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  1. Thanks. I worried for no reason lol. I got the money on my debt card in time lol
  2. I saw one person with a KICentral shirt on. It was right when the park opened in the Action Zone. But I was shy lol. But we had a great day. We rode Adventure Express 15 times.
  3. Ok this is really important. Does anyone know what time they process.the payment for the season passes? Is it midnight or like the same time you bought it. What happens if it's late.
  4. I'd love to say Hi to everyone. Over the past few weeks I've come very addicted to this site lol. I want a shirt lol
  5. He's ridden the roller coasters at the fair. nothing to major. But hes watched the POV videos on youtube and he seems pretty excited. He says he wants to try and ride The Beast and I'm hoping he likes it. I'm not sure if i'll get him on Vortex or not. He's given the green light on The Racer, AE, Top Gun, the water rides and all of the kid rides.
  6. I think I am a bit overly excited lol What is your guys normal day like?
  7. Tomorrow is our first day back to Kings Island in 6 years. I was just wondering if anyone had any last minute advice? It's 2 adults going and 2 kids. Ages 8 and 14. I am so excited. I just can't contain it so I'm posting a topic so I can get even more happy :)
  8. Ok. I was just wondering. I haven't been in years and when I had heard that I was like wow really. That must be embarrassing for those people. Maybe they should write a weight restriction then, to save from embarrassment :-(
  9. Do any of the rides have a weight restriction? I've heard some complaints from larger friends that they couldn't ride the more popular rides, for example The Beast because they were a larger person. I'm just wondering if there is any truth behind this.
  10. This is a bit off topic, sorta lol Do you still get the discount if you have gold season passes on the food at like Subway or Lorosas? When I went with my church years ago, it was Pizza and dip n dots
  11. There's no seafood anywhere? That sucks :-( another odd question, is the food the same at the jukebox diner. At the happy days diner. I loved the happy days burger because of the sauce lol. I am so glad I found this website. After our first trip. We plan on going every other week.
  12. Well I saw on the mobile sight it mentioned that they had them in Planet Snoopy. But if all else fails, I'm sure I could get him to try the pizza there. I know the pizza is good. And I'm sure this is was changed by the time I was last there but I don't remember, what did they turn the happy days diner into?
  13. Thank you for all the wonderful information. My son is 8. And I'm not exactly sure how tall he is. I'm 5 ft 3 and he goes right under my arms. No the last time I went it was still Nickelodeon and The Racer still ran backwards. That's crap they took the backwards racer out. Does anyone know how much the corn dogs run, odd question I know but that's all he says he wants when we go lol. I think he's willing to ride about anything. I know we probably won't be riding Diamondback or drop zone (I know that's not the right name but it's what I know it as lol). I've been every year since I can remember, took 5 years because I had twins. They won't be attending on the 6th it'll Just be me and my 8 year old. I'm even more excited now that you guys told me more info :-)
  14. We are getting there when the gates open because we bought Season passes. We live almost 2 hours away. I was just trying to get a feel for things. Thank you so much
  15. Ok I haven't been to Kings Island in 5 years and I was wondering about a few things. Do they still do the keyhole pictures like they used to? If so, does anyone know how mush they cost? Does anyone know how much the ride pictures cost? or if they still do them? I've caught the fact about the souvenir cups and we are planning on buying those. Does anyone know about the locker rental and how much they cost? We are going on Thursday June 6th, does anyone recommend certain rides at a certain time, or do you think the day will be less crowed? Thanks for all the help!! this is my sons first trip to Kings Island and I'm trying to make it the greatest day possible :)
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