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  1. 6'3, 400 bones. In college (many, many years ago) the only ride I had a problem with was Drop Tower. A hilarious story involving my buddies being jerks and the poor ride operator darn near breaking my ribs trying to lock me in. I had to do the walk of shame! 2 years ago I only attempted Woodstock Express and Adventure Express (I was with my then 6 and 8 year old) and fit in but was pretty snug. Good luck!
  2. Visited this weekend, happy to confirm HillBilly Golf looked okay but was closed. Parts of town by the mountains were flattened, looked like a war zone. Some hotels and structures on RiverRoad are gone. I heard the building at the top of The Sky Lift is gone. The putt putt golf course in the middle of town had noticeable damage at the top. On a positive note the town was packed, it was great to see the commitment from tourist and the resolve of the locals.
  3. 6'3, 390, took my kids to KI about 2 weeks ago. I rode Woodstock Express and Adventure Express. I was cramped but fit. Kids (ages 6 and 8) got freaked out by WE so didn't try any big coasters. When I went before that (2001 or 2ish) I could ride everything except Drop Tower. Still have PTSD from getting the boot off it. Lol
  4. Taking my kids on first KI trip next week. Is the day meal pass worth the hefty 29.99 price? There's 4 of us, 2 adults, a 7 and a 6 year old. Thanks KI Central for help!
  5. This video/article says that all information will be released in November http://www.whas11.com/news/local/Ed-Hart-gives-tour-of-Kentucky-Kingdom-225416922.html
  6. I have a tie for two 1) I relieved myself on the King Cobra once. 2) My friends and I went to KI, drunken fest, we were all in college. Well I'm kind of a big dude. We get on drop zone. I pull the chest restraint down and it pops back up, pull it down again and it pops back up again. We are facing the line of people waiting. I start getting embarrassed. The line operator comes around to check the harnesses out. He gets to me and I lean into him and tell him that I don't care what he does, but he'd better get me buckled in. My friends start losing it. They are all cracking up and screaming "Get the fat guy off the ride.... He's too fat...." and so on. He calls for another worker and she starts jumping and thrusting the harness into my chest, which of course sends my gang into a ruckus. By now all the people in the line have caught on and now they are all laughing... Finally they had to release all the harnesses on everybody to let me off the ride .... Nice...
  7. Long time lurker....first time poster.... I haven't been to Kings Island in 13 years, yet it holds a very near and dear space in my heart. I drive by it all the time while on the way to my in-laws (I live in Indiana and they live outside Canton). My wife makes fun of me b/c my head perks up like a dog when we drive by. Hahahaha I've even taken the exit and just drove by. I have a 3 and 5 year old and can't wait to take them for their first trips to K.I.
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