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  1. We must have very different tastes, friend. Mine was a soggy, gross mess. It looked and sounded great on the picture but the reality was very disappointing, especially for the price. I am glad that you enjoy it though! Different strokes for different folks.
  2. 5 Tomb Raider 4 Son of Beast 3 Vortex 2 Kenton Keelboat Canal 1. Phantom Theater This was a tough list to make!
  3. What would security have done if it was a baby left in the car, I wonder. Kudos to them for saving the dogs life, and I have complimented them in the past for good work, but I am of the opinion this person should have been arrested and definitely not allowed to keep the dog.
  4. It would maybe save them a dollar all year haha that syrup is so cheap. That said, I like the idea simply to help the flow of lines for drinks, given that the customers didn't struggle to figure out how to scan.
  5. To whoever the gentleman in the glasses with the Cedar Point straps is that was waiting in line for The Beast, you're my hero. Early in the day I had kids sprinting past me in line and I was angry at myself for not reacting quick enough to call out the line jumpers. You, however, were ready. 4 men tried to cut all the way to the front of The Beast and you confronted them. They told you to F off and you guaranteed them you would make sure they did not get on the ride. Sure enough, as they were boarding the ride security came and pulled them out. You did us park goers proud and so did security. I stopped into guest services to let them know how swift and professional security was.
  6. I have it on good authority from an insider that Slingshot was removed to be replaced with Top Thrill Dragster. It will be a compacted version, of course.
  7. Well that isn't very FUN news. So far Cedar Fair is laying a giant egg on what whould be an extremely profitable season. I really don't get it.
  8. I got stuck on Banshee for a while today after a completely drenched ride on Delerium. It started absolutely pouring right as I was about to board. All and all I had a really fun day though. Got all the big rides in with no lines and made it in and out in about 4.5 hrs. Day's like today are why i brave the elements.
  9. You hit the nail on the head. I stayed around town instead because I did not want to risk it. I have only been once so far but i have a trip planned to hit a couple Six parks and BGW and I will hit Dominion on the same trip. I am more excited for the non FUN parks based upon what I have seen and heard this year thus far.
  10. I really want to go today but I don't want to drive an hr just to have to turn around. Is there anyway to know they will close early ahead of time?
  11. I was very pleasantly surprised with Banshee because I expected a really tame, typical B&M. I usually find newer B&Ms to be fun but lack the intensity and snap that I crave, but I have greyed out before on Banshee. I do abhor the vests though.
  12. Got my second shot of the phizer yesterday. I felt a little off for a few hours but other than a sore arm felt fine quickly. Little off topic but figured id give my anecdotal data for anyone curious or on the fence about the vaccines. I will never presch to anyone, do to your body what you see fit to do to your body. I am just looking forward to an awesome, more normal season.
  13. This is awesome news! I can't wait to float lazily in the river. As for the masks, A combination of UV rays and chlorine should suffice for protection. Everyone is aware of the risk (though I believe it to be way less than many would have us think). Make your own decision. I wear a mask where it is required but I feel no less safe when I've been at bars, casinos, and resorts that have not required it. Before they were vaxxed i always got tested before seeing my parents or grandma, but I think our health should be our own perogative at this point rather than never ending mandates. I am no doctor or expert though.
  14. Adventure Express is a tease with no drop after the tunnel hill.
  15. Got my first phizer shot today and so far experiencing only a slightly sore arm.
  16. I am not a fanboy by any means, they just make my favorite rides. I would love to have one but I can most definitely see their downsides too.
  17. While you are correct on that, if you polled what their favorite rides are at CP or a park with either an RMC, Intamin, or both I would almost guarantee one of those companies made the majority of those polled favorites.
  18. I know I am besting a dead horse but the water smells and the chain grease smells are heavenly. Scents are so heavily rooted in memories and I have such lovely memories tied to those smells. I would definitely buy those candles!
  19. I like the idea. I could see it being a cool event, the only issue is Rivertown always alrrady seems so very crowded and bottle necked.
  20. I agree with everything said about AZ except getting rid of The Bat. It is great for youngsters not quite ready to tackle the big boys, and it is still a very fun ride. Arrow suspended coasters are dwindling, and The Bat is by far the best of them that I have ever been on. It could also definitely fit into a spooky german village theme quite nicely.
  21. I was young, so it didn't beat me up that bad. I loved it. It was definitely rough but I loved how out of control it felt and the structure itself was beyond intimidating. The first drop and the loop were definite highlights. The loud clink of the lift hill added to the atmosphere a lot too. That said, I understand why it had to go.
  22. As a non smoker I can't for the life of me understand how removing smoking areas made the parks safer. I also do not understand discriminating against a segment of KI's paying customers. It is certainly not my hill to die on but it seems silly.
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