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  1. I will report back how the trip went, the other guys in the group are pretty set on getting the Fast Lane, not the Plus but the regular one because being a one and only shot at getting to the park they want to ride as many times as we can. We will see how the crowds are at the park before deciding an the Fast Lane. Make sure to check out the Eiffel Tower, will do
  2. Wow so much great advice, thanks everyone. We will not be doing any water slides, we are just there for the coaster fun. Thoughts on a Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus for our first and probably only time at KI?
  3. First trip ever to the park, thanks for all the great advice
  4. Diamondback and Beast are fairly close together, right? People have mentioned starting with Firehawk to get it out of the way, is that something you would also suggest?
  5. Heading to KI on Weds, what should I expect and where is a good place to grab some lunch?
  6. Working or not, my trip to KI and CP that is coming up in 2 weeks will not include rides on either WindSeeker.
  7. I am hitting Kings for the first time in a couple weeks, with this new coaster (possibly) showing up it is looking like I need to make a return trip next year I am still thinking it isn't going to be a Giga, the cost is high and the spot looks like a great place for a terrain coaster.
  8. I just can't see Kings Island building a giga coaster, but would fully expect a world class woodie to compete with Outlaw Run, New Texas Giant, and Voyage.
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