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  1. Well maybe I mediocre it too much. The fountain could definitely use some work
  2. I was thinking. Everyone knows about the Tower Gardens in International Street(obviously). It used to be the Paramount Story which had a walkthrough history of Paramount Movies and such, advertising the company. But now that the part is owned by Cedar Fair, its nothing more but a blank area in the park to sit around and look at the beautiful trees and scenery(which is fine). Though during the Haunt season it becomes CornStalkers, one of the two outdoor Haunt mazes to walk through. Hear me out for a minute if you will. What if Kings Island could use that area of the park now to advertise all of the other Cedar Fair parks? If Kings Island still has all of the old black boards they used to advertise the Paramount movies, they could put posters of the other Cedar Fair parks in the branch to advertise them along with unique stuff for each park representing each one. Perhaps even have small stands to sell stuff that relate to the other parks. Plus the people that do sit in the Gardens can still gaze at the forest scenery while thinking about visiting these other parks in the company. Even during the Haunt season, if they still want to use CornStalkers, they can cover up all the Cedar Fair advertisements in the area and still decorate the area for the Haunt. Well that was just an idea I wanted to share on here. Do you guys like the idea or not? Let me know.
  3. May she rest in peace. She helped bring together a great Theme Park
  4. Will be delighted to find out
  5. I was there last night but I forgot to check it out. But the next time I'm at the park I'll be sure to check it out.
  6. Congratulations MDMC01, I'm really proud of you dude. You keep that up and you'll be a haunt fan before you know it.
  7. One of the quotes in that article is completely wrong. Can you find it?
  8. You said you were there during Fright Fest hours. I'm not a Six Flags expert but I would guess all Looney Tunes characters costumes are taken off the streets during those hours.
  9. I like the new Kill Mart cam
  10. Whenever I go through Slaughter House. When I get to the furnace I like to yell "How about some heat?!!! Muhahahah!!"
  11. I guess that is true actually. I just hope they keep doing it that way and not do what Cedar Point did with Disaster Transport & Space Spiral. Gatekeeper could've wrapped right around those rides, but no
  12. The park needs to use more of their acres but they probably won't
  13. But Banshee is sitting there now
  14. But if a wooden coaster is cheaper to build but more expensive to maintain. Doesn't that mean steel is better though, they are expensive to build but cheaper to maintain
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