wlwt.com/article/kings-island-killing-off-Vortex-roller-coaster-after-33-seasons/29260270
  3. Thanks KIghostguy. I really don't think I " hit the nail on the head", as you say, but I do think it's a topic worth discussing. They haven't removed Beast and Racer yet, but removing iconic rides is a trend right now in the Cedar Fair chain and it seems a little suspect to me that they have or are retiring rides like Vortex, Volcano and others within the last year and keep telling us "it was the end of their service life" when there are other similar Arrows out there that have been operating much longer. I think cost is definitely a factor as to why Vortex and Firehawk are/were being retired, too. Can you explain why there are much older Arrows out there similar in size to Vortex such as Lochness Monster that haven't been retired due to "reaching end of service life"? Just wanted to get the facts from the fact master. Thanks again for your feedback.
  4. Yep. Part of me thinks CF is slowly getting rid of these rides for other reasons, possibly to save money and to take out KI's iconic rides. Vortex was truly the last great Arrow looper. Why would CF not want KI to have it? The Viper and Lochness would be the other ones, but Viper is in horrible shape, but still up and running, nonetheless. Lochness Monster will be the last good one standing IMO, and that was built in the 70s. I hope they at least keep The Vortex's/ Bat's beautiful station, but i'm sure CF will probably want to rip that one from history as well.
  5. Yes, Corkscrew is less dynamic, but Lochness Monster at BGW was built in the 70's and is similar to Vortex in height and speed, but that is still going strong, as is Viper at Six Flags MM. I just don't buy what they are telling us. I think it's more than that.
  6. Yes, but this is including Winterfest. Vortex helped break the record for the summer season for the first time ever.
  7. Interesting. Never read or heard that. Only 87.
  8. I initially misread your post. I agree, and yet they still don't remove it.
  9. 25 -30 year service life? Corkscrew opened in 76 and Lochness Monster opened in 78. Nice try, though.
  10. Back when KI dominated CP, Vortex was actually the reason Cedar Point was prompted to build Magnum. Vortex opened as the highest coaster in the world with the most inversions and first to have 3 types of inversions on one ride 1987. Magnum opened 2 years later as the highest coaster in the world beating out Vortex and Shockwave, thus, beginning Cedar Point's path to what it is now. Vortex was also responsible for getting KI over 3 million mark in attendance for the first time ever.
  11. Viper is a huge old Arrow looper and still running at Six Flags MM and is in much worse shape than Vortex.
  12. Odd how Cedar Fair won't retire Corkscrew when it is older than Vortex and CP having a lack of land to expand and KI has almost 400 acres of undeveloped land. I find this very suspect. "Reached End of Service Life". Yeah, right!
  13. I'm really surprised they didn't use Adena construction to erect this. They used them for Banshee, DB and the Soak City expansion. I think they did some work at CP as well.
  14. That's why they cleared that land out back there in March. Makes sense now.
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